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We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. Visit us on Instagram: @broadwayhusbands, Online: A proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.

We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. Visit us on Instagram: @broadwayhusbands, Online: A proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.


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We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. Visit us on Instagram: @broadwayhusbands, Online: A proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.






#57 - Daily Romance

Love is in the air! And here at the Broadway Husbands Podcast, we want to share our love with all of you. In April, we will have been married ten years! And we dated for three years prior to that. So what do we do to keep romance and connection alive after all this time? Tune into this week’s podcast to find out! For us, it’s all about speaking each other’s Love Languages. And by Love Languages, we specifically mean Bret needs Stephen to take initiative and Stephen needs Bret to feed him. A...


#56 - Hi, Are You Single?

This week’s podcast is extra special, mainly because of our exceptional guest: Ryan J. Haddad. Ryan is a performer/writer/creative soul with a brilliant mind and sharp wit. His incredible one-man show ‘Hi, Are You Single?’ has made audiences across the country laugh and cry for five years and counting. He’s single, ready to mingle, and speaks truth into so many hidden aspects of the gay dating culture. He also has cerebral palsy. Like in so many pieces that Ryan has created, he presents a...


#55 - Fit for Life

This week’s episode features Jared Reinfeldt and Sam Leicht, and buckle up, because we are about to cover a whole lot of ground! From their own personal performance and fitness journeys to The Lightning Thief's miraculous journey to Broadway. They’re insightful, intentional, and a great match for one another. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! You may know Jared and Sam from their huge Instagram following. And while social media is a huge part of...


#54 - Broadway vs. Disney

Jared and Lindsay Bradshaw are dear incredible Broadway performers, loving parents, and two of the most creative and energetic souls you’ll meet. We feel lucky to call them our dear friends. And they’ll feel like yours, too, after you listen to this episode full of candor and joy. One thing we love the most about Jared and Lindsay is their perspective on decision making and moving forward. Their time together has been full of decisions: where to live, which jobs to accept and which to let...


#53 - Back to the Stage

As you know, we’ve spent a lot of our lives performing on stage. But this week was extra special. This week, Bret was invited to perform his solo show Charming: A Tale of an American Prince for a socially distanced audience- and Stephen got to witness it first hand! Charming is an autobiographical story of Bret’s journey, highlighting some of the exceptional musical theatre and Disney songs sung by princes of every kind. He has performed the show many places over the years, but we both agree...


#52 - Wise Young Lovers

What a treat! Today, we interviewed one of our favorite Instagram couples: Brock Johnson and Taylor Arco! They have wisdom beyond their years when it comes to communication, mental health awareness, faith, and making the most out of this crazy time of life. Brock and Taylor met in high school, but they were anything but high school sweethearts. It’s clear that they were meant to find each other when the timing was right for both of them. And it’s exciting and inspiring to watch the ways that...


#51 - Lost In Lost Pines

It’s a new year, and a great time to shake up your routine and explore new places in your own back yard. We miss traveling so much, and there are actually ways to satisfy your travel bug while staying Covid-conscious. Right now, many hotels have space (and discounts!). And if you can control the travel aspect- for example, driving with your own food and making limited stops- then this is a great time to hit the road. For us, that meant an amazing getaway to Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, TX....


#50 - New Years Intentions

Here we are. A place we only DREAMED of… 2021! Welcome to the other side, friends! This week’s episode- recorded live over Instagram- is all about the New Year and ways that we can live intentionally. Our words of 2021 are ABUNDANCE and DECISIVENESS. We’ve decided to sit down twice a month to take inventory of where we are and where we hope to be in the future. Having that regular check-in will help us to ask: What do you need more of in the next two weeks? What could you use less of in the...


#49 - Holiday Highlights

This year has been filled with ups and downs, but The Broadway Husbands want to end it on high note! Here are some of our favorite moments with some of our most popular guest from this, our first year of the podcast. Today, we will flip between six couples to share some of the joyful and inspiring things they have to say. First up: #21 Chris Rice and Clay Thompson Broadway star-couple and newlyweds Christopher Rice and Clay Thomson discuss their beautiful wedding planning, being influencers,...


#48 - Family Building with Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey

This week’s episode is extra special because it combines all sorts of things we love: our friends, theatre, husbands, building a business, following your heart, and starting a family. Without further ado, we give you: Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey! Today, we discuss their journey from the stage to founding Elevate, a remarkable full-service egg donor agency. Kyle and Taylor’s desire to help other couples become parents actually came from their own struggles as two gay men in this...


