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Episode 68: America Runs on Guns

We discuss Killer Mike's controversial full-length interview with Colion Noir. The History of Guns and Rebellion in America. We also discuss the meaning behind Childish Gambino's This is America, Eminem's verse on Caterpillar off of Royce's album - and a K.O.D. SnapFreeze™ review - This week we're sponsored by GRAMMARLY. Check yourself before you wreck your work.


Episode 67: Up in a Tizzy

This week we discuss the awkward Cardi B and Nardwuar interview at Coachella, Nikki Minaj's comeback tracks, Tyler soliloquies about the move away from trap drums, Kendrick winning the Pulitzer Price and Tyler addresses the Lil Dicky that has ever up in a tizzy. This week we welcome new sponsor BEVEL. Bevel is the first and only end to end shaving system designed to help reduce shaving irritation and razor bumps. Dermatologist approved. Look So Fresh and oh SO Clean. Get your Bevel razor...


Episode 66: Talkin Top 5

Tyler and I discuss our Top 5 based on rap technical proficiency. We talk lyrics, we talk flows and overall influence.


Episode 65: Goofs and Gaffes

This episode is a bit of a throwback in that it was recorded a few weeks ago. We discuss the drama between Dj Envy and Desus & Mero, Nav and the XXL Freshman List, Logic talk and the state of hiphop today and the Blurred Lines copyright law, some technical difficulties at the end.


Episode 64: Variety Show #3

This episode we try to cover as much as possible in a half-hour. We talk about the continued Martin Shkreli saga and the implications for "that Wu album", Safaree nude leaks, why does Tekashi 69's music bang?, Vince Staples' PSA, Lil Xan's interview with Hot97 and him calling 2pac boring. And last but not least: This episode we also feature local Toronto artist Raz Rabin and his song Get Away.


Episode 63: Fridges Can Kill You Fam ft Steve Harmony

This episode features Steve Harmony as a fill-in guest with Tyler away for this one. We talk about the death of Craig Mack and his alleged involvement in a cult, Diddy being a ruthless businessman and the Lox threatening to throw a fridge at him. We also discuss Lil Boat 2, Bobby Tarantino 2, and Victory Lap. We also chat about albums that were worth the listen in 2017. Check out the article it's based on:


Episode 62: The Cadence Weapon Interview

This week's episode we interview Cadence Weapon. We talk about his latest album, a self-titled effort shaped by his experiences in Montreal that has Kaytranada and Jacques Green on the production. We discuss upcoming Toronto rappers, a police raid in Montreal, technology and conspicuous consumption, losing the Glowed Up beat to Anderson .Paak, and the renaissance of the black nerd. Check the album out on Spotify: Spotify:


Episode 61: The Christian Influence on Hip-Hop

As part of our REWIND! series we talk about God's Son and It's Dark and Hell is Hot/Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood by Nas and DMX respectively to discuss themes of Christianity within Hip-Hop. This episode is sponsored by FreshBooks - Try FreshBooks free for 30 days by using the url:


Episode 59: Thou Shall Not Pass

This episode is all about gatekeepers and critics in an ever changing media landscape. Tyler and I debate the role of the critic and shoutout our favorite youtube reviewers from TheNeedleDrop to DeadEndHiphop. The Warming Store – Looking for a new outfit up at the chalet? Or maybe you just need better clothing to layer up for the wintry nights – Conquer the Cold with the Warming Store.


Episode 58: Does Three 6 Mafia Worship the Devil?

This week's episode is all about Three 6 Mafia. We explore the Mystic Stylez album back when Three 6 Mafia were considered a horrorcore group from Memphis, then known as the triple 6 mafia. This episode explores the alleged rumors of their satanic worship.We try to definitively answer the question if they are satanists or not. Also, we talk rappers' rebranding efforts over the last few years. The show is sponsored by: FreshBooks - Freshbooks is the easy to use software designed to help...


