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20 years ago we had the #1 morning show in Michigan's capital city! Now we are getting back together to bring you The AM Mayhem Podcast with Mojo and Dave!


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20 years ago we had the #1 morning show in Michigan's capital city! Now we are getting back together to bring you The AM Mayhem Podcast with Mojo and Dave!






Episode 76 - July 4th Recap & Catching Up

The guys catch up after taking a couple of weeks off from the podcast. Dave recaps his trip to Niagara Falls with his family. Moj and Dave talk about the 4th of July extravaganza at Mojo's place LOL. It's great to be back at it. Thank you for supporting and downloading! Have a great week! Cheers all!


Episode 75 - Father's Day Episode

Happy Father's Day! Mojo and Dave talk about being dads. Although the job can be challenging it is still awesome. The guys call Dave's dad, Ron, and have a blast talking with him. Where's Dave and his family going on vacation???? Have a great week! Cheers all!


Episode 74 - Eric Denby & Pride Month

Dave and Moj welcome Eric Denby! Denby was a longtime radio personality in Lansing and was the first co host with Mojo on Mojo's AM Mayhem 20+ years ago. Denby is hilarious! The guys talk with Denby and share some laughs about the past and they also dive into Pride Month. Eric Denby came out years ago and he shares some insight, history and education with Moj and Dave about Pride Month and the gay community. It's a great conversation and The AM Mayhem Podcast proudly supports...


Episode 73 - Dave & Moj

Moj and Dave get caught up. Dad jokes galore. Memorial Day recap. Girls weekend. Moj's new gig. A lot happens in this podcast and they do a good job of staying on the rails LOL! Have a great week, Cheers All!


Episode 72 - Memorial Day & United States Flag Force

On episode 72 Moj and Dave welcome Shane Shaltry from the United States Flag Force on the podcast to talk about Memorial Day, Shane served our country for many years. Shane was a member of the Honor Guard. Shane offers his perspective on what Memorial Day is really all about. If it's time to retire your American Flag, Shane can help. Take time this Memorial Day to honor those that have given their lives for our freedom. Have a good and safe week, cheers all!


Episode 71 - Mystery Guest, QUAZI Joins Mojo and Dave

This week's episode is fun. Dave asked Mojo who we should have on as a guest. Moj said, "line someone up". Dave lined up a mystery guest for the podcast. Moj had no idea, although he guessed a few times. Quazi, the first stunt guy on the Mojo's AM Mayhem is our guest. Quazi, Moj and Dave reminisce about the past. They talk about funny bits, memories and when the law got involved LOL. If you listened to our morning show, some of these bets might be familiar. Dave's daughter also...


Episode 70 - BONUS - Jan Ganzel From Tunnel 2 Towers

We had Jan on last year to help support and promote the Tunnel 2 Towers event happening this Saturday, May 21 at Cascades Park in Jackson. This event raises money for first responders, veterans and their families. 9/11 effected the entire nation, some have forgotten. WE on the podcast and Jan has not. Sign up for the Tunnel 2 Towers event this Saturday, get more info HERE. Check out the website for all of the details. You can also read about the history of this event. It's a heroic story...


Episode 69 - Trapper Man John Southworth

Dave and Moj love having cool guests on the podcast and this week they continue! They talk to Trapper Man John Southworth. Check out his website. John tells us stories about the crazy things he has encountered while removing animals and nuisances. John also does bee removal, emergency trapping and farm services. Get caught up with Dave and Mojo and what's happening. Moj started back in radio at WITL and WMMQ. Dave is stoked about Kiley's play appearances this weekend. If you download...


Episode 68 - Dave "The Mad Dog" Demarco

Dave and Moj have a blast talking to long time local radio sports host, all around good dude, Dave "The Mad Dog" Demarco! "Dog" is signing off on Friday, May 13th after 26 years of broadcasting in Mid Michigan! Go see his last show live at One North THIS FRIDAY (old Reno's West) starting at 3p. Hears stories from "Mad Dog" about sports legends! How about that one time he ran into the Milwaukee Brewers at a bar in the D? The guys reminisce about the past when they used to work together in...


Episode 67 - Bob Hoffman Talks 2022/23 Wharton Center

This episode is full of laughs and good times when Moj and Dave talk to Bob Hoffman from the Wharton Center! The upcoming 2022/2023 season has been announced and Bob shares info about all the cool shows coming to the Wharton Center! We take a trip in the way back machine to when Bob was on the podcast in November and Dave sharted! What amazing gift did Dave give Mojo for his Silverado? Who has a crush on Moj? Listen and find out! Have a great day and great week! Cheers All!


Episode 66 - Colonoscopies, Stand Up Comedy "Test" Run and 4/20!

