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Journey into the Galaxy of Accessibility and Inclusion! A weekly look into the world of accessibility and inclusion with sit down interviews with folks doing game changing work, current events discussions, and much more!

Journey into the Galaxy of Accessibility and Inclusion! A weekly look into the world of accessibility and inclusion with sit down interviews with folks doing game changing work, current events discussions, and much more!
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New York, NY


Journey into the Galaxy of Accessibility and Inclusion! A weekly look into the world of accessibility and inclusion with sit down interviews with folks doing game changing work, current events discussions, and much more!






Episode Twenty Seven: Access from Michigan to Arizona with Elena SV Flys and Eileen Bagnall

This week we have two mini interviews from our pop up studio in Atlanta at the Kennedy Center LEAD Conference. First guest host and Champion Intern Miss Kelsey Rose Brown sits down with Eastern Michigan University Assistant Professor Elena SV Flys to discuss the research she’s doing on audience reception, social integration arts and environmental issues, and community building. Then we chat with ArtAbilityAZ Executive Director Eileen Bagnall to chat about her journey into accessibility and...


Episode Twenty Six: Speech of Cake and Cultural Dynamics in Diagnosis with Courtney Overton

This week we sit down with Speech Language Pathologist and high school classmate of Phil’s, Courtney Overton. We discuss her journey from doing high school theatre with Phil to dentistry to speech language pathology and her overall fascination with the mouth. We also learn about the incredibly important research she’s diving into at the University of Maryland, the terrifying aspects of starting a new business from scratch, and how she navigates juggling so many projects all in the name of...


Episode Twenty Five: Q&A with Host Phil Dallmann and Champion Intern Miss Kelsey Rose Brown

This week we have a special Q&A episode with host Phil Dallmann and Champion Intern Miss Kelsey Rose Brown. We take on hard hitting questions such as when to wear a cowboy hat and how to choose a super power. We also chat about access and inclusion heroes, pet peeves, self care, and dream podcast guests. All of that plus a million and one shout outs make our 25th episode our most fun episode yet! Subscribe and Share: iTunes: GooglePlay: SoundCloud:...


Episode Twenty Four: Peaches and Inclusion with Jaehn Clare

This week we have a mini-interview from our pop up studio in Atlanta. We chat with Jaehn Clare from the Alliance Theatre Institute and the Woodruff Arts Center in Georgia. We chat about her journey in the world of disability and what representation has meant to her personally and as a teaching artist. Also we share some exciting news about the podcast. Hint: we’re an official non profit now! Also I’m bad at hints. Subscribe and Share: iTunes:


Episode Twenty Three: Overturning Section 377 and Colonization with Brinda Guha

This week we sit down with choreographer, dancer, advocate, and activist Brinda Guha to discuss the overturning of India’s law section 377. We discuss what it means in relation to India’s decolonization and different perspectives on the impact. We also discuss India’s history as it relates to both the LGBTQ community but also art and what the journey looks like getting back to what India was before British colonization. Subscribe and Share: iTunes:


Episode Twenty Two: ThinkDIFFERENTLY about inclusion with Marc Molinaro

This week we dive into a movement happening in Dutchess County, New York called ThinkDIFFERENTLY. We chat with the founder of the initiative, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, about where the idea came from, the reception so far from the community, and how you can bring this initiative to your own community. We dive into philosophies on inclusion, dad jokes, and more! Additionally, we have some shoutouts for Jillian Mercado, Maysoon Zayid, and brief reflection on the overturn of...


Episode Twenty One: Unlocking Inclusion Codes with XBOX, Microsoft, and Bryce Johnson

An episode 4 months in the making, we’re so excited to sit down with one of the lead designers of the newly launched XBOX adaptive controller and the Inclusive Lead for Microsoft Devices, Bryce Johnson. We chat about where the spark for an inclusive controller came from, the DIY versions that came before it, and the community partners who helped guide the design. Additionally, we hear about the movement for inclusive gaming going on within the game design world and leaders such as Microsoft,...


Episode Eleven: The Voracious Voting Rights Defender, Michelle Bishop

This week on the podcast we sit down with Michelle Bishop who is the Disability Advocacy Specialist for Voting Rights for the National Disability Rights Network. We chat about the current state of our voting systems, the tenuous nature of voting rights for many people with disabilities, evolving voting technology to be accessible and secure, and much more. We also keep the #SolveInspirationPorn conversation going with access champion Katie Keddell chiming in from the DC area. Finally, this...


