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The Dance Edit Podcast, hosted by editors from Dance Media, is a weekly breakdown of all the news that's moving the dance world. Because if you want to know more about dance, you should get your information from the people who nerd out about it for a living.

The Dance Edit Podcast, hosted by editors from Dance Media, is a weekly breakdown of all the news that's moving the dance world. Because if you want to know more about dance, you should get your information from the people who nerd out about it for a living.


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The Dance Edit Podcast, hosted by editors from Dance Media, is a weekly breakdown of all the news that's moving the dance world. Because if you want to know more about dance, you should get your information from the people who nerd out about it for a living.








Remembering Jacques, the Reopening Struggle, and Phil Chan and Georgina Pazcoguin

The dance community pays tribute to legend Jacques d'Amboise, who died on Sunday at 86. Studios and theaters are getting clearance to reopen, but struggling to operate sustainably under capacity restrictions. Dance schools are taking a small but important step toward inclusivity by updating their dress codes. Phil Chan and Georgina Pazcoguin of Final Bow For Yellowface join to discuss their work to lift up Asian dance talent.


Accountability at Staatsballett, Give Dancers a Minute, and Chloe Angyal

Dancer Chloé Lopes Gomes reached a settlement with Staatsballett Berlin after speaking out about racist treatment, but important questions linger. An essay by dance artist Brinda Guha explains why dance folks can't and shouldn't return to "normal." The new "West Side Story" and "In the Heights" trailers showcase choreography on an epic scale. Writer Chloe Angyal joins to discuss her new book, "Turning Pointe," and why ballet must change to survive.


Liam Scarlett’s Death, Building a Better Theater Industry, and Gavin Larsen

The shocking death of choreographer Liam Scarlett leads to debates about abuse and cancel culture. Scott Rudin has stepped back from Broadway, but a new era demands more from the theater industry. An innovative ballet company is working to ungender the pointe shoe. Writer and former professional dancer Gavin Larsen joins to discuss how to make studio environments more compassionate.


Cultivating Better Tomorrows, Tech Needs Dancers, and Duke Dang

The anti-racism consulting business Cultivating Better Tomorrows is helping to break the dance world's cycle of trauma. STEM fields need, and are looking for, artists. Dancers, companies, and viewers alike have learned much from a year of dance on camera. Duke Dang, general manager of Works & Process at the Guggenheim, joins to discuss how the series pioneered COVID-safe performance practices.


The Fate of the Corps, Writing Dance from Prison, and Rena Butler

We're now finally hearing from the TikTok creators whose dances were at the center of the Jimmy Fallon/Addison Rae controversy. Large-scale ensemble dance faces an uncertain future. During the pandemic, a prison dance project became a choreography correspondence course. Dancer/choreographer/explorer Rena Butler joins to discuss structures that give dance artists both freedom and support.


Addison Rae on Fallon, Keeping Dancers Paid, and Sydnie L. Mosley

TikTok dancer Addison Rae's performance on "The Tonight Show" reignites conversations about crediting BIPOC creators. A guaranteed income program and an innovative company model offer ways to pay dancers even when they can't perform. Burlesque performers face an especially difficult road back to the stage. Artist-activist, educator, and writer Sydnie L. Mosley joins to discuss why artists must give themselves permission to rest.


Supporting Asian Artists, Dance NFTs, and Pamela Tatge

The #StopAsianHate movement has sparked new or renewed conversations about anti-Asian bias and stereotyping in dance. The NFT craze has officially reached the dance world. A year into the pandemic, live dance is returning to NYC in fits and starts. Jacob's Pillow director Pamela Tatge joins to discuss the return of the Pillow's festival this summer.


Insurance Crisis, Grammys Highlights, and Emily Coates

During the pandemic, many dancers have lost not only their jobs, but also their health coverage. COVID's devastation of the arts has disproportionately affected women. The Grammy Awards were full of dancing, much of it great. Yale's Emily Coates joins to discuss how dance academia has dealt with this pandemic year.


Protecting Performers, Making Space for Rest, and Kellee Edusei

Union criticism of NYC's Open Culture program highlights the complexities of government arts support. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet shutters its performing company, but not because the organization is bankrupt. Dance artists are feeling pressured to create, but the show doesn't have to go on right now. Dance/USA executive director Kellee Edusei joins to discuss the most urgent issues facing our community as we mark the COVID-versary.


