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A podcast that explores the people and the process behind the most incredible music in TV, film and games

A podcast that explores the people and the process behind the most incredible music in TV, film and games


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A podcast that explores the people and the process behind the most incredible music in TV, film and games




11 – Balancing Art and Commerce with Emmy Award Winning Michael Price

In this episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking to Emmy Award Winning Michael Price. Michael talks about his journey from the music department of WHSmith’s to composing for shows like Sherlock and Unforgotten. He reveals the challenges of composing music over multiple series and how his creative approach changes when writing music as a solo artist. He talks fondly of his time working with the late great Michael Kaman who apparently used to try and improvise action cues in a single take....


10 – Custom Trailer Music for Jurassic World: Dominion with Jules Bromley of Evolving Sound

In today’s episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking to music producer and Creative Director of Evolving Sound, Jules Bromley Evolving Sound is a UK trailer music label and their mission is to deliver unparalleled, dramatic music designed specifically for theatrical promotion. Their tracks are custom-built to enrich, enhance, illuminate and contextualise awesome visual content Recent syncs include, Jurassic World: Dominion, 1917, Last Night in Soho, and Don’t Breathe 2 Jules’ career began in...


09 – The Importance of Creative Compatibility with Emmy Nominated Editor Paulo Pandolpho

In this episode of Sync Music Matters, Paulo Pandolpho talks about his journey from making films with his dad’s VHS camcorder in Brazil to becoming an Emmy nominated editor on The Crown. He has a particular love for everything music and sound so we dig into how he uses music. So for example in the initial stages of The Crown, he often creates a temp score using the composers own music. On the series Apple Tree Yard Paulo was given much more freedom to work creatively with the composers...


Musical Musing 02 – Composing Trailer Music with Rolf Krueger 

In this episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking about composing trailer music with Rolf Krueger. So the format of this episode is different than usual. It’s somewhere between an interview and a Musical Musing. Essentially I ask Rolf questions and he responds but I then expand on what he says and what learning we can take from it. Rolf and I talk about succeeding in music without any formal training, where to find musical inspiration, how to switch off and relax. We also talk plugins and...


08 – Scoring Netflix’ 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible using Music and Foley with Nainita Desai

In today's episode of Sync Music Matters I'm talking to TV, Film and General Media composer Nainita Desai Nainita Desai Media Composer who you might be most familiar with for her extensive work in TV and Film She is an RTS Winner a BIFA, Cinema Eye Honours and Ivor Novello nominee and is officially a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. She was also IFMCA Breakthrough composer of 2020 Nainita’s recent projects include Netflix’s 14 Peaks - Nothing is Impossible (ASCAP Composer Choice nominee for best...


07 – Improvisation and Flow State with TV and Film Composer Danny Mulhern

In today’s episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking to TV & Film composer and solo artist Danny Mulhern. Danny is a very philosophical guy and we go pretty deep in today’s interview, exploring improvisation and flow state as a tool for creating music. Flow state can be defined as: “mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus.” We talk about overcoming procrastination or what Stephen Pressfield in the War of Art, refers to as...


Musical Musing 01 – Finding Your Unique Creative Voice

During the course of my podcast interviews, I keep coming across the notion that composers have a “unique voice”. Indeed this is true of any artist In episode one Stephen Warbeck talks about your creative voice being a part of your personality that shines through in your music. Stephen tells the the story of director Phillip Kaufman requesting “music as mad as you are” of Stephen In episode 2 Todd Baker talks about his days at college where he felt that certain students had a very distinct...


06 – The Power of Rhythm and Music in BAFTA Winning Comedy with Editor Mike Holliday

In today’s episode of Sync Music Matters I’m talking to RTS Award winning Editor Mike Holliday. Mike has worked on plethora of high profile comedy productions including Horrible Histories for which he received a BAFTA on behalf of the production team, The BBC’s hit comedy Ghosts, CODE 404 for Sky, The BABY for HBO, Dead Pixels, Man Down, Yonderland, Drifters and The Reluctant Landlord to name but a few. Editors are often auditioning music and making creative choices with regard to what,...


5 – Finding Creative Inspiration Outside Music with Award Winning Isobel Waller-Bridge

In this episode I’m talking to Award Winning TV, Film and Theatre composer and sound designer Isobel Waller-Bridge. In this episode of Sync Music Matters Isobel reveals how she finds musical inspiration in anything but music. In fact when talking about inspiration, she references people like Francis Bacon, Tilda Swinton and Anne Carson. But Isobel also shares her love for composers like Ennio Moriccone, Danny Elfman, Gustav Mahler and Wendy Carlos amongst others. We also dig into the...


04 – The Power of Unique Sonic Textures with Universal Production Music’s Senior Music Producer Andrew Stannard

In this episode I’m talking to Andrew Stannard, a senior producer at Universal Production Music (UNIPPM) Andrew and I reveal our love for 80s TV themes and hark back to an era when big melodic hooks were an industry staple. We look at what makes a great production music track, from using unique sonic textures to splicing unexpected genres. Andrew brings some music trivia gold to the table with the revelation that one of Hollywood's biggest composers wrote a TV quiz show theme. Andrew has...


03 – Trailer Music Supervision for The Crown with Award Winning Emma Middleton

In this episode of The Sync Music Matters Podcast I’m talking to Music Supervisor and Consultant Emma Middleton. Emma is a film trailer specialist and was voted “Music Supervisor of the Year” in 2020 at AIM Sync. She was also a winner and finalist at the Music & Sound Awards for her work on trailers for The Crown Seasons 3 & 4. I often talk about the important of irreverence in the creative field and Emma loves to try new and unexpected musical ideas. I love the fact that she has a...


02 – Immersive Music and Sound Design for BAFTA Winning Games with Todd Baker

In this episode I’m talking to Composer and Sound Designer Todd Baker. When we think of music and visuals we generally think of TV and Film but audio plays a pivotal role in creating an immersive gaming experience. And as I found out in this interview, the music often serves the kind of complex narrative you would find in film. Todd likes to blur the line between music and sound design with a view to creating a more immersive gaming experience. Todd Baker’s unique sound can be heard on...


01 – Writing Music with Personality with Oscar Winning Stephen Warbeck

In this episode of The Sync Music Matters Podcast I'm talking to Oscar winning Stephen Warbeck who is one of the UK’s most successful TV and Film composers. Stephen is perhaps best known for his score for Shakespeare in Love for which he won an Oscar. He subsequently went on to score films like Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Billy Elliot. More recently Stephen scored DNA, which received a César Award nomination for Best Original Score, Uncle Vanya starring Toby Jones and Richard Armitage,...


Introducing: The Sync Music Matters Podcast with Jim Hustwit

Welcome to Sync Music Matters, a podcast that explores the beautiful relationship between music and the moving image. My name is Jim Hustwit and I’m your host on this journey as each week I chew the fat with industry professionals who, on a daily basis, work with music and visuals. Now you might immediately assume I’m talking about composers but I’m also talking about the editors, the music supervisors, the directors and anyone else who’s involved with the synchronous process of pairing of...