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The Budget-Minded Traveler podcast is your source for the everyday inspiration and practical tips that make international travel accessible to everyone. If you want to see the world, you can make it happen, and Traveling Jackie and her world-wandering guests will help you get there.

The Budget-Minded Traveler podcast is your source for the everyday inspiration and practical tips that make international travel accessible to everyone. If you want to see the world, you can make it happen, and Traveling Jackie and her world-wandering guests will help you get there.
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The Budget-Minded Traveler podcast is your source for the everyday inspiration and practical tips that make international travel accessible to everyone. If you want to see the world, you can make it happen, and Traveling Jackie and her world-wandering guests will help you get there.




JUMP 106: How to Plan a Trip to Patagonia

Show notes at


JUMP 105: Off the Beaten Path in Tuscany

Show notes at


JUMP 104: Cheese Fondue and Cycling in the Swiss Alps

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JUMP 101: Travel Game Show with Jason Moore from Zero to Travel

To kick off JUMP, Jason and I have prepared 3 questions for each other. Join us as we put ourselves on the spot with some big travel topics.


BMT 100: JUMP with Traveling Jackie

We've reached a milestone! Join me today as I reflect on the past 100 episodes and share some big news about the future of this podcast. View show notes and other episodes at


BMT 99: "It Seems Impossible Until You Do It." Moving Forward with Erin & Erin Zipperle.

We first met Erin and Erin in episode 52, right after they had sold everything and moved to Austria, with a plan to stay for two years. Three years later, we get to reflect on how this journey has changed their lives and shaped their paths going forward. We talk about the importance of living in the moment, embracing new surroundings, and looking forward and around at life rather than backwards all the time. Everyone who has returned home from travel needs to listen to this episode! Show...


BMT 98: The Hardest Part of Travel is Returning Home: Reflecting with the Bensons

We first met the Bensons, a family of five, in episode 67 when they were preparing to take a giant leap, sell their house, and travel around the world for a year. We caught up with them again halfway through their trip while they were in South America to see what that trip ended up looking like (episode 76). Today, we get to chat with them again, now that they have been back in the US for over a year. This is a hard conversation, and we ask the question, "How do you keep the travel spirit...


BMT 97: Life After Two Years Teaching English Abroad with Maddy Wolfe

As we approach episode 100, I'm bringing back some of our favorite guests from over the years to talk about where they are now. Today we chat with Maddy Wolfe, whom you'll remember from episodes 66 and 77. When we first met her, she was about to graduate college and take a job teaching English in Israel for a year. The second time we talked to her, she was in the middle of her year in Israel, and now, she is on the other side of another year abroad teaching English in Malaysia. Join us today...


BMT 96: On a Harley in Europe with Hayden Lee

Hayden Lee, aside from being the Audio Magician behind the scenes at BMT Podcast Headquarters, is the host of Travel Stories Podcast and a solo nomad, exploring every country in mainland Europe by means of his trusty Harley Davidson, Gloria. Just wait til his coffee kicks in about halfway through... Show Notes Hayden's podcast: Travel Stories Podcast (I've been a guest on his show twice, look for my name if you want to check out those episodes!) Hayden's Instagram:...


BMT 95: Jordanian Culture, People, Language... and more Magic.

In the last episode, we traveled through Jordan as we recapped my experiences there in May of 2018, and today we're going deeper into the Jordanian culture. Listen as Ban and I continue our conversation, this time covering topics such as: Show Notes: Episode 94 show notes JORDAN: Land of Magic, Mars, and Men Wearing Eyelinerhere For full show notes visit


BMT 94: Travel in JORDAN! Jordan Trail, Dead Sea, FOOD, Safety, and MAGIC

I have finally checked Jordan off my bucket list! I spent three weeks exploring beautiful Jordan in May 2018, attending an adventure travel conference and then taking a group of YOU with me hiking on the Jordan Trail to Petra. My guest today, Ban Barkawi, is a Jordanian friend of mine whom I met studying abroad in Italy years ago. Listen as Ban and I talk about travel in Jordan, safety, customs, attractions, history, FOOD, and so much more, including: My guest today is my beautiful friend...


BMT 93: Plan a Sailing Trip Like a Pro with Costas Mantratzis

Laugh with us today as Costas and I get into how to plan a sailing trip. Costas is from Greece and has been putting together sailing trips with his friends for almost 20 years, he knows what he's talking about! Sit back and take notes as the pro dishes out the details for pricing, budgeting, food, people, destinations, boats, skippers, packing, seasickness, and more. Just don't listen at work and try to hide it, you'll laugh out loud too much. Show Notes This episode is sponsored by...


BMT 92: Long-Distance Running As a Way to Travel with Mike Sewell

Mike Sewell is a South African runner on a mission. Tune in today to hear about how he has taken up running long distances (like... REALLY LONG) as way to explore a new country. In the first half of this episode, we recap Mike's running expedition on the Carretera Austral, the same 1300km route through Chilean Patagonia that I did by car. Then in the second half we get into tips and advice for how to create a running expedition, how to pack for it, what to expect, and more. This episode is...


BMT 91: 220 Miles Solo on the Danube Bike Path

I've done my bike tours and I lived to talk about them! Join me and Jim Johnson, Founder of, again today as I reflect on my experience participating in two different bike tours for the first time ever, including a 200-mile week-long solo ride rom Germany to Vienna, Austria. We dispel the concerns I had, take reader questions, and even give YOU a special incentive to get on a bike yourself! Show Notes This episode is sponsored by! They offer over 200 bike tours...


BMT 90: Jackie is Going to Ride a Bike Across Austria, Alone

Today we kick off a new series about alternative ways to get from here to there as we travel, and we're starting with bike touring! Join me as I chat with Jim Johnson, Founder of, about my decision to take on a 200-mile solo bike ride across Austria. We'll go over some of my fears and concerns and some of Jim's best advice for newbie bike tourers. This is Part 1 of the conversation, in the next episode we'll find out how it went! Show Notes This episode is sponsored by...


BMT 89: Driving the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia

Continuing our conversation from the last episode, Ford Quarterman (@wheresthegringo) and I take you on a journey with us back to Patagonia. In December of 2017, we spent three weeks driving the length of the Carretera Austral. In this episode we share stories about this epic experience and give tips for anyone considering trying this mind-blowing road trip for themselves. Read my ultimate guide to Driving the Carretera Austral. Listen to my first chat with Ford Quarterman back in...


BMT 88: The End of the Pan-American Highway with Ford Quarterman (Part 2)

We first met Ford back in episode 81 when he came on the show to talk about his solo journey from the US down the Pan-American Highway. He was in Colombia at the time, and now, after 2.5 years on the road, he is back home. He joins us today to reflect on the journey and give tons of great advice for anyone considering driving the Pan-American Highway. I actually met up with Ford in person last fall and we drove through Chilean Patagonia together (the Carretera Austral) for about five weeks....


BMT 87: Travel Game Show with Bloggers Gloria Atanmo and Leah Davis

Back by popular demand: another travel game show! Join me today as I catch up with two female bloggers: Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad and Leah Davis from The Sweetest Way. While we are usually all traveling in different parts of the world, the three of us have all been in the same place together for one random holiday, you’ll have to listen to hear that story. Grab a drink and get ready to laugh as we ask each other questions about our travels, our habits, our preferences, and more....