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The Drew Goodman Podcast with Julie Browman is an engaging and in depth look at the Denver sports scene. We talk all sports, but really get down and dirty with the Colorado Rockies. As the voice of the Colorado Rockies, there's no one better than Drew Goodman to bring you the Rockies inside scoop and interviews you won't hear anywhere else.

The Drew Goodman Podcast with Julie Browman is an engaging and in depth look at the Denver sports scene. We talk all sports, but really get down and dirty with the Colorado Rockies. As the voice of the Colorado Rockies, there's no one better than Drew Goodman to bring you the Rockies inside scoop and interviews you won't hear anywhere else.
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The Drew Goodman Podcast with Julie Browman is an engaging and in depth look at the Denver sports scene. We talk all sports, but really get down and dirty with the Colorado Rockies. As the voice of the Colorado Rockies, there's no one better than Drew Goodman to bring you the Rockies inside scoop and interviews you won't hear anywhere else.




Be careful what you say as a broadcaster, when do we push the panic button with Drew Lock, and should a man ever get a mani/pedi?

We start off the episode with a conversation about Don Cherry's comments, and was it right to fire the long time broadcaster? Drew had a chance to go to a CU football game in Boulder, which leads into a conversation about how some CU students view athletics in their college town. We talk a little NFL with which young quarterbacks are about to vault into NFL elite status, and which teams do we feel are elite enough to watch these days? And It looks like it will be awhile until we see the...


Have you ever wanted to tell someone exactly what you really think of them? You're going to want to listen to this podcast. Plus a one on one interview with CSU head coach Mike Bobo, who may in fact be off the hot seat.

A number of sports athletes have decided not to visit the White House when invited. Would you? And what would you say to the President if you were invited? Julie and Drew have a discussion about The Washington Nationals Sean Doolittle turning down the opportunity to celebrate his team's World Series championship with President Trump in the White House. That turns into a discussion about telling people exactly what you think of them as both Julie and Drew have their own personal stories. They...


What's happening with the Altitude deal? An interview with Altitude boss Kenny Miller, and a look at the crazy Bronco quarterback situation. Plus, what the heck happened to the Astros?

Although Altitude just reached a deal with DirecTV, how long will the hold up be with Comcast and Dish Network? Altitude Executive Vice President Kenny Miller weighs in on the changing landscape of Sports TV, and who is looking for what. Plus, what should we expect from Brandon Allen against the Browns, and the World Series turned into much more than we expected. To contact Julie and Drew just go to the or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or...


Jenny Cavnar co hosts a show about sad Bronco fans, upbeat Rockies hopes, an exciting World Series, and admits her dirty little secret.

AT&T Sportsnet's Jenny Cavnar sits in for Drew to talk Broncos, Colorado Rockies, and the World Series. We start off the podcast with how tough it is to be native, and to see the Broncos going thru these struggles. Jenny and Julie also get into a conversation about separating John Elway as the player, and John Elway as the GM. Jenny gives us some hope headed into next Rockies season, and also weighs in on The World Series with reasons why the Washington Nationals can give the Houston Astros...


The Broncos are still decidedly mediocre, Mark Schlereth interview part two, and sometimes people are dumb and mean.

We start off the podcast with a quick recap of the Titans game. Even though they won, Drew still thinks this team is "decidedly mediocre." We discuss once again the need to get to the bottom of why NFL referees are calling so many penalties. It's starting to affect Drew's health and happiness! In part two of our Mark Schlereth interview, we learn how this former NFL player made his way into TV, radio, and as an actor on a soap opera. Mark also vents about NFL referees and people's perception...


Julie thinks Drew is a meathead, our Mark Schlereth interview part one, and what the heck is going on at CSU?

Drew is two weeks into the off season, and we find out he's been hitting the gym two times a day. For Julie, this qualifies him as meathead status. Drew gives his take on the trends of the MLB post season, and we discuss the Broncos win over the Chargers. Besides Philip Lindsay, who impressed both Julie and Drew? And not that it's anything to brag about, but it looks the Broncos are the best 1-4 NFL team we've seen in a long time. Drew sits down for part one of his interview with Mark...


Exclusive Buddy Black end of the season interview, plus stop talking about firing John Elway, and Drew doesn't know what a PSL is!

On the heels of the Buddy Black, Dick Monfort, and Jeff Bridich's season ending press conference, Julie and Drew have their own final synopsis of the season. Drew also address Nolan Arenado's comments of not knowing where this team is headed or what the Rockies are going to do about it. Drew also sat down with Buddy Black for a lengthy interview addressing the good ,the bad, and just downright ugly of the season. With the Broncos 0-4, and losing 8 straight games, no subject is off the table....


How far will the Rockies go to improve their pitching staff? Plus, our exclusive interview with Trevor Story, and do the Broncos have big time leadership issues?

We start off the podcast with a look at a player Drew is excited to see next season. In a season that's been a bust, it's nice to have something to look forward to, right? We also take a look at what we think the Rockies rotation will look like next season, including the possibility of the Rockies making a trade. Drew sits down with Trevor Story, who offers up his thoughts on the team's frustrating season. We turn to football, as the Broncos loss to the Packers provided some interesting...


Our exclusive Nolan Arenado interview. How the game has slowed down for him, and what he expects from the team next season. His disappointment matches our disappointment. And speaking of disappointment....let's talk Broncos.

