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The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.

The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.
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The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.




Fashion Consumer Trends in 2020

Over the last couple weeks, TFC host Brandon Roe has been discussing 2020 consumer fashion trends on a number of radio shows across the country. In today’s conversation, he reveals some of the most important insights shared on those interviews. You’ll discover: Stories from a hyper-competitive fashion segment:


“Authenticity” as a path to fashion brand success

What’s the key to building a strong, authentic fashion brand today? Kelly Dee Williams of branding agency Superbase brings an interesting perspective to the conversation. Over the last few years, he’s built a practice that helps brands communicate that rare – but important – selling point: authenticity. Highlights:


“Positive Fashion” and the Happy Color

In 2016, the London College of Fashion was looking for someone to lead their brand-new Psychology of Fashion undergrad program. They found the perfect fit in Aurore Bardey, who has brought her considerable psychology experience to an industry hungry for a better understanding of the inner workings of today’s fashion consumer. Highlights:


Beauty in the Age of “Perfect” AI Models

On one hand, consumers want to see the “real” in fashion sans Photoshopping. On the other, a new generation of AI models – used by the likes of Balmain, among others – introduces a sense of perfect that no human being can hope to match. How can these two elements fit together in today’s world? Pulling from their bestselling industry resource, Why Fashion Brands Die & How to Save Them, Michael Solomon and Brandon Roe explore this important topic.


How Fashion Consumers Buy Today

In 1968, three researchers came up with a model that became the industry standard for marketers trying to understand how consumers buy. And for decades, it was fairly accurate. In today’s world it’s not. In this interview, Brandon Roe and Michael Solomon, authors of the bestselling Why Fashion Brands Die, talk about the new model fashion brands need to follow if they want to sell more effectively to their current and future customers.


Meet Fashion Santa

Fashion Santa wasn’t a guaranteed success. But the world took notice in 2014, after Paul Mason, aka “Fashion Santa”, showed up in a Toronto area mall. Massive international press ensured a great start for the brand, which five years later takes Paul across North America every Christmas season.


Sustainability Trends in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Designer turned Trends Forecaster Melanie Plank has developed a keen insight on what’s about to be “hot” in the coming seasons. She currently specializes in the complicated area that is fashion industry sustainability. Highlights


Using “Magic” to Understand Consumer Behavior

The word “magic” doesn’t naturally seem to fit with fashion consumer insights. But in today’s interview, Matt Tompkins, a laboratory researcher currently at Oxford University, shows how the world of illusion can help us better understand the consumer’s mind. Highlights: About Our Guest: Matt Tompkins is an American magician turned psychologist who recently completed a doctorate in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. His research, which has been featured across various...


Heels that let you dance the night away (pain-free)

Most women know the pain that comes from dancing all night on a set of heels. It was one such experience that prompted the Leung twins to address the problem using space-age materials, designing a shoe that allows the wearer to be on her feet longer with less discomfort. For more than 10 years, they’ve offered Hey Lady shoes to clientele ranging from teens to near-centenarians, and learned a lot about great customer service in the...


When Meghan Markle Wears Your Brand

When Meghan Markle wears a brand, sales tend to take off. That’s what happened for James Bartle, founder of Outland Denim. It’s an Australian firm that creates opportunities for at-risk women to learn a useful trade; something that then makes them self-sufficient. Highlights: About Our Guest: James Bartle is the founding CEO of Outland Denim. The brand has distinguished itself by making jeans differently, setting a new standard in fashion manufacturing. Driven by the desire to curb the...


Nike: From $30 to $500 Million

Nike, Under Armour and Ralph Lauren have all benefited from Uncle Drew’s experience and insights over the years. As the first African American to hold various higher-ranking positions within the fashion world, he has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to diversity, authenticity and effective storytelling. Highlights: Resources:


The Rise of “Virtue-Based Buying”

Hermes understands that natural dyes work just as well as synthetic ones, without damaging the environment. However, a lot of industry folk are skeptical about this belief, including Keith Recker when he was first approached about it during his time at Saks Fifth Avenue. But eventually, he saw the benefits… and it set him on a path to an ever-greater understanding of what will become an ever more important topic to the fashion business in the years ahead. Highlights:


The Psychology of the Luxury Consumer

YouGov is one of the largest consumer research groups in the world. In this very special episode, we interview Cara David, Managing Partner responsible for the Affluent Perspective Global Study – YouGov’s comprehensive annual report into the affluent population and how they buy luxury items (among other things). Specifically, we’ll focus on data they pulled together specifically for The Fashion Consumer related to the luxury fashion business. There was so much in here that you may have to...


Turning Dead Stock into Financial Opportunity

Fast fashion might not immediately come to mind when thinking about sustainability, but Queen of Raw founder Stephanie Benedetto would tell you otherwise. She works with this category, as well top luxury players and many other brands to turn dead stock into a financial opportunity that reduces the fashion industry’s negative impact on the...


Authentically Selling “Heritage”

Tom Smarte was a family-run hatmaker founded in the late 18th century in Devon, England. Yet after the fourth Thomas Smarte died in the First World War, the brand lay silent until 2013 when Allon Zloof decided to revive it. As a designer hatmaker himself, he knew what needed to be done to bring the brand back. Highlights: About Our Guest: Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather, Allon Zloof is part of the latest generation of hat makers. Though he was...


Creating a new (fast-growing) market segment

Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s – Gary Lenett has worked with the largest brands in the industry but 5 years ago, after three decades in the denim business, he wanted something different. That was the start of DUER, a fast-growing “adventure-ready apparel” brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Highlights: About Our Guest: The brand’s founder, Gary Lenett, came from a long line of denim experts, and he wanted to create a denim that had performance attributes so he could bike through Vancouver...


Selling to the Silent Majority

It's an often-overlooked segment of the market. But the silent majority, in the words of our guest Jennifer Mackey-Mary, can represent a good opportunity for certain fashion brands willing to make the effort to serve them. Highlights: About Our Guest: Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist whose goal is to make style simple for women at every stage. Over the last 20 years, she’s dressed thousands of women, having held leadership positions with Chico's, South Moon Under boutiques, and...


The "Accidental" Luxury Brand

An overheard comment prompted artist and sculptor Rosemary Goodenough to print 150 copies of her work onto silk scarves. That simple act launched a luxury brand that has become something of a hidden gem for consumers who want something you can’t find in every luxury retailer. Highlights: Resources:


The Case for Gender Fluid Fashion

Gender diversity often makes people uncomfortable. But it's important both from a societal viewpoint as well as in strictly business terms. To help us better understand this topic, we welcome Joshua Williams, assistant professor at Parsons and a founder of QueerCut, a marketplace for queer shoppers. Highlights: Resources:


Maurice Mullen on 30+ Years in Fashion and Luxury

Maurice Mullen has spent more than 30 years in the media business, working on titles including Elle, Red and the Evening Standard where today, he’s the Head of Luxury & Fashion Goods. He serves on the advisory board for the British Fashion Council, holds a visiting Fellowship at the London College of Fashion and sits on quite a few fashion-industry judging panels. In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss: Resources: