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Join Host Tony Berardo as he shares his knowledge on Sales, Health, Fitness and Positive Attitude. Each week, he’ll challenge ideas on social interaction and interview experts from different fields.

Join Host Tony Berardo as he shares his knowledge on Sales, Health, Fitness and Positive Attitude. Each week, he’ll challenge ideas on social interaction and interview experts from different fields.


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Join Host Tony Berardo as he shares his knowledge on Sales, Health, Fitness and Positive Attitude. Each week, he’ll challenge ideas on social interaction and interview experts from different fields.




#71 | Vegan Habits

On this episode, I chat with a fellow vegan Nick Haubner about why he decided to switch to a plant based diet as well as his experience from a spiritual perspective with this lifestyle, I really enjoyed this episode and if you're not vegan, I think you'll get some good value out of this. If you'd like to learn more about Nick's journey, you can follow him on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. This episode was recorded entirely on Zoom Meetings but you can check out the full episode at...


#70 | Staying Fit

During quarantine, I'm sure it was hard for all of us to get motivated to work and maybe even stay active. So I wanted to use this opportunity to chat with someone that has no problem maintaining his healthy lifestyle, Tony Thomas. Tony has a background is sports science and medicine in South Florida with tons of knowledge on health and fitness. We chat about all the things you can do at home to stay active without even using weights plus we talk about eating healthier during this lockdown....


#69 | Festival Q&A

I wanted to set up a #Zoom Meeting/Podcast to discuss the current state and future of the Music Festival world. As this is part of my work life, I used it as an opportunity to chat with Nick Abate, the CEO of Stage Left Entertainment and producer of festival such as Orlando Vacation and Rebel Rock in Orlando. We go live on Facebook to chat about his upcoming 2020 schedule, take questions from guests and discuss where he sees music festival going in the future. You can follow Nick's company...


#68 | Creating A Podcast

On this podcast, I chat with co-worker, friend and NOW a fellow podcaster! Jason Manchester just started his on podcast last month, see below, so I wanted to pick his brain for a little bit to hopefully give you guys and gals out there some advice if you thought about starting your own. Check out Jason's podcast, The Manchester's Podcast and follow him on Instagram to see more content. Also, do you want to hear more about how to create a podcast? Send us an email by clicking HERE so we can...


#3 | Social Distance Happy Hour

I'm enjoying this mini series I started during social distancing, especially this episode! On the third installment of the SDHH series, the wife and I sit down with friends Yaus and Jorey Blackmer over a bottle of wine (or two) for happy hour to discuss what we've been up to these last few weeks and what's the first thing we might do after this stuff is all over with. Thanks to Zoom and FaceTime, I've been loving these #happyhour podcasts, until I'm able to have guests in the studio, these...


#67 | West Coast Catchup

On this special #Zoom podcast, I chat with one of the OG's of my show; actor, producer & an old friend, Chris Levine. Being under quarantine it's been tough for all of us but Chris is staying busy with handstands, video games, & editing is upcoming horror film, No Way Out. We catch up on what we’ve been up to this year as we laugh for almost the entire show plus, doing what we do best, just being sarcastic & silly, join us won't you. If you haven't already, do me a kindness by watching...


#66 | Being A Home Owner

I talk with friend and Loan Officer, Jorey Blackmer. Jorey has tons of experience in the world of home loans and the entire buying process of owning. For me, being a home owner myself I wanted to pick his brain and hopefully bring you wannabe home owners a little value to lend you a helping hand. We also talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic might (or might not) effect the housing market in the future. You can check out Jorey on Instagram by clicking HERE. Take a listen on all platforms or...


#65 | COVID-19 Talk

This is a special episode as I'm the FIRST of many guests that my friend Jason Manchester has started! We've been working on a few things this year and even though this virus has put a damper on those ideas, it's great to know that we can chat virtual. Recorded from his podcast, Manchaster's Podcast, we talk about how COVID-19 is effecting local business and the attitudes of people we know. You can see a portion of the broadcast on YouTube by clicking HERE or see the video below... Thanks...


#64 | Quarantine DadBod

I always laugh so hard when I talk to this guy! I continue to host these video conferences while under quarantine, with one of my oldest friends on the planet, Richard Patterson (IG @richtrav). On this episode we talk about how his life has been these last few weeks during #quarantine and how he's managing being a husband, father and Netflix master. We talk about some of the most popular shows we're wasting our lives with as well as share some hilarious stories. Thanks for listening and if...


#63 | New Beginnings

To continue our episodes via video conference, I sat down with a buddy of mine who lives up in New York, Eric Lentini. We talk about how his family is dealing with this lockdown, his new career, being a father and we even touch base a little bit on his past. I really enjoyed this conversation and appreciate his openness to share (a small part of) his wild story. You can watch the full episode on YouTube HERE. You can check out today's guest on Instagram at: @EricLentini Episode is now...


#2 | Social Distance Happy Hour

In the second episode of our #SDHH, the wife and I sit down with our friends, Symon and Leticia via Zoom to chat about how we're all dealing with COVID-19 after over four weeks on lockdown. In this mini-series of The Berardo Podcast we used Zoom Teleconference (, so you can check out the video of our podcast by CLICKING HERE. Or you can listen to all the podcast episodes at Stay up to date with all my posts, podcasts and photos by following me on...


#1 | Social Distance Happy Hour

Here we are, almost a full month of being under isolation from the #covid19 pandemic and most of the states, including where I'm at have issued another recommended lockdown for another 30 days. What does this mean besides me pulling my hair out and driving the wife crazy, this means no "in studio guests" ugh! So, to keep me sane and hopefully give you entertainment and value, I wanted to create a mini-series where I video chat with some friends and talk about anything and everything to try...


#62 | Quarantine Buddies

I finally get to sit down with the wife again but this time it's kind of because we're just stuck at home under quarantine. Well, not quarantine we're just #socialdistancing, that's the correct terminology we should be using, right? On this podcast we talk about the state of this worldwide pandemic, COVID19 (Corona Virus), as we're now over two weeks in quarantine we wanted to chat about how it's effected us. We also spent some time talking about little things we've been doing during this...


#61 | Try To Stay Positive

I actually recorded this podcast the week of March 9th 2020, which was the start of the United States cancelling events in March & April because of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). Turns out, things are getting worse by the day. Some of us might need a little light in this dark time so I hope this episode turns out to be helpful. On the podcast, I lay out a few things I'm doing to stay positive during this time in "quarantine," which some of the tips might even shock...


The Podcast

This is the beginning of something I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's here, I have my own podcast! I get it, everyone now-a-days has an opinion it's why we love watching debates and disagreeing is a good thing, if it's done properly. On The Berardo Podcast, I want to bring you value on each episode. I'll challenge ideas about social interaction and trends while sharing my knowledge on health, wellness and management. Some episodes, I'll even bring in guests and friends with...


#60 | Fit For Feb Update

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