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A weekly journey into the galaxies of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Looking at current events and speaking with people who are changing the game in all realms of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.

A weekly journey into the galaxies of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Looking at current events and speaking with people who are changing the game in all realms of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.


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A weekly journey into the galaxies of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Looking at current events and speaking with people who are changing the game in all realms of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.






Episode 0: My Own Brick Wall

A personal message from host and show creator Philip Dallmann. Subscribe and Share: iTunes: GooglePlay: SoundCloud: Stitcher: Transcript:


ACP Rewind #3 (Sofya Cheyenne)

In our third ACP Rewind we flashback to May 7th, 2018 for the first of many appearances of “The Amazing Human” Sofiya Cheyenne. Sofiya returns once again for an update about a whole lot of things both in advocacy and in her own personal life. Then we head back to what was only our third episode and only the second time Phil had even been in the same room as Sofiya. Hear/read about her journey as an artist and an advocate. Learn what impact she was making in rehearsal and audition rooms by...


ACP Rewind #2 (Michelle Bishop)

In our second ACP Rewind we flashback to July 3rd 2018, the first appearance of The Voting Rights Defender, Michelle Bishop! In an election year with a pandemic happening all around us it is more important than ever to know your voting rights and options. Michelle is back with an update about all of the work and discussions happening regarding elections and how we can and will vote. Then hear/read Episode 11, the first appearance of Michelle Bishop, where she walked us through her role as a...


ACP Rewind #1 (Supporting Transitions)

Join Assoc. Producer Alie B. Gorrie and rewind to April 24th, 2018...a time before social distancing...a time before Dr. Fauci….and a time before Phil understood anything about his recording equipment. On the very first episode of The Access Champions Podcast we sat down with Aliza Greenberg & Alison Mahoney to chat about The Supporting Transitions program. Hear/Read an update from Aliza on the program and it’s growth over the last two years. And then we head into Episode 1 where we chatted...


Episode Ninety Five: A Step Back To Move Forward

This week we take a step back and listen to Episode 12 & 13 guests Carlita Ector & Aaron Gold. Hear/Read about the work Carlita has done and continued to do raising awareness and funds supporting mental health initiatives in the black community with Darkness Rising. Learn about why Aaron created You Are Not Alone, how improv can be healing, and how it’s grown. Finally, an important message from Phil about the immediate future of the show. All of that and more on this week’s episode of The...


Episode Ninety Four: The Hall of Inclusion #1 Talleri McRae

This week we pull from The Hall of Inclusion our deep dive formerly Patreon Exclusive chat with consultant and co-founder of The National Disability Theatre, Talleri McRae. We chat about her work specifically with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in Indiana. Learn how she, in collaboration with the community, was able to gear supports and resources to them specifically. Listen/Read what the differences she found were when skewing her supports older. All of that and more on...


Episode Ninety Three: The Art of MicroAggressions with Wendy Elliott-Vandiver

This week we chat with Philly based artist and activist, Wendy Elliott-Vandiver. Learn about why activism is so important to her and how her time at Temple University helped mold her activism. Hear/listen about the changes she was a part of across Philadelphia and what art has meant to her. Finally, we chat about the microaggressions she encounters in everyday life and how they inspired her cartoons. All of that and more on this week’s episode of The Access Champions Podcast! 100 Patrons By...


Episode Ninety Two: Critical Captioning with AppTek

This week we sit down with the Chief Revenue Office of AppTek, Mike Veronis. We chat about AppTek’s 30+ year track record with automated speech recognition and the strides they’ve made technologically. Learn about their collaboration with Gallaudet University and the relationship and commitment they’ve created to and with the d/Deaf community. Hear/Read how they are striving to set standards of captioning while identifying the gaps where the hearing loss community is not being considered....


Episode Ninety One: Juggling Inclusion with The Big Apple Circus

This week we run away to the circus with The Big Apple Circus’s Director of Community Programs, Lisa Lewis. We chat about her journey as a teacher and a clown and how ASL was her entry way into accessibility. Learn how Big Apple’s Circus of the Senses began and how it has evolved. Listen/Read how Lisa and Phil met working on their autism-friendly performances and how much Phil loves the circus. Finally we chat about their fascinating new program, Dinner in the Dark. All of that and more on...


Episode Ninety: Disability Is Cool with The Access Gallery

This week we have our ACTUAL final episode from the 2019 LEAD Pop-Up Studio with Denver based organization, Access Gallery. One last time our Assoc. Producer Ms Kelsey Rose Brown sits down with some of the Gallery’s artists and their Associate Director Cris Ciani. Listen/Read about the different mediums the artists work in and the organization’s mission creating artistic and economic opportunities for the community. Learn how they strive to make disability cool. We also welcome this week our...


