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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.


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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.




I Don’t Understand You.

In this episode, Jared Judge hits the road on his way to another venue tour, emphasizing the inconveniences that come with pursuing his Gig Vault strategy. He draws a parallel to the legendary Michael Jordan's career, highlighting how greatness often emerges from embracing discomfort and hard work. Jared then delves into the importance of clear communication, sharing personal experiences and lessons learned along the way. He stresses the significance of precise and transparent communication, especially in the context of booking gigs, as it can make a substantial difference in how you're perceived by potential clients. Tune in for valuable insights into effective communication and its impact on your music career.


Building A Music Career Is Not Convenient

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his recent experience touring a prestigious private event venue. He highlights the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing the inconvenient aspects of building a music career. Jared passionately discusses how pursuing high-paying gigs and networking in the private events industry may not always be easy or convenient, but it's the path to achieving your musical dreams. He delves into the motivations of pleasure and pain, emphasizing the need to envision the positive outcomes and the desire to escape less-than-ideal situations. Tune in for inspiration and practical advice on navigating the challenges of your music journey.


How To Make Money With Your Music Website

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the art of turning your musician website into a money-making machine. As a gigging musician himself, he shares valuable insights on various strategies for generating income through your website. From offering live performances at private events to selling music recordings and merchandise, Jared explores diverse avenues to maximize the potential of your online platform. Discover how to create disproportionately valuable offerings, build a fan base, and even become an affiliate marketer for related products. Get ready to unlock the financial potential of your musician website.


The Missing Wedding Gig

In this episode, Jared Judge shares a hair-raising gig mishap that will make you double-check your contracts and gig details. Hear how Jared, while busking on a street corner, received a shocking call from a musician at a wedding venue, only to discover that the wedding was scheduled for the wrong day due to a contract error. Learn how Jared handled this crisis with professionalism and empathy, successfully rescheduling the gig, and compensating the musicians involved. Discover valuable lessons about contract verification, communication, and maintaining professionalism under pressure. Join the journey of a gigging musician, complete with unexpected twists and turns!


Congratulations Dennis!

In this episode, join Jared Judge as he celebrates the success of fellow musician Dennis D. Discover how Dennis, a singing guitarist, transitioned from open mics to securing high-paying private event gigs, thanks to his dedication and Jared's guidance. Jared shares Dennis's journey, from joining the Fulltime Music Challenge to sponsoring a networking event for the International Live Events Association (ILEA). Learn how Dennis's proactive approach paid off, as he received a referral for a three-hour club member release party at a local distillery. This episode serves as a testament to the power of networking and taking action in your music career.


Should We Pay To Play?

In this episode, join Jared Judge as he embarks on yet another venue tour adventure. Discover the breathtaking garden-style venue he explores, complete with Lily ponds, sculptures, and three distinct event spaces. Jared shares how these tours help him secure coveted spots on preferred vendor lists, potentially opening the door to a multitude of gig opportunities. However, the episode takes a thought-provoking turn when Jared discusses venues that require payment to be included on their preferred vendor lists. Delve into the ethical dilemmas surrounding this practice and the importance of building profit margins into your music business. Tune in and make informed decisions about your music career's future.


I Got 10 Venues to Say Yes

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the thrilling world of booking 10 venue tours and reveals the secrets behind his success. He delves into the power of strategic partnerships with event industry professionals, emphasizing the crucial role venues play in high-paying private event gigs. Jared shares how he leverages venue tours to connect with venue owners, managers, and event planners, even for introverted musicians. Discover the Gig Vault strategy and the importance of follow-up in building a thriving music career. Tune in and get inspired to take your music career to the next level!


The Secret Underbelly of Agencies

In this episode, Jared Judge takes listeners behind the scenes of national and international music agencies. He explains how these agencies operate, from marketing and selling gigs to staffing musicians, and how they manage to provide consistent services across different cities. Jared also challenges musicians to learn from these agencies and apply similar strategies to their own acts, emphasizing the importance of marketing and uniqueness in standing out in the market.


Are DJs Our Competition

In this episode, Jared Judge explores the idea of competition and collaboration within the music industry, specifically focusing on the relationship between musicians and DJs. He shares his recent experiences in partnering with DJ companies and emphasizes the importance of mindset in seizing opportunities. Jared also discusses the misconceptions people have about hiring live musicians and how musicians can overcome these challenges to create more opportunities for themselves.


Don’t Go Into Music

In this episode, Jared Judge reflects on the value of work, the importance of putting effort into marketing and selling musical services, and the concept of leverage in the music business. He shares a story from his high school band director and emphasizes the importance of valuing one's work and the work of others. Jared also discusses the challenges of pursuing a career in music and offers insights into how musicians can leverage their skills to achieve success.


Christmas in July is Over

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his experience performing at a "Christmas in July" event hosted by the Denver Art hotel. He reflects on the success of the gig, the connections he made, and how it served as a marketing opportunity for him. Jared emphasizes the importance of networking and leveraging opportunities to showcase one's capabilities. He also highlights how playing at this event led to potential future gigs and connections with other professionals in the industry.


