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S04E05: Natural History

We’re joined by Natalie Jones as we talk about natural history in all its forms: from taxidermy to fluid specimens! Jenny also talks to Lucie Mascord about becoming a natural history conservator, and Kloe talks to David Gelsthorpe about outreach and audiences for these collections. Also tune in for a ‘Dear Jane’ about unknown specimens and a review of ‘Dyes from Nature’ by Kloe! 00:00:53 News in brief 00:03:23 How do you become a natural history conservator anyway? 00:08:09 Are museums...


S04E04: Military Collections

We’re joined by guest host Vicky Singleton and have a chat about the world of military collections: what’s in them, how we feel about them, and what we do with them. Also tune in for an interview with Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons about researching and filming in museums. 00:40 Our experiences 06:42 Types of military museums in the UK 09:16 Jargon and language use 13:48 Working with veterans 16:08 Collecting, conserving, and ethics 27:23 Oversized objects 33:01 Funding landscape 35:06...


S04E03: Costume Mounting

We uncover the mysteries of costume mounting: from the magic of Fosshape to whittling down mannequins to size! Tune in for an interview with Lara Flecker about mounting and displaying fashion in museums. Kloe reviews ‘The Care and Display of Historic Clothing’ AND the Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition at the V&A. Our agony aunt Jane also answers a question about hourly rates. 00:00:26 News in brief 00:01:16 Our experiences of mounting costume 00:07:59 Mannequins: the good, the bad,...


S04E02: Parenthood

Today we’re breaking an imagined taboo and talking about parenthood and having (or not having) children as conservators. We talk about flexibility at work, fertility problems, unexpected anxiety, and if The Right Time actually exists. Tune in for an interview with Karen Horton about being deliberately childfree and listen to Sophie Rowe and Christina having a chat about being working mothers. We also get to hear what Christina’s kids think she does at work! 00:00:23 Why talk parenthood?...


S04E01: Going Green

We’re kicking off season four with the topic of sustainability: going green in conservation! What can conservators do to make the world a little greener? We try to rustle up some practical tips and discuss some of the challenges museums face. We talk to sustainability champion Sarah Staniforth about her work around the world and to Caitlin Southwick about the Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) network. Also tune in for a review of two green heritage books! 00:01:02 News in brief 00:03:25...


S03E08: Road Trip Special

Join us for a special episode when Kloe and Jenny go on a road trip to Cambridge! (Please note: this episode has VERY varied audio quality through-out due to different recording settings.) We talk about opening events, meet up with Christina, visit Kirstie Williams and Karen Horton at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, interview Natalie Jones about the museum decant, and attend the opening ceremony for the refurbished Museum of Zoology. 00:00:52 Going for a ride in the car and...


S03E07: Funding

We tackle the tricky topic of funding: in museums in general and for conservators in particular. From grants and charities to crowdfunding and adopt-an-object schemes we’ll try to make sense of the many ways we can look for or raise money. Our agony aunt Jane answers some questions about accreditation, and we talk about professional bodies, influencing coworkers, and contemporary art headaches in the comments section. 00:01:06 News in brief 00:01:41 Our experiences of applying for money...


S03E06: Listen Up!

This one is all about how to make friends and influence people (kind of)! Being heard in conservation can be hard. Guest host Jane Henderson shares her experiences of communication misfires and pro tips on how to get through to people. We play a little game in which we try to make negatives into positives, and have a think about what works when talking to colleagues. Also tune in for a Dear Jane about mansplaining, and listen to Kloe testing Aquazol on textiles. 00:39 News in brief 01:33...


S03E05: International Friends

We’re joined by Barbadian conservator Nerys Rudder and talk about international studenthood, working in a warm climate, and post-colonial heritage identity. Listen to eight voices from across the world: conservators from Spain, America, Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, Norway, Australia, and the Netherlands answer our questions! Our agony aunt Jane tackles a topical question about studying in the UK and how those qualifications can work for you abroad. Also tune in for an interview with Rosie Cook...


S03E04: Looking After Your Conservator

We team up with Lorraine Finch to talk about how to look after your conservator: we cover topics like wellbeing and self-care, while also discussing what employers and managers can do to keep staff in good condition. We talk to Dr Michelle Huws-Thomas about burnout and stress in the workplace, and we interview Sam Jenkins from the Museum Wellness Network. Also tune in for a review of ‘Objective Lessons: Self Care for Museum Workers’ by Seema Rao. 00:01:04 News in brief 00:05:11 Defining...


