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Lifestyles 55 Radio (digital) serves the same audience providing music of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, reaching out to other decades on occasion and offering fun and entertaining talk about the issues of the day and more.

Lifestyles 55 Radio (digital) serves the same audience providing music of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, reaching out to other decades on occasion and offering fun and entertaining talk about the issues of the day and more.




Lifestyles 55 Radio (digital) serves the same audience providing music of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, reaching out to other decades on occasion and offering fun and entertaining talk about the issues of the day and more.




The Gardener with Harry Shreimer

The Schriemer name has been synonymous with gardening for 50 years and now a third generation of Schriemer’s has dedicated his life to plants. Harry Schriemer’s son, Matt, the 6-foot, 7-inch former wonder on the volleyball court, bought Patterson’s Greenhouse on Roblin Blvd. in Winnipeg about four years ago and he has carried on Marge Patterson’s tradition of excellence. To read more click here.


The Gardener with Jan Pedersen



The Gardener with Kevin talking about Raised Veggie Gardens

How deep should a raised garden be? Should your garden have a floor or not? How do you keep a raised garden hydrated and how often should you water? How can you tell if the garden needs water? What can you grow in a raised garden and more importantly, what should you NOT grow in a raised garden? What kind of soil should you use and where should you locate the garden? How much can you grow, how far apart should you plant things, can you grow potatoes, when is the best time to plant


The Gardener with Sherrie talks Birds in Springtime

You know spring is most here when Preferred Perch store owner, Sherrie Versluis comes on the air to talk about our feathered friends. We have been hearing and seeing flocks of geese honking overhead and Sherrie says the puffy little dark-eyed juncos are back. Click here to read more.


The Gardener with Kevin talking about Spring

Even though it is the middle of March and the earth in middle Canada is covered with four feet of snow, spring is in the air. It is hard to believe, says Kevin, that last year, at this time, it was plus 12 C and there was no snow! For more info, click here.


The Gardener with Master Gardener, Marilyn Dudek

Are you a gardener with a passion for plants but wish you knew more about his whole fascinating world? Maybe you should consider becoming a Master Gardener. Marilyn Dudek, one of Manitoba’s first master gardeners tells us she reached her dream and helped other Manitobans with a like passion, discover how they could do the same. For more info, click here.


The Gardener with Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman is the CEO of the International Peace Garden, a beautiful place on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota where you can move seamlessly from one country to another without interference. To read more, click here.


The Gardener with John Barrett of Vesey's Seeds

John Barrett, vice president of Veseys Seeds met Dorothy way back in Winnipeg before he moved to Prince Edward Island and became a garden man. For more info, click here.


The Gardener talks to Mr Tomato

Dorothy Talks to Mr. Tomato, Brian, about his leadership in the garden product world. He tells how his gardening interests started back when he was only 11 years old, and his mother would have him mow the grass with an old rotary lawn mower. He was captivated by the smell of fresh grass, and he remembers distinctly the feeling it gave him. Click here to read more.


The Gardener talks about our Wonderful World

Kevin and Dorothy spend a soothing hour or so talking about the wonderful things in the world that make life worthwhile. Listen while you go for a walk in the forest or spend a quiet afternoon dreaming of spring. Click here to click more.


The Gardener talks about Spring

Shea and Dorothy talk about what to be planting right now: garlic chives, everbearing strawberries and Asclepias (the red ones). Click here to read more.


The Gardener with Jan Pedersen talking about Shrubs and Trees

Jan Pedersen’s personal garden is kaleidoscope of colour, shape, texture and form all created by his skill in landscaping with trees and shrubs. Jan, who was once the co-owner of Shelmerdine Garden Centre, the largest garden centre in Manitoba, also spent 10 years working for one of the foremost growers of hardy shrubs and trees in Canada, Bylands Nurseries out of Kelowna. Jan is a knowledgeable guy. Click here to read more.


The Gardener With Matt Vinet talking about Trees

Dorothy Dobbie and Matt Vinet of Green Drop Trees discuss the world of Winnipeg trees. They touch on the special trees of this is city and indeed the province. Why do we see lone trees set against the vast prairie sky in the middle of a field with no other trees for miles around? Were they planted by some former pioneer or by a passing bird? To read. more, click here.


The Gardener with Janice Lukes

The Year of the Garden 2022 is a celebration of our national garden culture and also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. To read more, click here.


The Gardener talks about the Magic of Earth's Natural Cycle

Kevin Twomey returns home from an eco-conference in the United States. He is filled with wonder and excitement over what he learned, and he shares his excitement with Dorothy. To read more, click here.


The Gardener with Shea Doherty talking about Houseplants

Dorothy and Shea discuss how to keep your favourite houseplants alive and healthy. They talk about why poinsettias lose their leaves when you bring them home from the shop and how to prevent this. To read more, click here.


The Gardener with Charlie Thomsen of The International Peace Garden

When was the last time you went to the International Peace Garden or even thought about the fact that this one-of-a-kind garden straddles the border between Canada and the United States near Boissevain? Today, current chair of the board, Dorothy Dobbie, and former Chair (and awardee of a Manitoba 150 medal) Charlie Thomsen, take you on a journey of discovery into how the garden came to be and how it looks now. To read more and view photos, click here.


The Gardener with Canada's Local Gardener

Our company, Pegasus Publications Inc., is a family affair. Shauna Dobbie, who is not the editor of Canada’s Local Gardener is company founder Dorothy’s daughter. Ian Leatt, now the president of the company, is Dorothy’s “adopted” son and Shauna’s “adopted” brother. Together, the three of them love to garden and in this episode, they look back at what worked, what didn’t, and why in the summer of ’21. To read more, click here


The Gardener with the Year of the Garden organizers

Dorothy Dobbie talks about the Year of Garden 2022 with Michel Gauthier and Rebecca Sokol of Communities in Bloom To read more, click here.


The Gardener with Shea Doherty on What's New Next Year

Shea Doherty gives us a sneak preview into what to expect on his greenhouse shelves in the coming season. There are several promising new petunias: Crazytunia Firecracker, Merlot Star and Big Deal Chocolate Cheery to name a few. He introduces us to Petchoa, a cross between a petunia and a calibrachoa. He says the blossoms are medium in size but very prolific on a semi-trailing to trailing plant. They keep their colour well and have vigorous and sturdy foliage. For more information and...