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TCP 042 - Performance Art, With Danielle Deadwyler

This week’s guest on The Cultured Podcast possesses some truly infectious energy! Danielle Deadwyler, to put it in her own words, is a multimedia artist who uses her body as her primary medium. Throughout her career, this has manifested itself across multiple channels, including on-screen and on-stage acting, dance and performance art. In her conversation with Michelle, Danielle discusses her method, process, and motivations. Danielle and Michelle discuss how the goal of Danielle's...


TCP 041 - Photo Mashups, With Paul Fuentes

Michelle’s Cultured guest this week is a design wiz with a flair for the bizarre. Mexico City-based Paul Fuentes takes graphic design in a unique direction with his pastel-drenched photo mashups. Paul’s delightfully surreal pop art creations, which usually focus on food, animals, and everyday objects, will make you do a double take, and that’s exactly the point. You have to look closely at his designs, optical illusions that seamlessly blend otherwise unrelated subjects into one perfectly...


TCP 040 - Toy Art, With Travers Cooke

Toy sculptor and connoisseur Travers Cooke gives The Cultured Crew an inside look at the world of toy art and its many subcultures. During his conversation with Michelle, Travers explains how his love of science fiction cinema and 80s pop culture inspire the custom toys he designs. He walks us through the process of creating art toys, whether through digital sculpting or by using traditional materials like casts, molds, oil-based clays, and waxes.


TCP 039 - Cardboard Sculpture, With Laurence Vallières

Montréal-based artist Laurence Vallières is right at home in the three-dimensional world. Armed with cardboard, wood, hot glue and a little varnish, Laurence reanimates discarded materials into whimsical yet realistic gorillas, elephants, geckos, and other creatures. Laurence and Michelle discuss her transition from waitress to full-time artist, and the leap of faith it required. Laurence walks us through her technique and the key role mathematics plays, while Michelle explores her talent...


TCP 038 - Freestyle Rap, With Vincent Van Pro

While he may have “stuttered” his initial freestyles years ago, lifelong word aficionado Vincent Van Pro now spits rhymes with the best of them. He and Michelle dig into his process and the way he groups his rhymes bar by bar rather than focusing on specific words. He references writing as “WD-40 for his mind,” a tool he uses to provoke his vocabulary and keep his senses sharp. Michelle and Vincent discuss the importance momentum plays in freestyling, how Vincent recovers after a blunder,...


TCP 037 - Blackout Poetry, With John Carroll

Blackout poet John Carroll joins us on The Cultured Podcast to chat about the art of redaction. What John describes as “part word search, part art project” began as a writing experiment during a dark chapter of his life. His blackout journey started as an anonymous experiment veiled by the name Make Blackout Poetry. That experiment has now catapulted John to the forefront of a movement.


TCP 036 - Writing for TV, With Felicia Henderson

A prolific TV creator, writer and producer, Felicia Henderson is responsible for some of the most iconic small-screen characters of the last few decades. She joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to detail her legendary career and reveal the common thread that knits her wildly diverse shows together. She and Michelle explore Felicia’s propensity for writing familial relationships and how she creates a range of characters, from fantastical to realistic. As the co-creator and executive...


TCP 035 - Paper Quilling, With Alia Bright

Michelle is joined by paper artist and typographer Alia Bright to dig into an art form that, although it developed long ago during the Renaissance, is often unfamiliar to many people today. Alia has a proficient background in illustration and graphic design, but it wasn’t until she discovered the art of paper quilling that she uncovered her personal artistic voice. Armed with scissors, tweezers and patience, Alia transforms paper strips into whimsical creations featuring pop culture...


TCP 034 - Art & Hip-Hop, With FRKO

What do you get when you mix comic books, hip-hop, pornography and figure painting? You get the signature style of the one and only FRKO (born Richard Montgomery). FRKO joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to discuss his earliest influences and how the streets of Atlanta shapes his art. FRKO's sense of humor and knack for capturing the essence of life on the streets has landed him on the radars of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. In fact, FRKO has drawn multiple covers for Action...


TCP 033 - Directing FX's "Atlanta," With Hiro Murai

Sweeping award shows and racking up critical acclaim, FX’s Atlanta is a masterpiece in tone. One of the masterminds behind its success is the show’s director and co-executive producer, Hiro Murai. Hiro joins Michelle to break down his role on "Atlanta" and how he came to join forces with the show’s creator Donald Glover. He highlights his career directing music videos and explains how his aesthetic in that genre translates to this narrative series. Hiro and Michelle chat about the uncanny...


