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When Enough Is Enough

Ade is joined by special guest, India Harville. India Harville is a disabled Femme Teacher, Somatic Bodyworker, Performance Artist, and Social Justice Activist. She is a power-full woman doing amazing work transforming herself, her community and educating her clients to find peace in every aspect of themselves. #TuneIn #Listen and #BeTransformed Check out India's website Her event page: Also check out Ade's...


Life is in Session

What would your life look like if you live anchored in the mindset that “life is fundamentally good”? What if must of your sufferings are caused by how you named the appearances in your life? Is life for or against you? Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson (Rev.D) is Ade’s special guest. Rev D shares tools and insight to assist you in learning how to flow with life. Since life is in session, you might as well surrender to her. #TuneIn, #Listen and your mindset will #BeTranformed Check Ade's site:...


Be The Answer

You are responsible for discovering, revealing and creating what brings you peace. How do you do this? Ade aka Life Coach Ade will take you on a journey within and you will discover your unique path. #SayYesToLife Today's Daily Thought - "I LET MY SOUL SHINE.” #TuneIn, #Listen and #BeTransformed. Check Ade's site: Also, connect with him on -


Divine Inner Magic

Ade aka Life Coach Ade discusses the importance of activating ones, "Divine Inner Magic." We have the ability to change the course of the event in our life. Time for activation! Today's Daily Thought - "I Am Happy." #TuneIn, #Listen and #BeTransformed. Check Ade's site: Also, connect with Ade on -


Spiritual Acceptance

Ade aka Life Coach Ade discusses the spiritual principle of "Acceptance." Today's Daily Thought - "I HONOR MY EMOTIONAL JOURNEY." #TuneIn, #Listen and #BeTransformed. Check Ade's site: Also, connect with Ade on -



What if you have access to the key to your freedom, would you turn the key and walk into your freedom? Tune in, listen and discover the truth- you had the key all along. It is ForGIVEness. Check Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson's website: Links to get your copies of Rev. Deborah L. Johnson's books: Your Deepest Intent - And "The Sacred Yes" - Also, sign up for Life Coach Ade's mailing list -...


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is a never-ending journey. It is like swimming deep to the bottom of the Ocean and you discover that there are even deeper places to go. It can feel lonely, but this is not a reason to abort the journey. Spiritual Awakening is a journey of deep living. Are you ready to explore the deeper parts of yourself? #TuneIn, #Listen and #BeTransformed Subscribe to Life Coach Ade's mailing list -


Organic Spirituality

There must come a time on your spiritual journey, where you discover and remember that you are already spiritual. You are already happy, abundant and peace-full. Yes, this calls for a shift in mindset. It calls for a process of deprogramming of false beliefs that you have adopted as truth. Ade’s guest, author, and coach, Shannon Gill, shares her journey of following her innate spiritual essence. Shannon's website - Ade's website -


Your Humannes Is Your Pathway To Happiness

There is hardly anyone who does not want to be happy. Yet, it seems like happiness is always one step ahead. Who or what makes you happy? Would you still be happy without them? What if you are already happy, but you do not know because you have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes from people, place, and things – outside of yourself? #TuneIn, #Listen and #BeHappy Subscribe to Life Coach Ade's mailing list -


Choosing Peace In A Turbulent World

Peace is a choice. If you want to change your reality, you must be willing to do the "work." Don't wait! Do it now! Subscribe to Life Coach Ade's mailing list -


Darkness and Light

My special guest is Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson. We are going to shine new "Light" on "Darkness." You just might realize that you had it all wrong. Prepare to be enLIGHTened and "see" through darkness in a new way! Time for an upgrade in consciousness. Check out Rev. Deborah L. Johnson's website Life Coach Ade's site,


Live Your (Spiritual) Practices

It is your responsibility to drive your life in the direction that you desire. You have the tools and you know the practices. Live it, be it and trust the process. They are your navigation system. For coaching and spiritual counseling contact Ade via his website:


Growing With The Flow of Life

There is a natural order to all things. Pay attention to life's messages, always remember that Life loves you and you will get the best out of your daily experiences. #TrustLife Visit Ade's website


The Rise of the Power of Feminine Energy

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson joins Ade on The Ade Show to discuss the rise of the power of the feminine energy. Rev. Deborah downloads "Spirit Letter", with actions and practices to empower us in living a new paradigm that reflects the vision for a new way of living - beloved community. Check out Rev. Deborah's website, and Ade's


Honoring Women

Imagine a world where women and men are honored and valued for who there are, as they are. Imagine a world where we embrace the feminine energy, intuition, and gentleness the same way we embrace facts, the ability to be logical and analytically. Ade highlights the simple, yet important reasons to strive for equality for all. Pulled By A Vision Telesummit! Register NOW:


The Courage to Heal

Healing is the “Return to Wholeness”. It is a choice to be made whole, and it takes courage to walk the walk and do the “work” necessary to return to your birthright. It requires a willingness to face all of you, with eyes of curiosity, understanding, and compassion. #TuneIn and #listen, Ade will take you a journey back to your Self. REGISTER Now. . . for the upcoming “Pulled By A Vision” Telesummit -


Consciousness of Sufficiency

There is more than enough money, time, affirming relationships, love, joy, peace, harmony etc. The only place where there is lack or limitation is in the mind. Opt out of lack and limitation, align with nature and the consciousness of sufficiency. You will discover an endless flow of resources oozing out of your being. -------- Are you ready to be pulled by a vision? Register NOW! @ #TuneIn


Are You Safe In Your Own Mind?

Ade shares how to find security and power in the safest place on the planet- within your own mind. You are the "Interior Decorator" of your own mind. Why not design a consciousness where you feel safe, secure and power-full. Check out Ade’s website: and register for the "Pulled By A Vision" Telesummit (March 12 - 18, 2018)


Demystifying Love

In the English language, we only have one word for “Love.” How would our idea of Love change if viewed through the Greek language? Love – Agape, Eros, Philia, and Storge. On the journey back to wholeness aligning with Love, Agape love is the key to transcending the egoic attachments. Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson, Rev. D, joins Ade Anifowose to “Demystify Love” and share practical ways to live and be an example of Agape love. Find out more about Rev. Deborah L Johnson by visiting...


Be the Source of (Your Own) Joy

Contrary to "conditioned thinking," people, places, and things are not responsible for your wellbeing. The true source of your joy- wellbeing is YOU! Ade shares tools and techniques on how to refocus your point of view and be the source of your own joy. Check out Ade’s website: and sign up for his mailing list. As a show of appreciation, you will receive a sacred drumming meditation mp3 file.