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A weekly podcast for and about English speakers living -- and doing cool things -- in Switzerland.

A weekly podcast for and about English speakers living -- and doing cool things -- in Switzerland.
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A weekly podcast for and about English speakers living -- and doing cool things -- in Switzerland.




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SwissPats met a poet, don't ya know it

TAK Ertzinger stopped by the SwissPats to discuss her new poetry book "Found: Between the Trees" available now at The personal story of this American/Swiss poet and artist with a Latino background doesn't end there. She also discusses her battle with PTSD and how that led to her new found love of hiking and experiencing a pilgrimage throughout Switzerland. Don and Suzi also talk Eurovision and how a Swiss movie theater's new seating option is simply a bad idea.


Suzi had a tick. Don verbally squirms.

Now, we don't want to diminish this week's guest. Lili Giglia has an quite an inspiring story. From the age of 9 she suffered with severe eczema on her face and body and spent some 10 years trying everything to clear it up. Today, the former accountant now produces products at Essentially Lili that have not only have helped her, but others around the world. Oh, and just overall she's a pretty cool chick. But, yeah, Suzi brought back a tick from her travels in Australia and Don does most of...


Connecting dots between Bulgaria and Boutique Theatre Basel

Don and Suzi welcomed on Susan Brownfield, a singer, actor, director and teacher who is one of two people behind the creation of Boutique Theatre Basel. From 7 June to 23 June, Brownfield is directing the musical, "The Last 5 Years." She joined the SwissPats to discuss that, as well as her journey from Oregon, to Boston, to Maine to Bulgaria and now to Switzerland. For more information on the musical, visit The SwissPats also discuss the wild May snowstorm that hit...


Talking that real life expat life

Suzi is back after a few weeks home in Australia. The jet lag is real. Still, she battled through, as her and Don welcomed on fellow podcaster, Sundae Schneider-Bean. American by birth, Swiss by marriage and now an expat in South Africa, Sundae is an intercultural strategist that helps other expats live an exceptional life abroad. She also hosts the Expat Happy Hour, which draws on the realities of expat life and offers smart and simple solutions. Don and Suzi also discuss why a Swiss guy...


What's Happening in Switzerland | May 2019

Wondering what to do this month in Switzerland? Fear not the SwissPats have you covered. Suzi and Don talk cow fighting championships - no, that wasn't a typo - a foodie heaven in #Zurich, a TedX talk in Basel, a place where Volkswagon Beetle lovers are gathering, a run in Bern that is considered the "most beautiful 10 miles in the world, and more!


Expat author goes beyond chocolate

Author Margaret Oertig-Davidson joined SwissPats to discuss her new book, The New Beyond Chocolate, as well as her journey from Scotland to Switzerland. The book, according to publisher Bergli Books, "examines the Swiss through the eyes of hundreds of people who have lived and worked here, and [Oertig-Davidson's] insight will help any reader gain respect and understanding for the diverse people that make up Swiss society." The SwissPats also discusses why Suzi no longer believes in ghosts,...


The price is right with Janene

Janene Liston, also known as The Pricing Lady, sat down to discuss how her career as an engineer in the U.S. led her to Switzerland where she found her passion in pricing. The SwissPats also discuss what the results mean following the Zurich tradition of lighting a snowman on fire and how much the Lausanne police fined a man after parking for five minutes when he just paid for four.


Connecting with Basel Connect

Suzi and Don sit down with the chairperson of Basel Connect, Kathy Hartmann-Campbell, who moved to Switzerland in 1982. Today, her efforts at Basel Connect help promote collaboration between expats and locals in the Basel region. Don and Suzi also discuss daylight savings time, how Suzi changed the way she says "pasta" and how a horse's bodily function brought so much joy to Don's children last weekend.


What's Happening in Switzerland | April 2019

Wondering what to do this month in Switzerland? Fear not the SwissPats have you covered. Suzi and Don talk music festivals on mountains, flammable snowmen in Zurich and an event that features all things chocolate. LavauxSechseläuten | April 8 | Zurich20th Blues Festival | April 9-10 | Basel


DIFFAIR making a difference

Daniel Salerno, an Australian expat and owner of a PhD in physics, is part of a four-person team that makes up Diffair, which is a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion manufacture based in Zurich that is committed to improving the social and environmental aspects of the industry. He joined us a week before their Kickstarter campaign ended. Good news! Four days after the recording with Daniel, Diffair reached their goal. For more information and their fashion selection go to Don and...


