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My review on sports, entertainment, politics, relationships and everyday life. Even promoting businesses and positive movements in all communities Support this podcast:

My review on sports, entertainment, politics, relationships and everyday life. Even promoting businesses and positive movements in all communities Support this podcast:


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My review on sports, entertainment, politics, relationships and everyday life. Even promoting businesses and positive movements in all communities Support this podcast:






FBI vs. The Black Community Leaders

TalkTooEmCon is my opinionated point of view of things like sports, entertainment, politics, relationships, and everyday life. Even promoting businesses and positive movements in all communities. In this episode, the crew talks about the FBI placing hits on Black American leaders. They discuss who they think may have been assassinated outside of the obvious ones like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. They also had some celebrity gossip from Shadarra. Follow and continue the conversation...


Is Valentine's Day still Important?

In this episode, The Talk Too Em Crew talks about if valentine's Day really means what it used to in relationships? Plus Lil Uzi and his 24 million dollar forehead diamond, Trey Songz, and his leaked or released sex video, the Superbowl Go Interact with the team Conway -​ Bmore Will - HTTP:// Shadarra - Shadarra Adams on Facebook - We going to get her to IG soon #liluzivert​ #treysongz​ #superbowl​ UNIFIED RADIO...


Jay Z's Roc Nation to launch imprint called " ROC LIT 101" with Random House

Talk Too Em brings you the News edition of Talk Too Em Con, he goes into talking about the new imprint that Roc Nation is launching that will give artists like Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Lil Uzi Vert, and others opportunity to put out memoirs and other content. --- Support this podcast:


Imperfect Sense talks about Men Lyin' on their D!

This episode was sponsored by @creativeculturelifestyle. They have everything men need to keep a well-groomed beard. The #imperfectSense crew talks about men and why some of them think you have to lie on your privates to get the woman. The woman not safe either because you have them lying about how their box grade A and its not. GO SUPPORT - CREATIVECULTURELIFESTYLE - WWW.CREATIVECULTURELIFESTYLE.COM GO FOLLOW THE CREW ERICK - @ERICK410 CONWAY - @TALKTOOEMCON PHLESH - @PHLESH410 ANDY...


Imperfect Sense Talks "ENTANGLEMENT" Jada & Will Smith, Red Table, August Alsina + more

Imperfect Sense Talks "ENTANGLEMENT" Jada & Will Smith, Red Table, August Alsina + more #imperfectSENSE --- Support this podcast:


Justifying the Bullsh*t

In this episode, the Earl Thomas situation was just beginning and through social media, there were a lot of women backing the decision of his wife to almost shoot him. Earl Thomas was allegedly caught with his brother having sex with a woman. Things spiraled out of control and a gun was pulled. Our question is why is it justified for women to things like this, but when a man does it he is a coward and called a little boy like his heart couldn't be broken. Do you think what she did was right?...


Interview with Pete Rock's First Signed Artist Amxxr (Ameer) At Mercy Studios

Unified Radio's "Imperfect Sense" travels to New York City amidst the pandemic to interview Amxxr. Amxxr is the 1st artist signed to Pete Rock's Tru Soul Record Label. Amxxr talks about his journey in the industry coming from Mount Vernon to being discovered by CL Smooth that introduced him to Pete Rock and the rest is history. He also speaks on being the person who started the Peace Beloved wave in New York City. Imperfect Sense Erick - @erick410 Conway - @talktooemcon Phlesh - @phlesh410...


Jae Knox Interview #jaeknox #baltimore #california #music

This episode is the beginning of the TalkTooEmCon revamp. Conway interviewed artist Jae Knox. He is raised in Baltimore currently living in California, the 40s to be exact. Jae music is for the introvert person. He believes he makes music for the ones who are afraid to use their voice. CLICK PLAY -----> to hear who Jae Knox is and his upbringing as well as what inspires his music. --- Support this podcast:


Bubba Wallace Takes His Black Lives Matter Black No. 43 Chevy on the Track

n Wednesday approximately 7 pm eastern time. Bubba Wallace the only full time black driver in the NASCAR circuit will show his support to the protest around the country. Bubba Wallace will run a special Black Lives Matter livery on his No. 43 Chevy for Wednesday’s Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway. Bubba is not only one of the most successful black drivers in NASCAR history he also drives for NASCAR great Richard Petty, who owns the Richard Petty...


