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Tara Flynn has Taranoia - her own special brand of fear and insecurity - which she battles to get stuff done. Join her for Taranoia, the Tara Flynn Podcast: 30-odd minutes of craic, chat, interviews and lessons learned.

Tara Flynn has Taranoia - her own special brand of fear and insecurity - which she battles to get stuff done. Join her for Taranoia, the Tara Flynn Podcast: 30-odd minutes of craic, chat, interviews and lessons learned.
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Tara Flynn has Taranoia - her own special brand of fear and insecurity - which she battles to get stuff done. Join her for Taranoia, the Tara Flynn Podcast: 30-odd minutes of craic, chat, interviews and lessons learned.






49 - Culture Night

In show forty-nine, released on Culture Night day, Tara gets creative. What’s culture anyway? How do artists get started now? Giving the finger to snobbification. And some brand new spoken word/ poetry/ stories/ cultural events based on titles suggested by the Patrons. Searing creations such as: Once Upon a Bus Stop Dreary, Plus les choses changent - Oy, la douleur, Rage, rage against the flying of the kite, Pride and beetroot juice and many more. Thank you Patrons! And happy Culture Night...


48 - Back to School

In show forty-eight, Tara takes a quick hiatus from the hiatus to drop in and say hi. How are you getting on? She’s physically falling apart but ready to go Back to School. On being the eejit in the room, what’s on your bord dúlra, fear of starting new things, passive aggressive direction giving and more. Plus a conspiracy theory about fasting apps. Brought to you by...


47 - Grief

In show forty-seven (the last before a Taranoia hiatus), Tara looks back at the first week of July in years past and shares why it’s not always been a great month. Dumpings and bereavement and all that good stuff. How a cheap bouquet nearly cost her the cat. What happens when the sky comes off? Why don’t we have those black armbands anymore? Are ghosts even a thing? And how, though it’s not the same losing pets as it is to lose people, it really does hurt. Be gentle with yourselves. Brought...


46 - Louise Bruton

In show 46, journalist and festivals expert Louise Bruton has Tara saying “wow” a lot as she tells of travels, gigs and famous people who’ve sat on her knee. (Harry the dog has a lot to say, you’ll hear him on backing vocals.) They discuss Tara’s badness at festivals, and whether weekend woodlands need enhancement, or if childlike wonder is really all you? Festival tips and wisdom, and stories about getting up-close and personal with Grace Jones and Taylor Swift. The real ones. (Tara says...


45 - Taranoia Live at Body & Soul with special guest Alison Spittle

In show 46, Taranoia is (well, was) LIVE from the Library of Progress on the Woodlands Stage at Body & Soul Festival. Special guest: comedian Alison Spittle. With a real live audience in an actual woodland glade - outside, like, in the almost-rain - Tara and Alison chat about the serious business of comedy and contouring in the car. There’s Alison’s TV show and move to London, as well as what she dreams of doing. Can you fancy a man who’s a crisp, or is it just homesickness? Is #metoo a...


44 - FIFTY

In show 44 (wish it was 50, but here we are), Tara celebrates her half century by recording a breezy (literally), free-form, stream-of-consciousness podcast from a car at the side of the road, overlooking Kinsale. That’s right, she’s 50. (Fifty.) (50.) She’s earned every facial line and wrinkle and knee-creak so damn right she’s going to celebrate. As cars roll past wondering if she’s a tree surgeon or some kind of shit spy, Tara reflects on times she nearly died, stuff she’s learned, and...


43 - Lynn Enright

In show 43, Tara has journalist and author Lynn Enright over to her flat for a chat. They talk about moving to London, the concept of ‘DubLon’ and and finding where you’re meant to be in your life and career. How Lynn highlighted the need to repeal the 8th amendment from overseas. Why is it that now, even those on-side in the UK are outraged about Alabama but don’t seem to know much about the situation in Northern Ireland? And of course they talk about Lynn’s book Vagina: a Re-Education...


42 - Stewart Lee

In show 42 (recorded a couple of weeks ago), Tara is in London talking to Stewart Lee about comedy and whether PC really has GONE MAD. Stewart has lots of thoughts on Brexit. They talk about the role of satire, and whether comedians have a responsibility when you can, in reality, ‘say anything (anymore)’. There’s also mic-swapping, background birdsong, Truro, comedy in the olden days, voting, an upcoming film project (see link below), and the alt-right’s forays into humour. This leads to a...


41 - Emily Waszak

In show 41, Tara meets up with Emily Waszak of Migrants for Reproductive Justice (MERJ). Tara discovers that while Tara is a big chicken, Emily is much braver. They talk civil disobedience, anarchy, the migrant experience in Ireland, structural discrimination, repro rights and maternity care, housing and evictions, putting yourself out there, and what racism really looks like. There’s also plenty chat about milkshakes and Emily gets a birthday...