Back at it again for Episode 66 and we recorded it on 4/20! This time around Moj and Dave welcome back, Justin Caine from Good Fruit Video! Justin is more than a Para Athlete, this dude tries his stand up comedy out on Dave and Moj. Dave, a stand up comedian, gives his feed back. Surprisingly we don't hear a lot of crickets LOL! We discuss Men's Health! Dave's debacle with his new Nike sliders! We had a blast recoding and we hope that you like it too! Cheers All!


Episode 65 - 2022 C.A.H.S. Fur Ball!

Moj and Dave are excited to get back at it this week, Happy Easter! The guys welcome Julia Wilson from the Capital Area Humane Society to discuss the upcoming Fur Ball on April 29th at Eagle Eye! The Fur Ball is THE biggest fundraiser of the year for the C.A.H.S. They do so many amazing things. After two years of doing this fundraiser virtually, it is back, LIVE AND IN PERSON! This event is a lot of fun, get your tix now while they are available! Dave and Moj also talk Men's...


Episode 64 - 25 Years Of Origami Rehabilitation!!!!

On this episode Dave Wellfare is on assignment touring MLB Ballparks to find the best liquid cheese!!! Kraig Westfall from Good Fruit Video sits shotgun. We discuss live music, cover charges, baseball and more! Tammy Hannah from Origami Rehabilitation joins the podcast to talk about the amazing things that Origami is doing in our community! Origami Rehabilitation is celebrating 25 years of servicing our community!!! NICE WORK! Get the scoop about the virtual tour that Mojo is hosting on...


Episode 63 - Lansing Lugnuts' Own, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

Mojo and Dave are stoked for the upcoming 2022 baseball season and the Lansing Lugnuts get to work this week at Jackson Field! Jesse Goldberg-Strassler is the play by play announcer for the Lugs, he's also the Media Relations guy, he writes books, he sings the seventh inning stretch and he's a blast to listen to. Moj and Dave also recap their week. Taylor Hawkins, Will Smith, Chris Rock and more! Have a great week and thanks in advance for listening! Cheers All!


Episode 62 - Paralympian Justin Caine

On Episode 62, Moj and Dave invite Justin Caine!!! Justin Caine is an all around good guy that has his irons in the fire! Justin is Mojo's, for lack of a better word, "boss" at Good Fruit Video!!! Justin also has negative percent body fat and is paralympian! Take a listen to the podcast to find out what he competes in. What drove Justin to be the competitor he is! Justin is also participating in the Spartan Invite on the campus of MSU on Saturday, April 2 at noon! Get out and support...


Episode 61 - Women's History Month / Rae-Kel Moore

March is Women's History Month! To celebrate we invited Rae-Kel Moor on the podcast to talk about the good things she is doing in her community! Rae-Kel is a trailblazer! She is the CEO of Sister Tah Sister Women's Empowerment! Take a listen to the podcast to find out more about what she is doing, how she does it and tips for empowering yourself! Rae-Kel is contagious with her personality and Moj and Dave are looking forward to meeting up with her at her "momma's" house this summer for...


Episode 60 - Restaurant Week In Delta Twp. / The Brew Cafe

Dave and Moj visit The Brew Cafe in Delta Township! Restaurant Week is happening in Delta Township beginning on Monday, March 14th! Check The Brew Care out at 610 N Creyts Rd, Lansing, MI 48917! This place is cool! Super laid back with a cool vibe, ambience and staff! Collin Mays from Delta Township joined us along with Jordan, the manager. THERE'S A TATTOO SHOP UP STAIRS! Take a listen and get out to Delta Township this week. Dine out and you'll have a chance to win some awesome gift...


Episode 59 - Tracy Hazel From Advanced Training Consulting

We get back to it this week with some really good content! Dave and Moj get caught up with each other, that's always fun! Moj and Dave record at Good Fruit Video each week, our video podcast is coming soon. We had Good Fruit staff member Isabella on to discuss animation and we try to recruit her to make animated characters for the guys! We also welcome Tracy Hazel from Advanced Training Consulting to discuss "preparedness". Active shootings are far too common. Do YOU have a plan in place...


Episode 58 - Kozmo and Advent House Ministries!

This week we had Trayvon Speed from Advent House Ministries on the podcast to discuss their operations! Advent House Ministries is now operating 7 days a week and they need your help. Volunteer time, monetary donations, clothing, food, paper items... the list goes on and you can help. We also did a "surprise" podcast at Kozmo's Hair Studio located in the Eastwood Towne Center! Mojo and Dave used to get their heads "cut" at Kozmos back in the day! Tim Davis, Kozmo, does amazing...


Episode 57 - Pre Show Podcast!

Dave and Mojo put this gem together before Dave performed at Capital Prime on Wednesday night, 2/16. Topics include.... Running a business. How NOT to treat people when running a business. A page may be turning for Dave. Thanks for checking us out and have a great week!!!!!!!! Cheers All!