Episode Eighty Nine: Humans are Humans are Humans with ARTZ Philadelphia

This week we sit down with Founder and Executive Director of ARTZ Philadelphia, Susan Shifrin. We chat about how her journey into dementia focused access launched at a small college museum with a persistent social worker and what chord it struck with her. Learn how she worked with Artists For Alzheimer’s and the groundwork they helped her lay. Listen/Read how ARTZ Philadelphia has grown with partners such as the Woodmere Art Museum and how programming has expanded to support care partners as...


Episode Eighty Eight: Mr. Elliott’s Wild Inclusive Ride

Buckle up Inclusion Believers and get ready for a wild ride with advocate and author, Jonathan Elliott. Learn about how his journey began at Princeton University’s Summer Theatre creating unintentionally inclusive TYA plays about badgers and flamingos. Hear/Read about his time at our shared alma mater George Mason University, his time of personal discovery working with the Episcopal Diocese in New Jersey, and how a stubbed toe changed his journey. Follow along as Jonathan navigates the world...


Episode Eighty Seven: Wine, Cheese, and Accessibility with MoMa

This week we sit down with Francesca Rosenberg and Lara Schweller from The Museum of Modern Art or as it is affectionately known, The MoMa. We chat about the organization’s early forays into inclusion helping veterans with The War Veterans Art Center and how the experiences Francesca had at Art Beyond Sight and joining MAC influenced some of the programming she launched. Listen/read about the staff training they’ve designed using first person accounts from individuals with disabilities and...


Episode Eighty Six: The Night Before Inclusion 2019

On our final episode of 2019 we come to you with our (now) annual Access Champions Holiday Poem, The Night Before Inclusion, where we thank all of our guests from what was an amazing year. We’re also joined for a special Holiday Point To Ponder by recurring guest Sofiya Cheyenne. All of that and more on the final 2019 episode of The Access Champions Podcast! Seasonal Giving! Consider supporting us for just $1/month and help us be the most accessible and inclusive podcast in the galaxy!...


Episode Eighty Five: New To The Galaxy of Accessibility

This week we share two interviews from our Pop-Up Studio at The Kennedy Center’s LEAD conference in Denver. First up is BAYarts from Ohio where we chat with Elizabeth Milli and Linda Goik about their classes at the historic houses on a lakeside location. Hear/Read how they’ve begun looking at accessibility and the unique hurdles they’ve encountered. Then we move on to Middlebury College with Shannon Bohler and Sophie Lefkoe. Learn how they’ve launched access at their institution and how...


Episode Eighty Four: EPIC Levels of Inclusion with The EPIC Players

This week we sit down first with The EPIC Players Executive Artistic Director, Aubrie Therrien. We chat about her early experiences adapting stories for her mother’s special education classroom and the creative confidence the students showed from performing. Hear/Read how she decided to move beyond adapted plays/musicals and taking on classics like The Tempest. Learn about all of the different services EPIC provides their company members from classes to acting as agents. In the second half...


Episode Eighty Three: Crafting Inclusion in Ireland with Padraig Naughton

This week we’re at the Kennedy Center LEAD Conference Pop-Up Studio with Arts & Disability Ireland’s Executive Director, Padraig Naughton. We chat about his decision to pursue visual art in college and running away and into being the “visually impaired visual artist”. Learn what brought him back to Ireland after a stint in the UK with EquATA and how he collaborated with Episode 73 guest Tabitha Allum and Stage Text to bring captioning to Ireland. Hear/Read how LEAD has inspired him not only...


Episode Eighty Two: The Inclusion Variable with Roger Ideishi

Finally, after 81 episodes we are joined by the ever elusive, but always inclusive, Roger Ideishi. We chat about discovering the cross section of needs of neurodiverse students and cultural institutions. Hear/Read about the response to the need in Philadelphia first by The New Jersey Aquarium and quickly followed by Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Orchestra, Walnut Street Theater, People's Light, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Penn Museum, and The Franklin...


Episode Eighty One: Access with a Y with Nicole Cromartie

This week we’re back at the Kennedy Center LEAD Conference Pop-Up Studio in Denver with The Clyfford Still Museum’s Director of Education and Programs, Nicole Cromartie. We chat about her formational experience at the Chinati Foundation, to time in Chicago working with Episode 49 guest Lucas Livingston at The Art Institute of Chicago, and in Atlanta both at The High Museum and The National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Listen/Read about what she learned as she bounced across the country...


Episode Eighty: Museum, Museum, Theatre! with Alex Delare

This week we sit down with New York City Children’s Theater’s Associate Director of Education, Alex Delare. We chat about her time at The Tenement Museum providing access to low vision patrons through song. Learn about her second museum stop at the 9/11 Museum and our mutual love of access champion Emmanuel von Schack. Hear/Read how Episode 58 guest Sara Morgulis brought her to New York City Children’s Theater and her hands on philosophies. Finally, learn about Alex’s growing involvement...