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Podcasting about all things Disney all the time. Disney parks. Disney movies. Disney music. Disney toys. Disney TV shows. You name I’ll talk about it. Have a question, comment, concern, or just want to talk Disney? Email me!!

Podcasting about all things Disney all the time. Disney parks. Disney movies. Disney music. Disney toys. Disney TV shows. You name I’ll talk about it. Have a question, comment, concern, or just want to talk Disney? Email me!!
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Podcasting about all things Disney all the time. Disney parks. Disney movies. Disney music. Disney toys. Disney TV shows. You name I’ll talk about it. Have a question, comment, concern, or just want to talk Disney? Email me!!








Episode 12 - Modes of Transportation in Walt Disney World

Ever wonder how you get around Walt Disney World? Is there only one way? Goodness no! Take a listen to this week's episode to find out all of the modes of transportation for Walt Disney World. There might be more than you think! Follow along with me on social media: - Facebook (@disneylifehappywifepodcast) - Instagram (@disneylifehappywifepodcast) - Twitter (@dlhwpodcast) Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Do you have a topic to recommend? Is there something Disney...


Episode 11 - Top 5 Disney Princes

This week I am giving the Disney princes some much-needed love. We all have our favorite Disney princesses, but what about the princes? So before I do an episode about my favorite Disney ladies, I thought I would give the fellas a chance. Take a listen to see who makes my top 5 Disney princes list. Would they make your list? I want to know! DM me on social media or email me at (getting a new email next week!). I want to know what you think. Facebook and...


Episode 10 - Disney Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween everyone! In today's Halloween episode, I'm talking about some really great Disney Halloween movies. There are some classic, iconic Halloween movies. There are some you may not have heard of. There is even one that you might never want to see ... I saw it once and it was scary. Take a listen and find out about some awesome Disney Halloween movies. What is your favorite Disney Halloween movie? Email me and let me know ... Follow me on social...


Episode 9 - Some of my Walt Disney World Tips, Tricks, and Advice!

Today's episode is a bit lengthier than the rest ... but for good reason. Being a Disney travel agent and a Disney mom, I have compiled some of my tips, tricks, and advice about traveling to Walt Disney World with a little one. Mostly about traveling with children under 5, but you could use this (with a grain of salt) for children of any age. I even throw something in there for adults. Take a listen and absorb all of my Disney knowledge! If you need some more advice, tips, or tricks and I...


Episode 8 - My Top 10 Favorite Disney Sidekicks

What is a Disney hero without his or her lovable sidekick? Nothing, that's what! Just kidding. Who is the best sidekick is always a running debate in my house. Take a listen to today's episode and you'll hear all about my top 10 favorite Disney sidekicks. Email: Facebook and Instagram: @disneylifehappywifepodcast Twitter: @dlhwpodcast


Episode 7 - Recent Disney Travel News

Did you know that besides being a blogger and a podcaster, I'm also a Disney travel agent? On today's show, I'm going to talk to you about some Disney travel news that was shared with me from Disney Travel. Hey, they share the info with me ... why not share it with you. Some recent news and some offers! Check it out! As always, feel free to email me at with any questions, comments, or concerns. And, if you need a travel agent ... reach out to me!


Episode 6 - My Top 10 Favorite Walt Disney World Rides

Want to know what my favorite Walt Disney World rides are? Well take a listen and find out. Guarantee they won't be what you would guess. My list is a bit unconventional. Listen to find out what I'm talking about. What are your favorite Walt Disney World rides? Or if you have only been to Disneyland, those too? Email me:


Episode 5 - My Favorite Disney Junior Shows (with Guest - Emily)

On a bit of a longer show this week, I am talking about my favorite Disney Junior TV shows. You'll get to hear about my new favorites, current favorites, and some shows that I am sad to see go. Also, we have a guest! Emily is making her second guest spot on the podcast. How could I talk about Disney Junior shows and not include her? I had to! See what her favorite Disney Junior shows are as well. Do you want to hear me talk about a certain Disney topic? Do you have advice? Maybe a question?...


Episode 4 - My Favorite Thing About Disney

Check out the latest episode from The Disney Life Happy Wife Podcast ... where I talk about all things Disney. In this episode, I talk about my favorite thing about Walt Disney World. I touch upon my favorite things here and there, but in the end I give you my number 1 favorite thing at Walt Disney World. Where can you listen? The Many Sides of Mom's Podcast page, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and now iHeartRadio. Go listen to this episode and follow us. You'll get...


Episode 3 - Disney Movies Review featuring Emily!

This show might be the best one yet! Hear my thoughts and review on 3 new Disney movies that came out this summer; the live-action Aladdin, Toy Story 4, and the live-action/CGI The Lion King. But what makes this show even better ... Emily is on the show! Emily gives her opinions on the movies as well. I can't wait for you all to hear our opinions on these great Disney movies. Like what you hear? Comments? Concerns? Advice? Thoughts? Email me: Follow me on...


Episode 2 - Some of my faves in Walt Disney World

In this episode, I start talking about Walt Disney World parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. I give you my favorite ride, my favorite restaurant, and my favorite non-ride attraction for each park. I also talk a little about some of my favorite spots in Disney Springs. Have questions, comments, and/or concerns??? Email me:! Follow me ... Insta and FB: @disneylifehappywifepodcast Blog: The Many Sides of Mom - Podcast page


Episode 1 - Intro to The Disney Life Happy Wife Podcast

In the very first episode of The Disney Life Happy Wife podcast, I talk about why I decided to do the podcast and what it's all about. I also talk about a recent Disney event in my life. Something that came about in the process of planning my family's upcoming Disney trip. Email for comments/questions/thoughts ... Thanks for listening to my first episode. Tune in next week for more of my thoughts on all things Disney.