TCP 032 - The Breakdown: Defining "Contemporary" Arts

In The Cultured Podcast’s new series The Breakdown, it’s just you and Michelle as she digs at the roots of individual topics in the vast world of arts and culture. These bite-sized episodes bring listeners one step closer to becoming Cultured connoisseurs by uncovering the rich history and fascinating facts of a given subject. On this Breakdown, Michelle delves into what the word “contemporary” actually means in the worlds of visual arts and dance. She uncovers the origins of the...


TCP 031 - Fluid Acrylics, With Hannah Pearman

Artists like Hannah Pearman prove that a canvas can hold much more than just paint. By using fluid (or watered-down) acrylic paints, Hannah brings to life the majestic blue and green hues that found in the rich ecosystems of her native country, New Zealand. Her abstract creations honor the enormity of our surroundings, from the cosmos to our planet’s deep seas (which she refers to as an Earth-bound cosmos).


TCP 030 - Puppetry, With Raymond Carr

It’s hard to imagine anything more surreal than the stories Jim Henson Company-trained puppeteer Raymond Carr brings to this episode of The Cultured Podcast. Raised by Christian clowns, Raymond spent his childhood touring the country in a pink 18-foot trailer with his family. Raymond shares how his nontraditional upbringing inspired his career in puppetry, which has since led him to perform everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Iceland.


TCP 029 - Stage Management, With Emma McVey

The magic of the theatre is in its power to suspend an audience’s disbelief ad whisk them away to foreign places in an imaginary world. That imaginary world rests heavily on the shoulders of the stage manager. Freelance stage manager Emma McVey drops by The Cultured Podcast to chat with Michelle and shed light on the talents this essential position requires. Emma explains how every purposeful component of a live production is tracked by the stage manager.


TCP 028 - Independent Music, With The Spacesuit Junkies

The only label attached to The Spacesuit Junkies is artists. Michelle chats with Plex Boogie and Stevie Zenith of The Spacesuit Junkies about their journey as independent recording artists. From the origins of their duo to their entrepreneurial vision, these two performers break down the commitment and determination it takes to flourish independently. Michelle shares her own experience of trading a corporate career for a more fulfilling, autonomous business and this leads to a conversation...


TCP 027 - Lighting Design, With Connor McVey

A symphony of moving parts must cooperate to bring a theatrical production to life. One critical element has the tricky job of uniting those varied aspects into one cohesive experience: lighting. Lighting designer Connor McVey brings his expertise to The Cultured Podcast where he and Michelle break down the fundamentals of lighting design and the unique way it sets out to interpret the script. He explains the supportive role his art plays within the crew and how he surprisingly feels most...


TCP 026 - Public Art, With Monica Campana

While most people look past city walls as everyday structures, Monica Campana recognizes them as canvases bursting with potential. As the executive director of nonprofit arts organization Living Walls, Monica spend much of her time jumping through bureaucratic hoops in order to transform once anonymous public spaces into intimate displays of community expression. Michelle and Monica explore the history and purpose of street art while digging into the political and emotional roots behind...


TCP 025 - Stand-up Comedy, With Joel Byars

From the moment he stole the microphone during a church play, Joel Byars knew laughter would be essential in his life. A seasoned stand-up performer, comedy teacher, podcast host, and writer, Joel chats with Michelle about his passion for comedy and the path he’s taken to pursue it full-time. We get insight from their conversation about the power of social accountability and the tools Joel utilizes to sustain his creative output. They also dive into the fear element often associated with...


TCP 024 - Healing Homeless Youth With the Arts, With Malika Whitley

Malika Whitley is the type of person that restores your faith in the power of good. Once a homeless youth, Malika now applies that painful experience to generating artistic opportunities for underprivileged teens across the globe. Through her nonprofit organization ChopArt, Malika shines a powerful spotlight on a population that often goes unrecognized and unheard, giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and trusting environment. She talks with Michelle about her life...


TCP 023 - One-Person Shows, With Taylor M. Dooley

You know those people who just ooze charisma and talent? That’s our Episode 23 guest Taylor M. Dooley in a nutshell. Taylor most recently starred in the one-woman show "Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up," an equally heart-wrenching and hilarious play written by Lucy Alibar (Beasts of the Southern Wild). Throughout the two-act production, Taylor embodies 10-plus characters. She clues us into the painstaking process of capturing the well-rounded essence of each character. Taylor then...