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Your weekly trip across the world with radio, stories, histories, languages and more. A travel show turning chaos into different chaos. || Send travel tips to: tourism at wfmu dot org ++ updates on Instagram @theblindtourist

Your weekly trip across the world with radio, stories, histories, languages and more. A travel show turning chaos into different chaos. || Send travel tips to: tourism at wfmu dot org ++ updates on Instagram @theblindtourist


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Your weekly trip across the world with radio, stories, histories, languages and more. A travel show turning chaos into different chaos. || Send travel tips to: tourism at wfmu dot org ++ updates on Instagram @theblindtourist




a summer dream noir from Jun 20, 2022

Angelo Badalamenti - "Dance Of The Dream Man" [Twin Peaks] [0:00:00] - "interlude - it's 2011" [0:05:30] Music behind DJ: Aphex Twin - "#7" - Selected Ambient Works Volume II [Act I: What dreams?] [0:04:02] Biosphere - "Chukhung" [0:12:40] - "Abandoned Mystery Fun House - Hurricane Irma Damage" [0:22:06] - "ASMR - Night in the city (rain, thunder, traffic & city sounds...)" [0:26:57] Slum Village - "The Look Of Love (Part One)" [0:24:06] - "Dark Passage (1947)" [0:27:35] -...


Somewhere between waking and sleeping from Sep 6, 2021

This is my last episode for the summer before I take some time off from the show. Figured the best way to go out is by falling asleep....... Sarah Vaughan - "Tonight I Shall Sleep" [0:00:30] - "the sound of goats crossing the road" [0:05:41] - "Tiana waiting at the door" [0:06:06] - "Bec falling asleep" [0:05:11] - "water from Leviathan (2012 documentary)" [0:07:37] The Beatles - "The End (but only the beginning)" [0:07:32] - "iPhone alarm" [0:13:05] - "Morning Flower (aka the...


Hugh Raffles from Aug 30, 2021

Talking with author and anthropologist Hugh Raffles about Insectopedia! Chris Watson - "Cracking Viscera" [0:00:38] Reading from Insectopedia, AIR " On August 10, 1926, a Stinson Detroiter SM-1 six-seater monoplane took off from the rudimentary airstsrip at Tallulah, Louisiana. The Detroiter was the first airplane built with an eclectic starter motor, wheel, breaks and a heated cabin, but it was not a good clumber, so the pilot leveled off quickly, circled the airstrip and surrounding...


[Rebroadcast] Clouds from Aug 23, 2021

Tonight’s episode is a rerun of a show from February 28th, 2019 about Clouds. For a full track list and more info from this episode visit:


Jon Tjhia from Aug 16, 2021

Spending the hour with Jon Tjhia (Paper Radio, essays and other things, Radio Row, Dec 20 2020) talking about talking, the greediness of a microphone, clouds and a lack of wisdom. Jon walking in the clouds People Like Us - "Lost In The Dark" - Welcome Abroad [0:02:43] Burnford, Paul; Pyramid Films, inc - "Art--people--feelings" [0:03:33] Bobby Lee - "Rule the Summer Clouds" [0:04:18] Jon Tjhia - "Rinse and Repeat from Separation Studies" [0:04:51] Jon on Rinse and Repeat Steve Reich -...


Postcards from Jason on a comfortable odyssey from Aug 9, 2021

My friend Jason is sending me audio postcards from comfortable places, or at least places that offer some illusion of comfort. David Byrne - "True Stories (film)" - n/a Frank Ocean - "Moon River" - Moon River [0:01:36] David Byrne - "True Stories (film)" - n/a [0:06:07] Li Yilei - "CHU / 處" - 之 / OF [0:05:28] Postcard from Jason in Cherry Hill New Jersey Bobby Lee - "Looking for Pine and Obsidian" - Origin Myths [0:09:32] n/a - "Lawn Sprinkler" - n/a [0:11:40] Frank Ocean - "Super...


Cockroaches Revisited from Aug 2, 2021

[Revisiting cockroaches for the hour with some added sounds and music. (the original version of this episode aired 2/2/2020)] Louis Armstrong - "La Cucaracha" - n/a [0:01:01] n/a - "n/a" - n/a [0:02:40] Pauline Oliveros - "As Many Inside as Outside" - Cicada Dream Band [0:04:26] IC3PEAK - "Грустная Сука" - Sweet Life [0:08:12] n/a - "n/a" - n/a [0:11:11] n/a - "Hugh Raffles on Insect focus" - n/a [0:11:53] Clemson College Extension Service - "Goodbye, Mr. Roach" - n/a...


