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Welcome to The Freitas Effect, a podcast where everyone is family and we join in communion to get some giggles, a serving of side eye, and a healthy helping of food for thought. Follow us on instagram @thefreitaseffect, twitter @tfepod, like us on facebook and email us at

Welcome to The Freitas Effect, a podcast where everyone is family and we join in communion to get some giggles, a serving of side eye, and a healthy helping of food for thought. Follow us on instagram @thefreitaseffect, twitter @tfepod, like us on facebook and email us at


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Welcome to The Freitas Effect, a podcast where everyone is family and we join in communion to get some giggles, a serving of side eye, and a healthy helping of food for thought. Follow us on instagram @thefreitaseffect, twitter @tfepod, like us on facebook and email us at






Episode 32: Storytelling; the Blooper Reel!

To close out our storytelling segment, we give you "The Blooper Reel." Special shout out to Simon for collecting these moments over the course of season one to now! We believe the things that get cut out of the final version also tell a story. As you figure out how to say what you really want to say, bloopers also humanize us and provide lots of funny content. We hope you enjoy this last episode until we relaunch for next season. Connect with us: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram...


Episode 31: Storytelling; Comedy

Knock! Knock! Who's there? It's Azeb and Simon featuring an interview with female comedian, Gloria Rose. They discuss how comedy is a form of storytelling, the difference between doing comedy and acting and advice for women who are aspiring comedians. Reference: Who's On First? Peppa the Pig Whistling Video Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld Delirious by Eddie Murphy Connect with us: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram @thefreitaseffect, like us on facebook, and email...


Episode 30: Storytelling; Wrestling

Joining us this week for our Storytelling segment is youth worker, vocal artist and passionate WWE fan, Jeremy Gooden! The Freitae discuss wrestling as a form of entertainment, how actors rise into whole careers from starting in this industry, and all the moving parts of wrestling that you might not have taken into consideration before. Reference: WWE - Movie - Fighting with my Family Play -...


Episode 29: Storytelling; Podcasting Starter Kit

Entering our Storytelling segment this season, the Freitae provide guidance on how to get started with launching a podcast! Simon breaks down the basics of how to get started when you decide you want to be a podcaster. Azeb gives advice on the art of side hustling regarding how to move with intention, time management, & measuring your energy capacity. Reference: Article - Raffi Radio - Podcasts in...


Episode 28: Conversations with Creatives; Arts Administration Edition

To finish out our Conversations with Creatives series we are featuring an interview with vocalist and arts administrator, Jasmine Garcia! She shares how artists need to be able to perform, be supported with mentorship and have a sense of agency. Hear us discuss the arts economy, the range of arts organizations that exist how they need to do better to serve diverse populations of creatives and audiences. References; Tamela Man Musical, This is Treatment Dunamis, IG...


Episode 27: Conversations with Creatives; Music Production Edition

Coming to the mic for conversations with creatives, the Freitae bring music producers to the studio. Featuring interviews with Robert Lee Kelley-Morgan, Sarah Hutchinson, Tito, and Jeannerva Phillipaux discussing music industry trends today and how they got exposed to this universe. Check, check, check it out! References; Myspace: Limewire: Aint No Hold Up Boston: Stupefye: EG...


Episode 26: Conversations with Creatives; the Director's Cut

To continue our conversations with creatives, the Freitae welcome directors, actors, playwrights and screen writers to the table! Featuring interviews with Pascale Florestal, Amanda Giglio, and Henrique Santos about their exposure to the world of theater and sharing words of wisdom for aspiring artists. Tune in to hear more! References; Face Your Fears by Donna Lynne Champlin Nozama Dance Collective, Book: 90 Day Screenplay by Alan Watt Grub St:...


Episode 25: Conversations with Creatives; Visual Art Edition

To kick off part 2 of szn 2, the Freitae welcome local visual artists from Everett, MA Gustavo Barceloni,Brazilian-American ceramics specialist, and Trisha To, Vietnamese-American painter! Conversations with creatives is a segment for us to give artists of all different media the opportunity to share their journey to identifying as an artist, educator, activist, entrepreneur, and more. References; on Instagram @gbarceloniceramics on Instagram @vanessamnorris on...


Episode 24: Insecurities; Death Edition aka Good Grief!

The Freitae discuss dealing with loss during Covid of role models, jobs, community, and American/Ethiopian cultural traditions of the grieving process, acknowledging that we are grieving and traumatized as a collective. References; Article: TV Show: Out of the Box, Teen Titans Movie: The Farewell by Awkwafina Musical: Into the Woods Play: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Connect with us: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram...


