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A semi-monthly show about writing in telly, film, comics, novels, whatever. Brought to you by the author, Andy Luke on Patreon, and Nerdgeist.

A semi-monthly show about writing in telly, film, comics, novels, whatever. Brought to you by the author, Andy Luke on Patreon, and Nerdgeist.


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A semi-monthly show about writing in telly, film, comics, novels, whatever. Brought to you by the author, Andy Luke on Patreon, and Nerdgeist.








The White Event - 35 Years of Marvel's New Universe Pt 1

July 22, 1986 saw the birth of Marvel's New Universe: eight comics created for the company's 25th anniversary, separate from the MCU and free of the baggage of continuity. Despite personality clashes, corporate machinations and critical panning, comics' brightest stars persevered to create some quite good stories. In the first of a two part series, Chaos Magic author Andy Luke revisits the New U imprint and the talents behind it - Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin, Mark Gruenwald, Bob Hall, Peter...


The Shield pt3 - The Fall of Vic Mackey

The net is closing in on dirty cop Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis). His ex-partner Shane Vendrell (Walton Goggins) wants him dead. Farmington's new captain Claudette Wyms (CCH Pounder) wants both men brought to justice although federal agent Olivia Murray (Laurie Holden) may present a way out. Storyteller Andy Luke and very special guest Ian Lawther (USS Caroline) talk through the critically acclaimed last two seasons of The Shield. This episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and graphic...


The Shield pt2 - Faustian Bargain

In Farmington PD, amoral Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) and his crooked Strike Team cops are cleaned up by reforming Captain Monica Rawling (Glenn Close), and torn apart by unpredictable investigator Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh (Forest Whitaker) Storyteller Andy Luke and very special guest Ian Lawther (USS Caroline) talk through critically acclaimed seasons 4-5 of The Shield. This episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and graphic violence. It is not spoiler-free. Support the author on...


Anarchy in the OINK

In 1986 British children's comic Oink! debuted with jokes about pigs, poo, plop and puke. It's mission of deep fun and challenge to accepted morality quickly drew questions from the British Press Council, England's largest retailer WH Smiths and eventually, the House of Commons. However, Oink! was an instant hit, a cult juggernaut, with no intention of slowing down. On Oink's 35th anniversary, Andy is joined by expert blogger Phil Boyce discussing the punk aesthetic in editorial, the...


The Shield: Difficult Men (pt1)

In FX's The Shield, the officers of Farmington work to reduce gang and drug related crimes. Among them is The Strike Team, crooked cops operating behind closed doors led by the amoral Vic Mackey. Andy Luke is joined by guest Ian Lawther in a detailed reflection on seasons 1-3 of the groundbreaking series. Trigger warning: this episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and graphic violence. --- Send in a voice message:


Sociological Fiction: New Politics, New Stories

From The Wire to Game of Thrones and onwards, social storytelling is the new approach to building worlds and characters, reflecting the vast detail which readers see in their own lives. This special podcast explores how individualistic styles of yarn-spinning are being replaced by a new realism. Author and social sciences tutor Andy Luke breaks down studies which suggest new opportunities for writers and readers. There are new stories. --- Send in a voice message:...


Teachers - 30 Kids and a Hangover

Led by Andrew Lincoln, a half dozen recently qualified teachers brave the pupils of Bristol's Summerdown Comprehensive: small beans when compared to their own chaotic lives which are riddled with neuroses. Celebrating 20 years of Channel 4's fantasy/comedy series the pod has an exclusive interview with series creator Tim Loane. Poet/Cartoonist Andy Luke presents a full course review of kill-marry-shag, donkeys and bowling. --- Send in a voice message:


Belfast: City of Light (with Bronagh Lawson)

Visiting a different church each week over a decade, Belfast artist Bronagh Lawson collected her findings in Belfast: City of Light, exploring the opportunities for community, communication and spirituality in the troubled city. Bronagh chats with novelist/poet, Andy Luke, about her odyssey into religious culture as well as how it's related to her art practice and the city's art festivals. They also discuss reprogramming the mind, a year of coronavirus, and how churches adapt to the...


Baywatch's Arcane Nights

Think you know Baywatch? Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and P.I. Ryan McBride thought so; but after the sun goes down, they realise Baywatch is a Bermuda Triangle of poltergeists, sorcerers, chaos gods, time portals, and Illuminati agents. In the first co-hosted Drew and Look Podcast, Andy Luke teams with Ian Lawther, Neill Stringer and Jonny Porter, (from Caroline Comms and Chat Schmat), to investigate the very unexplained world of Baywatch Nights, Season 2. --- Send in a voice message:...


Angel: Not Fade Away

Working within the system of a devilish law firm, Angel Investigations bites off death in their ranks, a powerful king of demons, the fabrication of reality and the secret society spinning the ongoing apocalypse. This special Halloween pod looks at the final eight dramatic episodes of Whedon and Greenwalt's Angel Series 5. Writer / cartoonist Andy Luke gets full-on academic, considers heavy moral dilemnas, and plays some Crash Bandicoot. --- Send in a voice message:...


Angel: In the Belly of the Beast

A group of street level heroes are handed the keys to a law firm which is the earthly embodiment of Hell. Managing Wolfram and Hart poses the heroes new questions: shut everything down, exert their own brand of compromise, or get swallowed by evil incarnate? Fantasy author Andrew Luke measures the differing approaches of stand-alone against story arc writing in the opening half of Angel series 5, a 'fresh start' show which challenges convention of genre. Ready for distribution,...


Serenity: Blueprint for a Revolution

The lives of the crew of Serenity, smugglers and cargo-runners, are interrupted by a psychic passenger who harbors a dangerous secret, and an assassin sent to recapture her. Join cartoonist and novelist Andrew Luke in exploring the stand-alone Firefly sequel, Serenity, and how resistance and activism makes for great narrative. We appreciate your support sharing it. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy, like no power in the verse can stop you. All contents c. respective creators. Twitter:...


Always Sunny: Friends for the 21st Century

On the 15th anniversary of It’s Always Sunny, Andrew Luke reviews the television comedy juggernaut, its personal significance and cultural impact, for newbs to the cult and old jabronis. Additional credits: Logos designed by Chris McAuley. Post production by Richard Phillips. End tag by Art Knipe and Greg Davidson. Sunny excerpts ©FX Network, the rest ©respective creators. --- Send in a voice message: