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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.

The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.
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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.




TLS #313: How To Drop Your Limits with The Collective

This week, we’re back with another incredible talk with the group of non-physical teachers known as the Collective. In this episode, the “woman behind the channeling,” Annie Francoeur, shares how the teachers came into her life experience. When we dive into our conversation with the Collective, we explore why people experience nagging “unexplained” fears, and how to move through them. We dig into how to stop questioning whether we’re enough, how to drop our perceived limitations, and the...


TLS #312 – Why Fear Can Be So Addictive with The Collective

Oh. My. Goodness. This interview, of ALLLL the interviews I’ve ever done, has transformed my life and perception of this reality the most. I’m interviewing a group of non-physical teachers that refer to themselves as the Collective. I first met the Collective a few months ago when Annie Francoeur (a TLS listener from Quebec, Canada), did a deep inner voice session with me. During the session, Annie began channeling the Collective and their energy and wisdom blew us both away! In today’s chat...


TLS #311: Loving Where You Are In This Moment

Hello my wonderful friends! I am back with a new experiment in “vibrational communication” — which is basically a 16 minute long message from my inner voice to your inner being. As you listen, try to let your mind relax and just experience the message (rather than analyzing) and feel your body’s response as you do so. Many people have shared that they feel goosebumps, start smiling, start crying tears of joy, or have a deep sense of peace wash over them. Let’s go to the show! Love, Jess!...


TLS #310: Why Life Gets To Be Fun

Hello my wonderful friends!! Over the past few months, I have spent quite a bit of time going deeply inward, and along the journey in Australia on my own in Airbnbs I noticed that I could turn on my inner voice and it would run like a faucet — showering me in love and peace that I could feel in my breathing and all over my body. And it finally occurred to me a few weeks ago that this alignment I was feeling within myself may be felt by those who hear it, too. So that’s what I’m bringing you...


TLS #309: Introducing my newest live class, “Magic, Not Manual”

In today’s TLS I’m sharing my newest live class, Magic, Not Manual, with you -- which is designed to help you begin to create and manifest in your life beyond your mind’s abilities, limitations, and resistance. After working with over a thousand students worldwide via Flow With Intention Online, and exploring the powers of brain states to create the life we want through Cschool... I’ve been diving into the practice of manifesting beyond our minds. And I want to share this next evolution of...


TLS #308: TLS TV 4: A-ha Moments From Group Inner Voice Work & Questions for Jess

Today’s show is our final episode of Season 1 of TLS TV! Feel free to listen via podcast or watch via YouTube as we share the insights that Lively audience members received from doing inner voice work as groups! Using inner voice in groups of 5-6 people has become a new fascination for me, ever since we tried it in a live workshop last year. The results have been surprising and profound. By hearing the takeaways, I hope it encourages others to consider making groups of 2-6 people to try this...


TLS #307: TLS TV Episode 3: CAREER – Unexpected Job Change, Stay or Leave Job? & External Responsibilities

Today’s TLS TV in podcast and video form is diving into the #1 topic requested by TLS community members -- career! We will be looking at three different aspects of career resistance, and find clarity within the inner voice on all three topics. With our first guest, Abby, we speak about what it feels like to have an unexpected career shift -- and whether to stick with it or not. In our second segment, we speak with Jenny, a meteorologist who “put all her eggs in one basket,” career-wise, and...


TLS #306: The Lively TV Show 2: Self Love, Trouble With Inner Voice, Patience & Pregnancy

Today we are releasing episode 2 of TLS TV on the podcast and YouTube! In today’s show we are doing inner voice work with three new guests, plus we are releasing the tickets for the next taping of TLS TV on April 6th in Pittsburgh! If you’re intuition feels it’s a fit, you can buy your ticket to join us, meet other Lively community members, and potentially become a guest on the show here. Today’s episode has three guests on three different topics around self love and timing. In our first...


TLS #305: The Lively TV Show Premiere – Intro to Inner Voice For Beginners & Advanced

Today we are unveiling the new Lively TV Show Episode 1! This January, we worked with a live studio audience of 140 Lively Show listeners in Pittsburgh. In today’s first episode, we outline what the Inner Voice is, working with three Lively Show guests to tap into their own Inner Voices. This episode highlights tips that are helpful for beginners to those with more experience. Whether you want to think more positively, stay calm as a parent to small children, or you want to have clarity on...


TLS #304: The Lively TV Show Update from Kenya!

Today’s show is a bit different than other shows in the past -- I’m updating you live from Kenya just days after the taping of our first ever Lively TV Show recording! This week with the show and impending African safari adventure has been a whirlwind, and this episode is my chance to catch up with you personally about how the Pittsburgh TV show taping went, how the Lively Community Foundation is unfolding, and a little bit about my unfolding adventure in Africa! Think of this like a casual,...


