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The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.

The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.
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The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.




The Case for Gender Fluid Fashion

Gender diversity often makes people uncomfortable. But it's important both from a societal viewpoint as well as in strictly business terms. To help us better understand this topic, we welcome Joshua Williams, assistant professor at Parsons and a founder of QueerCut, a marketplace for queer shoppers. Highlights: Resources:


Maurice Mullen on 30+ Years in Fashion and Luxury

Maurice Mullen has spent more than 30 years in the media business, working on titles including Elle, Red and the Evening Standard where today, he’s the Head of Luxury & Fashion Goods. He serves on the advisory board for the British Fashion Council, holds a visiting Fellowship at the London College of Fashion and sits on quite a few fashion-industry judging panels. In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss: Resources:


A Blueprint for Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion business. Major brands have promised to become "more sustainable". Yet most players aren't always sure what that means or how to go about it. Enter Common Objective, a London-based B2B sustainable fashion platform that helps brands and suppliers better work together to bring more true-sustainable products to market. In this interview, Head of Product & Marketing, Qiulae Wong, shares: The Sustainability Roadmap:...


Lessons from a Men’s Premium Underwear Leader

I first saw them on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) back in 2007. They didn’t get funded but, since then, SAXX has gone on to dominate the world of premium underwear for men. In this interview, we speak with VP of Brand Michael Dalzell about: Resources: saxxunderwear.com


Lessons Learned from Doing (Almost) Every Job in Fashion

She’s been a model, art director, CEO and worked in retail. She’s produced fashion films and is a media personality and lifestyle contributor. In fact, there are few things Tamiko White has not done in the world of fashion. And, to cap it all off, she’s the author of Careers in the Fashion Industry, a reference book to help new members to the business find the right career for themselves. Naturally, this gives her a great perspective on the business and how to succeed in it. In this...


How to Stand Out in a World of Brand “Sameness”

With 17 years experience, Elaine uses her expertise in the worlds of communications, fashion, tech and entrepreneurship to help her clients elevate their presence and position in the market. In this interview, you’ll learn: Resources:


Successfully Creating Wearable Tech Products with Consumers in Mind

It started with a pendant that transformed into fully functional earphones. In the process, Seetal Fatania saw the struggle many wearables designers have building a customer base for a sale that relies on a lot of education. Now a respected industry leader, she heads Fifth & Blue, a platform that sells fashion tech. In this interview, she discusses: Resources:


Top-Tier Photographer on Photo Campaigns Your Customers Will Love

Fendi Casa, Hanky Panky, Nike and Diesel have worked with her. Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Nylon have published her photos. So when award-winning commercial fashion and portrait photographer Becky Yee shares insights on her craft, it’s worth it to listen. In this interview, she shares: About Our Guest: Becky Yee is an award-winning commercial fashion and portrait photographer and a visual content creator. She is also the owner of Around Digital Media, a boutique studio and...


How to Build a Winning Sustainability Strategy

Ana Roncha has worked with established international fashion and lifestyle brands, academia, media, start-up communities and international organizations, specializing in strategic fashion marketing and fashion brand development. In today’s conversation, we talk about one of her areas of expertise: Sustainability Strategy. Specifically, we’ll discuss: About Our Guest: Ana Roncha is an internationally recognized educator with close to two decades specializing in strategic fashion marketing...


How to Make Your Customer go "What?!!"

Michelle Judson got into the fashion business with a dream to create something special and do some good in the process – and no experience. For Michelle, that turned out to be a good thing when it came to understanding the fashion consumer. You'll learn: How her modular approach to fashion gives sustainability-minded consumers the best of both worlds with a single, high-quality bra that can be quickly "modified" to give it a fresh lookHow to make your customer go "What?!" (in a positive...


What Bra Size Says About the Fashion Consumer

If you're a size A, you're a tomboy. Size B-C, you're normal. Size D, sexy. Anything more is too much. Who would have thought a simple letter could hold so much meaning? But as our guest, bra-fitting expert Kimmay Caldwell, explains, it has a huge effect on self-esteem. Why this is and how to reframe the conversation to empower the fashion consumer is our focus today. Specifically, you'll learn: About Our Guest: Kimmay Caldwell is an intimates industry expert with over a decade of...


