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Home of the annual midnight episodes. Rawness. Storyboard conversations, Entrepreneurship, Art, Culture, and more. Stream on iHeartradio. Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Podcast, and SUBJECTTHREADPODCAST.COM


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Home of the annual midnight episodes. Rawness. Storyboard conversations, Entrepreneurship, Art, Culture, and more. Stream on iHeartradio. Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Podcast, and SUBJECTTHREADPODCAST.COM




S 2 Episode 42: Corporate vs. non traditional entrepreneur

Sound mood: New Day song by Alicia Keys I'm no stranger to corporate America on a large scale. I've worked and consulted for some of the best companies such as Sage Software, The New York Times, Clientlogic just to name a few. I've seen the ups and downs of multi-million dollar infrastructures and have taken bits and pieces into my entrepreneurial journey. In this episode, I speak about the pros and cons and my personal views on corporate vs nontraditional entrepreneurship. Stream new...


S 2 Episode 41: NFts and Digital future.

Sound mood: Weird Science by Oingo Boing Closing the racial wealth gap is something that is important to the voice of Subject Thread Podcast. We have strategically discussed subjects such as credit restoration, real estate, entrepreneurship just to name a few that will evolve black, brown, and other marginalized voices while using the art form of podcasting. As the pandemic hit in 2020 so did a wave of digital enthusiasts in the industries of art, investing and cryptocurrency. In this...


S 2 EP 40: Disk Jockey and Birmingham With Gina Tollese

Disk Jockey & Birmingham Sound mood: What If by Aaliyah Music is a universal language that all walks of life can relate to it encompasses emotions from happiness, sadness, angry, and love. A Disc Jockey is a heartbeat to a party, wedding reception, and radio program they bring life into a space that would just translate into quietness without music, and when you have a DJ that is diverse in musical selections and it shows it makes the night more memorable. Gina Tollese Birmingham, Alabama...


S 2 E 39 #BusinessProfile Kid 'n Play

Sound mood: Funhouse Kid 'n Play Entrepreneurship in the late 80s and early 90s wasn't a thing as far as mainstream until this hip hop duo arrived. Kid N Play came on the scene with music, films, and a cartoon it made what was impossible very possible. House party 1 grossed over 26 million and cost 2.5 million to make followed by House Party 2, 3 and 4 which all did relatively well. We don't speak a lot about this cultural shift that Kid N Play did but it definitely is worth speaking on. In...


S 2 E 38 #BusinessProfile Queensbridge Venture Partners

Queensbridge Venture Partners business profile. Sound mood: Nobody Nas F. Lauryn Hill We know Nas for his historic music catalog, however, his venture capital profile is very impressive. In this episode I talk about Queens Bridge Venture Partners a venture capital firm founded by Ajay Relan, Anand Murthy, Anthony Saleh, Craig Vaughan, Dee Murthy and Nasir Jones with over 128 investments too date in companies such as Coinbase, Lyft, and the stock investing platform Robinhood. Stream new...


S 2 E 37 Credit, FICO, and Tradelines with Ramel Newerls

Credit, fico, and tradelines Season 2 Episode 37 Sound mood: Mirrors by Cam O'bi, Rejjie Snow, and Snoh Aalegra. It's hard to believe that the credit system is only 65 years old and was developed by Engineer Bill Fair and mathematician Earl Isaac the fico score wasn't developed until 1989 all that means is we are still in the early stages as a society when it comes to credit. The Biden administration has a big target in its sights on changing the way we view credit and would like to...


S 2 Episode 36 Lox Vs Dipset #HealthiSWealtH

Sound mood: NY 90s Snyp Life F. The Lox The 90s keeps reinventing itself through clothes, fashion, music, and pop culture. The latest Verzuz proved this statement. In the latest episode, I recap the importance of health in wealth and how that was displayed. I also dive into the perimeters of black and brown diseases statistics and how the Lox introducing health and wellness is needed in the hip-hop community. Stream new episodes weekly on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, Audible, Amazon,...


U.S. Rate Increases and Summer plans

Sound Mood: Wilshire Tyler, The Creator Economics is one of those conversations that a lot of us didn't have growing up. Supply and demand, rate hikes, inflation all part of the economic vocabulary. In this episode, I dive into the United States rate hike and what they mean for consumers and summer plans for Subject Thread Podcast and more! Stream new episodes weekly on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, Audible, Amazon, Google Podcast, Podchaser, TuneIn, Player FM, Listen Notes, and...


Good Vibes & Roller Skates With SYD B S 2 EP 34

Sound Mood: Flashing Lights Kanye West The culture of roller skating popularity can be seen since the 1960s it was common to see someone rocking an Afro, cool threads, and a swagger style before swag was a normal vocabulary word. Skating dates and transcends through time, culture, and music with its attachment on all three from the rinks of Atlanta, to Chicago you can find a new era of skaters who have managed to utilize this Tik Tok era to its advantage and Syd B a native of Chicago has...


