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The Culture Matters Podcast with host, Jay Doran is a platform to talk with business owners, executives and cultural alike to get inside each individual's eco-system in which they practice culture in the workplace. We speak to some of the most interesting people about why culture is important.

The Culture Matters Podcast with host, Jay Doran is a platform to talk with business owners, executives and cultural alike to get inside each individual's eco-system in which they practice culture in the workplace. We speak to some of the most interesting people about why culture is important.


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The Culture Matters Podcast with host, Jay Doran is a platform to talk with business owners, executives and cultural alike to get inside each individual's eco-system in which they practice culture in the workplace. We speak to some of the most interesting people about why culture is important.








Season 8, Episode 88: Guest: Bill Mervin: Have Long-Term Alignment With Your Mission

Bill Mervin has been both a real estate agent and a financial advisor but found his true passion to be mortgage banking and has been in this industry for the past 15 years. He is currently licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and California. He takes a consultative approach at getting people mortgages. He believes in learning about the specific situation and then assessing it in order to help educate his customers so they can make confident homebuying...


Season 8, Episode 87: Guest: Barry Habib: The Less Advice You Give, The Less of an Advisor You Are

Barry Habib is an American Entrepreneur and frequent Media resource for his Mortgage and Housing expertise. Barry has had a long tenure with monthly appearances on CNBC and FOX. Barry is the CEO of MBS Highway; a company and platform created to help mortgage professionals and Real Estate Agents articulate the opportunity in the housing market for their clients, along with a better understanding of the interest rate environment. Barry Habib was just named the top Real Estate forecaster by...


Season 8, Episode: 86: Guest: Eddy Perez: Will You Leave This World A Better Place?

Eddy is a seasoned professional with experience holding multiple executive-level positions. Prior to founding Equity Prime Mortgage, in 2008, Eddy operated the top producing office for Global Mortgage, Inc. and has personally closed over 3000 loans since entering into the mortgage business. Eddy's position as CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage has responsibilities that include overseeing his C-level executives. If you are interested in contacting him you may reach him via email at...


Season 8, Episode 85: Guest: Jay Doran: Monologue #2- 2020 Book Review

Tap into the mind of Jay Doran as he introduces himself to you ever so candidly. This monologue was the second one he has done and due to technological issues, we weren't able to publish it for you all. This one talks about how to read books, how Jay reads books, how many he has read, the power of fiction novels, and life in general. Listen to this as you work out, as you have a long a drive, as you are taking time with your coffee, you can listen all at once or in a few different...


Season 8, Episode 85: A Monologue with Jay Doran: What is Thinking?

The Culture Matters podcast has started a new segment with only your host, Jay Doran. Jay talks about life, business, philosophy, and most of all culture. Tune in and listen to this conversation that Jay has with himself to work out some serious topics he brings up.


Season 7, Episode 84: Guest: Bill Dallas: How to Build Wealth

Bill Dallas is responsible for inspiring and leading more than a dozen mortgage, banking and financial tech companies over the past 35 years, including Cloudvirga, First Franklin, Ownit Mortgage Solutions, Skyline Home Loans, NewLeaf Lending, and now Finance of America Mortgage. His first venture, First Franklin, grew to be one of the nation's largest lenders. Although technology has disrupted and improved many industries, the antiquated mortgage lending process remains manual, slow, and...


Season 7, Episode 83: Guest: Dr. Christian Conte: No Matter What You Do, You Play a Role

Dr. Christian Conte is one of the country’s most accomplished mental health specialists in the field of anger and emotional management. A familiar figure on TV and radio, he is also a prolific writer, powerful communicator, and sought-after media expert. He was co-host of the reality shows Coaching Bad on Spike TV and The Secret Life of Kids on USA Network. He was also the resident therapist for Family Therapy on VH1. Dr. Conte produces daily Emotional Management Minutes that air on more...


Season 7, Episode 82: Guest: Judd Burdon: How to Manifest Freedom as an Entrepreneur

Judd Burdon is a Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, and a solid guy. Judd takes us through his story of learning and growing every step of the way to continue to create better versions of himself and to ultimately make a difference in his family and his industry. At one point in his life, he was not happy, and now he is every day. You can hear the waves in the background because that is where he lives and every person's virtual background is his real life!


Season 7, Episode 81: Guest: Robert Syslo Jr.: Why We Follow Who We Follow

Ranked as one of the TOP BUSINESS LEADERS to follow in 2020 by YAHOO FINANCE, featured in USA Today, and Fox News. Robert Syslo is a professional promotion and branding expert for over 17 years. Robert Syslo Jr has an extensive background in advertising, marketing, brand development, and show distribution. Founder of Syslo Ventures located in Miami FL. The purpose of his company Syslo Ventures is to increase promotion and awareness of any company, product, influencer, or service into the...