#47 - Entrepreneur Life

Let’s talk about being an entrepreneur! If you would have asked us a few years ago if we’d both be running our own businesses- and loving it!- we probably would have laughed. But here we are! In addition to being the Broadway Husbands, Stephen teaches ballet to students and professionals from all over the world. Bret is the Broadway Life Coach, helping to coach entrepreneurs and creative multi-hyphenated individuals achieve their goals. And together, we run the Broadway Life Apparel brand!...


#46 - Having It All and Finding Yourself with David Burtka

Today, we spend some time chatting with Broadway star, superstar chef, and family man David Burtka! David’s life is an open book, and his generous spirit is contagious. We discuss it all: his journey from Michigan to New York (and the dear friends and collaborators he met along the way), his incredible theatrical career, his meeting Neil Patrick Harris in 2007, their marriage in 2014, and now their parenting two beautiful children. If we learn just one thing from David Burtka, it’s that we...


#45 - Robyn Hurder and Clyde Alves: The Tony Award for Parenting Goes to....

What a treat to interview our dear friends and Broadway Power Couple Robyn Hurder and Clyde Alves! Currently in Moulin Rouge! on Broadway, Robyn’s other Broadway credits include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chicago, The Wedding Singer, Grease, and Nice Work If You Can Get It, where she and Clyde performed together. You may have seen Clyde in Broadway’s On The Town, Anything Goes, Bullets Over Broadway, Wicked, Hairspray, and Oklahoma. Quite the list, right? Their love story started at the age of...


#44 -Back to Beaumont

It all started with a trip home to Beaumont, TX for a high school football game and a post on Instagram. (Isn’t that how all good stories unfold?) We drove to Bret’s hometown to see family and support his niece in the marching band. And after we shared a photo on social media, the city of Beaumont reached out asking if we’d like to collaborate. This was so much more than a polite gesture and a two-day trip back to Beaumont to create content. To us, it was a sign of open-mindedness and...


#43 - Our Fitness Routine

Let’s talk fitness! Our fitness routines have changed quite a bit since we met. Staying fit for your Broadway show and ballet company in you early 20’s is a completely different ballgame from today. We’ve gone through different phases: personal trainers, pilates, nutritionists, and weight lifting. And today, we’re sharing that fitness evolution with all of you in the hopes that it will inspire someone listening. We’re finding as we’re away from New York during the Pandemic that we have to be...


#42 - Sharing Our Space

Hello listeners! This week, we discus sharing our space- both physically and metaphorically. Couples often face challenges and compromises when asked to cohabitate. But sharing space during a Pandemic is the next level! It also means making room for each other’s careers, not just a couple extra pairs of shoes in the closet. For us, this time of great change has meant sharing spaces three different cities- New York, Pittsburgh, and now Houston. And with each move comes an adjustment period....


#41 - Our Skin Care Routine

Let’s talk skin care! If there’s one thing you can count on with the Broadway Husbands, it’s transparency. We are unapologetically living our lives, pursuing our passions, and sharing what we learn along the way. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how to take care of our skin. When you share your life (and your bathroom) with a partner, there’s no use hiding your skin care routines. And as your skin changes over the years, your daily regiment needs to adjust accordingly. We discuss it...


#40 - Our Mental Health Journey

This week, we take a deep dive into a topic that we both feel so passionate about: Mental Health. With the upcoming election, the ongoing pandemic, and this week’s announcement of an extended Broadway shutdown, our heads are swirling. And our hearts are with our performing arts community while our industry is almost completely closed. As we learn to navigate this new path, we could all benefit from a more open dialogue surrounding Mental Health. Like everyone, we have good weeks and okay...


#39 - Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan are Broadway performers with a relationship that’s worthy of a standing ovation. They’re also dear friends of ours. So we were delighted to have them as this week’s podcast guests! Ryan and Caitlin met and knew almost instantly that they would be together for life. They are open and honest with communication. They’ve learned how to do long distance in a healthy way that keeps both of them sane and happy. They celebrate each other’s victories in this challenging...


#38 - Mother Knows Best with Deedee Magno

Where are our 1990s Mickey Mouse Club fans? Oh there you are! Us too! If you watched the show religiously every day after school, dreamed of joining the Club, and even wrote fan letters to the gang (okay, maybe that was just Bret) then this episode is for you! We were beyond excited to interview Deedee Magno, who appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club, Sister Act 2, Wicked, and Miss Saigon among many other shows. Deedee approaches her career like she does marriage and motherhood- with grace and...