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A podcast specifically for dealing with big life transitions (relationships and career) using current research and time-tested philosophical methods of critical thinking and problem solving.

A podcast specifically for dealing with big life transitions (relationships and career) using current research and time-tested philosophical methods of critical thinking and problem solving.


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A podcast specifically for dealing with big life transitions (relationships and career) using current research and time-tested philosophical methods of critical thinking and problem solving.






How to Crush It! , by Amanda Gorman

Listen to this if you want to know exactly how to crush life. Amanda Gorman, American poet, crushed her poem, "The Hill We Climb" and in the process showed us all the formula for making a huge impact in the world. There are only a few times during your life that you come across something so surprisingly powerful you literally stop in your tracks and become entranced in the power of the moment. For me, these situations have been rare: Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem after 9/11...


A Perfectionist’s Guide to Imperfect Success

two perfectionists explain the struggle and how to imperfectly move forward into success.


The New Year’s KISS That Will Change Your Life

In this week’s show I offer you a much easier and cheaper alternative to all the self-improvement programs that will clog your newsfeeds over the next couple of months.


How a Bad Golfer Can Eliminate Your Anxiety

This week I share a great technique that eliminates anxiety by using the difference between probability and possibility. Have you ever gotten yourself all worked up about something that might happen and realize after that you wasted a lot of time and energy overreacting to what you “thought” was going to happen? Speaking in public?Confronting someone?Health issues? What if I told you there is a way to eliminate anxiety by simply knowing the difference between probability and possibility?...


Unshakeable Confidence and Flow as Taught by a Child in a Corn Maze

Are you constantly chasing positive emotions in a maze right now? Trying to force your way through? Running up against the same dead ends then wasting time by getting down on yourself or upset then projecting that energy onto someone else? Then this week’s episode is for you. It’s a story about how my six year old granddaughter taught me a very powerful lesson in confidence and finding my flow by schooling me in a corn maze. A big problem I see and share with my clients is that we end up...


Coping In Isolation – Lessons from an Astronaut, Antarctica and Stoicism

In this week’s podcast episode I offer up proven ways to turn your Covid isolation frown upside down. With the colder weather limiting outdoor activities and less sun there will be higher degrees of isolation anxiety. The techniques I talk about are basic Stoic Philosophy concepts that have been successfully used by astronauts and researchers that spend months in isolation. Highlights of the show include: Advice from an astronaut who spent 11 months in space then came home and had to cope...


The Covid Character Test, Stoic Nuggets and the Power of Strategic Surrender

This week I talk about how effective Covid is at determining whether a person is an aware, empathetic member of society or a toddler. Since the virus is still very unpredictable, none of us know if we could possibly die if we get it. So when someone successfully fights off the Coronavirus, there’s a sense of relief. And you would think they would also gain a higher level of empathy and awareness about how important it is to wear a mask and keep your distance. But unfortunately, there are A...


Life with COVID-19

This week’s podcast episode I share my life with Covid-19 over the past two weeks. Because this virus attacks the central nervous system, it’s not just the physical symptoms, but people also have to deal with significant mental, emotional and spiritual issues. And even though I would be considered a “mild” case, I have been dealing with all of those issues. So, I thought I’d share with you my covid experience including: All the precautions I took and how I eventually got it from a very...


It’s WOKE o’ Clock … Time to Get Up!

This week’s podcast is about two semi-woke people coming to terms with the current state of divisiveness and thinking out loud about what we need to do now that the election is over. Because, once again, my show is about a touchy social topic, there are a lot of people that will never get this post because our social media platform friends can discern between constructive dialogue and hate speech. That being said, I hope, maybe after listening, you would be kind enough to post yourself or at...


Trying to Live in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter

This show is all about Why so many people don't care about facts and How we can change that. I continue to be in shock and disappointed about the current ideology gap that exists in my country right now. It couldn't be more obvious that one side is built entirely on lies and having a group of followers that are perfectly OK in a world where facts don't matter. Like I say in the show, I just want to get back to doing podcasts about philosophy and better relationships and balance and...


