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Listen to conversations with New York's most exciting indie theater artists. It all comes from The Tank - a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines.

Listen to conversations with New York's most exciting indie theater artists. It all comes from The Tank - a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines.


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Listen to conversations with New York's most exciting indie theater artists. It all comes from The Tank - a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines.




31 Prometheus Bound

Johnny, Dani and MF interview the creative team behind The Tank's world premiere film of Prometheus Bound -adapted from Aeschylus by Howard Rubenstein and coproduced with Iris Media Works.


30 A Simple Herstory

Hear from many members from the team of The Tank's new podcast A Simple Herstory, a show that goes into the stories of all the women who have run for president of the United States. Hear details about these fascinating figures they are examining and the brilliant way they have brought all these ideas together


29 Kev Berry and Alex Tobey: Harsh Cacophonies

Kev Berry is often referred to as the ghost that roams the halls of the Tank. Well, he's back in the theater with his new one-person show Harsh Cacophonies, and he took some time to talk with us about how the show came to be, what its been like adapting for the live-stream audience, and his dreams of floating soda streams. For more information, visit: thetanknyc.org/harshcacophonies


28 Puppet Playlist

Can you believe it's been 11 years already? 11 years of Puppet Playlist, that is. The beloved Puppet and Music show is back, and virtual for the first time in its history. We talk with long time collaborators and tank puppet curators, Josh Luxenberg and Jon Levin, about the show's history, changes, and triumphs.


27 The Ladies of Mischief: Puppet Spread

Julia Darden, Christina Rodriguez, and Mery Cheung join us to talk about their new Puppet talk show / variety show / extravaganza. We hear what fun puppetry they have in store as well as how puppetry is adapting and changing in this time.


26 Andrea Coleman: Tank 2020 Gala

Andrea Coleman is the host of the Wack or Woke at The Tank, where she an a group of comedians dig into different laws. Why? because in addition to being a comedian with The Armory Andrea is a lawyer! Hear her path to comedy and the law as well as some exciting news about The Tank's upcoming virtual gala


25 Ivan Anderson: Email Pro

E-mail based content: it's what we all need more of. We talk with the creator and host of Email Pro, Ivan Anderson, to discuss his show full of parodies of spam, parodies of self-help, absurd distortions of what it’s like to be a person, and frantic attempts to tell the truth and be helpful.


24 CyberTank

We're still here! We're still making art! We're still supporting emerging artists! All digitally. Hear how we have shifted during this time of isolation and quarantine, how we are moving forward, and how Frozen 2 is poignantly applicable. To learn more about our virtual gala, please visit: tankgala2020.org


23 Birthday In The Bronx

This new play about a Puerto Rican girl who grew up in the South Bronx and received a fancy scholarship to a pretty much all-white prep school is based on the true story of Raquel Millan. In this episode we sit down with Raquel along with playwright Paul Hufker and director Michaela Escarcega to talk about how they have crafted this play, how they are incorporating Raquel's history into the piece, and how they are diverging from reality


22 Johnny Lloyd and Will Steinberger: Or, An Astronaut Play

Space Jam! Earth 2! Exploding Suns! This podcast has it all. We talk about the vastness of space, the depth of humor, and why Or, An Astronaut Play is so thoroughly compelling. This new play about astronaut school run through January 26th at The Tank.


21 Ran Xia, Alyssa Simon, Finn Kilgore: In Blue

We talk art in this art about art about art. In Blue explores the complex and sprawling relationship between Franz Marc and Else Lasker-Schüler. The actors playing these roles plus the creator of the show, Ran Xia, talk with Danielle about how so much art has made its way into the play and how they're trying to get it back out through the show.


20 Sara and Reid Farrington: BrandoCapote

"This show kicked my ass!" Marlon Brando and Truman Capote meet in Japan for an interview; that is the impetus point for the show. Danielle and Meghan meet with the creators of the show; that is the impetus for this podcast. This multimedia, dance theater, Noh inspired, film deconstruction that tackles the violent affects of toxic masculinity is like nothing you've ever seen before. In this episode of Tanked! we learn more about what brought it into being.


BONUS Julianne Schaub: The Fifth Vital Sign

In this mini episode, Meghan chats with one of the directors from the team of a short-running show this weekend at The Tank. This show is facing the topics of addiction and the opioid epidemic not only through the visibility the plays provide but also through partnering with Shatterproof to transform addiction treatment throughout the country.


19 EllaRose Chary and Brandon James Gwinn: The Seance Machine

It's spooky season at The Tank! Our beautiful Tank-aret curators and Tank family Brandon and Ella have created a poignant, innovative, and interactive show specifically for our blackbox theater, and they can't wait to tell you all about it


18 Tonya Pinkins: Truth and Reconciliation

We are back with a new season of theater, a new season of Tanked!, and a new co-host. Meghan and Danielle sit down with award-winning multi-hyphenate Tonya Pinkins about her remarkable collection of plays coming to The Tank for one week only. They discuss the genesis of this project in the midst of the Time's Up movement and the genuine power and importance of reconciliation between women.


17 LadyFest Special

It's that special time of year when we have our biggest summer festival, LadyFest! To celebrate this celebration of exciting, emerging lady and non-binary artists, we are sharing five short conversations with artists in this year's festival. Hear guest host, LadyFest producer Katie Walenta explore themes and stories of the shows and what makes them work so well as a part of LadyFest. This episode features interviews with essica Wu, Mary Goggin, Catherine Weingarten, Taji Senior, and Katelynn...


16 Christian Roberson: Technical Resident

In Rosalind's final episode of Tanked, we sit down with someone who is not putting up a show at The Tank, but is essential to its fabric. That is our beautiful technical resident Christian Roberson. This man helps the theater run every day, and there is so much more to him than a boy in a booth. Learn the story of how he came to The Tank, and what The Tank means to him on this genuinely heartwarming episode.


15 Kev Berry: A Sissy's Physiology

IT'S PRIDEFEST! Kev Berry has been a part of The Tank family for years, putting up dazzling solo pieces and work responding to current events. He has also done a lot of "extravagantly gay" plays, and we talk about his latest queer opus, A Sissy's Physiology on this episode of Tanked! It's our sixth annual PrideFest, so what better time to have this conversation!? Plus, while the Meghan is away, there is a special guest host with Roz.


14 Crystal Skillman, Jessi Hill, and Megan Hill: Open

Abra-ka-tank-da! It's magic time here on Tanked! (maybe they can magically make our puns better) We sit down with the enchanting trio behind our newest one-person play, Open, to hear about how they came together and what happens to a play that has sat in your back pocket for almost a decade. Plus, hear what network TV star originated the role of The Magician.


Bonus: Intern Marques with Roz & MF

Superstar intern Marques Villaronga is ending his internship at The Tank and wanted to sit down with Roz and MF to hear more about their opinions of The Tank and to hear all the hot gos. Tune in for a sincere episode and to hear more about our illustrious leaders' connection to this place.