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A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.

A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.
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A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.






The Idea Fountain S2 Ep8: Music with SaLaAM ReMi talking Amy, Nas, and Fugees Love.

It’s an addiction. It’s something that not only has changed lives but saved lives. “The sweetest thing I’ve ever known. Just like a kiss on a collar bone” - Lauryn Hill. Music has been the biggest part of my heart, brain, and life for as long as I can remember. I started The Idea Fountain: Life Changing Conversations but to date we have never really talked about music. I think that’s because a lot of music interviews can be promotional. When it comes to artists who have changed my life… I...


The Idea Fountain S2 Ep 7: Krump with Tommy the Clown

From South Central to the WORLD - Krumping is a movement. Battle Zone is the venue. Tommy the Clown is a legend. He’s an entrepreneur. He has single handedly lowered gang violence in LA. He’s been a part of some my most important life moments from birthdays to changing jobs. Some say “you have to see it to believe it” and millions did when they watched Tommy the Clown in David LaChepelle’s iconic documentary RIZE. Hear Tommy’s story on this episode of The Idea Fountain. See him in action as...


The Idea Fountain S2 Ep 5: Word! In-Q discussing poetry and life

In-Q’s poems fill my heart with more wisdom and insight than any song ever has. The words are not lyrics but they flow like medicine. He’s been one of my favorite friends for a long time. I’m blown away by how one person can bring both comfort with light-hearted beauty in words and also shine a focus on, what is sometimes, hard to hear truth. If this is the first time you’re hearing of In-Q you’ll get to experience two of my favorite poems. I’ve been friends with In-Q over a decade and this...


The Idea Fountain S2 Ep4: Confidence in Creativity with Aloe Blacc, Andrew Dost, Problem, and Xzibit

Confidence in Creativity Being vulnerable is HARD. I have so much compassion for every artist that I’ve ever sat in a room with as they played me their new music…. “It’s not mixed!!!” is usually what everyone says before hitting play. It’s not the same exactly…. but I think it takes the same amount of courage to raise your hand and throw out an idea in a corporate environment or to innovate in brainstorming meetings. At the recent Power Shift conference I curated a conversation about...


The Idea Fountain S2 Ep 3: Optimism with Dr. Deepika Chopra the Optimism Doctor

Dr. Deepika Chopra discusses the science of optimism. This was one of my favorite episodes I’ve ever done!! It’s the first Idea Fountain episode we’ve taped in public with an audience at The Bungalow in Santa Monica. Last year I attended an event where Deepika spoke. I was immediately inspired and unexpectedly gained a new friend. I’ve always considered myself an optimist but was blown away when I learned I didn’t quite have the definition of an optimist right. In this episode discover how...


Idea Fountain 10: Learn with Peter Sims of Parliament & Blk Shp

Today - We are hanging with Peter Sims of Parliament and Blk Shp. The episode is titled Learn but.... we also chat a lot about openness. At the end of last year someone told me “You should meet Peter - you two would have a lot in common”. I was open. Without thinking twice we jumped on the phone. Not only did I instantly get a new lifelong friend but.... someone who would introduce me to about 50 new friends this year. He also ultimately help me knock something off my bucket list that...


The Idea Fountain 9: Now with David Kyuman Kim Discussing Complex Relationships In a Cancel Culture

First, I am so damn lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant people from all walks of life. I hope you really enjoy this episode. The Idea Fountain has been behind schedule. In July I went to Seattle and recorded a very special episode with some of my biggest influences from growing up in the music scene. It was an inspiring conversation and then horrible news broke and that episode will most likely never come out. Over the summer, again and again, I felt like I kept reliving the same...


The Idea Fountain 8: Spirit with Sister Pat of A Place Called Home

Sister Pat is a GANGSTA nun. I’ve said that for years because she’s lived a couragous and fascinating life from being in Mozambique during their civil war, she was Mother Superior and worked in Rome, then landed in South Central in the 90s as A Place Called Home was beginning. She is the reason I started The Idea Fountain. I’ve known her about 15 years, via Debrah Constance at A Place Called Home, but never was able to dig in on her full story because she’s so humble. For every question I...


The Idea Fountain 7: Justice with Mike de la Rocha

Hope lives in here, in this episode. For me, when I recorded The Idea Fountain Episode 7: Justice with Mike de la Rocha, I didn’t have much hope. Years ago I had visited Sylmar’s Juvenile Detention Center with Mike and it made me feel sick. I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the enormity of challenges, or how it was even possible to have a building the size of a high school filled with juveniles with life sentences. When nationally babies were being taken from their parents at the boarder...


The Idea Fountain 6: Home with Debrah Constance of A Place Called Home

I want to be Debrah Constance when I grow up! If anyone knows me - you have surely heard about A Place Called Home or Youth Mentoring. In South Central LA there is tremendous work being done at an organization that was founded 25 years ago by Debrah Constance. Since then they’ve served over 20,000 youth! “I don’t want your money I want your time” were the words that inspired Debrah Constance to get involved working with the kids. I don’t think enough people realize how big of an impact...


The Idea Fountain 5: Trust with Alex Banayan and The Third Door

Alex Banayan And The Third Door This one is for the college dropouts. This one is for the Black Sheep. This one is for the entrepreneurs and the dreamers. It’s for anyone who just needs to TRUST themselves and take a risk. Alex Banayan is a great friend & has his first book, The Third Door, dropping June 5th. He came over for a fireside chat and his first ever, official, book signing at my house! We talked about his journey to interview some of the biggest thought leaders in the world...


The Idea Fountain 4: Being with Andrea Marcum, Close to Om

Andrea Marcum definitely changed my life - in more ways than one. On this episode of The Idea Fountain: Life Changing conversations we catch up on her book Close to Om. I didn’t do yoga before I moved to LA. For a long time I thought yoga was just a trendy LA thing. I didn’t realize it was the only workout that, when finished, that gave me MORE energy than before I started. This isn’t an episode on Yoga. It’s not an episode on meditation or OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs that people often chant at...


The Idea Fountain 3: Life with Dina LaPolt of LaPolt Law

This episode is dedicated to all the people in my life that I love but don’t see enough and those I mostly stay connected to via social media. That’s where my relationship with Dina was a year ago. Dina LaPolt is not only someone who has changed my life but listening to this episode and her story could SAVE your life. Last year Dina went from having neck pain, to being in septic shock, and asked if she wanted a Rabbi as she went into surgery, all within two very quick weeks. This is a story...


The Idea Fountain 2: Conservation with Joffy Bastard of Kenya's Sarara

Last summer I fell in love. The days I spent at Sarara walking amongst giraffes, meditating with elephants, and bonding with the local tribes in Northen Kenya will be with me for the rest of my life. I truly think, even on a cellular level, that time in nature changed me. It changed how I feel about animals. It changed the way I view tradition and culture. It changed how I communicate with people. Behind everything at Sarara there are two brothers, Jeremy and Joffy Bastard. Some people say...