Interview with Daniel Salerno of Diffair

This is a special interview-only release of the SwissPats podcast. Don and Suzi sat down with Daniel Salerno of Diffair, a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion manufacture based in Zurich that is committed to improving the social and environmental aspects of the industry. Currently, Diffair is undergoing a crowd funding campaign that ends March 28. For more information go to or


SwissPats' stylin' and profilin'

Back from a two-week holiday break, the SwissPats welcome on Sophie Adang, of Stylemixers. Sophie is a fashion consultant based in Basel who shows people how to choose clothing that suits them. Suzi and Don also discuss how Don deeply scarred his animal-loving son while visiting Iceland, how many Swiss cities are ranked in Mercer’s Quality of Living Reports, which offers city-to-city comparisons for nearly 500 global assignment destinations, how A Tribe Called Quest assisted an Emmental...


Addicted to creativity

Don and Suzi head down to Biel/Bienne to the offices of Creaholic, where professional inventors have been creating interesting and helpful things for more than three decades. They talked with a few of their employees on a new app that is helping expats find one another through activities. In news, the SwissPats discuss Fasnacht plans, how long a Swiss man drove without a license and how much money someone won on a slot machine in the Basel casino.


What's Happening in Switzerland - March 2019

Wondering what to do this month in Switzerland? Fear not the SwissPats have you covered. Suzi and Don talk Fasnacht as well as all the other top events that are happening this month in Switzerland including... Festival of Culture and Jazz Music | Chiasso | March 14-16Freiburg Film Festvial | March 15-23Glacier Bike Downhill | Sass-Fee | March 16Wohga Winterthur | Winterthur | March 21-24Baselworld | March 21-26Old Timer & Teilemarkt | Freiburg | March 23-24Lauberhorn Run | Wengen | March...


Flyin' high with WRS' Katt Cullen

World Radio Switzerland’s midday host Katt Cullen joins SwissPats to discuss her journey from a trapeze artist to radio show host in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Don admits he’s starting to like skiing, the Swiss ski chief said dumb things and is no longer the ski chief and Suzi found three different stories highlighting the Swiss’ fanatical desire to control speeding cars.


We're back with Blokes & Black Dogs

After an unexpected week off because of Suzi's illness she's back to being (mostly) healthy and the SwissPats welcomed Carl Wahlers, creator of Blokes & Black Dogs. The idea behind Wahlers' group is to create a peer-to-peer support group for English speaking men in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland, where the focus is on men having the opportunity to talk openly about issues they are facing in life. Suzi and Don also discuss the top Swiss words of 2018 and what the canton of Uri is doing...


SwissPats get punked

Harry Darling is third member of the Darling family to appear on SwissPats. His mom, Jeanne, is an educator and author. His sister, Kate, works at MIT on robot ethics. Harry? Well, Harry is an accomplished punk rocker and musician for the Bitch Queens and X-Darlings. (Listen to find out how you can win a free CD of either band.) Suzi and Don also discuss how Switzerland's on-the-spot fines will work beginning in 2020, what an "igloo driver" is and how it's bad and which publication ranks the...


What's happening in Switzerland - February 2019

Wondering what to do this month in Switzerland? Fear not the SwissPats have you covered. Suzi and Don break down all the top events that are happening this month in Switzerland that include expos for men, golf fans and motorcycle lovers in Zurich (not all at the same time), Basel's Expat Expo, horse racing in St. Moritz, Luzern's version of Fasnacht and a Pablo Picasso exhibition in Basel.


A magical episode of SwissPats

This week the SwissPats feature professional magician Guy Portlock. After learning his passion and establishing himself in the UK, he now lives in Switzerland where he performs his craft in a place where English isn't necessarily the first language spoken. Suzi and Don also discuss why a Swiss cheese maker is exporting pink cheese and which Swiss cities travel magazine readers ranked among the 35 the best places in Europe.


SwissPats find wheely interesting Wine Guru | Part 2

In the second of two parts, the SwissPats host a Q&A with Juan Lo Bello, the Wine Guru on Wheels. Last week's episode Juan described his journey from Argentina to Switzerland and how he fell in love with wine. This week, wine questions from our Facebook page were posed to Juan to gain his expertise. Also, Suzi describes ANOTHER run-in she had with a Swiss authority figure and the latest stats on what annoys Swiss people about their neighbors.