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This is Stephanie's job right here - Riaga

This is Stephanie's job right here - Riaga
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This is Stephanie's job right here - Riaga




Episode 4.5 (Do You Even Lift Bruh?)

Look yall, I'm tired so I'm gonna give a brief desription before I fall asleep at the wheel driving home this late (I've been up for 36 Hours). So this what happened in Episode 4.5, continuation from last episode: Steph put on a Emmy award winning performance speaking about women's mental health, Malc talked about how swoll he is, and I lost 40 pounds in 3 months. Listen to see how dope we are and follow us or we'll throw Tamales and Waffles at your house then call it "Waffle House". Enjoy...


Episode 4 (I Don't Like it When My Friends Cry!)

Mental health has been an important topic over the past few years. Can't really say where the phrase "mental health" started (I personally first heard it from Joe Budden), but it's the best way to describe all the turmoil that goes on in our head day by day. Us as humans tend overthink everything due to society's methonds and constraints. We feel the need to have a house before we're 30, have a career straight out of college, get married and have kids at 25 and much more. Not meeting these...


Episode 3 (You mean to tell me black people aren't good at sports?!)

Stereotypes, stereotype, oh stereotypes. You gotta admit though; we try our best to not fall under the stereotypes, but everyone likes fried chicken. *shrug* Episode 3 covers common stereotypes within Black and Latinx communities. Latinas aren’t always dramatic and demonic, all black men aren’t dead beat dads, young students of color don’t have to be set up for failure etc. Tap in to know if we are out here trying to beat the stereotypes, or embracing them with no shame. *PS: WE FORGOT TO...


Episode 2 (Swirling In The Swirl)

[To respect everyone's privacy on the podcast, certain material in this episode has been cencsored, for it has caused discomfort to their personal lives.] WOW there is NO filter in this episode! We are back and y’all better listen in if you want the tea on who’s getting choked while doing the nasty! Join us and take notes on interracial dating alongside other relationship topics in the wake of Valentine’s Day (recorded the week of). The Blatino Podcast talks about having a specific “type”,...


Episode 1 (Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves)

Who’s Riaga? Who’s Stephanie? Who’s Malcolm? Why did we even decide to start this podcast? Get to know us, our backgrounds, and what the vision of this podcast is. Our first episode covers growing up as a black man, a Latina woman, and wait for it... a “blatino.” Listen in on identity struggles, being mixed, growing up in white communities, conservative families, career struggles, building your own business, Latin food, being multicultural/ethnic, a classic immigrant story, the reason...