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Handmade Event Installations, With Allie Bashuk

We visit Allie Bashuk at her vibrant home in East Atlanta, Georgia. While sitting at her kitchen table, Allie and Michelle explore what it means to be a community builder (as the co-founder of Dream Warriors), creative connector (as the director of Goat Farm Arts Center), and installation designer. Allie dives deep into how she turns spaces into works of art through Brutal Studio, which she runs with artist Sara Santamaria.


Beading And Lakhota Artistry, With Collins Provost

Lakhota artist Collins Provost finds healing and self expression through her intricate and vibrant beadwork. Listen to this episode of The Cultured Podcast to uncover Collins' deep-rooted journey as an artisan and how her Native American heritage both inspired and challenged her individual path.


On Being A Character Actor, With Matty Cardarople

What does it mean to be a character actor? Learn from one of the best in the biz - Matty Cardarople, who's carved out a niche for himself as Hollywood's go-to clerk. Catch him on Stranger Things, Jurassic World, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and a laundry list of other hits. On this episode of The Cultured Podcast, Matty talks about his love for poetry (including his chapbook "Space Cadet"), his focus on kindness, and his vision for moving beyond supporting roles.


Wedding Dresses As Sculpture, With Elyse Defoor

Elyse Defoor is a talented Atlanta-based artist who wears her heart on her canvases. She has painted with oil enamel, drawn with charcoal, sculpted with black aluminum, collected textiles, and worked in many other mediums. Her work focuses on intimacy and the rawness of human relationships. She hopes to heal herself and others through her work, and certainly, she seems to be accomplishing just that. Get ready to dig deep into your feelings on this episode of The Cultured Podcast.


Modern Interior & Product Design, With Leonidas Trampoukis

Leonidas Trampoukis turns spaces into living sculptures. Michelle Khouri visits this architect and interior designer at the new Brooklyn studios for LOT, the design firm that he co-owns with his wife, Eleni Petaloti, to get an inside look at what it takes to design a space that looks as good as it feels.


Landing High-Profile Film & TV Roles, With Alyshia Ochse

The Cultured Podcast is back from summer break, and there's no one better to immerse us back into our world of arts and culture than actor, filmmaker, author and host of the That One Audition podcast Alyshia Ochse. Alyshia is best known as “Lucy" opposite Matthew McConaughey from the Golden Globe-nominated HBO series True Detective. Currently, Alyshia is recurring on the CW show Life Sentence, USA show The Purge and HBO series Ballers.


Performance Art, With Danielle Deadwyler

Danielle Deadwyler is a multimedia artist who uses her body as her primary medium, including through on-screen and on-stage acting, dance and performance art. In her conversation with Michelle, Danielle discusses her method, process, and motivations. Danielle and Michelle discuss how the goal of Danielle's art—whether it be in a traditional acting role, an abstract performance, or life itself—is to explore the chaos of life and how we can flow freely within it.


Wild Photo Mashups, With Paul Fuentes

Mexico City-based Paul Fuentes takes graphic design in a unique direction with his pastel-drenched photo mashups. Paul’s delightfully surreal pop art creations will make you do a double take. His designs are optical illusions that seamlessly blend otherwise unrelated subjects into one perfectly absurd image. Paul is an artist whose inspiration is fueled by joy, and he cultivates both by moving through the world with open eyes and an open heart.


Toy Art & 3D Sculpture, With Travers Cooke

Toy sculptor and connoisseur Travers Cooke gives The Cultured Crew an inside look at the world of toy art and its many subcultures. During his conversation with Michelle, Travers explains how his love of science fiction cinema and 80s pop culture inspire the custom toys he designs. He walks us through the process of creating art toys, whether through digital sculpting or by using traditional materials like casts, molds, oil-based clays, and waxes.


Massive Cardboard Sculpture, With Laurence Vallières

Montréal-based artist Laurence Vallières is right at home in the three-dimensional world. Armed with cardboard, wood, hot glue and a little varnish, Laurence reanimates discarded materials into massive gorillas, elephants, geckos, and other creatures. Laurence and Michelle discuss her transition from waitress to full-time artist, and the leap of faith it required. Laurence walks us through her technique and the key role mathematics plays, while Michelle explores her talent for creating...