40 - Dr. Arpita Chakraborty

In show 40, Tara visits the office of Dr. Arpita Chakraborty (or does she)? Arpita is with the School of Law and Government at DCU and is part of the Ireland India Institute. What makes her, as she self-describes, a “GIF-obsessed feminist killjoy”? In Arpita’s office (or is it?) she and Tara discuss masculinism and toxic masculinity. Why is it so often interpreted as ‘masculinity is toxic’? Arpita sets us straight, with milk and cake. They talk representation, changes in Ireland, and...


39 - Repealed the 8th, New York

In show 39, Tara has just come back from New York, with its blue-eyed cats and ubiquitous seating. She was also there for a conference on reproductive rights. What are the issues that affect Ireland and the US? Exactly one year on from the Repeal of the 8th amendment in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland is still without access. Why ‘the North is next’ has nothing to do with Winterfell and everything to do with Westminster. Support Alliance for Choice here...


38 - Caroline West

In show 38, Tara has tea and porn chat with Caroline West, a Doctoral Scholar (soon to have her PhD) in Sexuality Studies at DCU. Caroline’s work involves examining the experiences of women working in the American porn industry and what feminists say about those experiences, as well as going to Las Vegas for research. Is porn bad (like Tara always heard growing up) or good (agency, empowerment), or a broad and varied industry that can be both? Caroline helps people to talk about sex, and...


37 - men are from earth and women are from earth too

In show 37, Tara has a think about language and stereotypes. The French have a slightly different connotation for the verb ‘to ignore’: what might that teach us English speakers? How the word ‘cis’ is useful, not derogatory, so let’s stop stressing and listen when trans people have something to tell us. When your Spanish language podcast buddy turns out not to be what he seems. And how people might sell books off the back of dating rules, but those rules might be way more limiting than they...


36 - Dr. Gavan Titley

In show 36, Tara kidnaps Dr. Gavan Titley, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Maynooth University. His focus is the politics of racism and multiculturalism in Europe, as well as freedom of speech and what constitutes ‘hate speech’ in traditional and social media. Though race is the main target, Tara feels Gavan’s work could apply to trolling and controlling based on any form of discrimination. In an hour she asks him to cover: the rise of the far right and what big tech can do about it, or...


35 - Homeless Period Ireland

In show thirty-five, Tara joins Claire Hunt of Homeless Period Ireland to find out all about what they do. What is period poverty and is there anything we can do about it, short or long term? What counts as a luxury item? On getting caught out, smashing shame, comforts and treats and old loopy pads. The power of volunteering. Why Ireland is still leaving people behind on essentials in 2019. And not really knowing what churching is, thank goodness. Drop-offs, donations and...


34 - Shawna Scott

In show thirty-four, Tara is thrilled that sex-positive smut-peddler supreme Shawna Scott gives her informed, enthusiastic consent to be on the show to talk about sexy times. What’s missing from sex ed? Why the concept of consent can be the very opposite of a mood-killer. What’s it like to be a dating show reality TV star? Why helping strangers to have orgasms can take an emotional toll. And what about the time Shawna accidentally angered both sides of the sectarian divide when all she...


33 - Joy

In show thirty-three, a slightly echoey Tara thinks about what makes her happy. Clue: it’s not folding. But it could well be the new recording gear (thanks, patrons). Why is she afraid of pasta sauce, and why would the Pope be wise to be wary of it? Isn’t it great when shit things don’t happen in the first place? Is that a mohair coat she’s wearing? (No.) A nostalgia chip-trip. What’s the deal with traffic light reflections? Plus, a poem about a truly joyous sighting of national treasure in...


32: #32 | Tricked

In show thirty-two, aptly enough in time for April Fools Day, Tara wonders who can be tricked and how. A look at how loneliness and vulnerability gets exploited. Close-up magic. Poison apples. Pseudo-science men. And lots and lot of emotion (sorrynotsorry). Brought to you in association with Snake Oil. Website http://www.taraflynn.ie Patreon https://www.patreon.com/taraflynnirl Instagram https://www.instagram.com/taraflynnirl


31: #31 | Safe

In show thirty-one, Tara asks who feels safe? Not her, that’s for sure. And maybe that’s all right. But what can we do to feel a bit better when the world seems grim and everyone’s in pain? That’s right: meditate. Just for you, Tara improvises an incredibly beautiful and life-changing guided meditation to do wherever you are, right now. It will change your life.* (*Might not change your life.) In association with Brewvet. This episode ends with sounds from Cape Reinga, the northern tip of...


30: #30 | Thirteen Rules for Life

In show thirty, Tara sets out her Thirteen Rules for Life. “Finally!” says you. Well, everyone else is doing it and we can’t let Taranoia stop us from living our best selves in a Flynnspiring way. So here’s a list of wisdoms she’s sure to be touring soon. Also this week, a chat with St. Patrick, recovering after his recent festivities. Brought to you by the new smash hit Schwarzenegger movie Emerald Isle Be...