NASCAR Bans the Confederate Flag At All Events and Properties

On Wednesday, before their Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway. NASCAR has decided to ban the display of the flag? Do you think this is a big move for the company or just another PR move? --- Support this podcast:


We Don't Need Your Fake Apologies

In this episode, "The Imperfect Sense" crew talks about the #blacklivesmatter protest that is going on around the world. This comes from a black man named George Floyd who was killed by a police officer named Derek Chauvin. The police were called on George Floyd who was supposed to have passed a store clerk counterfeit money. When the police arrived he was then detained and assaulted and killed by officer Chauvin who left his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 59 seconds. Well since that has...


Why Black Men Date or Marry Outside Their Race?

This episode address the recent twitter rant from a group of black women who have expressed their dislike for black men that date or marry outside of their race, especially if they are wealthy. The Imperfect Sense team expresses their thoughts about that and why they feel like anyone should love who they love even if it is from another race. FOLLOW Unified Radio Instagram: @unifiedradio Twitter: @unifiedradio_tv Erick Instagram: @erick410 Conway: Instagram:...


Inject Yourself With Disinfecting To Cure Coronavirus?

Donald Trump suggests that people who are Coronavirus Positive should inject themselves with disinfectants or even hit with ultraviolet light. Who keeps giving this guy the podium? He is just freestyling what he wants to say. This is hurting real Americans and only igniting his followers to do what he thinks is good. #talktooemcon #UnifiedRadio #DonaldTrump #lysol #disinfectant #podcast #coronavirus #covid19 --- Support this podcast:


Did 2 Chainz have the better verse on "Mercy"?

2 Chainz tweeted out that he killed his counterparts on the 2012 released song MERCY. So I had to revisit that song with a special guest Tae. Tae is a hair salon owner who has been out of work since the shutdown due to the Coronavirus. She came through to give her opinion on 2 Chainz comments. --- Support this podcast:


Pop Smoke murdered in Hollywood Hills home

Bashar Barakah Jackson, known professionally as Pop Smoke, was an American rapper and songwriter. He was signed to Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records. In April 2019, he released the song "Welcome to the Party", the lead single of his debut mixtape Meet the Woo, which was released in July 2019. Was murdered in his LA home around 5 a.m. in what is being called a home invasion. --- Support this podcast:


US vs #MeToo

#MeToo movement is a very great program that gives woman who have really been sexually assaulted by men another voice, but has it stopped woman from getting into relationships? Have men been afraid to talk to woman? Is chivalry dead, because of this? Why do a man saying hello or saying you look nice become a #MeToo issue? Should men start a #UsToo because men are sexually harassed at work daily. --- Support this podcast:


Kanye #1 album, Harriet Tubman movie review, Washington Nationals Champs, John Whiterspoon death, Trump boo'd again

This week the crew talks about the sudden passing of John Whiterspoon, along with the backlash from the Harriett Tubman movie, D.C. has something to be happy about 2019 World Series Champions are the Nationals and Kayne #1 album. --- Support this podcast:


Weekly Wrap Up

Today me and fellas got together and talked about some things Trump boo'd, Washington losing all 3 games @ home, Lebron Hair piece, R.I.P. young man who fell in Towson and many more --- Support this podcast:


Antonio Brown a Rapist or Money Grab victim?

Antonio Brown has been accused by Britney Taylor now Owens of raping her while working for Brown. --- Support this podcast:


TalkTooEm speaks with young entrepreneur Shelah

Shelah is a high school student that actually mentors young females through basketball. He is also the 1st basketball coach alongside Richard Conway who brought a title to Matthew A. Henson elementary/middle in Baltimore. He mentors them and even gets them a tutor with subjects they need help in. --- Support this podcast: