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Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.

Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.
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Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.




231: The Magic of Disney Streetmosphere

From a barbershop quartet to a crew of drumming janitors to a pair of Stormtroopers on patrol, characters and performers help bring magic to the streets and lands that make up Walt Disney World. On this week’s show we take a closer look at Disney “Streetmosphere,” discuss why it’s essential to the parks, and talk about our favorite acts on property. In a special round of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, we look back at five years of The Mad Chatters Podcast and share our picks for our...


230: The Sounds of Walt Disney World

The screams! The explosions! The whistles! The sounds of Steven Tyler! On this week's show we talk about some of the most notable noises and sound effects at Walt Disney World. Special guest Aaron Wallace joins us as we go park by park to discuss the sounds you'd be left with if you stripped away the background music and the attraction soundtracks at the Disney parks. To kick off the show, we do a deep dive into Walt Disney World's newest land: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Hear our first...


229: Disney Legends and the D23 Expo

For The Walt Disney Company, August went out with a bang! At this year's D23 Expo, Disney fans received a ton of information about the Disney+ streaming service, upcoming park attractions, new Marvel movies, and much more. On this week's episode Jeff DePaoli is here to help us break it all down, from news of Epcot's huge transformation, to sneak peeks of Pixar's upcoming films, to big expectations for the original content coming to Disney+. We also take a closer look at the Disney Legend...


228: Disney Game Night IV

It's all fun and games on this week's episode. No, really! For the fourth year in a row, we've brought together a slew of our former guests—members of The Mad Chatters Podcast Universe—to compete in a series of Disney games. Tune in and play along as we laugh, battle, and stumble our way through Disney-themed rounds of Family Feud, Password, Movie Trivia, and more! This marathon of Disney games would not have been possible without our INCREDIBLE guests. Go check out their social media...


227: The Signs of Epcot

Join us for a virtual stroll around Epcot as we take a closer look at the many signs throughout the park. Attraction signs, restaurant signs, directional signs—they're all up for grabs as guest Marshal Knight helps us break down the best and worst signage in Future World and World Showcase, from our favorite fonts to the best designs to the most questionable shape choices. In another Mad Chatter Top Ten, we celebrate the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary by listing ten facts we love about...


226: Space Travel and The Walt Disney Company

50 years ago a manned space shuttle touched down on the moon for the first time. But 15 years before that giant leap for mankind, Walt Disney was already working with scientists and engineers in order to communicate to the general public that space travel was not just science fiction; it was a possible reality. On this week’s episode we trace The Walt Disney Company’s connections with space travel, beginning with three documentary shorts produced by the company in the 50s, and ending with a...


225: 25 Years of The Lion King

We can't guarantee no worries for the rest of your days, but our latest episode delivers plenty of "Lion King" chatter and will have you feeling the love tonight for the classic Disney film. Join us and guest Courtney Guth as we look back on 25 years of The Lion King, including its huge response at the box office, the Broadway show it spawned, the ways it has shown up at the parks, and the lasting legacy it has created. Also on show 225, we discuss some of the latest happenings at Walt...


224: Top 10 Attraction Soundtracks at Walt Disney World

Patriotic anthems, eerie waltzes, soaring ballads, Broadway-style musical numbers—music plays a key role in making our favorite attractions what they are. Join us on this week's show as we count down our top ten favorite soundtracks and musical moments in Walt Disney World attractions. Plus, hear our thoughts on Toy Story 4, check out our reviews of Jiko and Bongos, and play along in our latest round of Disney Hashtags. It's all happening now on episode 224! If you want to interact with us...


223: The Attraction Vehicles of Magic Kingdom

Come with us to a magical land where you can ride a pirate ship, an elephant, a rocket, and a double-decker omnibus, all on the same day! On this week's episode, special guest Jonathan Harvill joins us for an in-depth look at every attraction vehicle in Magic Kingdom, from its theming to its comfort to its ornate details and beyond. Also on show 223: we play a round of Mad Chatter Jeopardy, share our picks for the good, bad, and ugly doors at Walt Disney World, and more. Come join us! If...


222: The Disney Dark Ride

From Snow White's Scary Adventures to Frozen Ever After, this week we're discussing a type of ride that has had deep roots with the Disney Parks ever since Disneyland opened in 1955: the DARK RIDE. Join us for a discussion about the history of dark rides, the evolution of dark rides at the Disney Parks, and the reason dark rides have become such an essential element of theme parks today. Plus, we do some Armchair Imagineering by sharing our own ideas for the Disney films that would make good...


221: On the Scene! Reports From Disneyland and Moonlight Magic at Epcot

This week guest Aaron Wallace joins the show to help us break down some of the Disney-Parks fun we've been able to experience over the last two weeks. First, he and Jeremy discuss the after-hours event Moonlight Magic, which they had the chance to attend at Epcot. Then, he and Derek report on the new attractions they experienced and the big changes they noted during their weeklong trip to Disneyland, including Galaxy's Edge construction, Pixar Pier, a new space for Mickey's PhilharMagic, and...


220: World of Emotion: The Fear, Disgust, Laughter, Sadness, and Joy We Experience at Walt Disney World

Anyone who has visited Walt Disney World knows that a trip to a Disney park can take you on a roller coaster of emotions. On this week's show, special guest Vincent from Vincent Vision joins us as we each share the moments, attractions, and places that, for us, spark joy, sadness, fear, laughter, and disgust. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, we discuss the elements of the parks that stir up our emotions the most. Also on show 220, we share our picks for the good, bad, and ugly...


219: Park News, Dining Reviews, and Other Chatter

This week we're bringing you some of the latest updates from Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe in a hodge-podge series of short segments. Tune in to hear our thoughts on the new on-ride photo on Haunted Mansion, the latest updates on Disney's upcoming streaming service, an in-depth look at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, dining reviews of The Hollywood Brown Derby and Rose & Crown, and more! If you want to interact with us online, we’d love for you to connect with us on...


218: Mad Q Party

It's our 20th Mad Q Party! Join us and guest Brandon Hawkins for the 20th edition of our favorite hypothetical questionnaire. This week's questions have us creating challenges for a Walt Disney World edition of "The Amazing Race," discussing the theme park characters we think should have meet and greets, dreaming up the perfect spot in the parks to have a movie night after park closing, and much more! Also on this week's show, we spout off some 11-Second Rants and share some stories from...


217: Disney's Hollywood Studios: 30 Years, 30 Properties

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is turning 30! And if the new logo and the new parking signs are any indication, then characters from Frozen, Toy Story, and Star Wars are to be the official faces of the park, moving forward. But these are just the latest franchises to join the park’s deep well of past properties and characters, and on this week's show we’re looking back at all of them! Join us and special guest Marshal Knight for a deep dive into 30 properties that have had a presence at Disney’s...


216: Heads Up: Our Favorite Overhead Details in Walt Disney World

Sometimes the best details and an entirely different perspective are awaiting you overhead, and all you have to do to see them is look up. On this week's show, guest Jeff Birou joins us for a tour of Walt Disney World, in which we stop in each park to share our favorite architectural details, beautiful artwork, and other features that are above eye level. In another edition of "The Windows of Main Street, U.S.A." we pay homage to the late Ron Miller, Walt's son-in-law who made great...


215: Top 15 Counter Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Not all theme park restaurants are created equal. One of the biggest mistakes first-time guests can make when visiting a Disney park is to stop and eat at the first place they see because they assume every restaurant will serve the same cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. Walt Disney World actually has a large variety of counter-service options, and many of them are quite good. On this week's show, we count down our 15 favorites across property. In another edition of The Good, the Bad, and...


214: EPCOT Center '82-86 and the Lost Art of Original Songs

Feel the flow, spread your golden wings, and just make believe you're a tiny little seed, because we're taking a look back at the original songs that debuted throughout Epcot when the park first opened in 1982. On episode 214, guest Guy Selga joins us for a discussion about songs like "Universe of Energy" and "Listen to the Land," why these songs are so fondly remembered by fans today, and why the practice of giving attractions original songs seems to have become a lost art. Come along on...


213: Mickey's Celebration, Festival of the Arts, Kingdom Hearts, and More

In this bonus episode of the podcast (look for a brand new full episode next week!), we take a closer look at the new Disney offerings that debuted in January of this year. First, we give our take on Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom, as well as "An Incredible Celebration" at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In special editions of "Munchies and Merch" and "Armchair Imagineering," we talk about the new treats and souvenirs we have our eyes on, plus we come up with ideas for...


212: 60 Years of Disney Roller Coasters

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the very first roller coaster to open at a Disney park: the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Disneyland was open for four years before it got its first coaster, and when the mountain-themed attraction debuted, it was anything but your average, off-the-shelf ride. In fact, it was the first tubular steel coaster in the world! That attraction was the first in an iconic lineup of roller coasters that would eventually be introduced at the U.S. Disney parks, and on this...