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A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.

A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.
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Los Angeles, CA


A series of conversations with inspiring, understated, change makers of the world who have influenced, inspired, or changed a life.






The Idea Fountain 6: Home with Debrah Constance of A Place Called Home

I want to be Debrah Constance when I grow up! If anyone knows me - you have surely heard about A Place Called Home or Youth Mentoring. In South Central LA there is tremendous work being done at an organization that was founded 25 years ago by Debrah Constance. Since then they’ve served over 20,000 youth! “I don’t want your money I want your time” were the words that inspired Debrah Constance to get involved working with the kids. I don’t think enough people realize how big of an impact...


The Idea Fountain 5: Trust with Alex Banayan and The Third Door

Alex Banayan And The Third Door This one is for the college dropouts. This one is for the Black Sheep. This one is for the entrepreneurs and the dreamers. It’s for anyone who just needs to TRUST themselves and take a risk. Alex Banayan is a great friend & has his first book, The Third Door, dropping June 5th. He came over for a fireside chat and his first ever, official, book signing at my house! We talked about his journey to interview some of the biggest thought leaders in the...


The Idea Fountain 4: Being with Andrea Marcum, Close to Om

Andrea Marcum definitely changed my life - in more ways than one. On this episode of The Idea Fountain: Life Changing conversations we catch up on her book Close to Om. I didn’t do yoga before I moved to LA. For a long time I thought yoga was just a trendy LA thing. I didn’t realize it was the only workout that, when finished, that gave me MORE energy than before I started. This isn’t an episode on Yoga. It’s not an episode on meditation or OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs that people often chant at...


The Idea Fountain 3: Life with Dina LaPolt of LaPolt Law

This episode is dedicated to all the people in my life that I love but don’t see enough and those I mostly stay connected to via social media. That’s where my relationship with Dina was a year ago. Dina LaPolt is not only someone who has changed my life but listening to this episode and her story could SAVE your life. Last year Dina went from having neck pain, to being in septic shock, and asked if she wanted a Rabbi as she went into surgery, all within two very quick weeks. This is a...


The Idea Fountain 2: Conservation with Joffy Bastard of Kenya's Sarara

Last summer I fell in love. The days I spent at Sarara walking amongst giraffes, meditating with elephants, and bonding with the local tribes in Northen Kenya will be with me for the rest of my life. I truly think, even on a cellular level, that time in nature changed me. It changed how I feel about animals. It changed the way I view tradition and culture. It changed how I communicate with people. Behind everything at Sarara there are two brothers, Jeremy and Joffy Bastard. Some people say...


The Idea Fountain 1: Community with Dr. Edgar Cahn, Inventor of Time Banking

“We have what we need, if we use what we have.” - Dr. Edgar Cahn. I first read about Time Banking, an alternate currency based on reciprocity, ten years ago in Time Magazine. I joined the Echo Park Time Bank and not only met my neighbors but had doors opened and tried many new things from acupuncture to drum lessons, vegan cooking and even square dancing. In return I helped with social media, philanthropy, and music biz advice in the Time Bank. Inspired - I once attended a conference to...