TLS #303: How to Use Your Inner Voice to Budget & Plan For Your Financial Future with Erica Gellerman

Today’s show is an interview with friend and financial expert, Erica Gellerman, of The Worth Project. While I was in London the past week, Erica was positively glowing over her newfound peace, clarity, and freedom she found by using her Inner Voice to change and redirect her life financially and structurally along with her husband, Jordan, and their new baby, Henry. Due to her amazing results, I asked Erica to come on the show to share how she accessed her Inner Voice to do something that...


TLS #302: The Client Sessions: Self-worth & Letting Go of What Our Lives “Should” Look Like with Alexandra Colasacco

Today we’re talking with a client named Alexandra, who is looking for career guidance, and the session ultimately flows into a tutorial for tapping into your own inner sense of calm. If the mind in you is struggling with self-worth, this episode will feel like a balm to your soul. We discuss letting go of what we think our life “should” look like and the mind’s need for external validation. We also explore what to do when the mind in you gets impatient and wants to effort its way to its...


TLS #301: The Client Sessions: A Conversation Between Two Inner Voices with Georgie Morley

In today’s episode, I switch things up by going beyond the mind in me during a client session. My Inner Being talks with Georgie Morley, a client looking for insight on letting go of struggle, allowing through sadness, and the feeling many of us experience of “needing” to be an expert on certain things before feeling qualified to share or enjoy them. Our Inner Beings get to know each other as we talk about building identities around our work, how the perception of time can hold us back, and...


TLS #300: Solo Show: What’s the Present of the Present Moment?

Today I’m speaking to you one-on-one in a solo show! I’m talking about how to find all the fun manifestations that your inner being is trying to share… yet the mind may be blocking out. So often, with the laser focus on what the mind perceives to be “a problem” or “a desire,” the mind tends to block many wonderfully unexpected gifts that we can receive right now. I’m sharing the ways I’ve allowed my mind to open up to a plethora of different “gifts,” once I made this simple shift in...


TLS #299: The Client Sessions: Redefining “death” & connecting to loved ones after transition with Kellyn Laeser

Today’s show is a true gift for me to share -- I’m talking with TLS listener and client, Kellyn Laeser, about her husband’s recent transition into non-physical and how she’s navigated her experience in a way that’s brought lots of peace, joy, and connection to her husband over the past six weeks. Kellyn is open and honest about the ups, downs, and true peace and steadiness she’s found within herself. Her connection to her husband is truly inspiring for anyone who is looking to approach the...


TLS #298: The Client Sessions: Continuing a Thriving Business with a Flowing Schedule with Chloe Csadenyi-Benson

In today’s TLS client session we are exploring what happens when you have flowed into a thriving career... and the mind starts wanting to control what happens next. Chloe Csadenyi-Benson has noticed her mind do exactly this in her career, so in our session today we dive deep into what it looks like to have live in flow and have an organized structure to a company and to her next steps. We also explore creativity, when to say no to new opportunities, and how to get back into the “beyond the...


TLS #297: The Client Sessions: Finding Alignment While Flowing with a Partner with Kasia Kozinski

In today's show, we're talking with a client named Kasia Kozinski about a topic that the mind in me really relates to: finding alignment while flowing to a future life partner. Kasia and I talk about the resistance of worrying whether someone you’re dating is a fling or a lifelong partner, and how to know when it's time to walk away from a relationship. We explore how moving beyond the mind can lead to the connection we're craving, and how aligning it can feel to let go of the outcome in...


TLS #296: Detroit update: my new partner, new community projects, & new home

Today on TLS I’m doing a casual off the cuff episode for you covering all the new elements of my life in the past few weeks. I’ve got a new partner, new community projects (that will include you!), and a new home/city… which have made me feel a whole range of emotions all at the same time. Plus, I’ll share the parts of LoA and going ‘beyond the mind’ that I’ve been focusing on in the past few weeks. As usual, I love feeling connected to you -- and these updates from the behind-the-scenes and...


TLS #295: The Client Sessions: Confidence, Weight, & Parental Criticism with Sarah O’Brien

Today we’re talking with a working mom named Sarah O’Brien about something lots of listeners can relate to: confidence and weight. It’s a powerful deep dive for anyone who’s struggling with intuitive eating or wants to feel at peace in their body. Sarah and I discuss why the mind can be so terrified to do anything that makes us stand out, even if it means standing out for the better, and why we sometimes feel guilty about coming off as successful. We explore how we sometimes keep ourselves...


TLS #294: The Client Sessions: If you feel resistance around tapping into your Inner Voice, this episode is for you with Valerie

In today’s show we’re talking with Valerie, a world traveler, about some of life’s biggest questions around love and decision making. Valerie recently returned to the US after living in Germany for several years while serving in the military. Valerie’s engaged to someone she loves back in Germany, but her mind has a lot of fear about moving back abroad and getting married. If you feel resistance around tapping into your Inner Voice, this episode is for you. It serves as almost an Inner Voice...