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Podcast hosted by Ashley Rothstein. I secretly wish I was a comedian and dig talking to people. Tune in to follow along as I interview people from all walks of life solving problems.

Podcast hosted by Ashley Rothstein. I secretly wish I was a comedian and dig talking to people. Tune in to follow along as I interview people from all walks of life solving problems.
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Podcast hosted by Ashley Rothstein. I secretly wish I was a comedian and dig talking to people. Tune in to follow along as I interview people from all walks of life solving problems.






Episode #011: Melissa Unfred, "The Modern Mortician"

Death is one of these taboo things – we don’t really want to think about it or hear about it, but then we’re like wait…I want to hear, or I want to see. We pull away from it and are drawn to it simultaneously. Death and curiosity go together, at least for me. I find myself existential often, thinking about how life is finite and how it will end for all of us. Death is the great equalizer, as I always say. Not one of us gets out of this life alive. So, who better than a mortician, a person...


Episode #010: Alexandra Jamieson

This episode took me for a spin and was a good challenge. We took an unexpected sharp left turn into talking about politics and some controversial stuff for a good part of the episode - racism, white privilege, masculinity, and other things. My first time live on air talking about heavy topics without preparation. Something new. I brought Alex on the podcast to talk about her path with veganism. She is the co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and while...


Episode #009: Paying attention to unpleasant events and patterns that continuously arise

I jumped on the podcast today, somewhat spontaneously, to share some version of ignorance I've been uncovering in my own life around an unpleasant event that surfaces from time to time: panic attacks. I've been asking a lot of questions that seem to be leading closer to answers, which is good. Even if you don't have panic attacks, you could use this thought process to uncover ignorance around your own patterns that aren't productive. Keep asking questions. Connect with me: IG:...


Episode #008: Tom Arguello

Tom used his diagnosis of testicular cancer as a catalyst to change his entire life and heal his mind, body, and spirit. He chose to forego chemo and radiation and heal 100% naturally. And…it worked. For those that know me or follow me, you know I am a HUGE natural health advocate, and frankly, I am shocked every single morning that I wake up to the fact that this stuff is still not plastered on billboards everywhere. Tom is also a natural health advocate, blogger, podcaster, and calls...


Episode #007: Matt McDannel

If you’re like me – a thinker with a brain rooted in science, logic, math, and reason, but open-minded in the sense of understanding that science doesn’t necessarily give us all of the answers for the bigger picture – at some point in your life, you probably may have wondered what the hell astrology is. Is it factual? Is any of it scientific? Who the hell writes those horoscopes for your zodiac? Are they full of sh!t? Are there any valid astrological sources out there? What research backs...


Episode #006: Julia Albrecht

Want to hear a vegan and non-vegan have a civil/productive/educational conversation about food? All jokes aside… Full transparency, I was a bit apprehensive going into this episode, mainly because of the personal stance we each hold on food (from a “label” perspective). Julia is vegan, and I’m not vegan. And for some reason in this current climate, it seems to be really challenging for vegans and non-vegans to have productive, educational, open, civil conversations about food (actually,...


Episode #005: David Staab

When we were deciding on a central theme/topic for the episode, David approached me with a passion of talking about how addiction, in his words, is “a$$ backwards” in this country. We talked about things like the Rat Park Experiment, which is super interesting and will probably blow your mind (it certainly did when I learned about it), the misinformation around addiction being deemed merely a chemical dependency instead of focusing on the true deep-rooted issue a lot of addicts face which is...


Episode #004: Dan Vadnais

Dan Vadnais holds a degree in both psychology and philosophy and is the co-founder of a rapidly growing spiritual health company called AscZend. Dan worked directly with Wim Hof on proper breathing techniques. He holds a certification in personal training and calls himself a “personal trainer turned spiritual leader.” Dan was breaking records in eating now living a life where he basically adheres to OMAD (a variation of intermittent fasting that consists of eating One Meal...


Episode #003: Nicki D

As an Emmy-nominated entertainment personality, Nicki has always loved the entertainment industry, but she grew sick of ‘reporting’ on other people’s lives instead of living her own. Working for E! was the industry dream, but she had even bigger dreams herself. In a world that is so damn serious, I think a lot of people are on a path of reverse engineering and figuring out how to be playful again, so I brought Nicki on the podcast to share her love for comedy and talk about how she does her...


Episode #002: Anthony Hernandez

Based on a structural defect with the way that Anthony Hernandez’s vagus nerve connects to his heart, he lives with the fact that his heart can stop at any moment of any day…take a second to sit in that. As a model/actor for 15+ years, he thought he “had it all” – until an unforeseen event struck him out of the blue. A transformative period (consisting of put his life on pause, heading out to the mountains to meditate like a monk, and diving within himself to find answers) coupled with a...


Episode #001: Matt McDannel

Matt McDannel has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, and holds extensive experience and knowledge around intermittent and prolonged fasting. Matt coached me through my first 72-hour fast and provided some extremely useful information that changed my life when it comes my relationship/awareness around my addiction to food. Not only is he a seasoned faster, he also calls himself a jack of all trades in metaphysics – from manifestation and astrology to becoming the best version of...


Episode #000: Impromptu Test

Impromptu 'solocast'...full podcast coming January 2019!