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All about the art, science, and love of landscape photography

All about the art, science, and love of landscape photography
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All about the art, science, and love of landscape photography




Social Media (the double edged sword) - LPP #39

Social media can be an amazing tool for the modern photographer, but its not without its downsides. Remember photography is not a compitition, its an art. You can find Nick’s workshops here Nick’s instagram Nick’s Website Nick’s Youtube


Q & A episode - LPP #38

In this Episode we answer questions that came in on the facebook group and Instagram


Beyond the Iconic shot with Thomas Heaton - LPP #37

Going beyond the obvious shot is an important but hard lesson to learn, and thats what Thomas and Nick talk about in this episode. Thomas Heaton’s website can be found here Thomas’s Youtube channel can be found here Nick’s tutorials, workshops and site can be found here Show notes and images can be found here


In this episode I talk with Alex Noriega and Erin Babnik about the idea of Quality over Quantity when it comes to sharing your work on social media, and adding images to your portfolio. Alex is a highly acclaimed photographer and known for his post processing tutorials. Erin Babnik is an international educator, workshop instructor and public speaker. Nick’s Workshops and tutorials can be found at: Erin’s website can be found at...


Plight of the Weekend Warrior with Miles Morgan - LPP #35

Miles Morgan is an amazing, inspiring landscape photographer, and when you look at his images, you cant imagine that he doesn't do this as his full time job. Miles balances life, work, family and epic landscape photography in a way many people can only dream of. In this episode we talk about the balance, and the art of making the most of a trip. Miles can be found on Instagram and on his website Nicks tutorials and workshops can be found HERE


The Importance of Failure - LPP #34

You can pick up “working with Light here —- In this episode Nick talks about the importance of failure, and the roll it plays in growing as a photographer.


Destroying the things we love - LPP #33

Workshops can be found at So many of our favorite spots are receiving an unhealthy amount of traffic, is it our fault? After my wildflowers and waterfalls workshop, I felt compelled to change my stance on sharing my locations I shoot. So many place are getting destroyed because of the amount of traffic they receive. Its a sad truth, but us photographers are part of the problem.


Live Q&A from the Redwoods - LPP #32

In this episode Nick answers question that came in from the facebook community.


Working with the Weather we are given - LPP #31

In this episode Nick talks about what to do when the weather doesn't give you what you want, as well as the apps used for tracking Weather Nick's website Nick's patreon Show notes Apps mentioned Weather Bug Storm Clear Outside Windy


5 Techniques to try in the field - LPP #30

In this weeks episode Nick talks about Social media platforms, including Vero, the up and coming platform that shows tons of promise. Nick then goes on to talk about 5 shooting techniques to try out in the field, to help with creativity and image quality. find nick on Instagram, Facebook or Vero


Workflows and D.A.M. With Sean Bagshaw - LPP #29

This week we talk with Sean Bagshaw about post processing workflows as well as Digital Asset Management. Sean is known for his post processing educational videos and for his contributions to the Photo Cascadia blog. Nick's Ireland Adventure Sean's website Sean's facebook page The photo cascadia blog Nick's Instagram


Large Format Photography with Ben Horne - LPP #28

This week with talk with photographer Ben Horne. Ben is know for two things, Large Format photography, and his youtube channel where he chronicles his journeys. I have been a huge Ben Horne fan for a while now, and in this episode we talk about the gear and process of modern film photography. Ben's Website can be found here Nick's website, tutorials and workshops can be found here


Filters, when and when not to use them - LPP #27

This week we have a filter discussion. In the first part of the episode Nick talks about various filters, the pros, cons and use cases for each. Filters mentioned in this episode can be purchased HERE Nick then goes on to talk about various accessories he loves including the 3" desmond spikes, NRS boundary socks, Mindshift Filter Hive, and his new bag, the Shimoda 40L bag. Links to gear mentioned: Breakthrough Photography Filters Desmond Spikes Mindshift filter hive NRS Boundary...


Backpacking and packing light with Matt Payne - LPP #26

In this episode we talk with Matt Payne the host of Fstop Collaborate and Listen. We talk about the challenge of packing camera gear on backpacking and mountain climbing trips. We talk allot about recommended ways of saving weight, and different gear that can help with that purpose. Matt's website Nick's website Matt's Instagram Nick's Instagram Gear mentioned in this episode: sleeping pad Camera ICU Feisol...


Tales from the Darkside with Miles Morgan, Ryan Dyar, and David Thompson - Bonus Episode

Every week my Patrons over at get a bonus episode from the main podcasts. This is an example of one of those bonus episodes.


Miles Morgan, David Thompson & Ryan Dyar - LPP #25

Having a group of friends that keeps you shooting can be one of the strongest forces in progressing as a photographer. David Thompson, Miles Morgan, and Ryan Dyar are not not only great friends, but they are three of the best photographers in the United States. Their friendship has kept them driven, progressing, and as a result they have all became better photographers as a result of their friendship. Ryan's Website Mile's Website David's Website Nick's Website


Traveling light and Cheap with Brent and Brian from Latitude - LPP #24

Nick has launched "Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography" which can be found here. This week I am talking with old friends Brent Bergherm and Brian McGukin about Traveling light cheap, and safe. They are both the co-hosts of the podcast "Latitude" which appears once a month on the Improve Photography Network. Brian's website Brent's Website Nick's Website


Storytelling with Mads Peter Iversen - LPP #23

This week Nick talks with Mads Peter Iversen. Mads youtube channel is one of the best new photography channels filled with travel log's and inspiration. Make sure you check out both his instagram feed and Youtube channel. Nick also announces the creation of his Patreon page where there will be extra podcast interviews, vlog content. Image critiques and post processing videos. you can find the page at...


Kauai and the art of Tripod Maintenance - LPP #22

In this episode Nick starts by reflecting on what made photographing Kauai so amazing, as well as the terrible tripod condition that followed. In the second part of the episode Nick answers questions that came from the Facebook Group. The Helicopter tour company can be found here: Tutorials and workshops can be found here


Investing in Inspiration - LPP #21

In this episode I talk about how sometimes it is better to invest in experiences and inspiration, rather than that next camera body. I also talk about some of the photographers and educators that have inspired me throughout the last few years. My Icelandic Winter Adventure 2018 workshop can be found here! Photographers mentioned in this episode. Thomas heaton -...