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A podcast featuring both one-on-one and three-way roundtable conversations with contemporary artists, dealers, curators, and collectors--based in Los Angeles, but reaching nationally and internationally.

A podcast featuring both one-on-one and three-way roundtable conversations with contemporary artists, dealers, curators, and collectors--based in Los Angeles, but reaching nationally and internationally.
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A podcast featuring both one-on-one and three-way roundtable conversations with contemporary artists, dealers, curators, and collectors--based in Los Angeles, but reaching nationally and internationally.




Epis.# 230: NYC-based art consultant Daniel Oglander

On the 7th anniversary of The Conversation, NYC-based art consultant and secondary market seller Daniel Oglander talks about: His daily routine as an art advisor who works from home; a multi-person, four-month-long deal (involving a Warhol) that went wrong at the last minute, and how; how trust plays such an important factor in the highly unregulated marketplace that he works in, and functions to actually keep it together; the relationships he has with his younger collectors, for whom his...


Epis.# 229: Richard Hudson, English sculptor based in Madrid

Madrid-based English sculptor Richard Hudson, onsite at Donum Estate winery, talks about: The history of both the concept and production of his large-scale sculpture “Love Me,” completed and installed at Donum in 2016, which sits at the highest point of the winery, is 8 meters (26 feet) high, 8 meters wide and weighs 16 tons; his transition from property developer to world traveler- he went on a walkabout that lasted 4 ½ years – to deciding to become an artist at 42, and his quick career...


Ep. #228: Jordan Seiler, New York-based artist and public ad interventionist

New York-based artist and outdoor advertising interventionist Jordan Seiler talks about: Being both an artist and an activist, titles which can be interchangeable, and his initial impulse to address public space taken over by advertising as a citizen of New York City; his origins as a billboard and ad poster interventionist, starting from when a teacher provoked him by saying that he wasn’t capable of doing it; how he realized one of his main objectives was to attempt to change people’s...


Introducing "How I Get By" podcast

Introducing Conversation Art Podcast listeners to Michael Shaw's new podcast, How I Get By. Episode 1 features Julie R. She works as a substitute teacher and a babysitter in Boulder, Colorado. She’s charming and funny, and doesn’t mince words when talking about how she gets by. The way she talks about her future challenges feel universal.


Ep. #227: London sculptor Douglas White on harvesting roadside rubber

London-based sculptor Douglas White talks about: the harvesting of blown-out tires on the side of the road in Belize, which were collected and turned into his rubber palm tree sculpture, “Black Palm;” how the logistics of collecting and shipping flora and objects, and interacting with people along the way, is an intrinsic part of his work; how encountering a dead bat in Australia eventually led to a piece using dried banana peels; and what it’s been like getting to revisit Black Palm at...


Ep. #226: Brigitte Mulholland, assoc.director at Anton Kern in New York

Brigitte Mulholland, associate director at Anton Kern gallery, talks about: Her early turning points that led her away from traditional art history (and early marriage) and into contemporary art and working at galleries; what she loves about working in galleries in general and Anton Kern in particular, including getting to work with and be at the service of artists, especially Chris Martin, whom she adores; how she’s know at the gallery for handling the toughest calls from clients,...


Ep. #225: Las Vegas-based artist and UNLV art dept. chair Marcus Civin

Performance artist, art critic and newly minted UNLV art department chair Marcus Civin talks about: Why he decided to take the job, moving from a satisfying academic career in Baltimore at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA); how his involvement in the Providence, R.I.-based art collective New Urban Arts launched his career trajectory as an undergrad, providing connections and mindset; the harsh realities of being an adjunct teacher (whom he hires as dept. chair), and how as a...


Ep. #224: NYC artist Joshua Citarella, part 2 of 2, on the precarity of freelancing, 'cloud feudalism,' and the gilded age of income inequality

In the 2nd half of our long conversation, NYC-based artist Joshua Citarella talks about: The end of his run making a living from his work – by selling it through galleries and through his and Brad Troemmel’s UV Production House – and his urgency to get a full-time job lined up as soon as possible, only to find that, as a photo re-toucher, the only jobs available were freelance or “permalance;” our current gilded age of income inequality, which led him to quote Mike Peppe, who coined the...


Ep. #223: NYC-based artist Joshua Cittarella

In the part 1 of 2 episodes, NYC artist Joshua Citarella talks about: Why he grew disillusioned with the art world vis-à-vis the art market, including his having early success but also being part of the ‘pump-and-dump’ market rise and fall between 2012 and 2015; his collaborations with artist Brad Troemmel - who was profiled in a New Yorker article by Adrien Chen, and in which Citarella was also featured – particularly their online marketplace project UV Production House; his thoughts on...


Ep. #222: Brooklyn-based artist Hein Koh goes viral

New York-based artist/sculptor Hein Koh talks about: Her multiple living spots throughout New York, from Astoria to Bedford Stuyvesant (where she heard gunshots on her block more than once) to the Upper East Side and back to Brooklyn, initially guided by the need to have a basement for band practice, and later by proximity to her husband’s work and their friends in Brooklyn; her 2015 Instagram post (also shared on FB) -- of her double breast-feeding her newborn twins while simultaneously...


