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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.

The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.
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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.




TLS #281: Welcome to The Lively Show!

Welcome to The Lively Show! Though clocking in at episode 281, on today’s show I’m welcoming new Lively Show listeners to the podcast and walking them through the many facets and aspects of TLS over the past 280 episodes - so that newcomers can explore the parts of the show that may resonate with them the most. I’ll be sharing where TLS got started, how the show changed and evolved over time, how to go deeper in the concepts shared on the podcast, and the episodes I personally suggest...


TLS #280: Why I’m Taking a Hiatus From TLS & What I’m Exploring While I’m “Gone”

Today’s episode is a big announcement. Just as I’m about to welcome all of the Cschool Live members to Sydney for a long weekend of learning, fun, and alignment, I’m also embarking on a new personal journey. In the episode, I am sharing why I am taking a hiatus from TLS (after next week) for an unknown period of time. The journey to discover and practice the law of attraction, deliberate use of brain states, and deliberate creation have been fascinating, fulfilling, and extremely aligning...


TLS #279: Q+A: Answering Questions on Alignment, Emotions, Vibration & More

Today’s TLS is one of my favorite kinds… it’s a Q+A episode where I answer listener questions off the cuff based off of DM’s I received on Instagram. In today’s batch of questions we are tackling... pain + alignment, alignment when you’re feeling ‘off,’ what vibration has to do with emotions, how my first class (Life With Intention Online) compares to LoA, my next travel plans, and more. This episode is for anyone who enjoys hearing off the cuff question and answer sessions covering all...


TLS #278: What Flow With Intention Online is All About + Who It’s Ideal For with Catherine Greer

Today on the show show I’ve invited TLS listener, FWIO member, author, and happiness blogger, Catherine Greer back on the show. Catherine is a dear friend of mine as well as a beloved leader and support for many people within the Flow With Intention Online Masterclass community. As someone who has transformed her life so dramatically through applying the FWIO process, I have invited her on to share her expanded perspective and experiences with the work. This way anyone who is considering...


TLS #277: What I’ve Learned From Living + Flowing Intuitively For Two Years

This week marks the two year anniversary of selling my home and possessions to flow around the world. In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the experience, which everyone has the ability to do… Whether it’s transcending cultural stories of “what’s possible,” or defying our own limiting beliefs, I share how we can all chart a course that truly astounds us and continues to unfold in unusual ways. I’m also sharing a bit about the new journey I’m embarking on personally,...


TLS #276: A Scientific Look at Crystals & How They Work In Our Lives with Hibiscus Moon

The crystal episode. It’s here. And it’s one of my favorite TLS episodes of 2018. I learned so much in this conversation with crystal expert and physics teacher, Hibiscus Moon. In the show, we go deep into the quantum mechanics, molecular structure, technological uses, and the metaphysical uses of crystals. Plus, we explore the concepts of vibration, frequency, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Then, in the second half of the episode, we discuss ways to begin selecting and using...


TLS #275: Q+A: Your Alignment Questions Answered

Today’s TLS is a fun one... I’m going really deep into some of the finer points of alignment. (And yes, as FWIO members will guess, “chocolate for breakfast” is included.) ; ) I’m answering the questions you’ve asked on Instagram about this very essential subject. This includes things like routine, consistent alignment, alignment with and without a schedule, intuition vs. “Joe,” and what alignment looks like when you are in a very low state. Plus, I’m sharing how I believe our creative...


TLS #274: How I’m Making Life a “Game” and Getting Magical Manifestations

Today on TLS, I’m sharing the way that I’ve begun approaching my life and the remarkable, and even sometimes downright magical results that have been happening as a result. For the past few months, I’ve merged a free intuition training tool with the teachings of Abraham Hicks to create my own training tool to determine what is the next inspired step to take in all aspects of life. And the result has been fascinating in all aspects of my life. In this solo show, I’ll share how I do it, and...


TLS #273: LoA Q+A: How to create what you want consciously with Caroline Rector

Today on TLS, I’m having a now three-peat guest on the show, Caroline Rector, of the incredibly popular mindful style blog, Un-fancy. Caroline is a wonderful friend from my time back in Austin, Texas... and she’s someone who I’ve admired for her light and calm energy for many years. In today’s show, Caroline is asking me the questions she has about LoA, now that she and her husband are into learning about the concept. I’ll be talking in depth in particular about the new realizations I’ve...


TLS #272: CSCHOOL: the secret project I’ve been working on… what it is & why it’s the most impactful thing I’ve ever created

Today is a really fun day!! I’m sharing (in a solo show this time), all about the secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes since mid-December! Cschool (short for Consciousness School) is a new approach to education designed to help people learn how to use the other 95% of their minds. How to deliberately change our brain states, program (and re-program) our subconscious, and deliberately develop the ability to live in peak states is not taught in traditional education. And the...


