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TTalk101 with Kennidi Monroe is a trans & entertainment podcast. Talking about trans life, culture, entertainment, spilling the ”T” on all things entertainment and pop culture. First launched in 2005, the show has been through many changes but one thing remains the same and that is host Kennidi Monroe bringing her unique experience as a trans woman.


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TTalk101 with Kennidi Monroe is a trans & entertainment podcast. Talking about trans life, culture, entertainment, spilling the ”T” on all things entertainment and pop culture. First launched in 2005, the show has been through many changes but one thing remains the same and that is host Kennidi Monroe bringing her unique experience as a trans woman.




Remembering A Legend

This week's episode Kennidi pays tribute to one of the trans legends Erica Andrews as this past weekend marked the ten year anniversary of her passing. Erica was the first trans person Kennidi met, and became a role model in her life and career. We also get a glimpse into how Kennidi spent her weekend seeing the Chainsmokers at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and she dives into the personal happenings into her live, she gets personal and in depth to hold herself accountable. In Trans News,...


We Won’t Be Erased

On this week's episode of TTalk101, Kennidi responds to a video that surfaced of Michael Knowles at CPAC talking about the eradication of Transgenderism. She dives in deep on what it means for trans people in America when the far right is openly telling you exactly what they want to do. Trans people are humans and we just want to live. Currently Trans and queer people are the punching bag for the far right extremists. Many trans and anti lgbtqia headlines and bills being passed. On a...


Drag Illegal in America

Are we going backwards in the United States? Prior to Stonewall in 1969 it was illegal to come out in public in drag and you could be arrested, that is happening all over again in the good ole USofA. Tennessee just passed a bill that would make it illegal to do drag in public spaces and it also allows the government to dictate how that law is interpreted and that could harm trans folks as well. In this weeks return of TTalk 101, Kennidi Monroe discusses this very issue and where we need to...


Trans Women in Men Jails

On this week's episode, we might be a day late but we are not a dollar short! This week's episode we discuss the uproar that social media had with Nikita Dragun being arrested and put in a men's jail cell. Kennidi discusses her experience of being arrested and put into the men's unit, and how this is an issue all over the United States for trans women. Kennidi also discusses her post surgery experience that you don't want to miss. Kennidi's social links:


Trans News: America’s Phobia

This week on TTalk 101, we get into the trans news with why is America so scare of trans people? Florida's medical board votes to ban gender affirming care for transgender minors. Matt Barnes is against trans women playing in the WNBA, and Caitlyn Jenner slams trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvany. Is Caitlyn really on the trans side, with all her attacks against the community, we feel she does not represent us. She works with the side of America who fears us as trans humans and works against us...


Childhood Nostalgia

TTalk 101 is back for a whole new season with our host Kennidi Monroe leading you into all the entertainment news for the queer and trans community. Dishing the tea on reality tv, like Rupaul Drag Race and making sure you are ready to have a little fun with our show. This week's episode we dive into our childhood nostalgia of the 1980's and 1990's with the return of McDonald's Halloween Pails Happy Meals. With the return comes a lot of thoughts about toys we played with in our childhood and...


Coming Out Twice

On this week's episode of TTalk101 with host Kennidi Monroe, she got inspired to help others know when it is right to "come out." She relives her own "coming out" TWICE! That is right, Kennidi had to come out 2 times, listen to her inspire you and others with her own story of finding herself and becoming authentically herself. We also, talk about Rupaul's Drag Race S13 episode 3, and UK S2 episode 1 in this weeks rundown of what Kennidi thinks! Thank you for tuning in and listening, follow...


Self Love, Positivity and Finding the Beauty in Life

On this weeks episode of TTalk101, Kennidi Monroe discusses how she has become such a positive person. When the times and climate are depressing, Kennidi sheds light on her past and how she wakes up everyday with a positive mind. How creating self love has changed her into the person she is today. Kennidi also, dives into her Ruview of Episode 2 of Rupauls Drag Race. Find out who her favorites aare and how Gotmik's storyline this episode brought back some memories for her being trans and...


