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Your go-to for ghost stories, true crime, aliens, the unsolved and everything else in the dark .

Your go-to for ghost stories, true crime, aliens, the unsolved and everything else in the dark .
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Your go-to for ghost stories, true crime, aliens, the unsolved and everything else in the dark .






Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Lets get spooky. Come take a tour with us of what is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the United States: Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Once a tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, Kentucky during an outbreak of the “white plague”, Waverly Hills was not only a place to treat those suffering from the disease, but also a home for those who had to leave their life behind once they came to the hospital on the hill. Now, even decades after the hospital was shut down, many things still...


Side Note #3: Out of this World Q&A

Didn't get enough of aliens during Dana's story on Betty and Barney Hill? Well, you are in luck! Welcome to a Q&A session specifically for all you Earthlings out there wondering what is beyond our universe. Play along and let us know what you think with some of these out of this world questions. And as always, keep your eyes on the sky. You never know who is looking back.


The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill

It started innocently enough; just a late-night drive home from a vacation down rural roads in New Hampshire. But for one couple, the night would prove to be unforgettable. They saw a bright light follow their car, stopped to look at it, and were soon back on the road to continue the drive home. But now, the couple felt physically and emotionally changed, and hours had passed when it should have been a few minutes. Did they just spend time aboard an alien spacecraft? Take a trip with us to...


Black Eyed Kids

They come a-knockin' when you least expect it. You open your door to find kids standing on your doorstep or maybe they're outside your car. They ask to come in to use your phone or for a ride somewhere. It seems like a harmless request, right? They why do you feel terrified standing in front of these children? And what is wrong with their eyes? We're talking about the mysterious Black Eyed Kids. No one knows exactly what they are or what they want, but one thing is known: don't let them in.


Side Note #2: Mummies Unwrapped

If you didn't get enough in our Ice Mummies episode, join us as we unwrap a few more stories about mummies from around the world and through time. Also, "mummy soup" and "mummy paint." Yeah, you're going to want to listen to this.


Ice Mummies

She was treated like royalty; dressed in the finest clothing, cared for, educated and well-fed. She was buried with riches and rare items on a mountain sacred to the ancient Peruvians. But although her life might have been a fortunate one, her death was not. Dana and Kristen discuss Peruvian ice mummies and the practice of capacocha - child human sacrifice.


Side Note #1: Unknown Roommates

Welcome to the very first Darker Side of Life "Side Note" episode. Side Notes are smaller episodes that go along with the main story released the week before. You know when you're telling a story and think of something else cool? You might veer off into a "side note" conversation that, while fun, takes you away from the main story. So to give you all the darker side of life that you might crave, we've created smaller episodes to give you extra content that would normally be left out of our...


Daniel LaPlante

Daniel LaPlante's crimes ran the gamut around towns in Massachusetts in the 1980s. Ranging from bizarre to horrifying, LaPlante terrorized families, messing with people's heads and leaving his mark where he went. He eventually escalated to events that would leave several victims in his wake.


The Disappearance of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos

In 2003 and 2004, Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos went missing in separate incidents in a Southwest Florida city. It wasn't until their families persisted in the investigation when it was discovered their disappearances had a common connection - the last person to see them alive was a Naples police officer, who was later fired from the force after having lied to investigators about the case. Does he know more that he isn't saying?


The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Part Two

In 1959, nine hikers were found dead in the Ural Mountains in Russia after they failed to return from their trek. We're still trying to figure out what exactly happened to them sixty years later. In part two of this fascinating and maddening story, Dana and Kristen take a deep dive into some of the theories surrounding this case. Everything from avalanches to yetis is on the table. Be sure to listen to part one before venturing into the final part of this story.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Part One

Sixty years ago, nine hikers embarked on a winter trek in the far northern Ural mountains in soviet Russia. They never returned home. When searches found the site, they were greeted not by the hikers, but by a mysterious and morbid scene that people are still trying to make sense of today. The bodies found were frozen a mile away from the tent, some barefoot and with only light clothing on and some had unexplained severe injuries. In the first part of a two part episode, we discuss the...


Adventures in Georgia: Bloody Woolfolk and the Atlanta Bleeding House

The Darker Side of Life brings you a special kind of episode this week with not one, but two stories. In episode 4, Dana and Kristen explore two very different but equally intriguing tales coming out of Georgia while on their annual road trip. First up, Dana takes us back to the summer of 1887 in rural Georgia when the silence was disturbed by the sounds of one of the most heinous mass murders in the state's history. Tom Woolfolk, the lone survivor, was the primary suspect, and all the...


The Haunting of Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind Mansion was meant to be a relaxing getaway in an idyllic location. It was anything but relaxing. Demonic music, hidden deeds and whispered names in dark rooms. Something was going bump in the night. Something was watching you. Those who saw the house should have run for the hills, but something was drawing people in and making them want to stay. Was it a simple case of wanting to restore a once beautiful mansion? Or something more sinister?


The Exorcism of Michael Taylor

Can an exorcism be botched? In 1974, Michael Taylor found out. After a 7-hour nonstop ordeal to cast out demons that had possessed him, he found out things didn't go as planned. This is the story of the exorcism of Michael Taylor and the horror that followed.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Kristen and Dana jump down the rabbit hole to discuss the infamous Lizzie Borden and the "whacks" heard 'round the world. Step into the dark. Follow us on Instagram at darkersideoflifepodcast and make sure to email us your own stories and suggestions at