Melissa Pons from Jul 26, 2021

Following a conversation with field recordist and artist Melissa Pons. We spoke about darkness, about her work recording in nature and the sublime. Her work on Wolf Soundscapes and Mata Atlântica appears throughout the hour. Kate Bush - "Aerial Tal" [0:08:16] Melissa Pons - "Melissa talking about recording a track for Wolf Soundscapes" - Wolf Soundscapes [0:02:05] Chuck Lange - "Jazz Wolf" - Jazz Wolf [0:14:21] - "Wolves and the Wolf Men (1969)" [0:15:37] Emory University - "Salman...


inƒinite beª©h & l0oÞing waves°*´·,.+_ from Jul 19, 2021

Set: A wave rolls in, radio from the Maldives V FM 99. Roland Gerbeau - "La Mer" [radio aporee ::: maps - Amble, Morpeth NE65, UK] - "Pebbles on the shore" Tasos Stamou - "Boating" - Musique con Crète - "Jason visits the Outer Banks" [radio aporee ::: maps - Tambaú Beach, João Pessoa - Paraíba, Brésil] The Beach Boys - "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Instrumental)" - Pet Sounds - "Jon defines the beach" Kanye West - "Waves" - The Life of Pablo Set: A wave rolls in, radio from...


Waste from Jul 12, 2021

Music behind DJ: [An hour on waste in whatever form that takes. Meditation to birds and trucks at the Apex Regional Landfill in Las Vegas, local area radio is KENO 1460am.] Oscar the Grouch - "I Love Trash" [radio aporee ::: maps - neoscenes: landfill methane flare] [radio aporee ::: maps - Daibe, Stalbes pagasts, Latvia] The Sinceres - "Don't Waste My Time" Bei Ru - "Hishe Ayn Ore (Remember That Day)" The Haxan Cloak - "Burning Torches Of Despair" anny55555able - "me singing...


Camilla Nelson from Jul 5, 2021

Set: Talking to Camilla Nelson for the hour, following the threads of the conversation - "Interview with Camilla Nelson" [Links to Camilla's work available at] The Hare and the Moon - "The Midnight Folk" - Wood Witch Camilla Nelson - "Becoming: Fungus" Camilla Nelson - "A Yarn Er Narrative" Jill Scott - "A Long Walk" Set: the garden, the cherry trees and the ducks. forming a low hedge Talking to Camilla Nelson David Dunn - "The Sound of...


Layover: Mongolia from Jun 28, 2021

Stopping over in Mongolia for the hour, listening to P3 FM (Шууд дамжуулалт) out of Ulaanbaatar and “Bitgii Sons” podcast with guest Bolorsaikhan. Also feeling out the wide open spaces. Bodikuu - "Welcome to Ulaanbaatar" Moving to Mongolia - "Life in Mongolia (Ep. 2 Apartment Living)" Mongolski dźwiękokrąg (Mongolian Soundscapes) - "Paweł Szczap" AROK - "Steppe In" - Mongolian Expedisound Paweł Szczap - "Mongolski dźwiękokrąg (Mongolian Soundscapes)" Altaï Khangaï - "Full Rhizome"...


Marigolds, and oh how gold from Jun 21, 2021

Set: I’m got really into Marigolds and now I’m imparting all my confusion onto you. I’m pretty sure I’m talking about tagetes here and not calendula, but who can know? Radio is Radio Educación out of Mexico City. La Bruja De Texcoco - "Suite Aquelarre" - De Brujas Peteneras y Chachalacas Conscience - "TAGETES ERECTA -- MARIGOLD --- Healing Herbs from Heaven -- Abhidheya" - n/a Steve Bach - "Rain Dance" К. Огневого - "Marigold" - n/a A Wandering Botanist - "Curious Plant Stories of...


Butterflies: Painted Lady from Jun 14, 2021

An hour where I revisit butterflies, this time in Benin. Little windows of local radio fluttering in from Cotonou, Radio ORTB Atlantic FM. Patti Page - "Butterflies" - Butterflies Dr. Vaughn Garlan - "A Northward Migration: Meadow (Dome Room)" - n/a [A Northward Migration uses sound to explore the migration routes of butterflies, especially Monarchs, as they traverse the landscape of North America.] How to Care for Painted Lady Butterflies - "CarolinaBiological" - n/a Steve Roden -...


Almost Alive from Jun 7, 2021

- "Frogs from November 2017, Peru" - "Talk with Camilla Nelson" [Find her work here] - "Some Insects from February 2018, Ecuador" Kendrick Lamar - "Sing About Me (Instrumental)" - "Barnens flora (Swedish television series)" The Royal Institution - "What is Life? - with Paul Nurse" [] Chris Watson - "Soffi Di Vento" - Cima Verde - "Talk with Camilla Nelson" William Basinski - "On Time Out of Time" - "cooking a stew" Lyra Pramuk -...