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Learn how to build a successful web design business. All our content is based around the 5 pillars of agency transformation. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Cloudways. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Learn how to build a successful web design business. All our content is based around the 5 pillars of agency transformation. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Cloudways. See for privacy and opt-out information.


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Learn how to build a successful web design business. All our content is based around the 5 pillars of agency transformation. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Cloudways. See for privacy and opt-out information.




#313 - How to start a podcast - Hosting - Lee Matthew Jackson

This week we look at how and where you can host your new podcast and how to get it listed. We look at free or low cost solutions along with practical advice for ensuring you get the most out of the platform you choose. Remember this is part of our ongoing “How to start a podcast” series focusing on helping you build an MVP podcast to validate that idea you may have. As with previous episodes we get straight to the point. Full show notes:...


#312 - How to start a podcast - Editing - Lee Matthew Jackson

This week we will unpack the process for editing your audio files and compiling your podcast. We focus Audacity, an open source and cross platform audio editor however the tips in here will work for most professional applications. As with our other episodes, we are focused on helping you get the MVP podcast up and running, so we don't beat around the bush. Full show notes:


#311 - How to start a podcast - Hardware/Software - Lee Matthew Jackson

This week we will look at the hardware and software you can use to record your show. Our approach is as a minimum viable product (MVP) ensuring a good quality recording utilising low or no cost solutions in order to validate your podcast over the next few months. Full show notes:


#310 - How to start a podcast - Planning - Lee Matthew Jackson

Over the next few episodes, I will be breaking down how to plan, launch and grow a podcast in your industry niche. Each episode will come with a workbook to help take you through each step and by the end of the series you should be ready to go live with your first show. This series assumes you have already gone through the necessary journey of unpacking your why and defining your target audience. It also assumes you have some goals to achieve with your new podcast. Full show notes:...


309 - Why we are moving beyond WordPress - Lee Matthew Jackson

After years implementing awesome WordPress solutions we are breaking up. It's not just us... it's WordPress too! We will stay friends, we love the community and will continue to work with it where it meets relevant needs. But since we started dating, we feel WordPress has changed and not for the better. Full show notes:


#308 - Gemini: The internet you've never heard of - Lee Matthew Jackson

What if I told you there was a text focused protocol that is picking up steam? Whilst it is not about to replace the internet, it can teach us a lot about content, it's structure and accessibility. This week I'd like to explore the Gemini protocol with you and share some valuable lessons I've learned that are changing the way I build our future. Full show notes:


#307 - How old-fashioned tech can grow your digital agency - Lee Matthew Jackson

Computers the size of rooms helped win a war. A simple astrolabe helped explorers discovery new worlds. Countless classics were penned with ink on paper. Are we chasing the latest technology to the detriment of our own personal growth and the success of our business? Full show notes:


#306 - Fighting the battle of the inbox - Lee Matthew Jackson

Does your inbox own you rather than you owning it? Over the last six months I've been changing my relationship with my inboxes to get back control of my time, productivity and worklife balance. It's an ongoing battle, and one I feel I am winning. In this episode I share what I've done so far, why, and what the benefits have been. Full show notes:


#305 - Productivity is not about doing more - Lee Matthew Jackson

Productivity is addictive and too much of a good thing can be bad for you. This week I share how I became addicted to productivity and lost sight of my why. In a refreshingly honest look at myself, I call out my ego, share changes in my life and the amazing impact it’s had on the business. Full show notes:


#304 - How to break bad habits - Lee Matthew Jackson

A bad habit can be the limiting factor in your success. It could be something as simple as a tendency to procrastinate or an addiction to sugar that prevents you from being successful on your quest for happiness and growth. Full show notes:


303 - Why I am quitting social media - Lee Matthew Jackson

I am quitting social media. In this episode I explore the reasons why and how I will be showing up online in the future. Full show notes:


#302 - How much it costs to run a web design agency - Lee Matthew Jackson

Knowing how much things cost is essential to the profitability and growth of your agency. Many agency owners quote on web projects without a clear understanding of their business costs or how that relates to the project they are quoting on. Full show notes here:


#301 - How to run a lean agency - Lee Matthew Jackson

The last 12 months have forced business owners around the world to find new ways of delivering their products and services. For many this has lead to significant savings leaning on technology to help build leaner more efficient business models. Full show notes here :


#300 - Open source software for web designers - Lee Matthew Jackson

Proprietary software can get expensive and even the biggest commercial players are not always the best. Over the last 22 years I’ve used open source software either due to my budget or my love for the open source community. Full show notes here -


#299 - 9 productivity tools for your web design agency - Lee Matthew Jackson

Improved productivity is essential for any web design agency to grow and flourish. Poor communication and business workflows may be OK at the beginning but they will begin to erode the quality of your output and rob you and your team of countless hours. Full show notes here -


#298 - What I am grateful for this Christmas 2020 - Lee Matthew Jackson

Whilst 2020 has been a difficult year, there have still been things I can be grateful for. In our Christmas Special, I’d like to share with you some Christmas memories and some of the positives we’ve experienced from 2020. Full show notes here:


#297 - Setting goals and how to achieve them - Lee Matthew Jackson

Another new year is on the horizon, so let’s look at how we set goals for our business that are achievable and satisfying. As creatives we are very driven yet so often feel we’ve not met our true potential. This internal struggle erodes the joy we have in our achievements and leaves us feeling like we need to do more. Full show notes here -


#296 - Dealing with rejection - Lee Matthew Jackson

There is no worse feeling than your proposal being rejected by a prospective client. All those hours spent on it can't be recovered. 😭 The excitement you may have felt about the project dashed in an instant. Full show note:


#295 - What to ask during website discovery - Lee Matthew Jackson

Ever wondered what questions to ask during a basic website discovery? Worried you might not capture everything you need to put together a winning proposal? In this episode I share the essential questions we use for our initial website discovery. This helps us to collate enough information to create an accurate reverse brief and to establish a reasonable budget. Full show notes:


294 - Focus on what you are good at - Marcy Karpowitz

During the hard times, as a business owner the temptation is to chase something new. New tech, new business ideas, new markets and more. During the 2020 global pandemic, Marcy Karpowitz was able to double down and make what she does best work in significantly different times. Full show notes -