Brexit Hurdles, Pandemic Silver Linings, and Brinda Guha

Brexit is creating problems for dance organizations already struggling due to COVID. The pandemic has taken so much from the dance world, but it has also changed us for the better. The hosts reflect on one year of podcast-making. Choreographer, teacher, curator, and arts administrator Brinda Guha joins to talk about the artist's role in activism.


Diversifying Ballet Faculties, the “SYTYCD” Legacy, and Gabe Stone Shayer

Though top ballet schools are proactively hiring Black teachers, true inclusivity will require more work. As we look to a better future for ballet, we should consider its troubling emotional demands. The fate of "SYTYCD" remains unclear, but the show's impact on the dance world is undeniable. American Ballet Theatre soloist Gabe Stone Shayer joins to discuss how racism has shaped his career, and creating work that honors Black culture.


Funding Black Dance, #QueertheBallet, and Martha Nichols

Chronic underfunding is making it even more difficult for Black dance organizations and artists to recover from the pandemic. The #QueertheBallet movement aims to empower queer female and nonbinary performers. "Framing Britney Spears" reveals how much of Spears' identity is wrapped up in her dancing body. Multifaceted dance artist Martha Nichols joins to discuss the importance of sitting with our discomfort and why we need to ask better questions.


Holding Ourselves Accountable, Paris Opéra Diversity, and Tamisha Guy

Bria Bacon's open letters to "Dance Magazine," our sister publication, lay bare our own organization's failings. The Paris Opéra's diversity report reveals few surprises, but much work to be done. Young dancers are having honest conversations about ballet's deep-seated problems on TikTok. The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime show prompts mixed reactions from the dance community. Dancer and educator Tamisha Guy joins to talk about financial literacy for dancers and how to make the dance world a...


Abuse in the Classroom, Gymnastics Choreography, and Tiffany Rea-Fisher

Dancer Chanel DaSilva's testimony underscores the need to confront sexual misconduct in dance education. Controversies involving "The Bachelor" and ChloexHalle's Chloe Bailey reveal the policing of Black women's dancing bodies. Gymnast Nia Dennis' viral floor routines offer a compellingly dance-driven approach to gymnastics. Tiffany Rea-Fisher, artistic director of Elisa Monte Dance, joins to discuss the importance of dancer voices inside and outside the studio.


Tokenism vs. Representation, Bernie Dance Memes, and Trey McIntyre

As dance institutions begin to address systemic racism, we need a better metric to measure their progress. An epic oral history of COVID at "Moulin Rouge! The Musical" reveals the harmfulness of just-dance-through-it culture. The dance world is very, very good at creating Bernie Sanders memes. Multi-disciplinary maker Trey McIntyre joins to discuss his innovative digital dance venture, FLTPK.


Dance as a National Resource, Harry Styles' Moves, and Erin Pride

As we enter a new political era, the hosts discuss why government support of the arts is a must, how the Biden administration might best help the arts world, and the pros and cons of New York State's arts revival plan. Harry Styles' choreographer reveals the dance inspirations for the "Treat People With Kindness" video. Erin Pride, host of The Dance Boss Podcast, joins to discuss strategies for online "dancepreneurs."


Dance on Ice, Crediting Commercial Choreography, and Dana Wilson

Figure skater Elladj Baldé's viral videos play on the complex relationship between dance and skating. The entertainment industry continues to undervalue its dance artists. Actor Mads Mikkelsen revisits his professional dance past for the film "Another Round." Commercial dance standout Dana Wilson, host of the podcast "Words That Move Me," joins to discuss the lessons the dance world has (hopefully) learned from 2020.


How TV Sees Ballet, the "Great Cultural Depression," and Jared Grimes

"Tiny Pretty Things" and "On Pointe" present starkly different pictures of ballet. Point Park University is developing a mental health program for dance students. A COVID-created "great cultural depression" looms, but as we begin 2021, there's reason for hope. Multi-hyphenate talent Jared Grimes joins to talk about choreographing the Encores! revival of "The Tap Dance Kid."


The Best of 2020, Part 2

Happy new year, dance friends. In this special holiday episode, we revisit three of our favorite voice memos from 2020: messages from Phil Chan, Silas Farley, and Denise Saunders Thompson. (Next week, we'll be back to our regular format.)


The Best of 2020, Part 1

Happy holidays, dance friends. In this special episode, we revisit three of our favorite voice memos from the past year: messages from Omari Wiles, Ephrat Asherie, and Stella Abrera and Sascha Radetsky. Next week, we'll have the second part of our 2020 retrospective.