Episode 23: Insecurities; Fat Edition aka Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

The Freitae discuss how fat shaming derives from food accessibility, how your cultural cuisine and norms can impact your weight, and how to have conversations about weight loss without making it awkward. References: Guess who’s coming to dinner by Black Uhuru Descendants Connect with us: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram @thefreitaseffect, like us on facebook, and email Support the show...


Episode 22: Insecurities; Single Edition aka It’s Okay to be Single

The Freitae share love stories and reasons why it is completely okay to be single. Azeb & Simon discuss how reality TV impacts your perception of love, love languages, how they feel about PDA, and more! Tune in to hear how it all ties together. References: Brooklyn Corona Love Story Reality Shows Article Love Language Quiz Book - Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari Book - Itations of Jamaica and I Rastafari by Millard Faristzaddi Connect with us: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram...


Episode 21: Insecurities; Spiritual Edition aka CULTS

The Freitae welcome you all to join us on our season two journey. Azeb and Simon explore how cults are just a different way to be connected to community. They mention the 1st amendment, solitary confinement, anxiety management, and much more! Tune in to hear how it all ties together. References: Music: Turning Tables by Adele Article - Definition for 1st amendment: Book - All About Love by...


Off Szn: The Rona Effect

The Freitae make a comeback during off season to share basic facts about Rona and feelings regarding her impact on cancelling all our lives. Outside of being podcast hosts they are also performance coaches for an indoor percussion ensemble and they share how the importance of educators, coaches, and artists roles as leaders is crucial right now for younger generations. Good Girls, season two, episode three Rhythym X 2014 (Cymbal player falls at 6min 43seconds:...


Episode 20: It's In The Name (Season Finale)

In the final episode for season one of The Freitas Effect, Simon and Azeb discuss the topic of names. The discussion includes the story telling that names provide to a person’s family history, identity, and experiences. As well as sharing the reasons why they were named their names. From navigating the world with unique names to how people are named from a global perspective, tune in to learn more. Thank you for listening, sharing, and loving! References:...


Episode 19: Not Your Average Job ft. John Pimentel and Heaven Reda!

The Freitae explore what it means to break tradition and lead your own career path that your family may not agree with and the reasons why. Simon and Azeb share how their vision for their careers have evolved from what they imagined as kids, through college to now. Featuring interviews from business woman Heaven Reda and aspiring general contractor John Pimentel who decided to pursue nontraditional dreams post high school. They dive into the value of a college degree, share their connection...


Episode 18: Insecurities; Financial Edition.

The Freitae talk about the taboo topic of financial insecurity. They discuss the journey of growing up poor and the pros and cons of climbing the socioeconomic ladder such as how you contribute to gentrification. They also mention tips on how to navigate being the broke friend or being considerate of your broke friends. References: Twitter @tfepod, Instagram @thefreitaseffect, like us on facebook, and email...


Episode 17: That New News ft. Faith Pinho!

BREAKING NEWS, The Freitae discuss the idea of where we get our information. Featuring an interview with journalist and comrade Faith Pinho! They touch base on the idea of the first amendment and information sharing. They reflect on how much of our information is biased. They also mention the difference of newspapers, magazines, and digital media news sources for dating, sports, events, #JOMO vs. #FOMO, anime, PC culture and...


Episode 16: Climate is Going Through Changes

The Freitae discuss the influence and importance of recognizing climate change as a national emergency. They emphasize how people of color are on the front lines of receiving the dangerous consequences if we don’t get our act together. With references to what countries are doing globally and what you can do in your day to day life to be a part of the fight against climate change, tune in to learn what you can do! Article:...


Episode 15: A Hair Affair

The Freitae comb through how hair impacts identity. They share personal hair journey stories ranging from experiences with their eyebrows to not being allowed to dye their hair. They discuss how hair is racialized and it’s major impact on black representation. Among those things they also provide recognition of the receding hairline epidemic for men in the Ethiopian community, our 5-heads, and share reflections on white people culturally appropriating dreadlocks. References: Why are all the...


Episode 14: To Lead or Not To Lead with Mariamawit Loulseged!

The Freitae host special guest Mariamawit Loulseged to have a conversation about community organizing and leadership. They share insights about leadership qualities and cultural influence, how to identify when to step down or say no to leadership roles, and encouraging others to step up! References: More Than Enough, Elaine Wentworth, Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler Twitter @tfepod, Instagram @thefreitaseffect, like us on Facebook, and email Support the...