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Interviews with top talent woodworkers, woodworker suppliers, and makers across Canada.

Interviews with top talent woodworkers, woodworker suppliers, and makers across Canada.




Interviews with top talent woodworkers, woodworker suppliers, and makers across Canada.






Rustic Works

Known for his barn board and live edge picture frames Keith Tribe of Rustic Works has landed a niche market in framing everything from paintings to mirrors to stained glass art and more. He says there isn’t much he hasn’t framed and I’m not surprised, his frames are unique and add something special to the art behind them. They add a rustic ambience to any décor. But he hasn’t stopped at frames. Keith’s love for walnut and spalted maple slabs has led him on the entrepreneurial road of live...


Barks Custom Carpentry | LiveEdgeLumberGirl | Ep025

With a full-time career in logistics, and a side hustle as a maker, Jamie Barker is finding his true calling as an epoxy artist and woodworker. Straight out of Kitchener Ontario I discovered Jamie one day last summer while scrolling through Instagram. His one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards and out of the box designs set him apart. Not one charcuterie board is the same and he has tamed the beast called epoxy with the swirls we all love. Learning to work with epoxy requires a great deal of...


Fluffy Canadian | LiveEdgeLumberGirl | Ep023

Maker and creative artist Terry Barnes has taken finish sanding to a whole new level. You wouldn’t expect an artist to be able to teach a woodworker anything about sanding but Terry’s career and skill set in the concrete industry has had a huge impact on the steps he takes to put his art on wood. Terry was searching for a better medium for his art, something that would add value and preserve his work for many years. He discovered laser engraving and putting his art onto live edge slabs...


Evan's Workshop | LiveEdgeLumberGirl | Ep022

A 12-year old kid from Toronto, Ontario has stolen the hearts of woodworkers all over the world through Instagram and his involvement in the community. Evan has a love of woodworking and is a child prodigy when it comes to woodworking and epoxy work. As a small child, he spent a lot of time in his Grandfather’s workshop, learning and watching him build things. He loved playing with all the tools. At the ripe old age of 10, Evan’s love of woodworking rose to a whole other level — that’s...


Backwood Design Co.

Known for her beautiful Georgian Bay Boards, epoxy artist Lindsay Russell is a keen businesswoman and the owner of Backwood Design Co. Like most makers, Lindsay started her art as a part-time gig, but it grew into a full-time hustle very quickly, Her art became so popular that in less than a year she quit her full-time job to concentrate on making. Creating stunning shoreline waves with vibrant blues and choosing some of the most unique lumber and live edge wood for her boards and river...


Puravida Wood Co.

Born on different continents but destined to meet and share in a venture of woodworking and sawyer ship. Each with unique carpentry skills, Josh Sloot and Brian Sanchez are the owners of Puravida Wood Co. Making beautiful custom furniture from solid hardwoods & live edge slabs Josh Sloot joined forces with his brother-in-law to establish Puravida Wood Co. in Guelph Ontario. Josh has a background in trim carpentry and framing while Brian is a trained cabinet maker. These two really have a...


Bonfire Creations

Anyone that knows him would agree that he is an all-around wonderful person and big supporter of the woodworking community, Glenn Boniface is the owner of Bonfire Creations. Glenn began his woodworking journey creating with salvaged pallet-wood. He discovered a true love for this hobby and his love for woodworking blossomed into a full-blown side hustle. Glenn works as an electrician by day and is a father of 4…yes 4…but whenever he can find the time he is in his shop making beautiful...


Sloas Craft

Do you think blacksmiths no longer exist? Think again. This field is experiencing a bit of a resurgence as people look for a craft with an artistic component that can provide a usable product for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary. From his unique holy cross designs to nails, pendants, broaches, dice, one of a kind charcuterie board handles, custom tools, and more, Alan Sloas is an Artisan and Blacksmith who combines this millennia-old trade with beautiful woodworking,...


Stone City Woodworks

The owner of Stone City Woodworks, Rob Purvis, is known for his easy-going nature, creativity, and attention to detail. Rob started his career as a graphic designer. These skills translated well when he decided to add carpentry to his list of talents. He became interested in finding the points of intersection between dynamic, unique design and the process of woodworking. From his ever-popular resin lake maps to dining and river tables, and commercial projects, Rob is exploring every avenue...



