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73: (Ben) There Done That, Went Back Anyway

Ben is a literary agent. We are re-releasing his episode because this one is definitely worth another listen. Ben says if you are having coffee to pick someone's brain, be prepared, treat it like a job interview and don't be afraid to brag. We also discuss walking into tech like you belong, exploring different avenues until you find the right fit, and the social demands of being an agent. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 4 [...]


72: How to Succeed in Videography with (Kaipo)

Kaipo Schwab is an film and television actor, entrepreneur, and podcaster. We speak about forming his wedding videography business, strategizing and branding as an actor, and developing his own podcast. Kaipo has made it his mission to mentor performers, particularly students graduating from his alma mater, Boston University. He has some big picture hacks that are life savers. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 48741 kb [...]


71: adding baking powder with (Christopher)

Christopher Graves has done commercial, voice-over, stage, and camera acting. Recently he self-published a horror novel based on his screenplay. We talk about sharing your work-in-progress with the right people, producing a web-series, and why we love horror. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 41151 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


70: Findaspot with (Derrick)

Derrick Denicola was Daniel’s college roommate! He moved to LA to pursue film and television. He and his team have just released an app called Findaspot, which pinpoints central meet up locations based on the starting points of all participants. Search by all Yelp categories to find the type of location you need. We discuss improv, traffic in LA, patents, and failing in order to learn the lessons worth learning. [...]


69: Relentlessly Pleasant with (Jake)

Jake Lipman is the founder of Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions, which is now 12 years strong. She produces and directs and performs, and currently is developing a script called Relentlessly Pleasant. She talks about the unusual development process of this project, in which Caralie is participating. Jake also talks about taking a gap before starting undergrad and grad school, her administrative day job, how to avoid isolation in [...]


68: Kaizen with (Darren)

Darren Darnborough is an film actor, producer, and entrepreneur initially from the UK and now in LA. We speak to him about WeAudition, an app that unites actors who want to rehearse via video chat and utilize each other for self-tapes. It is also being used by casting directors to see new talent and as a supportive community. Darren strives for kaizen, which is the Japanese concept of continual improvement. www.theartisti [...]


67: Binging with (Kate)

Kate Dickinson is co-founder of APT Theater. She and Justin Goodemoot are opening their new show The Binge this month. We speak about waiting tables, reevaluating your artistic goals after the changes in 2017, and sticking to your deadlines. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 31981 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


66: Earning Your Equipment with (Andrea M)

Andrea Muhlbauer is a choreographer and entrepreneur who hosts a weekly podcast called Dance Like Everyone is Watching. She talks to dancers and choreographers about the process, struggles, and triumphs of creating dance. She also makes dance films, makes videos for dance companies, and teaches. Her film work led her to creating video content for a marketing firm. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 21280 kbFile Type: mp3Do [...]


65: Girl Tales Podcast with (Rebecca)

Rebecca Cunningham is a theater director who created the Girl Tales Podcast, adventurous podcast plays for kids each written by a female or trans playwright. We talk the value of creating your own opportunities to work with the artists you want and how the 2016 election spawned her podcast. She also introduces us to the Kilroys List. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 27092 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


64: Becoming Hip Hop with (Dyalekt)

Dyalekt is a hip hop artist who creates educational content, plays, and concept albums about his experience. We discuss his and his partner, Pam's, journey to producing their own hip-hop plays, the value of giving children the license to create their own flow, and exploring race and economics through their podcasts and workshops. Brenden guest hosts. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 36003 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


63: Singalong With (Peter)

Peter Mitchell is an actor and singer who is helping develop an incredible app called Appcompanist. It is a catalogue of accompanist tracks for musical theater and opera that is interactive and state of the art. We also talk about taking a broad view of your passion and his tour with Book of Mormon. www.theartisticpursuit.comFile Size: 25128 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


62: (Jade) is the color of infectious passion

Jade Zaroff is a performer and entrepreneur with a passion for the environment and healthy living. She founded Entertainment for Change, which is a rapidly growing performance event focused on creating awareness and promoting action for important causes. She is also pursuing acting and voiceover and is a master networker. www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 32700 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


61: Sunday at NYU with (George)

George is a producer, administrator, and founder of Black Coffee Productions. They explain general management and company management, finding freelance admin work, and navigating this industry as gender-queer. What is the future of entertainment and how does George fit into it?Photo Credit:​ Manon Halliburton www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 27620 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


60: (Robb)ing your 20's

Robb Nanus is a young activist, producer, and consultant. He stumbled into producing through assisting a Broadway composer. He talks about producing events with the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, producing video content for a social media influencer, and consulting with a firm who focuses on creative solutions for big organizations. He also reveals what he didn't like about the non-profit theater and casting worlds. www.classacto [...]


59: (Mia) is attentive

Mia Katigbak has been a working actor in New York for decades. She is also the co-founder of NAATCO. In addition to explaining to us the nuts and bolts of sustaining a theater company for 27 years, she highlights the methods and struggles of creating opportunities for Asian and Asian-American performers.Photographer: William P. Steele www.class [...]


58: The privilege of rehearsal with (Alex L)

Alex is a long time theater director who is developing a musical based on the life of Leona Helmsley. He makes money as a massage therapist. We talk about different avenues for young directors, the costs and timeline of developing a musical, and how attitude monitors your behavior.Pictured: Alex with Tovah Feldshuh in rehearsal. www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 29553 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


57: Finding Our Footing with (Megan)

Megan is Education Manager for Siti Company, facilitating their many training initiatives, while making her own work with her company, The Syndicate. She breaks down Siti’s programs and philosophy and has some sage advice about getting involved with activists, spending time out of the country, and finding a home base when one feels lost.Photo Cred: Janouke Goosen www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 32834 kbFile Type: mp3D [...]


56: Pick up the Pace (Brian)

Brian is an actor and educator. He is a founding member of the TEAM and studied at NYU, RADA, and Yale. He developed the Acting for Film, Television, Voice-Overs, and Commercials BFA program at Pace University. We ask how one builds a program from the ground up, and we discuss how to teach viable skills for the entertainment industry. www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 31849 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]


55: Sleeptalking with (Natalie and Emily)

Natalie is a choreographer and founder of Natalie Johnson Dance Company and Emily is one of her dancers and collaborators. We talk about their upcoming show Sleeptalking running next week at The Actors Fund Art Center. They have some great resources for dancers and choreographers. We detail our upcoming seminar Celebrating the Side Hustle. We also introduce our amazing intern, Shruti! www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 33372 kbF [...]


54: Don't Be an A-Hole with (Robert)

Robert produces a podcast about indie theater in NYC called Go See A Show, and a podcast of radio plays called Apparitions. He is also a voiceover actor, theater director, and tour guide. We talk about performance studies, voice over resources, and not being an asshole. Brenden guest hosts. www.classactorhack.comFile Size: 30513 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]