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No answers, just real talk about everything from food to philosophy, politics to religion, and aliens to exercise. Uncensored and unfiltered.

No answers, just real talk about everything from food to philosophy, politics to religion, and aliens to exercise. Uncensored and unfiltered.


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No answers, just real talk about everything from food to philosophy, politics to religion, and aliens to exercise. Uncensored and unfiltered.






Opinions, Cruelty, & The Paradox of Tolerance - Episode 53

Everyone has the right to their opinion, and they're all equal....right? What if someone's opinion allows them to harm another person? Should such an opinion be tolerated? You probably IMMEDIATELY thought, "hell no!". What if I told you that we have been and are being conditioned to tolerate such opinions in society. But how? Why? To what end? That -- and more -- what we discuss in this episode Be sure to hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, and send us an email...


Gnostic Cosmology & Alternative Thought with The Juan - Episode 52

Multiple dimensions of existence, King Solomon's magic, Divine Feminine, the Law of Attraction and ooooohhh so many more topics were purposefully left out of what we now call the Christian Bible. But why? The study of such extra-canonical works is called Gnosticism. The Gnostics and the excluded "false" teachings they studied were deemed heretics by the early Christian church. But why? What harm can asking a few questions be? Sound familiar? Take the first step off the ledge into the deep...


Equality vs Equity...With All Things Being Equal - Episode 51

Equality. Equity. What do these words mean in a social context? That's a question we need to be able to answer considering how hotly they're being thrown around our society, don't ya think? Are we massively oversimplifying the conversation? Is it really a "black and white" issue or is it full of many subtle shades of gray? These are the questions we begin discussing in this episode. What do you think about the issue? How would you answer some of these questions? We'd love to hear your...


Emotional Triggers, Personality Types, & The Lost Art of Conflict Resolution - Episode 50

Everyone has triggers. Everyone has a definitive personality type. Almost no one seems to be able to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. In this episode we work through an actual real life conflict in almost real time. It's amazing how interconnected your personality type and emotional triggers are when it comes to the way you approach and, hopefully, resolve conflict....which is a lost art (or is it a skill?) in today's society. What's your personality type? What are some of your...


Double, Double Toil & Trouble: Stirring the Double Standard Pot - Episode 49

Have you ever noticed how many double standards abound in our society? In this episode we discuss how (or is it why?) they exist, how they endure, and even dissect a few including abortion, discrimination, and gender identification, and medical mandates. We also discuss a surprisingly little-known fact about the brain that may actually account (or at least play a role) in such a cultural phenomenon. So pack. your bags and let's go on a journey. Won't you be my neighbor? Be sure to hit us...


A Psychotherapist, "The Alien," & God Walk Into a Bar... - Episode 48

On this episode we're joined by California-based psychotherapist, author, and top iTunes podcaster, Michaela Renee Johnson......and holy shit do we have a conversation. Join us as we discuss the psychological effects of COVID19, vaccines, censorship, conspiracy theories, cancel culture, ancient aliens, organized religion, and the notion of God. It's a lengthier episode than we normally roll, but that's because the conversation is so good!! Be sure you visit Michaela's website, check out...


Balancing Between Being Informed & Being Afraid - Episode 47

How do you stay informed without falling prey to fear, panic, depression, and anxiety......especially when it seems as if the world is teetering on the edge of oblivion? Where is the balance? What are the facts? Who can we trust? These are the questions we discuss on this episode. Be sure to hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, or send us an email and hell, maybe we'll have ya on the podcast to have a good conversation.


An Eye-Opening Glimpse Into Being Homeless Through a Convo With a Person Without a Home - Episode 46

Have you ever had a conversation with a "homeless person"? Yeah, me neither....until now. Eye-opening is an understatement. If you don't have a reality check, a few laughs, and probably tear up a time or two from this episode, then you probably don't have a soul to begin with. Check out this episode with Eric Hunt from the Eric & Gord: What If We're Right podcast as he goes describes how he ended up homeless, what it was like being homeless, and how he -- just recently -- was able to move...


Prejudice, Gun Control, & Vaccine Passports - Episode 45

Equality in culture and practice, the 2nd Amendment, "mass" shootings, vaccine passport restrictions, and transgender sports are just a few of the topics we discuss in this episode. But ya know what? We don't talk about these polarizing topics from the perspective of being "right". We want to hear what YOU think. We welcome continued conversation whether you share the same opinions or not. So send us an email and hell, maybe we'll have ya on the...