Trans Inclusion for Drag Race

It is 2021, and that means a new year and new episodes of TTalk101. We will be back every Thursday with new episodes, we are calling Trans Thursdays! In the first episode back we discuss what trans inclusion means for Rupaul's Drag Race. How Kennidi feels about first trans man GotMikk on the show and how other inclusion should be happening as well. Kennidi also gives her run down on the first episode of one of season thirteen of Rupaul's Drag Race. Who is her favorite queens right now. Find...


Trans and The Ballot Box

As trans people, voting an be scary. We are in unprecedented times right now and we have law makers making policies that go against our rights as trans people. We must be informed when we head to the ballot box and vote this election season. Many discriminative policies are on the books against trans and LGBTQIA+ people and we have to go into the ballot box informed. On this week's episode Kennidi Monroe sits down and goes over some policies that are intact right now that discriminate trans...


Toxic Masculinity- Trans Lives Matter

On this week’s episode Kennidi Monroe discusses Toxic Masculinity and how it affects trans community, especially trans women. This past week three trans women in Los Angeles, Kennidi reacts to it and reflects on her own experiences with “toxic masculinity” and how it has affected her in her 20 years living as a trans woman. She talks about her experiences with being with cis men and how they view trans women and affected her relationships. Kennidi gets emotional talking about losing her...


Drag Out The Vote

Kennidi has become an ambassador for Drag Out The Vote, as we are 83 days away from the most major election of our time in the United States, 1 out of 5 LGBTQIA+ people are registered to vote. Voting isn't just about the presidential election, it is about issues that can harm trans and LGBTQIA+ and we need to make sure everyone votes. Kennidi takes time to talk about ways to register to vote, what your voice means and how being trans can be scary to go out and vote for the first time. Also,...


Kennidi Reflects on Life As Trans Turning 40

Tomorrow is our host Kennidi Monroe's 40th Birthday. Listen to her reflect on her life as she turns forty and life as a trans woman. Half of her life she has been living as her authentic self. Listen as she tells stories of transitioning and being around some of the greatest women in her life that have guided her and got her to where she is today. Let's celebrate this wonderful life Kennidi has had and listen to her life as a trans woman, turning forty, right here on...


Transitioning & Finding Inner Love For Self

This week's episode Kennidi talks about her relationship with her father and how it has affected her. How she has avoided so many emotions in last 20 years of her transition and how the relationship with her father is affecting her now at 40. She also, dives deep in how to self care, self love and finding that inner beauty in order to move forward in your journey of your transition. In this weeks powerful and uplifting episode, Kennidi also talks about working for a LGBTQ+ company that she...


Should Trans Queens Be on Drag Race?

This week Kennidi goes deep into the controversy that has been swirling around for years about trans queens being able to compete on Rupaul's Drag Race. So, many people say it wouldn't be fair for trans queens against cis male drag queens because it won't be fair. Kennidi uses examples like Miss Continental Pageant, which is a trans dominated pageant that has had cis male drag queens compete and win and they never said they can't compete. Drag is about transitioning into something, not about...


Trans Pride

Today is the last day of Pride Month and we can't leave it without talking about Trans Pride. Many times in the LGBTQ+ community, trans people have felt left out of Pride. If it wasn't for two trans women of color, we most likely wouldn't have the rights we have today. Even though most of all the Pride celebrations were cancelled this year due to COVID-19, it has helped us educated and learn more about Pride and how we need to fight for Black Lives. In today's episode Kennidi Monroe talks...


The Return- The History

Kennidi Monroe returns after 10 years off the air to bring you the first episode of TTalk101 (formally known as TrannyTalk101.) Kennidi talks about what TTalk101 was, the history of how and why she started the show with her trans sister Reina Valentino. She pays tribute to Reina, telling stories about how Reina was a big part of her life and transition. In 2005, when TTalk101 was released it was groundbreaking. It is Pride Month, and to kick off her first episode back she talks about how...