Do You Have the “Right Stuff?”

In this episode, Jared Judge explores the essential roles that musicians must embrace to succeed in the business world. Drawing inspiration from the book "The E Myth Revisited" by Michael E. Gerber, Jared discusses the three personality types that every business needs: the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur. He explains how musicians are trained as technicians but must also develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills to create a sustainable business. Jared emphasizes the importance of vision, systems, and adaptability, offering insights into how musicians can navigate the complexities of running a business and achieve long-term success.


Your Act Is Suffocating

In this episode, Jared Judge revisits a critical topic that can make or break a musician's career: building a profit margin into your price. He shares his personal experiences and mistakes in managing his musical act, emphasizing the importance of not just compensating musicians but also covering administrative costs, marketing, and investments in equipment. Jared provides a step-by-step guide to calculating the cost of a gig and determining an appropriate profit margin, stressing that this is essential for the financial stability and longevity of a musical act. Whether you're part of a band or a solo act, this episode offers valuable insights into managing your finances and ensuring that your music thrives.


How To Eliminate Resistance To Your Prices

In this episode, Jared Judge explores the critical topic of pricing for musicians. He emphasizes why musicians should never be the lowest-priced option in the room and how to sell musical services at a high price, even in a market flooded with price shoppers. Jared shares insights into attracting quality clients who value experience over price and how to make yourself stand out in a crowded marketplace. He also discusses the importance of networking within the private events industry and how to leverage your unique skills to create a marketplace of one, where you're the only option. Tune in to learn how to eliminate resistance to your prices and confidently charge what you're worth.


What Does Buzzfeed Have To Do With Marketing Our Music?

In this episode, Jared Judge shares an exciting music marketing experiment that successfully generated a booking lead without spending a dime. Drawing inspiration from Buzzfeed quizzes, Jared explains how he created a fun and engaging quiz related to his music services. He delves into the psychology behind quizzes, the importance of connecting them to your services, and how he utilized a survey funnel to generate leads. Jared also discusses the power of marketing, the importance of constant experimentation, and how quizzes can be a unique way to entertain potential clients before even stepping on stage. Tune in to learn how you can apply this creative marketing strategy to your own music career.


Cut Out The Crap

In this episode, Jared Judge urges musicians to aim higher in their careers. Drawing from the book "10x is easier than 2x," he emphasizes the importance of pursuing higher-paying gigs and setting 10x goals. Jared explores the 80/20 principle, the pitfalls of being too busy with low-paying gigs, and the significance of making decisive choices. He also shares personal anecdotes and insights to inspire musicians to cut out the unnecessary and elevate their careers.


Shifting Your Mindset To Win

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the importance of mindset and how it can either hinder or propel your music career. Drawing from his own experiences, Jared emphasizes the need to believe in your worth and to recognize that success in the music industry requires more than just musical talent. He challenges conventional paths and encourages listeners to forge their own unique journeys to success. Jared shares insights from a book he's reading, "10x Is Easier Than 2x," which explores the concept of setting audacious goals and making transformative shifts to achieve them. He highlights the importance of focusing on the 20% of activities that yield 80% of results, and he challenges musicians to step outside their comfort zones and pursue higher-paying gigs by connecting with private event planners and venue managers. Jared invites listeners to explore the Gig Vault, a comprehensive resource of over 24,665 private event venue owners and event contacts, available with a free 30-day trial of Fulltime Music Academy. Ultimately, Jared reminds musicians that their success hinges on their mindset and the actions they take to proactively shape their music careers.


Goats and Gigs

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his experience at a venue open house and how he utilized the power of networking and music to make meaningful connections in the private events industry. He highlights the stunning location of the venue and his two-hour performance on the electric violin. Jared emphasizes the importance of taking action and reaching out to potential clients by sharing his strategy of following and engaging with private event venues and planners on social media. He also discusses the valuable opportunities that arose from the event, including a video interview and collaboration possibilities with a videography company and a talent agency. Jared emphasizes the mindset required for success in the music business, highlighting his belief in the power of marketing, business skills, and relationship building.


Creating Your Own Category To Eliminate Competition

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the world of walking music for corporate events and conferences. He discusses the concept of creating your own category in the market and being the go-to musician in a niche area. Jared shares his excitement about the potential of walking music as a blue ocean opportunity with limited competition. He explains his plan to create a dedicated funnel on his website, complete with a sales letter targeting conference event planners. Jared emphasizes the importance of driving traffic to the funnel and shares his strategy of utilizing an email list to generate interest.


The Two Ways To Make It As A Musician

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his experiences playing corporate events and emphasizes the importance of combining artistic talent with strong business skills in order to succeed as a musician. He recounts a recent gig where he faced communication challenges with a collaborator and highlights the significance of effective planning and communication in the music industry. Jared discusses the power of networking and sponsoring events, which have led to valuable opportunities and repeat clients. He encourages musicians to continuously work on their business skills and offers insights on the benefits of analyzing performances and seeking feedback.