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This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes.

This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes.
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This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes.




This is Creepy! Our Annual Chat about Halloween! Episode 158

Today’s episode can be summed up in one word: CREEPY! We’re chatting about October, otherwise known as our favorite month of the year, with the best halloween expert we could find: Graham. We’ll also talk about why this year was extra special because it included Kirsten’s amazing trip to Birmingham to visit Graham! Join Graham and Kirsten as we dig into which costumes are hot this year and which Halloween movies make our all time favorites list. Plus, how the “hands free” movement is not...


On Man Buns and Monograms! It’s all about Grand Millennials ! Episode 157

We're putting on our granny panties and pulling out our stitching needles... it's a GRANDMillennial celebration. We have been validated! On today's episode we're chatting all about the amazing article in this month's House Beautiful that introduced us to our new favorite term! All hail the age of the Grand- Millennial. Haven’t heard of a Grand Millennial? We'll explain why all things old lady are suddenly new again. Join us as we discuss Emma Bazilian's brilliant new term with one of the...


“Coffee to Go; Add Extra Pumpkin!” Plus Other Uniquely American Headscratchers! Episode 156

Today on Welcome Home we’ll talk a little bit about manners, a LOT about international protocol, and a whole bunch of what we do in America that is confusing to the rest of the world. Is it cool to walk the streets with a latte? What about ordering your dinner with extra salt? And how about riding shotgun in a taxi? You’ll find out what’s hot and what’s NOT around the globe! Plus, why the World Series may have baseball fans living a lie, go-to karaoke song ideas, and why we’re serving dinner...


I’ll Bring You Dinner! How to turn cooking for others into an act of love and service; Episode 155

Today on Welcome Home, we’re stepping into the kitchen, dusting off our aprons, and getting to work--- all in the name of showing love and building community. Whether it’s new babies, new homes, dealing with illness, or even grieving the death of a loved one, one of the most powerful and restorative ways to serve the people in our lives is to bring food made by our own hands. On today’s episode we’re chatting with Janet Reich Elsbach, home cook and author of “Extra Helping” Recipes for...


Time Management for Moms, Everyday Household Hacks, & What to Do When You’re Out of Toothpicks! Episode 154

On today’episode, we’re feeling all back-to-school-ish and talking about the small and big things we do --and the things we want to do!-- to make our weeks run more smoothly. We'll chat about what we've learned about guarding our time, preplanning our mornings, scheduling our weeks, clearing up head space, and communicating with our spouses. Plus, Lisa Frank vs. JoJo Siwa, why Kirsten's household loves "Sunday no-Funday", how the Graham is the MacGaver of toothpicks, and why laundromats...


Wait, What? That’s not true? Debunking myths we’ve all been believing! Episode 153

On today’s episode, we’re getting all “science-y” and debunking some widely held medical and household beliefs. We’ll examine a long list of remedies, cures, and practices we're using that might have absolutely NO scientific bearing on our lives.What’s a time tested truth and what’s an old wives tale? ...And then we'll also just debate some other things we're not quite sure we believe. Plus, what we’ve learned from British pen-pals, what Cinderella really thought about sensible footwear,...


What the Heck is the Enneagram Anyway? Episode 152

It seems like everyone is talking about their Enneagram number. But we really had no idea what the Enneagram was or why any of this mattered anyway? But fear not friends! Because today on Welcome Home, we’re bringing in an expert and we’re taking a stab at the baffling world of the Enneagram. Join us as we chat with Certified Enneagram Coach, Lindsey Bailey, who helps us dig into our personality types and help you figure out yours. Plus, driving and honking in New York City, why sitters...


OMG!? Do you seriously not know how to do that? Episode 151

WHAT?? OMG! FOR REAL? HOW THE HECK DID WE MISS THAT? Today on Welcome Home, we’re diving into all the things we think our kids should be able to do... and we’re going way beyond shoe tying, swimming and reading! We’ve made a long list of skills we think all kids should know how to do. We’re just not sure who’s actually teaching these things? Plus, we’ll discuss Kirsten’s revolutionary new egg cooking method, Graham’s dad's raw meat obsession, and how Kirsten’s kiddos are clearly closet...


Key Cards, Chicken Nuggets, and Luxury Travel; A Welcome Home Chat with the founder of Ritz-Carlton! Episode 150

On today’s episode we’re talking to the grandfather of luxury and the man who set the gold standard for treating people like royalty, the founder of the famed Ritz Carlton Hotels, Horst Shulze. We’ll discuss why a business book on hospitality might just be the greatest etiquette book ever written, and how it’s impossibly difficult to get thrown out of a Ritz Carlton. Plus the real story on hotel key cards, making the daily decision to love your spouse, and in depth look why a hotel tycoon is...


