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Photographer and Maker Cole Rise

Cole Rise is our guest this week. Cole is a photographer so naturally we wanted to talk with him, but more than that he is a maker who has dabbled in a bit of everything, including re-manufacturing film cameras that were taken into space. Cole takes us on this hands on journey with him and we learn about space photography and the challenges he's taken on to recreate these awesome pieces of history.


Director Salomon Ligthelm

This week we're joined by Salomon Ligthelm. Salomon is a multi-disciplinary director who has shot music videos for Young Fathers, The Weeknd, Daughter, Prince he's done commercials for Fox Sports, Puma, S7 and he also has an incredible body of personal work. On this episode you'll hear about his creative process, how he comes up with ideas, and why he likes to shoot on film.


Writer, Director Alex Ross Perry on "Her Smell"

Joining us this week is Alex Ross Perry, a director and writer who is so steadily himself, it’s refreshing. We spent a good amount of time discussing his latest film, Her Smell and all of its intricacies. This was Alex’s second time on the podcast and we welcomed again his unique perspective as a filmmaker and story teller. "Her Smell" Trailer:


Photographer and Artist Nick Brandreth

This week we are joined by photographer and historic process specialist, Nick Brandreth. Nick has an incredible wealth of knowledge related to photography. He gives us a history lesson on photography and he breaks down how to make your own emulsion. We also discuss his upcoming gallery show in which he used his own emulsions to create dry plate photos. Prepare to get smarter.


Filmmaker Mark Jenkin on "Bait"

Joining us this week is filmmaker Mark Jenkin. In his latest film, Bait, two Cornish fisherman grapple with the influx of tourism in their own ways as we’re all taken on a hypnotic ride. Mark shot this film on a Bolex camera with 16 mm black and white film and hand processed the film himself. We discussed how these decisions and others played critical roles in the character and unique style of the film. Upcoming Screenings in NYC:...


Standards Manual with Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed

This week we talk with Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed, the founders of Standards Manual. Graphic designers by trade, Hamish and Jesse ventured into the world of independent publishing with their release of the iconic NYC Transit Authority 1970’s design guidelines as a book on Kickstarter. You’ll learn all about how it all came to be, what projects followed, and why these projects continue to excite Jesse and Hamish.


Painting memories with Kristin Texeira

We're joined this week by Kristin Texeira. Kristin takes her skills as a trained painter to preserve her memories in the form of abstract painting. She tells us about how she gets from experience to a final piece and how color plays a crucial role in the process.


"All of Us" with documentary photographer Richard Beaven

This week we’re talking with documentary photographer Richard Beaven, who visited us in the studio to talk about his latest project, "All of Us," a collection of 275 individual portraits. You'll learn all about how it came together as well as a discussion about the trust it takes to have someone photograph you and how Richard’s attention to this detail helps produce meaningful images.


"Mr. Malcolm’s List" with Director Emma Holly Jones

Joining us this week is director and filmmaker, Emma Holly Jones. She’s recently put out a short film, “Mr. Malcolm’s List” so we grabbed some time with her to talk about the project, what it was like shooting on film for the first time and how she got from screen play to on screen.


Photographer Jeff Johnson

Joining us this week is Jeff Johnson, a photographer whose compass points at the intersection of outdoor adventure and storytelling. Jeff shares with us about how he got his start, how he became the first staff photographer at Patagonia and what place film has in his journey.


Third Man Photo Studio with Nicole Taylor

Joining us this week is Nicole Taylor, the darkroom operator at Third Man Photo Studio, in Nashville, TN. Hidden behind the walls of the Blue Room at Jack White’s Third Man Records, this lab which opened in October of 2018, offers small batch film processing that you can hand deliver or mail in. Nicole tells us what kind of services the lab offers, how she got involved and who’s using it and why.


Harlem Candle Company with Teri Johnson

This week we talk to Teri Johnson, founder and owner of Harlem Candle Company. Teri joins us to talk about a recent collaboration with Kodak, the Snapshot Luxury Candle. We discuss everything that goes into making a candle, the fragrances she chooses and why, and a little bit about her company.


Photographing Champion Trees with Brian Kelley

This week you're in for a treat as we talk with photographer Brian Kelley about his work photographing champion trees of North America. You'll learn what a champion tree is, why he shoots them on large format and what it's like for him to work on a long term project like this.


Shooting Widelux with Jeff Bridges

Our guest this week is the honorable, Jeff Bridges. What you might not know about Jeff, is that aside from being a great actor he is also a photographer. Jeff talks with us about his photography work using a Widelux camera on all of his film sets and why he prefers to use this format for his work.


"Out of Season" with photographer Mark Havens

Our guest this week is Mark Havens. Mark became a still photographer out of necessity; he wanted to capture and preserve the motels of Wildwood, NJ that he had been visiting every summer with his family, which were quickly being torn down. He shares with us how this project led him to fall in love with photography and some of the other work that it has led him to.


Photographer James Joiner

This week we’re joined by photographer James Joiner. James is a fun, down to earth photographer who seems to rarely be without a camera and always down for an adventure. He tells us how he became a photographer, about going on tour with bands, about his work with 1% For The Planet and Protect Our Winters and how his awareness of the planet affects his work. James also tells us why he shoots on film when he does and what it adds to the creative process.


Seamus McGarvey, BSC, ASC: "Bad Times at the El Royale"

Honoring us this week is our guest Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC. You have undoubtedly seen his masterful camera work as director of photography in a number of films as he has lensed a long list of epic films; Atonement, High Fidelity, The Accountant- the list goes on. He chats with us about his most recent film, "Bad Times at the El Royale" and his insight is one of a kind.


"An Illustrated History of Filmmaking" with Adam Allsuch Boardman

We are joined this week by Adam Allsuch Boardman, an illustrator who recently made a book entitled “An Illustrated History of Filmmaking.” The book is as the title says, a chronological, hand drawn illustrated timeline of how filmmaking has progressed. Adam tells us how the book came together and why filmmaking means so much to him.


"The Old Man & the Gun" director David Lowery

Director David Lowery joins us this week. He spends time discussing the intricacies of his latest film, "The Old Man & the Gun" a film based off of a New Yorker article that was brought to him by Robert Redford. We talk about his preference to be involved with the editing process of all of his films and when he chooses celluloid and why. His passion and joy for film-making is unmistakable and is evident in all of his films as well as our conversation with him.


BlacKkKlansman cinematographer Chayse Irvin, CSC

Our guest this week, Chayse Irvin, CSC, is a phenomenal young cinematographer who most recently worked on Spike Lee’s latest film, Blackkklansman. His insight into the choices he took as DP on this film are really interesting to hear and it’s no wonder Spike asked him to be a part of the film. He takes us through the entire process from why he chose film to what he feels his place on set is.