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Welcome to The Home Staging Show! This is a podcast about everything home staging, real estate, selling a house and creating a beautiful home to live or to sell. You can find out more about the show at

Welcome to The Home Staging Show! This is a podcast about everything home staging, real estate, selling a house and creating a beautiful home to live or to sell. You can find out more about the show at
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Welcome to The Home Staging Show! This is a podcast about everything home staging, real estate, selling a house and creating a beautiful home to live or to sell. You can find out more about the show at






Creating a Profitable & Sustainable Home Staging Business with Profit First Coach Michele Williams

For the final episode of season 9, we’re talking about the business side of home staging and why it’s so important to focus not just on your revenue, but on your profit margins. I speak to a lot of new stagers with questions about how much profit they should be making, whether they should buy or rent furniture, and other important business considerations. To talk all about profit and building a sustainable, healthy business, we’re joined by the brilliant Michele Williams! Michele Williams...


Real Estate Photography with Photographer Kristina Kandel

Today’s show is all about real estate photography! We talked a lot about the technical side of photography, like white balance, exposure, ISO, etc. We also talked about the styling side of things, especially how differently the camera sees the room vs. the human eyes and how that impact the way we place things in the room. On today’s show, I am interviewing Kris Kandel, a photographer in the Fargo area, specializing in weddings and real estate photography since 2001. She has always been...


DIY Landscape Design that Sells Your Home with Landscape Designer Ben Hale

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and nowhere is this more obvious than when we’re looking at a house. I’ve seen it plenty of times: clients pull up to a house for a viewing, but are so put off by the outside that they don’t even want to go in! Having a landscape that’s tidy, beautiful, and welcoming can do wonders for your happiness while living in your home and be a boost when you’re ready to sell it, too. And our guest today is an expert on exactly that! Ben Hale...


What Millennials Want Plus Home Staging Community Building with Top Atlanta Stager Krisztina Bell

The home staging industry has experienced a lot of change in the past few years, especially with HGTV’s explosion in popularity, ever-savvier buyers and sellers, and the entrance of millennials into the real estate market. It’s no wonder that now more than ever, communities of home stagers are popping up around the globe. These communities are valuable sources of information, mentorship, and inspiration - and today’s guest is a huge advocate for teaming up with other stagers in your market...


Stop Renting, Find an Amazing Real Estate Agent & Market Your House to Stand Out with Courtney Poulos

There’s so much that goes into buying a house: finding a great real estate agent, combing through listings, competing with other offers, and the psychological freakout that often accompanies actually putting down the cash for a home. But buying a house is one of the best investments you can make, and a really talented, attentive real estate agent can make the process a LOT easier for you. Courtney Poulos is the broker/owner of ACME Real Estate, a design-savvy boutique brokerage focusing on...


Affordable Interior Design & Tips for High-End Styling with Betsy Helmuth

Hiring an interior designer can be a tricky sell for many homeowners and renters. For many people, interior design feels like it’s way outside of their budget. The lack of affordable interior design was a gap in the market that today’s guest, Betsy Helmuth, saw and realized she was meant to fill. Betsy Helmuth is the owner of Affordable Interior Design and a nationally celebrated interior designer. She wrote a popular DIY design book, “Big Design, Small Budget: Create a Glamorous Home in...


How Staging Affects Buyer Psychology and How to Stage a Home to Sell with Stager and Realtor Kelly Williams

I’ve wanted to have someone on the podcast for a long time who bridges the gap between stager & real estate agent – even though the industries are related, there’s a relatively small amount of crossover between the work of prepping a home to sell and the job of helping buyers and sellers make the actual sale. So you can imagine how excited I am to have Kelly Williams on today’s episode! Kelly Williams has owned and operated her staging company, Creative Touch Interiors, since 2003 and has...


Modern Living and DIY in an 1880s home with Stacy Grinsfelder, Host of Blake Hill House Podcast

Welcome back to the Home Staging Show! On this episode, I’ve got a really fun and interesting guest, fellow podcaster Stacy Grinsfelder. Stacy hosts the podcast True Tales from Old Houses and runs a blog about modern living and DIY called Blake Hill House. Stacy and her family moved into their 1800s home after falling in love with its architectural quirks and rich history. Now, she’s a passionate advocate for the respectful restoration of old houses that honors their past while giving them...


Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi

I am really excited about having McCall on the show today. She is very good at breaking down ways to engage with your audience and grow your social media presence for your business. We also talked a lot about using videos to grow your engagement. During the show, McCall gave us a bunch of great and practical tips on how to get started on social media and using video if you are new to or is already familiar with social media but want to take it to the next level. On today’s show, I have...