Music and Sunflowers with Ash León S 2 EP 33

Music & Sunflowers Sound Mood: • for The Yellow House, Pt. 1 [Explicit] by Ash León & Spekulate the Philosopher B. B. King, Issac Hayes, and Stax Records have an origin in common for the music lovers who embrace historical data and facts to back it that origin is a city tucked on the Mississippi River which flows music, rich culture and an undoubtedly history the place I'm speaking of is Memphis Tennessee. History like the iconic Beale Street that the late great James Baldwin was...


Unconditional significance of community, culture, and cannabis with Chaney Turner S 2 EP 32

Cannabis and Conversations Sound Mood: Doowutchyalike Digital Underground Second time back in Oakland, California, and this time we had the pleasure of speaking with Chaney Turner, who is someone that represents what it means to unconditionally love everyone that is black. Chaney Turner is an entrepreneur, activist, community builder, and a Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commissioner with her experience in the community expanding decades. During our exclusive, we were educated to learn about...


Love Series 2.0 The Questions Answered * Bonus Episode *

Love Series Part Two Sound mood: Syd - Getting Late (From "Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack Love Series 2.0 brought clarity and realism to the topic of connections through the lens of our guests discussing it all. There are no topics that are off-limits. In this bonus episode listeners write in questions and panelists answer them, no question is off-limits we talk about singlehood, cheating, marriage, all forms of relational baggage, and more! Panelists: Sharla R. Kornegay Jessica...


Allowance, Budgets, and Children *Bonus Episode*

Financial Literacy Children Sound mood: Everybody Loves The Sunshine Roy Ayers Financial literacy is fairly imperative nowadays the one stream income road map seems obsolete. Many black households weren’t taught the importance of money, budgeting, allowance, and investing. We can blame it on systematic racism, redlining, and the wealth gap from generations prior. In this bonus episode, I drop easy gems into getting into the conversation of teaching children how to budget, allowances,...


The Love Conversations Love Series Part 1 *Bonus*

Sound mood: Adore - Prince It is said that Prince completed the song Adore in 1986 without the initial trumpets, he felt like it was a great song but knew it needed to be complete and that's the way we can establish love we can believe something is good and then sit back and reflect and make something better. Love is complicated or are we more complex or bringing more complex issues to a simple concept in the 21st Century? Messages we get from social media, online dating, stories we hear...


Illustrating The Black Experience With Davian Chester S 2 E 31

Illustrating The Black Experience sound mood: Young, Gifted and Black - Aretha Franklin In the current high tide of life, it's hard to remain calm in the current climate of black lives meaning so little in the United States another hashtag coupled with the loss of a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, and a child of the universe. Davian Chester Columbus, GA illustrates the best and beauty within black culture and thought-provoking ideas through elements of art and real-life topics,...


Cannabis & CBD For Health & Wellness With Dr. June Chin S 2 EP 30

Cannabis & CBD sound mood: Sussudio Phil Collins In the era of wellness and health in the form of yoga, meditation, nutrition, and exercise an element of health is often overlooked because up until the last few years the Cannabis conversation has been extremely biased. CBD & Cannabis a dynamic duo and evidence-based to help in pain management with those suffering from autoimmune, cancer, epilepsy, autism, and diabetics. Dr. June Chin, an integrative cannabinoid medicine physician has...


The Funnel Doctor With Ryan McCrary S 2 EP 29 in Philadelphia, PA

The Funnel Doctor sound mood: Sometimes DMX The idea of a funnel is to show a message to a broad array of potential customers and networking opportunities. It opens doors to potential conversations that normally would have taken double the time to generate. Ryan McCrary is known as “The Funnel Doctor” is a former licensed investment professional turned digital marketer guru, who knows all about the funnel system from years of experience and current client projects. During our...


The Understanding Of Singer & Song Writer Devin Tracy S 2 EP 28

The Understanding sound mood: Through The Fire Chaka Khan Authentic Talent and creativity are sometimes hard to find throughout this digital world we all have come to love and that’s the concept in which you will hear when you listen to Devin Tracy singer and creative. Devins range of vocal ability and songwriting is immense within his arrangements he can place the listeners inside of a track without them being present and that’s a skill set that most don’t have. During our exclusive...


Creative Expression Of Art With Lyne Lucien S 2 E 27

Creative Expression Of Art sound mood: Killing Me Softly The Fugees What started out as a thought-provoking art piece "Trump World" opened the door to a much-needed conversation for artist Lyne Lucien a native of Hatti and her art reflects that throughout her pieces. Not only are they an expression of black culture in its beauty and well-needed form, but they are also so needed in the art culture. Lyne has the ability to diversify her art she leaves no one behind in her vision. Lyne...


Interior Design With Andre Jordan of Jordan Hilton Interiors S 2 EP 26

Jordan Hilton Interiors sound mood: Dreamlover Mariah Carey Fashion exudes in spaces of interior design and that’s something Andre Jordan Hilton founder of Jordan Hilton Interiors points out through his eyes for fashion and architecture background it is no wonder he has been able to successfully combine the two elements into interior design. Hilton’s resume span throughout Atlanta is impressive and he has been awarded as one of the top 20 African American Interior Designers in the...