Ways to IMMEDIATELY Reduce Stress, Fight Anxiety, and Boost Your Immune System That You've Never Heard Of - Episode 44

What if there was a certain music that you could listen to that had scientifically proven health benefits that include: reduced stress and anxiety, increased immune system function, nervous system health, and hormone balancing. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well study after study after study shows that such a music actually exists. And it's not a style of music, but rather a frequency of music. Music tuned to 528 Hz frequency (rather than the normal 440 Hz) has all of the...


The "Equalizer" of Double Standards - Episode 43

Do you watch the new show that stars Queen Latifah, called "The Equalizer"? It's a TV series take on the Denzel Washington movies, that are a take on a book series by Michael Sloan. In this episode we break down a first impression of the show, as a whole, but also get into the social innuendo of the show. In Episode 4 of the the first season of The Equalizer, Queen Latifah accosts a man in the shower of a men's locker room at a gym, and apparently that's ok. What if a man in the show had...


Cancel Culture: This is NOT The Way - Episode 42

We stand at the edge of a precipice. Hate has NOT been eradicated in our society, it has been embraced, encouraged, and rebranded. If you have an opinion that differs from the iron triangle that is made up of politicians, media, and big business, you are at risk of being cursed, discriminated, denied civil rights, refused healthcare, lose your job, and all around be "canceled". Not only is this being seen as socially acceptable at an alarming rate, it's being encouraged by the mainstream...


How the Subtly Subliminal Shapes Our Psyche - Episode 41

The news media gets a lot of attention for being biased and slanted, but what about movies and TV shows? Wouldn't it be easier to program your thinking and or influence your thought process through characters that you're invested in? Does it catch your attention when TV shows or movies reinforce and/or push political or social ideas? Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email at


Opinions Are Like Assholes. Everyone Has Them, & Most of Them Stink - Episode 40

Join us as we journey down the rabbit hole of opinions, and the slippery slope of subconsciously believing that your opinions are the absolute truth, or even just a fact -- rather than just your opinion. And what happens when you use your opinions as a measuring stick to judge the "goodness" of other people? Hmmm..... In this episode Jeffrey and Heather discuss the polarizing opinions of cursing, Breonna Taylor's death, religious beliefs, gun control, the 2020 election, Trump, Biden, and...


Emotional Abuse, Self Defense, & Helen Keller - Episode 39

Are you a different person depending on who you're around? Does someone make you feel like your opinion doesn't matter? In this episode, Jeffrey & Mills open up about their own baggage and abuse in a way that is rarely experienced. Why? Because they they KNOW that a fuck ton of folks are experiencing the same things, but feel alone and trapped. You are NOT alone. This shit happens WAY more than anyone wants to admit. But we need to talk about it. You are not alone. You. Are. Not....


Love, Weed, & Self-Awareness - Episode 38

What do you get when you combine good convo about weed, love, self-reflection, sarcasm, and a lot of laughter? This podcast episode! Join Jeffrey Davis and first-time guest, Josh Cook, as they dive deep, laugh hard, and discuss love, self awareness, and weed. Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email at


Hans Gruber & Mental Health - Episode 37

2020 has been a shit show. Covid is NOT the problem. What is? The mental health crisis. Depression is on the rise. Suicide rates are at an all time high. Humanity is not ok. Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email at


Cancel Culture, Handguns, & the 2020 Election - Episode 36

Don't like someone? "Canceled". Someone expressing a different opinion than yours? "Karen". What the actual fuck? In this episode we talk about this weird ass cancel culture, handguns & gun control, the Rachel Brathen death threats, and the relative shit storm that is the 2020 United States Presidential election. Sounds like a crazy conversation, but you know how we flows seamlessly, as if it's one wave to the next. Trust me, you want to jump in this conversation. Be sure to hit...


Stress & Desserts - 5M3

"Due to Covid", we took an unscheduled break, but we're back to our regularly scheduled programming! Everything is "due to covid" right now, so what better to blame, ya know? In this 5M3, your mind will be melted as you ponder the correlation between being stressed and eating desserts. Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email at


Even Smart People Have Biases - Episode 35

We the people....wait, we the who? What is the best type of government? Is there one? Does the almighty dollar rule everything? Are politicians truly elected or are they purchased? Everyone has a perspective and opinion, and -- gasp -- a bias. Does that make one group of people inherently "right" or "wrong". Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email at