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Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.

Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.
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Your very important date with the happenings at Walt Disney World and around the Disney universe. This weekly podcast features roundtable discussions, helpful tips, dining reviews, honest opinions, and silly segments related to the Disney parks, all provided by three passionate and fun-loving Disney fans.




209: Magic in the Air: Celebrating the Holidays at Walt Disney World

It's the most wonderful time of the year — to be at Walt Disney World! (Or at least we think it is.) Last week we packed in as many of WDW's Christmas offerings as we could in four days, including Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the Candlelight Processional at Epcot, the gorgeous decorations at the deluxe resorts, and much more! On this week's show, guest Teri Deel helps us break down all of the limited-time experiences the parks and resorts have to offer this time of year, from the...


208: Live-Action Films, Documentaries, and the Disney Parks

Did you know Disney released 16 live-action films between One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) and The Sword in the Stone (1963)? You've probably never met anyone whose favorite Disney film is Greyfriars Bobby, but the fact is these films hold a special place in many people's hearts, and they make up a huge portion of the Disney film catalog. On this week's show, Jeff DePaoli of Dizney Coast to Coast joins us for a deep dive into Disney's live-action films, from 1950's Treasure Island to...


207: Mickey Mouse Mad Q Party

A very special mouse is celebrating a very special birthday, and we're getting in on the festivities! On this week's show, guest Kristen Nowicki (cohost of the Disneyland podcast "Mousetalgia") joins us for a special Mad Q Party centered on the mouse who started it all. This week's all-Mickey edition of the Disney questionnaire includes discussions about Mickey merchandise we'd like to see, Mickey keepsakes we especially treasure, ideas for Mickey-themed restaurants at the parks, and much...


206: The Art of the Disney Parks – Featuring Jerrod Maruyama and Greg Maletic

More than just thrilling attractions, delicious food, and magical experiences, the Disney Parks are home to some incredible works of art, many of them “hidden in plain view,” meaning they often go overlooked despite being an essential element of theming and atmosphere. On this week’s show, we highlight some of our favorite artists and artistic elements that help bring the parks to life. In a chat with Greg Maletic, we discuss the many attraction posters he has designed for Disney parks...


205: Disney Storytelling: Our Favorite Stories Created for WDW Experiences

Did you know Albert Falls, the founder of the famous Schweitzer Falls featured in Jungle Cruise, had a granddaughter who turned his home into a restaurant for hungry travelers, and that the restaurant is the very Skipper Canteen that's located in the Magic Kingdom? Or were you aware that the Tree of Life was planted by an ant who wished for a tree that would provide shelter for his animal friends? Disney Imagineers are known for crafting detailed stories around almost everything they...


204: Voicing Disney Attractions: An Interview With Mike Brassell

If this week's guest sounds familiar, it might be because you've ridden one or both of the Walt Disney World attractions he currently narrates! Joining us is voice actor Mike Brassell, who lends his voice to both the PeopleMover in the Magic Kingdom and Living With the Land in Epcot. We spoke to Mike about the events that led to these roles, what it's like hearing his own voice when riding these attractions, and the other Disney projects he's been part of. Also on episode 204, we're...


203: 5 Aspects of Disney Parks Worldwide We'd Bring to Walt Disney World

This week we’re going global! On our latest episode we take a closer look at the eight Disney parks outside Florida, and we each highlight five aspects of those parks that we think could be incorporated well at Walt Disney World. Joining the discussion is guest Jeff Birou, who has had the privilege of visiting all 12 Disney parks worldwide and is able to give us the scoop on what the international parks do best. Also on this week’s show, we showcase the career and incredible achievements...


202: Halloween Time at Walt Disney World

Your Hallowishes have come true: Fall has arrived at the Magic Kingdom! Whether you think Halloween in August is a trick or a treat, the fact is Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties have begun, and on this week's show Mad Chatter Derek, along with special guests Aaron Wallace and Courtney Guth, break down the very first party of the season. With three brand new attraction enhancements, an assortment of fall treats, and a ton of can't-miss experiences, this year's party gave us a lot to...


201: The Many Signs of Magic Kingdom

Come take a stroll with us! This week we're taking a virtual tour of the Magic Kingdom in order to take a closer look at the signage scattered throughout. Join us and special guest Marshal Knight as we discuss the often overlooked attraction signs, restaurant signs, directional signs, and more that can be seen in every land at the Magic Kingdom. As we chat about our favorite signage throughout the park, we shed light on why the magic really is in the details! Also on show 201, we create a...


200: Walt Disney World Superlatives

If Walt Disney World had a yearbook, which attractions, characters, hotels, etc. would appear on the Superlatives page? Allow us to suggest some nominees! On this week's show we present our picks for Walt Disney World's Best Dressed, Biggest Overachiever, Class Clown, Most Likely to Succeed, and much more! Plus, special guests Steve and Lisa Griswold of MouseChat join us for a round of Disney Password. Play along as we try to guess Disney-related answers based on one-word clues. And be...