TLS #271: LoA Q+A: manifesting money & releasing financial blocks with Denise Duffield-Thomas

One of the popular requests I get from listeners is to share about how someone with very little money used LoA to deliberately attract and create lots of incredible money and experiences. In today’s episode, we are exploring this exact topic with someone who has done just that. Denise Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset mentor and the author and founder of Lucky Bitch and, has started with nothing. She first deliberately used her understanding of LoA to attract a free 6 month...


TLS# 270: LoA Q+A: Emotional Mindset Shifts for a $10 Million Business & Other “Impossible” Dreams with Brooke Castillo

Today on TLS, we have an all time favorite guest, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School and The Life Coach School podcast! Brooke has been on TLS a total of 4 times (the most of any TLS guest thus far), and for good reason -- it’s always a joy to get to connect with her and jam about all things LoA, mindset, and emotion. In this episode, we are discussing the mental and emotional shifts that Brooke has gone through that have led to achieving her “impossible” dream of earning $10,000,000...


TLS #269: LoA Q+A: Reality Transurfing, Cultural Conditioning & Getting What You Want More Easefully with Aaron Doughty

Today’s episode of TLS features one of my favorite YouTubers and return guest, Aaron Doughty, who is dedicated to helping people expand their awareness through principles like LoA. It’s always a treat for me to talk with Aaron because he has been studying LoA and other consciousness topics very deeply for many years - so coming together allows us to jam and go deep on these topics. And I gotta say, this episode is full of good nuggets. Today, we are talking about the principles shared in...


TLS #268: LoA Q+A: How to Deliberately Use LoA To Start & Grow a Business with Jasmine Star

Today’s episode is with one of the most charismatic people and speakers I’ve ever met, Jasmine Star. Originally making a (very big) name for herself in the photography world, Jasmine has since transitioned to business coaching and mentorship. In her return visit to TLS, we are talking about LoA, what it is, and how Jasmine often flowed with the principles unknowingly to create the success she has -- and how she believes could could have done it even faster and more easefully. In addition...


TLS #267: LoA Q+A: Teaching LOA to Kids & The “Hard Work = Success” Myth with Pat Flynn

Today’s TLS is a “three-peat” for one of my favorite podcasters, Pat Flynn, of the epically successful, Smart Passive Income. According to Pat, the perpetuation of the “hard work ethic” is still going strong in the online business world, so we are discussing the nuances that make this tactic epically successful or unsuccessful -- often without the entrepreneur having any idea where the leverage and effectiveness truly lies. Also, as an engaged father and husband, Pat is eager to share this...


TLS #266: LoA Q+A: Why LoA “Doesn’t Work” for Most People & How Emotion + LoA Affected the Evolution of A Very Successful Blog with Sherry Petersik

Today’s TLS is a return guest from our most downloaded episode of all time, Sherry Petersik, the female half of the very popular home blog and podcast, Young House Love. Sherry is on the show again and we are explaining the concept of LoA and debunking many myths and misunderstandings that come with the initial hesitations people have when they come across the concept of LoA for the first time. In addition, we are looking back at the evolution and growth of Young House Love, and seeing how...


TLS #265: LoA Q+A: How Consciousness, Light and Sight Affect the Law of Attraction with Dr. Jacob Liberman

Today’s TLS is with one of my favorite humans and teachers, Dr. Jacob Liberman. You may remember Jacob as the author and optometrist in this TLS episode that inspired my journey to restore my eyesight naturally through his book, Take Off Your Glasses and See. Today, Jacob is back on the show to talk about his new book, Luminous Life, and how light, photons, sight, and consciousness affect and connect to the Law of Attraction. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the...


TLS #264: LoA Q+A: Overcoming Income Resistance & Understanding the Deeper Reasons with Colleen Kavanaugh

Today’s Lively Show is a new version of the LoA Q+A series… it’s an in-depth interview + coaching session all rolled into one! In this episode, I’m helping Colleen Kavanaugh of and The After Life podcast, about an aspect of her life where she’s had trouble manifesting: income from her business. In the episode, we go deep into the resistance, beliefs, and cultural conditioning which have been keeping Colleen’s income from flowing. And we discuss ways she can release this...


TLS #263: LoA Q+A: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t ‘The Law of Things We Want’

After a huge reception for the new LoA Q+A series, I’m excited to have another one with a deep dive into the biggest misconceptions about the idea of Law Of Attraction that often looks something like: What about people who have experienced deep trauma? Did they deserve or attract it? I’m going to address this question to the best of my ability, by sharing an experience I witnessed in someone’s life that relates to this subject. And I’m going to share the wonderful ways we can heal and change...


TLS #262: Upleveling Alignment, Shifting Energy in Career and Relationships, & Flow With Intention Online with Leticia Ringe

Today’s TLS is perfect for anyone looking to take what we’ve shared here on TLS about alignment, flow, manifesting, and Law of Attraction to a deeper level. It’s for those who want to actually see measurable improvements in their feelings and circumstances - so much so that those close to them can sense a change, as well! In today’s episode, I’m talking to FWIO member, Leticia Ringe, about the changes she’s seen in her life as a result of applying the concepts from Flow With Intention Online...