Freestyle Rap, With Vincent Van Pro

While he may have “stuttered” his initial freestyles years ago, lifelong word aficionado Vincent Van Pro now spits rhymes with the best of them. Michelle and Vincent discuss the importance momentum plays in freestyling, how he recovers after a blunder, and the key difference between freestyle and traditional rapping.


Blackout Poetry, With John Carroll

Blackout poet John Carroll joins us on The Cultured Podcast to chat about the art of redaction. What John describes as “part word search, part art project” began as a writing experiment during a dark chapter of his life. His blackout journey started as an anonymous experiment veiled by the name Make Blackout Poetry. That experiment has now catapulted John to the forefront of a movement.


TV Writing & Producing, With Felicia Henderson

A prolific TV creator, writer and producer, Felicia Henderson is responsible for some of the most iconic small-screen characters of the last few decades. She joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to detail her legendary career and reveal the common thread that knits her wildly diverse shows together. She and Michelle explore Felicia’s propensity for writing familial relationships and how she creates a range of characters, from fantastical to realistic.


Paper Quilling, With Alia Bright

Michelle is joined by paper artist and typographer Alia Bright to dig into a longstanding art form that remains unfamiliar to many people today. Alia is a proficient graphic designer, but it wasn’t until she discovered the art of paper quilling that she uncovered her voice as an artist. Armed with scissors, tweezers and patience, Alia transforms paper strips into pop-culture characters, abstract geometry, and stunning typography. She strikes a poised balance between play and precision in all...


When Art & Hip-Hop Collide, With FRKO

FRKO's sense of humor and knack for capturing the essence of life on the streets has landed him on the radars of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. In fact, FRKO has drawn multiple covers for Action Bronson, including the artwork for Mr. Wonderful, and the artwork for Gucci Mane's "All My Children." FRKO joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to discuss his earliest influences and how the streets of Atlanta shapes his art.


Directing Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” With Hiro Murai

Sweeping award shows and racking up critical acclaim, FX’s "Atlanta" is a masterpiece in tone. One of the masterminds behind its success is the show’s director and co-executive producer, Hiro Murai. Hiro joins Michelle to break down his role on Atlanta and how he came to join forces with the show’s creator Donald Glover. He highlights his career directing music videos and explains how his aesthetic in that genre translates to this narrative series.


The Cultured Breakdown: Defining “Contemporary” Arts

On this bite-sized Breakdown, Michelle delves into what the word “contemporary” means in the worlds of visual arts and dance. She uncovers the origins of the contemporary spirit and how its unrestrained form breaks from tradition, both on the canvas and through the body. Her spotlight on this genre gives texture and background to the work of previous Cultured guests Juel D. Lane, the contemporary dancer featured in Episode 13, and Tami Katz-Freiman, the contemporary art curator featured in...


Turning Canvas Into Cosmos, With Hannah Pearman

Artists like Hannah Pearman prove that a canvas can hold much more than just paint. By using fluid (or watered-down) acrylic paints, Hannah brings to life the majestic blue and green hues that found in the rich ecosystems of her native country, New Zealand. Her abstract creations honor the enormity of our surroundings, from the cosmos to our planet’s deep seas (which she refers to as an Earth-bound cosmos).


Over-The-Top Puppetry, With Raymond Carr

It’s hard to imagine anything more surreal than the stories Jim Henson Company-trained puppeteer Raymond Carr brings to this episode of The Cultured Podcast. Raised by Christian clowns, Raymond spent his childhood touring the country in a pink 18-foot trailer with his family. Raymond shares how his nontraditional upbringing inspired his career in puppetry, which has since led him to perform everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Iceland.


Managing On-Stage Actors & Productions, With Emma McVey

The magic of the theatre is in its power to suspend an audience’s disbelief ad whisk them away to foreign places in an imaginary world. That imaginary world rests heavily on the shoulders of the stage manager. Freelance stage manager Emma McVey drops by The Cultured Podcast to chat with Michelle and shed light on the talents this essential position requires. Emma explains how every purposeful component of a live production is tracked by the stage manager.