We start off the episode with a conversation about in a season full of disappointment, who Drew is looking forward to seeing next season. Before we take a listen to our exclusive Nolan Arenado interview, Drew tells a fun story abut his ex neighbor, former Broncos offensive lineman, Mark Schlereth. In Drew's interview with Nolan, Nolan points to patience as a reason for another successful season. However, despite his numbers this season, Nolan opens up about his disappointment of the season,...


What in the heck is this rotation going to look like next season, Scott Oberg talks about why he feels like a zoo animal, Drew and Julie have their first fight, and the Broncos need to fight back!

Drew and Julie start the show with a tipoff of the cap to Chi Chi Gonzalez, who finally earned his first win of the season. They turn their attention to the sea of Cardinal red at Coors Field, which leads right to a conversation about the amount of red in the crowd at the CU-Nebraska game. Julie and Drew have much different opinions on that subject, which leads to their first....disagreement. Drew sits down with reliever Scott Oberg, one of the lone bright spots for the Rockies this season....


Rockies 2019....did anyone see this coming? Plus our Ryan McMahon interview, and whoever thinks the Broncos are going to win ten games is crazy!

Julie and Drew start off the show by asking each other what word they would use to describe the Rockies 2019 season. Here's a hint. Drew is much nicer than Julie is. We continue the Rockies talk with a discussion of what the Rockies team might look like next season after such a disapointing year. What are chances the Rockies trade a marquee player? Drew offers his thoughts. He also sits down with Rockies second baseman Ryan McMahon who not only talks about this season, but his journey to...


Someone named Hilda doesn't like Drew, Spilly and Drew actually do like each other, and free agent pitchers can't like what they are seeing in Denver this season.

We start off the podcast with Drew telling us why a woman named Hilda is writing him nasty letters. Speaking of letters, Drew and Julie answer questions from listeners including if this Rockies season is going to scare off future free agent pitcher signings. Drew interviews his partner Ryan Spilborghs about the Rockies disapointing season, and how Spilly became a broadcaster in the first place. We end the episode with our thoughts on the Andrew Luck situation and a unique take on the whole...


The ball may be juiced, but is that such a bad thing? Wade Davis probably thinks so, and speaking of Rockies pitchers, we bring you the Kyle Freeland interview part two. Plus, Drew may have the greatest horoscope you could ever hope for.

Drew and Julie start off by talking how unwise it is for Drew to run in 108 degree Arizona heat. We then talk about a pitcher who is on the hot seat himself, which woud be Wade Davis. The conversaton turns to the debate whether the ball is juiced, but Drew wonders if that's a bad thing. We hear the Kyle Freeland episode part two where Kyle talks about his MLB debut at Coors Field, and his first post season appearance against the Cubs. We finish the show with a game, where Drew weighs in on...


Why the 2019 season feels so disappointing, Kyle Freeland interview part one, and Drew may be the only person who doesn't think Barry Bonds is a jerk.

We start off the episode with an ode to the Colorado Rockies Bark in the Park, and what a cool event it is. Speaking of dogs, it's been a dog of a season for the Rockies. Julie and Drew weigh in on why the season feels different than past years. Drew had a chance to sit down with Rockies starter Kyle Freeland who opens up about how special it was to follow the Blake Street Bombers as a child. Kyle also fills us in on how he ended up being a pitcher, even though he was a pretty good hitter...


Rockies expectations the rest of the way, Jon Gray interview, what's going on with Wade Davis, and Drew says he's evolving. Hmmmm.

With just about two months left to go in the season, and the trade deadline in the rear view mirror, we talk about what our expectations are for the Rockies the rest of the way. That conversation quickly turns to pitching, specifically Kyle Freeland and Wade Davis. Drew also had a chance to sit down with pitcher Jon Gray, who weighs in on the difference of his game from this season to last season. Jon also opens up about what motivates his these days, and when he realized he had a future in...


What happened to the Rockies in July? Plus our DJ LeMahieu interview and Troy Tulowitzki's legacy in Denver

In episode number three, Drew is in Cincinnati with the Rockies, while Julie is back home in Denver. Right off the top, we talk about what the heck happened to the team in the month of July, and what the vibe was like in the clubhouse during that stretch. Drew offers his thoughts on how the team can get back track, and the players that will have to step up in order to achieve that. Also, with Troy Tulowitzki recently retiring, we talk about the impact Tulo made in Denver. Drew also had a...


Silver foxes, the Rockies most important player, and the Charlie Blackmon interview part 2. Plus, when will Charlie shave the beard?

We start off the conversation about why we call Rockies manager Buddy Black the silver fox, but quickly turn our attention to a couple of key questions. Who is the Colorado Rockies most important player of the season, and who is the most important Rockies player in the second half of the season? The conversation turns to both of us being totally annoyed with fans who boo the home team. And speaking of fans, which fan is more obnoxious? Cubs fan or Dodger fan? We hear part two of Drew's...


Weird Todd Helton superstitions, Charlie Blackmon interview Part I, and why is Drew always late?

Drew and Julie reveal why they decided to do a podcast together, which in turn, results in a conversation about how Drew's habit of being late freaks people out. In the second segment, we hear Drew's interview with the Colorado Rockies Charlie Blackmon. Charlie reveals while he's still intense, his approach to the game has mellowed out. Charlie also discloses, even though he's one of the best players in the major's, going thru a slump still sends his confidence straight downhill. Drew also...