Episode 57: The Variety Show

This episode features our hot takes on several subjects. We discuss how China has decided that Hiphop is immoral and is banning hiphop culture and tattoos on television in an attempt to save moral decency, Tom Hardy's mysterious mixtape from 1999 that seems to have disappeared from the net and Erykah Badu's conversation with David Marchese. This week's sponsors are: Shopify – Try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required. Visit Shopify today....


Episode 56: Collective Action

This episode is all about hiphop collectives. From Native Tongues to the Wu-tang and OddFutureKillThemAll. We are celebrating when groups and crews make it to the booth. A good collective effort from a group can help increase interest for a brand - but it takes collective action!


Episode 55: New Year, New Beef: Biting Not Allowed

Major news alert! We’re now on the podcast network Girth Radio. The latest episode is all about biting and the beef that comes with it. Joe Budden vs Eminem, Uncle Murda aka Lenny Grant vs Mad Skillz, and Cardi potentially taking another person's flow. The show is sponsored by: Audible - Try 30 days free! Shopify - Try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required. Visit Shopify today.


Episode 54: Problematic Faves

Happy Holidays everybody! Tyler and I return for one last episode before the holidays where we discuss the recent controversy surrounding Post Malone, the untimely death of Lil Peep and XXXtentacion as a controversial figure in hiphop and the Joyner Lucas I’m Not Racist video. This episode is sponsored by: Grammarly Grammarly’s AI-powered products help people communicate more effectively. Grammarly helps you write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else...


Episode 53: The Gay Rapper Episode/ Queer Hop

We take a look at the sub-culture of LGBTQ hiphop. Our conversation features a discussion on Cakes da Killa, Myki Blanko, Leif, and Cazwell. And discuss a little-known rapper named Caushun from the early 2000s who was dubbed to the first openly gay rapper who never put out an album. We start off with the mainstream Macklemore song, Same Love, as a touchpoint to discuss homophobia within the genre. We talk about homophobia, male rompers, and gay sex in lyrics. Then bridge the discussion to...


Episode 52: Nazis are NOT GOOD

Disclaimer: This episode features us working through our thoughts. These are not long held beliefs but us processing the violence that occurred during the rally at Charlottesville that claimed the life of Heather Heyer. For this reason I have uploaded it ahead of Episode 51 and does not feature any sponsors. The track featured in this episode is Anti Fa by Unknown Mizery off of Sacred Soils 2 (ANT MONOLOGUES).


Episode 49: The Role of the Elder Statesmen

This week we discuss Jay-z’s 4:44 album and the role of the elder statesmen in hiphop. It’s been said many times before that hiphop is a young man’s game. But with Jay-z dropping one of the best albums of the year and (possibly of his career), he demonstrates that older hiphop acts can, in fact, age gracefully. So tune in and hear our thoughts on the role of the next generation of hiphop acts and legends in the making. This week’s episode is sponsored by: – Vinyl Me, Please Vinyl Me,...


Episode 48: MindBender Supreme

So we missed an episode last week but that's because we wanted to bless y'all with the 2-hour epic interview we had with Toronto rap legend and cult personality, MindBender Supreme. We covered a lot of ground. We spoke to MindBender at length about several subjects; The moral standards of battle rap, his pornstar career, about writing for NOW and XXL magazine, the future of technology and sex work; the history of homophobia in Jamaica, the state of Journalism today and the revisionist...


Episode 46: GO HYPHY

A retrospective look at the Hyphy movement. We take a look back the hyphy movement, as the influences of bay area culture in hiphop can be seen today. We discuss Thizz ( drug culture), other Oakland slang, ghostriding the whip and key Hyphy albums like E-40's My Ghetto Report Card. This week's sponsors: - Vinyl Me, Please Vinyl Me, please offers exclusive pressings of records right to your doorsteps. They'll even throw in a 12x12 album inspired art print for you to throw on your wall. To...


Episode 45: White Rappers

An ongoing debate in hiphop is the place of white rappers within the genre. Tyler and I discuss a recent Fader article and whether or not white rappers are their own sub-genre. We also discuss voicemails as a device within hiphop and the overlying place of skits. And some wacky weird hiphop news!