How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants and Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click

I am SO excited to have Anthea Click back. She is a total rockstar as you can tell from last season’s episode. On the podcast today, we delved in deeper on her home staging business, on how she buys inventory, the costs of inventory, pricing and where to buy. We also talked about how she trains her stagers, how she learned how to stage and style interiors, plus her tricks on improving her home staging skills.


Building a Home Staging Business in a Brand New Market with Italian Stager Sanja Radovanovic

On the show today, I am interviewing Sanja who is the European director of IAHSP. She has been working as an interior designer and she is the founder of The Art of Staging. She has launched her home staging business in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois and has moved to Rome, Italy in 2016 where she currently lives and works. Sanja is a certified ASP® Trainer for and she is also very actively involved in the home staging community both in Europe and in the States. On today’s show, we...


Selecting Artwork for Your Home or Staging Project, Plus How Colors Influence Us with Artist and Marketing Agency Owner Darcy Briks

On the show today, we have an artist and a creative director of a marketing agency Darcy Briks on the show. Darcy’s mother is an interior designer and who had done work with builders and investors on selling their homes. Growing up, Darcy had a lot of influence from her mother when it comes to colors. During today’s show, we chatted a lot about the creative process, using colors and how we perceive and are influenced by colors. Because of Darcy’s position as a creative director, we also...


Interview with UK Millennial Home Stager Olivia Conlon, from £30k to £1M in a Year

Today on the show, we have Olivia Conlon, a UK stager based in Glasgow, on the show. She started her staging business when she was 16 and about 4 years in, her home staging business services entire country of United Kingdom and she not only stage homes, her business also includes manufacturing furnishing, importing soft goods and renting and selling staging inventory to investors and buyers. It’s an absolutely incredible business model. Currently operating throughout the UK, Olivia Conlon...


Cultivating Multiple Streams of Income as A Home Stager with Luxury Home Stager Anthea Click

On today’s show, I am interviewing Anthea Click, who is just a total rockstar in the home staging industry. She is one of my favorite people, and it’s been incredible to watch her business grow since we both started our businesses around the same time. On today’s show, we talked a lot about everything, the growth in the real estate industry, the real estate market in Nashville, how Anthea got started in the home staging industry, staging Airbnbs, differentiating yourself from other stagers...


Creating More Demand for Your Listing with FL Real Estate Agent Kristina Mollo

On the show today, I have real estate agent Kristina Mollo on the show and we talk about the process of both buying and selling a home, and what today’s buyers are looking for. When it comes to selling real estate, whether you are a home stager, a real estate agent or a home seller, it is important to understand what today’s buyers are looking for and how they think. Having worked on both buyer’s and seller’s side, Kristina knows what today’s buyers are looking for and understands the...


How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Home Staging Business with Pinterest Expert Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Today, I have Kate from Simple Pin Media with us to talk about leveraging Pinterest for our businesses. I know our first five episodes of this season really focused on building a home staging business. For the next few episodes, we are going to shift the focus for a bit and focusing on the upcoming sales season. As you are probably starting to experience, the market is getting busier. On today’s show, here are some of the stuff we discussed: Hey Kate, thank you so much for coming on the...


Staging Homes for Home Builders and TV Shows with Top Stager Kevin Htain

Hi guys, I am really excited to have Kevin Htain on the show. Recognized amongst Staging and Design aficionados for his engaging personality and his limitless devotion to the Home Staging industry, Kevin Htain- Lifetime Master Accredited Staging Professional, has become an iconic figure in the Staging industry for creating emotionally magnetizing spaces that sell. On the show today, we talked a lot about working with builders, different pricing models for home staging services and what it...


Pricing Home Staging Services, Business Model & Staging Luxury Homes with Award-Winning Seattle Stager Edi Keech

On today's show, here is what we discussed: Edi’s approach to new home staging projects Staging vacant homes vs. occupied homes Is your approach different between starter homes vs. luxury homes? Some of the common misunderstanding when it comes to staging the house? What usually caused home sellers and realtors to resist staging How to deal with clients who are not willing to stage Different pricing models in the home staging industry How listings are marketed Working with real...


Shift Your Mindset and Create the Business You Love with Success Coach Makayla Ervin | Season 8 Ep 1

Hi guys, welcome back to Season 8. I m SO excited to bring the podcast back! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Since it's the new year, on the show today, I have invited Makayla Ervin, a success coach for mompreneurs to talk about mindset and to eliminate self-limiting beliefs. I also want to take a moment to thank you for your patience and been so supportive of Staged4more. As you may know from previous shows that I moved to Paris for ten months to pursue my master degree last year and it was very...