Episode Ten: Beginning a discussion on "Inspiration Porn"

This week we take a look at some of the upcoming interviews and events that the podcast will be adventuring to. Additionally, we begin the discussion of "inspiration porn", noting the innate issues, but also looking at counter-arguments for the humanity and positivity that may lie behind it. This discussion is now open for all listeners so reach out if you’d like to hop on the podcast and share your thoughts and views! This episode was sponsored by “Come On, Calm”, a new children’s book...


Episode Nine: Extreme Audience Equity with Brittany Pyle

On this week's episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sit down with our first Chicago Access Champion, Brittany Pyle. Brittany is the Director of Production and Audience Engagement at the Chicago Humanities Festival as well as on the steering committee for the oft-mentioned Chicago Cultural Access Consortium. We talk about when she first encountered accessibility, winning the Kennedy Center's Emerging Leader Award, and what does an equitable audience experience actually look like. We...


Episode Eight: Danish Super-App-Man Hans Wiberg

On this week’s episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sit down with farmer turned Access Champion Hans Wiberg and discuss the creation of the Be My Eyes App. We sift through all of the hurdles of creating an access minded app and how over a million volunteers are helping make a difference in the blind community. We also shoutout this week’s Access Champion Tweet of the week from @TourettesHero aka Jess Thom, we announce the T-Shirt Contest winner, and begin the journey of examining the...


Episode Seven: Searching for a Relatable Superhero

On this week’s episode we take a deep dive into an article by Pasquale Toscano in the Boston Globe titled, “Where are all of the superheroes with disabilities?”. As a comic book fan growing up and a consumer of so much of the superhero content out there as an adult I wanted to take a look at the state of diversity, through the lens of disability, in this genre. Finding our way to everyone being super just the way they are. We also give some love to Roundabout Theatre Company and Jamie Brewer...


Episode Six: The Amazing CO/LAB & Friends

On this week’s episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sit down with CO/LAB Theater Group’s Arielle Lever, Becky Leifman, and actor Emanuel Frowner. We discuss the creation of CO/LAB and how they continue to diversify how they serve and engage the cognitive/developmental disability community. Additionally, we take a look at articles by VICE on the MTA and The Huffington Post on accessibility or lack thereof at live music performances. Shoutouts include Katie Sweeney, Kyle Wright,...


Episode Five: The Digital Master of the Access Universe Christina Trivigno

On this week's episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sit down with TDF Associate Director of Digital Strategy Christina Trivigno to learn about her journey with the arts, dealing with access hurdles in social media, creating Broadway's premier access website, the villainous MTA elevators, and more. We also take a quick look at some exciting news from Xbox and once again shoutout amazing things happening in Chicago. Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Google...


Episode Four: Access In Action #1

On this week's episode of The Access Champions Podcast we debut a new type of episode that takes a look at some current events around the world. We look at a game-changing ruling for theatrical captioning in Missouri, the incredibly tenuous voting rights of Americans with disabilities, and what Pinterest is doing to let people of all abilities pin their favorite recipes. Additionally, we give some love and take a look at what's going on with CO/LAB Theatre Group, Alanna Raffel and Access...


Episode Three: The Incredible Human Sofiya Cheyenne

On this week's episode of the Access Champions Podcast we sat down with actress and advocate Sofiya Cheyenne. We chatted about her experience growing up in the arts as a little person (or LP), how she became an advocate, what she's doing in rehearsal rooms to change perceptions, and so much more. We also take a look a some exciting things happening with the Chicago Cultural Access Consortium and recently here in NYC with ALMA NYC. Links below! Note: Avengers Spoiler at 23:42 (kind of) Click...


Episode Two: The Uncanny Andrew Duff

On this week's episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sit down with NYC actor and advocate with autism, Andrew Duff. We chat about his journey with the arts and what theatre taught him about himself. We talk about his time at Autism Speaks and his thoughts on the evolution of their mission. We also get to hear about what it was like be a part of Tectonic Theater Project's latest play this past fall, Uncommon Sense. Click here for the transcript of the interview:...


Episode One: The Spectacular Supporting Transitions Duo

On the debut episode of the podcast I get to chat with both Aliza Greenberg and Alison Mahoney from the Museum Access Consortium's Supporting Transitions Program. We talked about the program, where it came from, where it's headed, and what the journey has been trying to engage cultural organizations to help solve the underemployment happening in the cognitive/developmental disability community. Learn more about the Museum Access Consortium at