Foolproof Meal Planning to Save Time & Money! Episode 149

Today on Welcome Home, we’re revisiting one of our most talked about episodes, meal planning! By the end of this episode, you’ll be well on your way to creating a system that will not only save countless hours, and dollars, but have you entertaining like a pro at the drop of a hat. We’ll dig into the specifics of Graham’s magical meal binder that has worked for her for almost a decade and we’ll chat about what go-to-dinners we’re loving now. Plus why Walmart has become the new Neiman Marcus,...


Why House Arrest is Better than Moving Houses; Episode 148

On today’s episode we’re helping you pack up, say goodbye, and start life afresh--it’s our HOW TO MOVE WELL EPISODE! We’ll offer tips and tricks on hitting the ground running, and a few what not to do’s as well! Plus... luxurious 90’s bedrooms, why house arrest may be the ultimate form of self care, and what may just be the best new potluck party theme idea we’ve ever heard of. This episode was inspired by a question from a listener: “We are a military family who moves every 2-3 years. We...


Let’s Talk about Travel; Episode 147

On today’s episode, we’re stamping our passports, letting our imaginations run wild, and talking all about travel! Crystal clear Caribbean waters you never knew were so close, Balineasian rice patties, and Embassy Suites for three day weekends! From last minute travel to trips planned years in advance we're talking about everything from real life concerns when traveling with kids to which fantasy vacations we've been dreaming of! We're asking a travel expert Beth Flowers of Brownell Travel...


Spring Clean Your Life, NO Cleaning Involved! Episode 146

On today’s episode, we’re talking spring cleaning! But don’t worry, there is not a broom or mop in sight! Instead, we’re chatting about a few things that we think have passed their prime and need to be kicked to the curb. Will you agree with us? Do you have a list of your own? What are you just so OVER? Plus...Why Cracker Barrel is the Neiman Marcus of country cooking, the truth about whether Graham is really over her obsession with Suze Orman, and a serious look at all things bacon. All...


Life to the Extreme with Ty Pennington; Episode 145

On today’s episode, we’re talking with the one and only Ty Pennington about his new show, new book, and why America is so enamored with DIY and home renovation. We’ll take you behind the scenes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and talk about why getting to help real life families in need might just be the greatest job in the whole world! Plus, what it takes to be the Christopher Columbus of the Television DIY Movement, why building someone a coffin may just land you your dream job and the...


How We’re Alike & How We’re Sooo Different! Episode 144

On today’s episode, we’re digging into our 20 year friendship and talking about how we’re so alike and all the ways we’re different. From daily routines, to our favorite foods, to our most likely fashion and style choices, we’re chatting today about how best friends can be so similar… yet shockingly different. Plus, how this podcast made a difference in a local town council, why Graham doesn’t bother to fight with Kirsten, and the number one quality we’re looking for when hunting for...


Small Steps to Big Changes; Episode 143

On today’s episode we’re asking the big questions about what gives us purpose and how we can start taking small steps towards turning our passions into realities! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we chat with fellow mom, life coach, and all around smart lady, Alexandra Terhalle about how we can discover what we really want to do with our lives and how to go after it. Alexandra coaches clients online virtually around the globe via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. and offers complimentary sessions so...


Hack and Tips for Parties and Entertaining! Episode 142

Today on Welcome Home .. It’s time to PARTY! It’s our quasi-annual look at all things entertaining. We’ll talk all about the parties we’re planning, the best events we’ve attended, our very strong opinions on RSVPs, and why the neighborhood hardware store should be your first stop when shopping for party supplies. Plus, back-room deals with the Whole Foods Fish Monger, buying wine on the honor system, Graham’s inside track with Yeti Coolers. and why Burlington Coat Factory is so much more...


Mindblowing Sex 101! Episode 141

DISCLAIMER: Today's episode is intended for adult audiences only. Please listen on headphones or wait till the kiddos aren't around. On today’s episode, we’re stepping out of our comfort zone and talking about sex! How to love it and why it’s so important to date your husband again! We can't wait to introduce you to Brooke Christian, from Flirty Girl Guide, the website where sex and motherhood collide! Brooke shares her thoughts on why it's so important to make good sex a priority and how...


What We’re Reading, Watching, & Listening to Now! Episode 140

Today's episode is all about content! we’re talking about what we’re reading, watching, listening too, and currently enjoying. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we dig into our favorite books, podcasts, magazines, and television shows. We'll also be discussing why the way in which we consume content seems to be just as important as what content we’re actually consuming. PLUS, Why a 2011 suburban is considered an “old fashion car”, how to study Spanish in the shower to maximize every moment,...


How not to have your home kill you; Episode 139

On today’s episode we’re talking about health and wellness as it relates to our houses. We’re getting all science-y, and not trying to get too freaked out about all the gross stuff lurking in our homes. Dive in with us, to learn some easy cleaning hacks to make our homes safer. We're talking with Courtney Lebedzinski from Wholesome Houses Wholesome Houses is where Courtney distills the best research, strategies, and technologies from the experts in the building biology, indoor air quality,...