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The Purpose Behind The Party

In the final episode of TPR’s Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson get down to the nitty gritty about the modern 'why' behind San Antonio's 10-day party. El Rey Feo LXX, Kenneth Flores, stops by the studio to talk about education and scholarships, and Angela visits with San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg to get the skinny on the economic impact of Fiesta.


Medal Up For Fiesta With This Podcast

In this episode of TPR’s Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson learn all about what to wear to your favorite Fiesta event. Breathable fabric, big hats, and a sash full of medals. What? Jack Morgan explains the history behind the Fiesta tradition, and then TPR’s Joey Palacios confesses his obsession with collecting the shiny tokens. Finally Asia visits with Graciela Carillo, owner of Graciela’s Creations , to learn all about the colorful hats and dresses she’s...


Our Hosts Enter A Fiesta Food Coma

If Fiesta is San Antonio’s “Party with a Purpose,” then consuming large amounts of portable food is just behind helping charities when it comes to defining just what that purpose is. From corn-in-a-cup to chicken-on-a-stick, San Antonians love to scarf down Fiesta food (and think about the after-effects later, hopefully at the gym!. In this episode of TPR’s official* Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson spin the “Wheel of Fiesta Foods” and reminisce about with...


All Things Floating And Gliding: Parades!

Line ‘em up, and move ‘em down the river or roadway! Parades are an essential part of San Antonio’s annual Fiesta, allowing non-profits, schools, and community organizations to let loose and showcase their creativity through innovative float designs and elaborate costuming. For the spectators, it’s all about quaffing hot dogs and beer and cheering on our friends and neighbors. In this episode of “What The Hell Is Fiesta?” hosts Angela McClendon Johnson and Asia Ciaravino take a San...


Living Cornyation History, With Ray Chavez

In 1951, the San Antonio Little Theater (now the Public Theater San Antonio) was invited by the San Antonio Conservation Society to provide entertainment during Fiesta. "It was a direct take off on the Order of the Alamo," says Ray Chavez, longtime organizer of Cornyation . "Instead of the Court of the Royal Gardens at Midnight, we had the Court of the Cracked Salad Bowl. It really wasn't skits. It was basically just a costume [pageant]." As the 1950s turned into the 1960s, though, the...


Crowns For Days: It's All About Coronation (And Education)

King Antonio, El Rey Feo, Miss Fiesta, the Queen of Soul, the Queen of San Antonio Charro Association... Fiesta San Antonio is graced with a dizzying number of "royal" guests, and in this third episode of “What The Hell is Fiesta?” hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson explain who the Fiesta royals are, and how they get to be that way. Then Miss Fiesta 2015, Alixandra Peña, drops by to talk about her experience as Fiesta royalty, and how it helped her promote education to San...


There Are Like 1,034,567 Fiesta Events

In episode two of our eight-part series "TPR Takes On: Fiesta," hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson run down a few of the many events all over town that make up Fiesta. They each reveal their favorite events, and how they manage to squeeze it all into ten days.


TPR Takes On: Fiesta — 'In The Beginning ...'

In this first episode of our eight-part podcast, “TPR Takes On: Fiesta," hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson look back at the origins of San Antonio’s “party with a purpose” through some creative storytelling. The duo then gets schooled on what Fiesta San Antonio really is, and we learn the difference between the Alamo City's celebration and Mardi Gras.