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Two friends states apart catching up on the topics that will get you talking, providing relatable content and material you can take something away from.

Two friends states apart catching up on the topics that will get you talking, providing relatable content and material you can take something away from.
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Two friends states apart catching up on the topics that will get you talking, providing relatable content and material you can take something away from.






Ep.22: Violence in Video Games, Time Management, March Madness

The debate of video game violence impacting society rages on in this episode, with John and Denison debating whether or not violence in gaming influences the actions of gamers. Plus, the duo discuss their methods for time management, and the excitement gripping the nation - March Madness. Facebook: Instagram: Pre-save new single from Dev Omar:


Ep.21: Real News, Cheating into College, and Boeing Gets Grounded

John and Denison hit a wide variety of topics leading the news headlines this week. The two update each other on their fitness progress, and what separates real news from fake news. Plus, discussion on the college cheating scandal, as well as controversy surrounding Boeing...both of which have people talking. Facebook: Instagram:


Ep.20: Ballin' on a Budget, Becoming Career Men, and Does Size Matter?

After a brief hiatus (due to illness, probably ebola), the two are back with a fresh set of topics. First, budgeting tips to make the most of your hard-earned cash, and why it plays such an important role in becoming a career-oriented person. Plus, what makes your career choice the "right" one, and the debate of the ages between John and Denison: Car vs Truck. Which will come out on top? LIsten on to find out.


Ep.19: Battery Life, The Hate you Create, Makin' Gains and Cookin' Beats

John and Denison hit a wide range of topics this week, starting off with the rapid development going on in the world of tech and battery technology. The two discuss what that means for cars, homes, and a whole lot more. Plus, discussion on the impact cases like that involving Jussie Smollett have on society and the country as a whole. Then the two catch up and discuss their latest endeavors in physical fitness, and chasing success in the world of music. It's an all new episode of The...


Ep.18: Valentine's Day, Pop Culture Impacts Dating, Dating in the Digital Age Pt. 2

Recorded on Valentine's Day, John and Denison talk about the holiday of love and the impact it has on relationships, why the day isn't necessary, and the role pop culture plays in the "ideal" relationship. Plus, the duo jump back into online dating and how it affects expectations in a relationship. Support the show on Facebook: Check out the new single from friend of the show, Dev Omar:


Ep.17: Put your shirt back on!

This week, John and Denison catchup on the major topics from the past week, including Nancy Pelosi becoming a viral meme at this year's State of the Union, and the impact the behavior of our leaders has on society. Plus, the Halftime Show that seems to be memorable for all the wrong reasons, like Adam Levine's wardrobe (or lack therof). Yet another episode filled with trending topics from the duo in an environment you've come to know and love. Support the show at the link...


Ep.16: Amazon Winning Monopoly, Polar Vortex (The Day After Tomorrow), Musical Exploits

John and Denison discuss the long-lasting major growth of Amazon, how they're continually evolving, and what point do they become too big of a company (if ever)? Plus, discussion on the drama surrounding Jeff Bezos and an impending divorce. Then, the two catchup on the ongoing polar vortex impacting millions across the country (including one podcast host), and much more. Be sure to follow us @: New collaboration going live soon with our friend Devaughn. Find...


Ep. 15: Catching up IN PERSON, physical fitness, and caffeine addiction

For the first time since the inception of The Catchup, John and Denison bring the heat with an in-person catchup. Plus, the two tackle the topics of America's growing BMI and why it may not be as bad as it seems, plus an ever-growing caffeine addiction. It's a different vibe with face-to-face convo, plenty of laughs, and good times! Follow along with the show at:


Ep.14: Hollywood Drama, #10YearChallenge, and Storytime with Denison

John and Denison discuss the latest on the drama surrounding Kevin Hart hosting the Oscars, as well as the fallout for R Kelly in the wake of a recent documentary. Plus, the two tackle whether potential dangers around Facebook's Ten Year Challenge are worth being concerned about. And Denison shares a unique story about a rare classic car that terrorized European authorities trying to catch the thieves inside. It's all wrapped up in the Catchup format listeners have come to expect. Follow...


Ep.13: Your Best Life, Real Relationships, and Halftime Show Hangup

John and Denison go in-depth with The Catchup, and discuss their personal goals for 2019 and using the New Year to "live their best life". Plus, more discussion on the topic of online dating and loving yourself so that you can love others. Then topic discussion with an update on the wild and wacky from CES 2019, and why the wait for a definitive answer on who's playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show. NOTE: WE RECORDED THIS BEFORE THE DIVISIONAL ROUND PLAYOFF GAMES, AND BEFORE MAROON 5...


Ep. 12: (A New Season!) CES, Detroit Auto Show, and the Government Shutdown

Denison and John are back with a new season and a truckload of new topics, starting with what's coming out at CES - one of the biggest entertainment expos in the world. Then comes big announcements expected at the Detroit Auto Show, followed by in-depth non-biased analysis of the government shutdown, and the hosts hopes for the New Year. Of course, it's all wrapped in that brotherly atmosphere of "catching up" you've come to know and love. Follow the show on Facebook:...