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A couple of gals getting together each week to talk about their top fives. Movies, music, pop culture, food - you name it, we'll rank it.

A couple of gals getting together each week to talk about their top fives. Movies, music, pop culture, food - you name it, we'll rank it.


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A couple of gals getting together each week to talk about their top fives. Movies, music, pop culture, food - you name it, we'll rank it.




Ep 27. Five Foods We Hate

So many foods out there are just plain gross. This week Lori & Jane break down their list of five foods they can't stand. No surprise here - all the foods Jane hates, Lori loves. And this means all the foods Lori despises, Jane enjoys. How are they friends?!?!


Ep 26. Our Top Five Romance Movies

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This week Lori & Jane celebrate the most romantic day of the year by sharing their list of Top 5 favorite romantic movies.


Ep 25. Our Top Five Favorite Female Actors

Back in Episode 13 we talked about our favorite male actors, now it's time to talk about our favorite female actors, both past and present! Will Meryl Streep make the list? Hint: No, she does not.


Ep 24. Five Jobs We'd Do For Just One Day

Lori and Jane have had many jobs in their lives, but there are a few they've never done - and always wanted to give them a shot! In this week's episode, they discuss some potential job-for-a-day options. For those that want to be professional seat fillers at the Oscars, those jobs go to people who are related to Academy members or employees of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the company that tallies the voting results. See a 2015 article here:...


Ep 23. Our Top Five Guilty Pleasure Movies

Lori and Jane are once again joined by Jane's sister, Jen - this time to talk about our favorite guilty pleasure movies. Whether they are universally hated or fondly remembered (but acknowledged to be craptastic), everyone has a movie they love that really is not at all very good. Join us and see if any of YOUR faves make our list!


Ep 22. Five Random Questions, Take Two

Lori and Jane decide to answer some random questions today, ranging from "What weird food combinations do you eat?" to "Would you rather have a grapefruit sized head, or a watermelon sized head?" And just wait until the duck and horse discussion begins. Note: The average mallard duck weighs 2.5 pounds and is about 2 feet long.


Ep 21. Our Top 5 Favorite Songs of All Time

Music makes the world go 'round - don't let anyone tell you otherwise! On this week's episode, Lori & Jane compare their list of Top 5 songs of all time (although it turns out Lori made a list of about 25 songs).


Ep 20. Five Sounds We Hate

Everybody has certain sounds that make them cringe. So do Lori & Jane. Join us today as we discuss sounds that drive us crazy. Audio clips: Baby talk: Kid whining: "SuperNanny" TV show ( The Official Episode Tally of Filler Words: Like: 9 times (only one was Lori) You know: 9 times (all Jane) Um: 16 times (only two were Lori) Yeah/No: 3 times (all Jane)


Ep 19. Five Celebs We'd Invite to a New Year's Eve Party

Lori & Jane are planning a party and all their favorite celebs are invited! Join them, along with special guest, Jane's sister Jen, to discuss who makes the guest list at their fancy New Year's parties.


Ep 18. Five Things to Get Ready for Christmas

We're heading into Christmas week woefully unprepared. Join Lori & Jane for a mini-episode in which they lament about the things they still need to do in order to be ready for Christmas. We'll be back with a full episode next week and a special guest (Jane's sister) to celebrate the end of 2019!


Ep 17: Our Top 5 Christmas Movies

Lori and Jane are joined by special guest, Panda from Deck the Hallmark Podcast, to talk about their favorite Christmas movies. A minor argument ensues regarding "Love, Actually." Where to find Deck the Hallmark Podcast: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Music from "Glitter Blast" "Vivacity" and "Lobby Time" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY...


Ep 16. Our Top 5 Christmas Songs

Lori & Jane welcome special guest, Tim Babb from the "Can't Wait for Christmas" podcast to talk about their favorite Christmas songs. Join us and sing along with some of our musical holiday picks. Here are the links to find "Can't Wait for Christmas" for a great listen! Website: Twitter: Facebook:


Ep 15. Our Top 5 Favorite Reality TV Shows

Lori & Jane are joined by a special guest this time around, Jane's friend Other Lori. Other Lori requested this topic, so we thought it only right that we get her on the podcast to discuss her own picks! Shows discussed in this episode include Naked & Afraid, House Hunters, Bachelor in Paradise, The Amazing Race, Alone, Married at First Sight, Survivor, 90 Day Fiance, Big Brother - and many, many more!


Ep 14. Our Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods

Yum yum yum! It's that time of year and with Thanksgiving less than a week away, it's time for Lori and Jane to compare their top 5 favorite foods on the Thanksgiving table.


Ep 13. Our Top Five Favorite Male Actors

Lori and Jane share their favorite leading men of all time, both past and present. No click bait here - we're just talking about very handsome, talented men. Nothing wrong with that!


Ep 12. Five Things to Put on Your Amazon Wish List

This week Lori and Jane are sharing five things they each have on their Amazon wish list that might interest you too.


Ep 11. Five Conspiracy Theories You Should Know

This week Lori and Jane (with special guest Olivia) discuss some conspiracy theories that everyone should know. From aliens to the moon landing, there's something for everyone in this episode! Theories discussed in this episode: 1. Aliens/Area 51 2. JFK Assassination 3. Famous celebrity deaths 4. The mystery of DB Cooper 5. The Moon Landing


Ep 10. Our Five Favorite Hallmark Channel Movies

Lori & Jane are covering a niche topic this week. We know this may not appeal to all our listeners, but we also know it'll appeal to a LOT of TV movie fans. This week, we're covering our favorite Hallmark movies, in honor of the start of 2019's Countdown to Christmas. Note: We know we had some discrepancies in this episode. We pronounced Niall Matter's name wrong, we messed up some of the plot points of the movies, and who knows what else. We admit we recorded this episode after a long day...


Ep 9. Our Top 5 Fears

Lori and Jane are pretty brave women for the most part. But they still have some fears to worry about. On today's episode, they discuss things they fear the most.


Ep 8. Our Top 5 Books Of All Time

Lori & Jane talk about their favorite books of all time (including a mini-rant from Jane on the worst book of all time). Did any of your favorites make their list?