S03E03: Churches

We’re joined by guest host Janet Berry and get enthused about church architecture, ecclesiastical heritage, and how to look after the treasures we can find in places of worship. Christina interviews James Hales from UCL about his research about bats in churches, and Jenny talks to Rachel Morley from Friends of Friendless Churches and the Churches Conservation Trust about the joy of working with old church buildings. 00:00:46 News in brief 00:01:33 Jenny’s first conservation experience...


S03E02: Professional Bodies

Today we’re talking about professional bodies: what are they, what do they provide their members with, and what do we think of them? We discuss answers given to us by nine professional bodies from all over the world and have a think about our own experiences. Also tune in for a book review of ‘Authenticity in Transition: Changing Practices in Contemporary Art Making and Conservation.’ 00:57 News in brief 02:36 So what’s a professional body? 06:16 The Price is Right - fees and charges 13:35...


S03E01: Taking a Stand

Join us and our guest host Jenny van Enckevort for an episode about suffragettes, social history, political collections, and tricky object stories. Also tune in for an interview with Helen Antrobus about radical exhibitions and curating at The People’s History Museum. Plus our agony aunt Jane answers a question about frames, and Kloe reviews the first volume of ‘Feminism and Museums.’ 00:01:13 Politics in museums? 00:02:58 Queer Britain museum announced 00:04:28 Suffragettes and women’s...


S02E10: Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! We pull some Christmas crackers, talk about Christmas objects in collections, make some predictions for the year ahead, and sing a special conservation carol. :) We also talk to Diana McCormack, the Antarctic Conservation Trust’s first Conservation Ambassador! 00:00:33 Christmas crackers! (plus terrible jokes) 00:06:23 Seasonal objects in collections 00:14:34 Christmas in museums 00:18:58 Predictions for 2018 00:27:32 Looking back on 2017 00:30:15 Interview with Diana McCormack...


S02E09: Conferencing

How do you get the most out of a conference? Jenny shares her survival log from a recent conference, Christina talks about her experiences of organising this type of event, and Kloe asks us tonnes of questions. We also unpack and discuss cleaning sponges and erasers from Preservation Equipment Ltd (PEL), and our conservation agony aunt muses about which skills are most useful to conservators. 00:00:30 News in brief 00:09:44 What makes a good conference? 00:21:31 Survival log #1 00:24:22 The...


S02E08: Food

We sample the topic of food: what we find in museum collections, how we can look after it, and what to look out for. We also talk wedding cake traditions, food heritage, museum cafés, and our own eating habits as museum professionals. Jenny reviews not one but TWO books on the topic and Dear Jane addresses a question about specialisms and portfolios. 00:25 Call for papers 02:14 Food we’ve seen in collections 06:47 Wedding cake traditions 10:05 Smelly finds, accessioned catastrophes, and...


S02E07: Communicating Conservation

We have a chat about ways of communicating conservation: to the media, to the public, and to each other. We talk to conservator Muirne Lydon from National Gallery of Ireland about media training for conservators and clever tools for social media use. Our agony aunt addresses someone’s fear about being too normal for a career in conservation, and Jenny reviews ‘The Interactive Past - Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games.’ 00:00:24 News in brief 00:09:57 Our experiences with media, news, and...


S02E06: Replicas, Surrogates, and Digitisation

We philosophise around the topics of replicas, surrogates, and digitisation. When is a copy a copy? When is a replica a fake? We have a brief chat with Dan Pemberton from the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences about chocolate replicas for a museum bake-off, we interview Jessica Pollard from the British Library about digitisation, and talk to Susanne Turner from the Museum of Classical Archaeology about having a collection full of replicas. 00:00:29 Why copy anything at all? 00:01:49...


S02E05: Modern Materials

Together with guest host Sophie Rowe we try to get to grips with modern materials: plastics of all sorts, technology, and sticky tape. Christina has a quick chat with conservator Abby Moore about plastics in particular, our agony aunt answers another listener question in Dear Jane, and Kloe reviews ‘PUR Facts: Conservation of Polyurethane Foam in Art and Design.’ 00:00:25 Our experiences of modern materials 00:03:53 The trouble of identification 00:05:26 Training courses and books about...


S02E04: Emerging Professionals 2

We revisit the topic of emerging professionals and ponder when a conservator is a conservator. We talk to Julie Dawson and Edward Cheese from the Fitzwilliam Museum about hiring, interview tips, and what employers really want. Our agony aunt addresses a student question in Dear Jane, and we air some issues around acknowledging conservators in exhibitions, the role of directors, and the job market in the comments section. 00:00:44 News in brief 00:01:39 Revisiting the topic 00:02:21 How...