Ep. #221: Social media consultant and influencer Robin Cembalest

Social media influencer and consultant Robin Cembalest (with 45K IG followers) talks about: How she went from art magazine writing and editing to working more and more prominently in social media, first with Tumblr and then Twitter and Instagram; her strategies for using Twitter, including using Twitter ‘lists,’ as well as the same for Instagram, including: whom you might follow, the three-second rule for whom to follow, how WHO you follow and follows you is ultimately more important than...


Ep. #220: Lucas Spivey of the Mobile Incubator and Culture Hustlers podcast

Lucas Spivey of the roving projects Mobile Incubator and Culture Hustlers talks about: His origin story of getting into art education, including wanting to fix an inadequate system; how over a year and a half he drove over 20,000 miles and met with over 2000 artists in 42 states, hearing people’s stories and eventually conducting podcasts and call-in shows; the Santa Fe-based art collective Meow Wolf; the importance of cultivating 1000 true fans (as written by Kevin Kelly), and how he sees...


Ep. #219: Margaret Carrigan, art writer/journalist based in NYC

Brooklyn, and occasionally London-based art writer Margaret Carrigan talks about: The challenges of being a freelance art journalist, including connecting with new editors and making sure not to be juggling too many, or too few, articles at a time; her provocative article, Jerry Saltz has a Pulitzer and I have Questions, for the New York Observer, and all of the many pros and cons related to Saltz’s writing, and the state of art criticism generally, including how much there may be a trend...


Ep. #218: Lee Wagstaff, an English, Berlin-based artist

Berlin-based artist Lee Wagstaff talks about: Leaving London several years in advance of the 2012 Olympics, when he saw the writing on the wall in terms of development and subsequently, rent; how his career took off initially via his thesis show at the Royal College of Art, which featured his prominent body art, composed of geometric patterns he designed himself (and we subsequently talk extensively about his history with tattoos- one symbol in particular); his French ‘agent,’ whom he still...


Ep. #217: Courtney Childress, Queens (NY)-based artist

Ridgewood, Queens, New York-based artist and former gallery director Courtney Childress talks about: The gentrification factor in Ridegewood, a burgeoning neighborhood of artists in Queens, and why she chose to live, and work, there; leaving her gallery day job roles to both freelance and become a champion for her own art and other artists in her circle; how she wound up turning working in a gallery into an advantage as an artist, after some of the artists she was working with/for...


Hilde Lynn Helphenstein of HILDE Gallery

Hilde Helphenstein of Los Angeles gallery HILDE talks about: combating the male dominated art world and art history, her path from being a 26-year-old-intern to opening her own gallery, having an intellectual life outside of Donald Trump, the mission of her gallery, being the three-legged chihuahua in the dog fight, why she supports dropping out of grad school, resilience, what she learned working for Gagosian, and the importance of informal education.


Ep.# 215: Anna Stothart, director at Lehman Maupin gallery in NYC

Anna Stothart, director at Lehman Maupin in New York, talks about: Language used in and around art history, in both gallery and museum contexts including presentations tailored to different audiences, and the reason it took her so long to find her own voice when giving public presentations; how she defines what curators do in terms of taking the academic and the stuff going on in artists’ studios, and meeting them halfway; how she started connecting environmental crises with rises in...


Ep.# 214: Swedish art writer & podcast host Jenny Danielsson

Swedish art journalist and podcaster Jenny Danielsson, co-host of Danielsson & Carlsson, talks with me about: A few Swedish words I know, including the expression Bonus Family, which really impresses Jenny; her 1-month trip to L.A., and objectives for the visit; our respective neighborhoods—she refers to hers as the Silver Lake of Stockholm; our experiences hosting our respective art podcasts, including the importance of listening, and how for her podcast they build each episode around a...


Ep.# 213: Katrina Neumann of Rivet and Rate My Artist Residency, on art-meets-tech-meets-business

Artist and budding tech entrepreneur Katrina Neumann talks about: being a resident at NewInc., an art & tech incubator space run by the New Museum, for her project Rivet, a web platform for creatives to find opportunities faster and easier, which she co-founded with two partners; Rivet’s startup logistics, including paying a web developer most of the modest money they’re currently pulling in via Patreon and a grant, and what they would pay themselves if and when they have a more ambitious...


Ep.# 212: MASS MoCA curator Denise Markonish, on globe-trotting studio visits and producing on a Massive scale

MASS MoCA curator Denise Markonish talks about: The immense size of the museum (300,000 sq. ft.), including the football field-sized main exhibition space, and how despite its being three hours from the big cities (NYC, Boston…), it gets tremendous attendance- the parking lot’s full even on weekday mornings; how half of her time is devoted to the road, having conversations w/artists in their studios, and prompting some of them to make work that melds with her exhibition concepts; curating...