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Episode 10- Gisla Bush--Gigi the Planner and Urban Planning Career Promoter

I asked this question before, but in honor of this episode's guest, I'm going to ask it again: Are there too many planners? Gisla Bush, also known as GiGi the Planner, and a self-described urban planning career promoter seems to think the answer is no and goes as far to say there aren't enough black planners especially. We also talk about what inspired her to create a personal brand in this space, encountering and overcoming ageism and other challenges in the field and what she feels...


Episode 9- Ashley Dash Career Branding Expert and American Expat in America

Sometimes what makes you appreciate new spaces and places is moving around and making those places for your career. My guest this episode, Ashley Dash grew up in the South, but also traveled the world at an early age as a military brat and to visit family. Because of her parent's service in the military, she was even born outside of the United States in England. However, she actually grew up in South Carolina stayed near their to attend college and the first job she could get after her...


Episode 8--Ari Theresa, D.C.-Native Community Lawyer

This episode I traveled to sit on the stoop of Stoop Law, Ari Theresa's community-based law firm. In this episode, we discussed his recent newsworthy turn, what kind of wealth communities really have, overcoming our childhood boredom and what he will always rep about being from D.C. Learn more about Stoop Law at and you can follow Ari on Facebook by searching his name Ari Theresa or on Instagram @aristotle.theresa Subscribe to my newsletter at...


Episode 7-- Dr. Richard Ezike-- D.C. Based Transportation Equity Researcher and Fellow Wolfpacker!

Dr. Ezike and I started our conversation with the usual "elevator pitch" introduction, then because I could, I wanted to talk about N.C. State University, where we both did our undergraduate studies, because I could and because this episode is coming out on the eve of me attending my cousin's commencement ceremony from N.C. State, and a lot of other folks's graduations as well. Also, we discuss our towns where we grew up, the merits of Ann Arbor, Michigan where he did his graduate study,...


Episode 6- Nedra Deadwyler of Atlanta's Civil Bikes

We talk a lot in the industry about the sense of place. But what about the sense of home? We sat in Nedra’s home in Atlanta, Atlanta proper, on the East side, and we talked about growing up southern, getting out and why we’ve come back to our homes. Also, we touch on her inspiration for bikes, who gets to come home, The Chef and the Farmer, The Cooking Gene and food. Lots of food. Learn more about Civil Bikes and participate in one of their Atlanta-based tours.


Episode 5- LaKeisha Henderson of Bike and Brunch Tours

It's my pleasure this episode to present the conversation I had back in the early winter with LaKeisha Henderson of Bike and Brunch Tours. As I said on the audio, we met thanks to the power of the internet and since then, we've worked on helping each other out as much as we can to take both of our ventures to the next step. We talk about our childhood influences on our careers, cycling and what's made us choose how we've structured our careers. Learn more about Bike and Brunch Tours, as...


Episode 4- Taffy Gwitira--Baltimore Food Justice and Transportation Advocate

Join me this episode as I talk with another Baltimore friend, Taffy Gwitira, on food justice, transportation justice and real life on the African continent. And, yes, there are Wakandan elements to the actual continent of Africa and there have been for a while. Learn more about the co-working space where I'm a resident (as of April 2018) and she's on the board of -- Learn more about the conference we attended together in Nashville and the National...


Episode 3- Jerome Horne of IndyGo and NUMTOT

When I recorded this episode with Jerome Horne, once we got done talking, I knew this had to be my first new episode of the show in about 4 years. We talked about identity, Baltimore, Indianapolis and music and you're welcome to listen in. You can find the IndyGo Transit plan at Search for New Urbanist Memes for Transit Oriented Teens on Facebook, as well as Jerome Alexander Horne. He is also on Twitter @horne_jerome and @jahorne. I'm @blackurbanist...