199: The Magic of Audio-Animatronics: From the Dancing Man to the Shaman

Audio-animatronics have been a staple of Disney parks for over five decades. But what many guests might not realize is that "Audio-Animatronics" is a registered trademark because Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers were actually responsible for inventing the technology! On this week's show we trace the history of audio-animatronics, stopping along the way to discuss some of the biggest milestones and our personal favorite audio-animatronics, including Abraham Lincoln, the Tiki Room...


198: Top 5 Eye-Rolling Moments in WDW Attractions

No attraction is perfect. (Well, Pirates of the Caribbean came pretty close before Disney added that bizarrely placed on-ride photo.) And although we love so many of the rides and shows at Walt Disney World, we will admit there are elements we wish were different or removed altogether. On this week's show, we count down the five moments in attractions that bug us the most, from annoying characters to design flaws and beyond. Also on episode 198, we host a few friendly debates on topics...


197: A Star Is Born – 11 Times Alan Menken Made Disney Magic

Back in 1989, composer Alan Menken made his Disney debut with the majestic score and the memorable songs featured in The Little Mermaid. The film not only launched the famous Disney Renaissance of the 1990s, but it also marked the start of a beautiful partnership between Disney and Menken, who ended up creating music for classics such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, and more. On this week's show we take a closer look at 11 Disney projects for which Menken provided the music,...


196: News, Rumors, and Coming Attractions

Now that 2018 is halfway over, we want to take a step back and look at where the Disney parks are and where they are headed. In this week's show, we discuss some of the latest new offerings at Disney parks, including Toy Story Land and Pixar Pier, and we dive in to the latest news and rumors regarding upcoming attractions. In honor of America's Independence Day, we go "Behind the Magic" of one of the best patriotic attractions at Walt Disney World: The American Adventure in Epcot. Plus,...


195: Mad Q Party

Our favorite Disney questionnaire is BACK! For this week's Mad Q Party, friend of the show Jonathan Harvill joins the discussion as we answer ten questions related to all things Disney. Some of this week's questions include: And more! Also on episode 195, Jeremy and Jonathan go head to head in the game "The Common Dis-nominator," in which they must figure out what a list of clues have in common. Plus, we get a bit silly with the hashtag #BoringDisneyAttractions. Come join the...


194: Disney Game Night!

Disney Game Night is back! And this time it’s bigger than ever. On episode 194, a slew of special guests and friends of the podcast join us to play some of our favorite game shows with a Disney twist, including Family Feud, Match Game, and more! Play along as we test our knowledge of Disney trivia and compete our way through one Disney game after another. A HUGE thank you to our guests for coming out to play on this week’s show! Be sure to find them all online and let them know how much you...


193: Mulan, 20 Years Later – An Interview With Directors Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook

Can you believe it's been 20 years since Mulan was first released in theaters? To celebrate this milestone, we've asked the film's directors, Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, to take us behind the scenes of the making of the film and talk to us about the legacy the movie has built over the last two decades. Tune in to hear Tony and Barry share stories of working at the animation studio that used to be part of Disney-MGM Studios, and get an inside scoop on the film's hidden Easter eggs, how the...


192: The Walt Disney World That Never Was – 12 Projects Disney Abandoned

Oh, what could have been! This week we dig through Imagineering history to discover more details about 12 projects that were discussed for Walt Disney World but ultimately were never built. We mourn the loss of Beastly Kingdom, chat about what a thrill Western River Expedition would have been, and look more closely at the other fascinating concepts Disney abandoned. In another edition of The Windows of Main Street, U.S.A., we highlight the life and achievements of Frank Wells, former COO of...


191: Quick-Service Dining at Disney Springs

In this week's culinary tour of Walt Disney World we turn our attention to the counter service restaurants in Disney Springs. We browse the menus at places like The Daily Poutine and Earl of Sandwich, and we share our own thoughts on the offerings at D-Luxe Burger, Cookes of Dublin, and much more! In another round of "Where in WDW Am I?" we are given 20 questions to help us find where our fellow chatters are "hiding" in Walt Disney World. Plus, we discuss the cast member positions we'd most...


190: 47 Years of Magic Kingdom Fireworks

The most magical day at a Disney park deserves the most magical finale, and we can't think of a better conclusion than a Disney fireworks spectacular. This week we look back at the numerous fireworks shows that have been part of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, from Fantasy in the Sky, to Happily Ever After, to some of the limited-time shows that have graced the skies over Cinderella Castle. Join us for this blast of a retrospective! In another Mad Chatter game, we try to guess the...