Story About Wolves, a Butterfly and the Incredible Power of Your Actions

Two stories about 14 wolves and a butterfly, and what that can teach us about changing the world


Frankenstein Explains the Social Dilemma

In this week’s podcast episode our favorite man-made monster, Frankenstein, explains the movie, “The Social Dilemma”. Social media was initially created for good. It was a better and easier way to connect and also a great way to share information and knowledge but, unfortunately, just like Frankenstein’s monster, what was created for good can sometimes be bad. Which brings me back to the “Social Dilemma” because It does an amazing job at exposing the underlying problems of our current social...


A Sweaty Frog’s Important Message About GASLIGHTING

This week’s podcast episode is all about Gaslighting Why you need to know what it isWho does itHow it’s doneWho it affectsWhat to do if you notice it in your life or in the life of a close friend or family member If you don’t know anything about it, Gaslighting is one of the worst forms of emotional abuse that one person can do to another. It’s used by Narcissists to slowly manipulate someone into questioning what they think and believe. It’s gradually eating away at someone’s confidence,...


Finding the Truth in a Sea of Lies

This week's podcast episode is about TRUTH What is Truth?Which opinion is the truth?How to I find the truth buried in so many lies? There are so many ways people can bend and manipulate the truth to confuse and control you. This can happen in society as a whole or in a family or with a significant other. That is why it is so important to know how to find the truth. And the best way to do that is by developing your CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. The steps are not hard and you can start using them...


The Healthy Way to Vent Your Problems in an Out of Control World

This week's podcast episode is about our current anxiety coming from an out of control world and how to feel better by venting our frustrations the right way. The world currently feels out of control, which is bad for humans because we REALLY need to feel like we have some control in our lives. And because we've given up so much control and significantly changed our lives in the process to fight this invisible virus, it's creating a lot of anxiety, fear, anger, depression, sadness and...


Could You Make a Big Life Decision on a Coin Flip?

Has the isolation, anxiety and uncertainty from the pandemic got you thinking you're not where you should be in your life? The initial shock has worn off and the new reality is forcing us to look at things from a different perspective. Relationships are being tested like never before, and jobs or career direction is being looked at from a different perspective. The space, or lack thereof, brought on by the pandemic response has exposed both the solid parts and the flaws in the life you have...


The Secret to Better Relationships is Hiding in Finland Schools

This week's podcast episode exposes the secret to better relationships by taking a look at how they are teaching their kids in Finland. The show is my way of paying tribute to Sir Ken Robinson, Education Expert author and speaker, who sadly passed away this week. You may be familiar with Dr. Robinson because he has the most watched Ted Talk of all Time (watch it here). Dr. Robinson's entire life was dedicated to revolutionizing ineffective and outdated systems of teaching in schools and one...


How a Blue Dumpster on a Beach Can Help You Get Unstuck

This week's Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is all about finding a solution or moving past a big obstacle in your life by making a small shift in your PERSPECTIVE. Most of my clients come to me with the same issue: They feel stuck and frustrated about where they are at in their life and have no idea how to get unstuck and continue to expand into the life of their dreams. The good news is that there is a clear solution and it has to do with Expectations and Perspective In the show...


How to Take The Pain out of The Struggle with The Butterfly Story

As I sat down to do my usual weekly research for a show topic, I came across a story about a man and a butterfly and realized we actually need the struggle but NOT the PAIN that comes with it. So, How do we accept the struggle and get rid of the pain that usually comes with it? Think of how much you can learn about yourself and others when you are not consumed by the stress and frustration and depression and anger and binge drinking that has come about as a “reaction” to the current upending...


How to Reorganize Your Relationships After the Stress of Isolation

How to Reorganize Your relationships after the stress of isolation has shown you who should be in your tribe and who should be cut loose.