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Running a design or web agency can be stressful. We explore ways to can improve agency life, grow our businesses, achieve our goals and get back time with our loved ones. 18 hour days should not be the norm.

Running a design or web agency can be stressful. We explore ways to can improve agency life, grow our businesses, achieve our goals and get back time with our loved ones. 18 hour days should not be the norm.
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Running a design or web agency can be stressful. We explore ways to can improve agency life, grow our businesses, achieve our goals and get back time with our loved ones. 18 hour days should not be the norm.




#237 - How to take a vacation - Lee Jackson

How do you take a vacation as a business owner when there is so much pressure and perhaps you are even strapped for cash? Taking a vacation can seem like a pipe dream to the agency owner who feels they can never truly take a break. In this week’s episode we share the core message from our premium group call from last week. Full show notes available here -


#236 - The anatomy of a funnel - Matt Davies

Funnels are so often abused, yet if done right, they can help us to develop lasting business relationships. In this episode Matt deep dives into the anatomy of a funnel and what the essential ingredients are. I have so often shared my own frustration with funnels that go in for the sell and can feel manipulative. (Check out one of my recent rants on YouTube). Based on this, I give Matt a hard time asking him to help me understand how funnels can be of benefit, and how they can help both the...


#235 - Unpacking value based pricing - Rob Da Costa

Trading time for money may be our comfort zone as an agency owner but it is likely holding us back, trapping us in our business and not even doing your clients any favours either! In this weeks episode we talk with Rob Da Costa who shares the concept of VALUE based pricing and answers standard objections Lee hears in the community about it. Full show notes here -


#234 - You probably need a business coach - Lee Jackson

Running your business alone is a hard slog. I know because I’ve done it. Even if you have business partners or a team, you are still IN your business day to day with all of the internal and external influences that might be affecting decisions, productivity and success. Full show notes here -


#233 - How Lee screwed up the podcast SEO - Pete Everitt

Now and again a guest comes along who shatters my bubble and changes my mind. This happened in this episode with Pete Everitt. Full disclosure: I have created HUGE amounts of content for 4 years and invested hardly any time into SEO just assuming that the sheer volume would take care of it. I have never been so wrong! In fact as I have been unpacking the advice from Pete's course, I've discovered that we are performing terribly for our target audience in the search engines and we have to...


#232 - It's time to be frank - Lee Jackson

We need to be having frank conversations. With so much noise, with so many courses, with so many “experts”, with so much social media…. how can an agency owner catch a break and reconnect with reality? In today’s episode I share some of the frank conversations we’ve had on YouTube that I think this industry needs to have. Let’s cut through all the crap out there and help build an industry that values family, mental health, work life balance and healthier lifestyles. Full show notes here -...


#231 - What are your agency values? - Ahsan Parwez

How do you give your agency brand a personality? How do you motivate your team, and get everyone on the same page? Ahsan shares how the huge cloud hosting brand Cloudways have managed to communicate their brand and their values to both their customers and internal team. Full show notes here -


#230 - A personal update from Lee - Lee Jackson

Today we get personal. Lee shares what's been going on in the Jackson household over the last couple of years and how the community and his businesses have helped him through some very dark times. Bear with us this week, it may seem dark, but there is light and encouragement at the end of all of it. The purpose of this episode is to help inspire change in peoples lives by learning from real world experiences. We often work in an untouchable bubble, then life throws it's curveballs. Our...


#229 - How to motivate your agency - Lee Jackson

Agency life can frankly be boring, repetitive and stressful. Being an agency owner can be demanding, exhausting and discouraging. How do you stay motiviated and galvanise the team around you? In this episode Lee drops motivation wisdom from our new YouTube series. Full show notes here -


#228 - Stop redesigning your agency website - Lee Jackson

Many agencies go through multiple iterations of their website, never quite happy with what they have produced. We know this because we are guilty of this, and a huge percentage of our community are forever apologising for their own websites. Are you happy with your agency website? Have you gone through multiple versions and are STILL not happy? Today I share reasons why you probably are not happy with what you’ve produced. Full show notes here:...


#227 - How to establish your brand message - Lee Jackson

What is your brand voice and message? If you don’t know then neither to your potential clients. What helps you stand out from a crowded market place is a clear message that engages your ideal client. Your messaging needs to appeal, have a hook and promote a response. In this episode is share the main ingredients for developing your brand voice, and understanding what you should be talking about. Full show notes here -...


#226 - You are NOT a failure - Lee Jackson

Do you feel like a failure? Is your agency not where you feel it should be? In this episode I share how we dealt with both failure and the feelings of failure in our agency. Be prepared to grab a notebook and to pause this episode at the appropriate moments because I want you to take some action today! Full show notes here -


#225 - Launching, niching and growing an agency - Tim Brown

What your agency looks like today is likely nothing like you thought it would be. Equally you may be wondering how to start making necessary changes in your business to allow you to grow the team, or free up more of your time. In today’s episode we learn how Tim launched his agency, how he grew the team, and where he found it best to focus on their strengths with the industry they served. Yet another episode where we can learn from the journeys of others who’ve demonstrated the power of...


#224 - How to exceed expectations - Jordan Johnson

Your agency need not be a cookie cutter clone of what others think an agency should be. You can truly create something unique that will serve your target market and your own plans too. Today we meet Jordan Johnson who changed his entire business model to focus on unlimited WordPress support for agency owners through the brand RipplePop. Full show notes here -


#223 - Marketing activities for agencies - Lee Jackson

Sales strategies are effective when converting leads, and extreme sales techniques are often applied in times of low income in an agency life to help an agency survive. A long term marketing strategy however helps you build your brand, and ATTRACT targeted and warmed up leads to you on a regular basis. Full show notes:


#222 - How to communicate with clients - Vito Peleg

Communicating on any project can be hard work. Project management tools are designed to help teams communicate, yet can often be off-putting to your less tech minded clients. Your inbox may be full of emails and nested conversations. Your task lists may be full of poorly described issues. Feeling it? We’ve certainly had this battle for many years. Given, we’ve grown better at supporting our clients in learning how to give more effective feedback but what if there was a way that we could...


#221 - Building a balanced agency life - Erin Flynn

18+ hour days and weekends can be common place in agency life. How do you create a business that promotes a healthy balanced life? Erin shares her story of how she’s been able to build a business that allows her to enjoy the natural beauty of her surroundings, whilst running two successful businesses. Full show notes -


#220 - How to show up and be seen - Gareth Carr

Starting an agency can be a challenge. How do you connect with local businesses, generate leads, build a portfolio and grow? These are questions Gareth Carr found the answer to as grew his passion into a business in a new country. Yes, not content with the challenges of launching a business alone, he took on the challenge of doing this on the other side of the planet having moved to Australia from the UK. Things went really well for Gareth and he eventually developed a very successful...


#219 - How to create a buyer experience - Candy Phelps

Web build and design is not often thought of as glamorous or exciting. In the real world it can be a long process taking weeks, if not months. By the end of the project everyone is glad to get the site live and move on. Full show notes -


#218 - How to make agency life enjoyable - Shane Rielly

Are you stuck in your business, struggling to focus on doing the things you love? Meet Shane Rielly, who has evolved his business over the years. He was stuck with low paying, high demand clients and has been on an awesome journey developing his agency. Full show notes -