What Makes Oprah, Goop and Spanx Winning Brands

Fashion designer by training and serial entrepreneur by temperament, Rachael McCrary has seen a lot, done a lot – and learned a lot – over her 25 years in the business. In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss: Bio: Passionate about entrepreneurship, Rachael McCrary mentors and advises other entrepreneurs on pitching, raising venture capital and early stage company development. She works closely with accelerators, investors and private equity funds. She enjoys helping startups in the...


Understanding the Disabled Fashion Consumer

Today we take an emotional journey into a growing market: fashion for people who have a disability of one sort or another. As the Western world ages at a very fast rate, the need for adaptive clothing products can only grow. Nancy Connor, the founder of one such company, helps us understand why her products are needed and the opportunity it offers for big-hearted and business-savvy brands. We'll discuss: About Our Guest Nancy M. Connor is the founder and CEO of Smart Adaptive Clothing,...


How to Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

Today we speak with Wharton professor Barbara Kahn. She’s the author of the brand-new book, The Shopping Revolution: How Successful Retailers Win Customers in an Era of Endless Disruption, which shows retailers how to successfully adapt to a consumer-driven world. We will discuss: AmazonWarby Parker About our guest: Barbara E. Kahn is the Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Barbara is an internationally recognized scholar...


How the World of Publishing Can Create a Winning Fashion Brand

Today I’m bringing you a guest from outside the industry. Because just as sometimes a great new category can be created by combining two product categories, sometimes great ideas from one industry can work well in another. In this interview, we’re talking with Brian Kurtz, leader of one of the most successful information publishers in recent years. What I really like about Brian is that, while he managed publishing company Boardroom Inc., he and his partner Marty did exceptionally well at...


Make the Right First Impression with Packaging

Just like people judge a book by its cover, they judge your product by its packaging. So how do you create a great first impression? Enter Lizzièe Jeréz, a 15-year veteran packaging designer who specializes in working with lingerie brands like Smart & Sexy, RBX, Christian Lacroix and others to create powerful packages that add value to the product inside them. In today’s episode, we discuss: Resources: Lizzièe Jeréz: The Fashion Consumer: The...


Business Lessons from the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

Elissa Bloom knows a thing or two (or ten) about what it takes to grow a young fashion brand. As the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, she has helped dozens of fashion and accessories designers successfully grow their businesses. In today’s interview, she shares: Resources: Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: The Fashion Consumer (TFC): Instagram (TFC):


Influencers, the Alpha Generation and Getting Real with Nude Colors.

Libby Basile is Editor of The Lingerie Journal, a well-known trade publication in the intimates business. She has been writing about intimate apparel since 2006 and has been a contributor to The Lingerie Journal since it launched in 2008. In today’s interview, we’ll discuss: Plus, Libby has a lot to share on the current and upcoming trends in the intimates space. Resources: Web: Instagram (The Lingerie Journal): Web:...


Understanding the Petite (Frame) Consumer

Emily Lau started The Little Bra Company to offer petite consumers bras built for their frames. It turns out, Lau tapped into a large, growing consumer segment. You’ll learn: About the Guest: Emily Lau founded The Little Bra Company (TLBC) in 2007 because she couldn’t find any attractive bras that fit her smaller frame. Since then, Emily has turned The Little Bra Company into the go-to brand for small-busted women – specialized fitting and feminine styles ranging in sizes 28A through 34C....


The Man Who Wrote the Book on the (Fashion) Consumer

Michael Solomon, Professor of Marketing at St. Joseph’s University, wrote the most popular textbook on consumer behavior. He’s spent his career working to better understand what drives people to buy things, and he shares some real gems in this interview: About Our Guest Michael Solomon is a marketing professor who literally wrote the book on consumer behavior. Hundreds of thousands of business students have learned about marketing from his books, which include Consumer Behavior: Buying,...