Season 7, Episode 80: Guest: Will Latif Little: The Universe is Connected

Will was raised by the streets of Philadelphia and ran with a rough crowd as a and coming from a child of a single-parent household. Without a father to rely on for guidance, Will began his life's journey by selling drugs and participating in gangs and violence in and around the community of South Philly. One day tragedy struck as Will and a group of friends were shot at by a rival gang. Acting with only pure instinct, Will shot back in self-defense and killed the person shooting at him....


Season 7, Episode 79: Guest: Christopher Vester: Who Will You Be 10 Years From Now?

Christopher Vester is an experienced Chief Operations Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Christopher is skilled in negotiation, management, customer service, account management, motivation, and sales. Additionally, is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Business Administration and Management from North Carolina State University. In this episode, Jay and Chris get into culture, leadership, and everything in...


Season 7, Episode 78: Guest: Troy Korsgaden: Re-Wire Your Brain

This episode teaches you about leadership and thinking about how you handle your book of business, if you need to change it and how you can change it to be successful. Troy Korsgaden is a highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant. He is the principal of Korsgaden International which specializes in global marketing, distribution, agency building, and technology strategies for many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and financial services companies. As a...


Season 7, Episode 77: Guest: Weldon Long: Improve Your Awareness

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert, and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency - Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals. He is one of the nation’s most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life of wealth and prosperity. At the age of 39, Weldon was living in a homeless shelter after having served 13 years in...


Season 7, Episode 76: Guest: Steven Sigman: We Become Our Business

In this episode, Steve and Jay talk about the beauty of becoming your business. Steve is very passionate about his business and the business world. Steve is a Business Broker and M&A Specialist. His company provides expert service to clients, both buyers and sellers across multiple industries to achieve outstanding results in small to middle-market transactions. Steve's attention to detail and the ability to build and implement processes that are employed by all the elite brokers on his...


Season 7, Episode 75: Guest: Tom Bove: The Only Constant is Change

This episode with friend, Tom Bove, Founder and CEO of BBD Solutions was recorded in the very beginning of 2020 but somehow seems most fitting for life right now. A forward-thinking sales executive exceeding 20 years of experience, Tom’s reputation for the highest standards of professionalism and stellar customer service is recognized and valued across his broad client base. He is genuinely engaging, approachable, and charismatic establishing strong alliances throughout all organizational...


Season 7, Episode 74: Guest: Greg Offner Jr.: Disruption is a Change That Lasts

Greg Offner Jr. is the Chief Growth Officer of Global Performance Institute. From MBA to PhD - from Sales & Motivation to Diversity & Inclusion - Global Performance Institute has the experts to fit the needs and budget of your organization, association, or corporation. I speak on the following topics: * Pattern Disruption (Change) * Creativity I also have a unique keynote perfect for "big" anniversaries (5, 10, 20, 50, 100 years etc.) of organizations and corporations: * Corporate...


Season 7, Episode 73: Guest: Rick Arvielo: The Borrowers of Tomorrow Want an Experience

This episode is a must-listen-to episode where Jay really gets into the mind of Rick Arvielo, CEO and Co-Founder of New American Funding. In this episode, Jay and Rick talk about where Rick started and how running a full-time company as well as bartending is what gave him the grit as part of why he got where he is today. Rick leads from the front and lets the people he chooses do their thing for a reason– because they are exceptional about it. Rick knows what it means to give his...


Season 6, Episode 72: Guest: David Friedman: Systematic Fundamentals

In this episode, Jay and David have an interview about culture, values, behaviors, fundamentals and SO MUCH MORE! David breaks down how he works with his clients to build Culture-by-Design and every actionable step he takes to get there with them. David spent 27 years building his previous company where he learned so much about building a culture that matters without knowing it. He articulated it, wrote it down, and now teaches and speaks about how everyone can starting with the CEO of an...


Season 6, Episode 71: Guest: Steven Lloyd: Your Personal Life and Your Business Life Go Hand-in-Hand

This episode is ACTION-PACKED!! Steven Lloyd is a real estate investor engaged in the strategic acquisition and development of residential properties located in the United States. As founder and managing partner of Stone Bay Holdings (SBH), Steve is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, investor relations, and specifically securing capital from private sources. Steve understands wealth and most importantly, passive income and MANAGING money. This episode is informative. This...


Season 6, Episode 70: Guest: Ginger Bell: Always Pass On What You Have Learned

Ginger is a seasoned education and marketing specialist with more than 15 years of experience helping companies develop and implement training and marketing programs, technologies, and best practices. Ginger has deep experience working with banking and compliance organizations with a focus on training development and delivery, strategic planning, business development & partnership management with an emphasis on combining training programs with sales and marketing programs to sell through...