Ashley Moore is a fourth-generation woodworker who spent her youth attending woodworking shows with her family, which is where she met her husband, Ethan of Stockroom Supply. Taking from the traditional woodworking that she learned during her upbringing Ashley has combined that with modern day technology. Utilizing a laser machine and a CNC machine, Ashley makes laser engraved signs, milestones, Instagram props, Montessori toys, and other fun décor items. She also has a blog on her...


Shison Wood

Gambatte! An Introduction… Gambatte! That's a Japanese saying that roughly translates to “do your best”. It can also mean “don't give up” or “good luck”, much like we often say “break a leg”. It's a word my mother and my grandparents always used whenever sending me off into the world or setting me onto a task, my father said it too just in his own slightly less poetic but no less colourful English words. It's not just a word but a philosophy I try to live my life by. If I do something,...


The Woodworking Show

The Woodworking Show has always been a place where you can go and mingle among your peers, talk with new vendors, attend seminars, and shop good deals on new woodworking equipment. This year Gina and John Downes who have been facilitating The Woodworking Show for over 25 years are stepping it up to service the woodworking community with a “Virtual Show” from November 6th-8th. Watch and learn all about this exciting online experience that will put you upfront and personal with vendors...


Oak And Feather



Stolar Studio

Solar Studio is a family-owned and operated furniture and woodworking business located in Burlington, ON that has been around long before the Instagram Phenomenon. A natural-born woodworker, Mike has been designing and creating custom furniture for over 20 years. Mike’s design aesthetic leans toward mid-century modern and minimalist styles and outside the box design’s. This interview brings so much for anyone looking for inspiration for success in woodworking. This is Mike’s 3rd...


Wood Designs By Lorrie

Lorrie Nowlan is a creative epoxy artist who brings ocean-scape art to a whole new level. Using several natural mediums in her work Lorrie is a self-taught maker working with repurposed furniture, live edge slabs, epoxy, pigments, sea shells and anything you can find on a beach or in the thrift shop. Her hand-made wood designs and live edge décor are showstopping pieces that awe her clients and followers on Instagram. Making is a side hustle for Lorrie and I can’t say enough about what...


Stock Room Supply

Stockroom Supply is located in rural Wainfleet, Ontario with a small showroom displaying all of their most popular products. Customers are welcome to stop in a look around and even participate in an in house demo of their machines by appointment. They also offer online shopping via their website. What makes them unique is that they are makers that invent tools and machines for woodworkers. They have developed the V-Drum Sander, Flatmaster, Sanding Mop and the Little Ripper, just to name a...


Maple Works Designs

Based in Uxbridge, Ontario Maple Works Designs strives to provide the best experience from start to finish while maintaining small-town values. We care about supporting local businesses and building relationships within the town. Whether it is a charcuterie board, kitchen essentials or a piece of furniture – nothing is overlooked, no detail too small. Countless hours are poured into each build to ensure a long-lasting product with a superior finish. About the Owner For Kim, the love...


Northern Joinery

The Northern Joinery is a state-of-the-art custom wood shop that practices the traditional art of furniture building. Master Craftsman David Shaw’s designs implement unique visions of traditional and contemporary woodworking with a twist. The shop is a true tree to product facility, utilizing ethically sourced local lumber and food grade finishes. Every single piece is carefully and meticulously handcrafted with pride. From their world class tables right through to custom bedroom...


Chair Maker Shop

Chairmaker’s Shop: Chairmakers shop is owned and operated as a serious side hustle by Master Chairmaker and one of our front-line heroes, Firefighter Jerry Arkema of Hespeler Ontario. Jerry specializes in using methods developed by 17th century craftsmen which have proven to last the test of time. In the beginning of his woodworking career Jerry started fabricating tables and other furniture pieces from reclaimed lumber. His love of making has led him into the art of making Windsor...


Big Ass Slabs

Supplying kiln dried live edge slabs to the maker industry in Southern Ontario is just one of the services offered by Big Ass Slabs. A highly accomplished sawyer, Daniel West uses a 60” chainsaw mill and has kilns to professionally dry slabs. Daniel has built a successful business and a solid reputation for his workmanship. Read his Facebook reviews and you will see words like honesty, integrity, and straightforward communication. Open to commissions, Daniel has recently added a new...