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Being THINKLESS is the best way to make life harder than it has to be. Let's start thinking for ourselves rather than outsourcing our thinking to others. Follow us on IG for more goodness: @stephenpwebb @parkerrich

Being THINKLESS is the best way to make life harder than it has to be. Let's start thinking for ourselves rather than outsourcing our thinking to others. Follow us on IG for more goodness: @stephenpwebb @parkerrich


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Being THINKLESS is the best way to make life harder than it has to be. Let's start thinking for ourselves rather than outsourcing our thinking to others. Follow us on IG for more goodness: @stephenpwebb @parkerrich




"Humans Love Labels" with Rusty Angell

This one lives up to the podcast name, Think(less), unlike any other. This conversation will make people think, not only about what they haven't thought about, but even about what many don't want to think about. Listen closely here, it'll make you think. Rusty is legitimately one of the most interesting men in the world. A coffee expert (literally), a farmer, an artist, and a pastor. But before that he's a great husband, dad, and friend with some really good wisdom to offer. Center For...


"Confessions Over Cava" with Jonathan Moynihan

We pushed past a few boundaries in this one. Masculinity isn't toxic, vulnerability isn't weak, and leadership doesn't have to be lonely. Jonathan Moynihan is a husband, dad, and pastor. But also a brilliant mind with his own podcast, a former journalist, and has one of the biggest vocabularies without the condescension. Pay attention to our friend, JMo. Jonathan on Instagram The White Flag podcast Blood Stained Pews by Carl Kuhl Mosaic Church Mosaic in Instagram


That Was Good. But This Will Be Better

As Swebb and Parker close down Season 1 of THINKLESS, they reflect on things they liked and learned about their first season of conversations. But the best is for sure yet to come so they provide some clarity on where they are headed as a podcast in Season 2. Many in-depth, helpful conversations will be had this next season and there will be some special guests that Swebb and Parker are pumped about. Check out this episode and don't forget to rate, share, subscribe, and all the other cool...


BONUS: Made To Win with Brandon Petty

Brandon Petty is the Lead Pastor and Chief Awesome Guy (Swebb's made up title for him) at Generation Church in Portland, TN. He invited Swebb on to talk about all-things dads! This episode is played in its entirety from Brandon's Made To Win podcast. Pay attention Brandon and Generation Church. This leader and their team make the world better and we're grateful to call them friends. Made To Win Brandon's Facebook Brandon's Instagram Brandon's Twitter Generation Church


Did You Do Something Hard Today?

We want to normalize doing hard things in our lives and the lives around us. But in order to standardize and normalize the hard stuff, it starts with seeing the "hard things" differently. We talk about mindsets and intentional approaches to a couple of different topics but one of those topics is parenting that could help in their development as well as yours. Sometimes the hardest stuff can be the smallest things that we have been procrastinating and putting off. Have we tried to run away...


When Swebb was on Probation

You probably have Instagram where you keep up with all of the latest trends and stuff. We also have Instagram, but Swebb was put on probation by Instagram because he said things that Instagram didn't like. We are going behind the curtain on his probationary period and the craziness of the world we currently live in. This is a fun conversation, so share it with your friends, rate it, review it, and follow Swebb on Instagram at @stephenpwebb. Don't follow Parker at @parkerrich. Or do follow...


Has Your Curiosity Died?

In this episode, Parker and Swebb have an in-depth discussion on how curiosity is the foundation for conversation but has curiosity been lost to other "mediums". We talk about other things too, but this one will help you ask better questions and develop a deep curiosity about others. ENJOY! Follow us regularly on IG: @stephenpwebb & @parkerrich Check out Swebb for personal coaching here:


Enemies To Your Growth

It was an honor to sit down with this amazing dad, father, pastor, author, and friend - Brandon Bowers. We discussed how our disclaimers excuse away our credibility, how feedback is caring, how wonderful Charleston, SC is, and many other helpful things as well. Loved the opportunity we had to learn from Brandon in this episode. ENJOY! For more Brandon goodness check out all things below: IG - @_brandonbowers CHURCH - BOOK - Rise Above the Lies


Blaming Burnout

Swebb and Parker discuss the hot topic of "burnout". We discuss the effects of burnout but also how it has been misused and undefined. We dive into some questions that we can ask ourselves if we are feeling burned out that could help turn our narrative around. Looking for some more helpful content from Swebb? Follow him on IG: @stephenpwebb or htttp:// or follow Parker on IG for good vibes and stuff: @parkerrich


You Are Not Luke Skywalker

What an amazing opportunity we had to sit down with Wade Joye, the former Elevation Church worship pastor, and Isaac Fernandez, current worship pastor at Victory City Church. We focused on several different topics in this episode like how to not let what you do become your identity, how your ego can get in the way of growth, and how we should be more like Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Luke Skywalker. Enjoy! Also, want to learn more about the brilliance of Wade and Swebb? Please check out their...


The Difference Between Quitting and Graduating

In this episode, we discuss the language around healthy transitions. When we quit are we leaving something undone versus completing a mission? Does my frustration lead to asking better questions or stopping short by quitting? We explore it all and more in this episode.


Words That Have Lost Their Meaning

Parker and Swebb get to sit with Greg Basch, who leads all campus leadership at Elevation Church. We talk about life cycles of leadership within the church, self-awareness, and buzzwords that have lost their meaning.


How Cliches Constrict Your Thinking

Cliches are manufactured by fear and regret. Cliches betray the lack of original thought by definition. Not all cliches are bad but in this episode we break down the power of original thought.


But, Have You Thought About It?

There are many influencing forces out there that we derive our thinking from, but are you letting other people do the thinking for you? In this episode, we talk about the relationship between fun and productivity, as well as break down what success really looks like.