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Welcome to The Mama Marketer Podcast! Join me for "Friday Friendsday" where each week I will sit down and chat with one of my friends, or just chat with you!

Welcome to The Mama Marketer Podcast! Join me for "Friday Friendsday" where each week I will sit down and chat with one of my friends, or just chat with you!


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Welcome to The Mama Marketer Podcast! Join me for "Friday Friendsday" where each week I will sit down and chat with one of my friends, or just chat with you!






#34 - Blog Chat: Demons In The Bible & My Mental Health | Also my thoughts on CJ Lofton.

In my 34th episode, I start off talking about the CJ Lofton incident that happened here in Wichita. CJ was a 17 year old boy that the cops were called on for “erratic” behavior. He ended up in a juvenile facility where his subsequent death was ruled a homicide. This week, the DA stated no criminal charges could be made in the case, stating the “Stand Your Ground” law. At about 8:10, I switch gears and discuss my most recent blog post. I share how learning about demons in the bible has helped...


#33 - Janet Jackson & Alec Baldwin (Hulu Docs)

In my 33rd episode, I discuss two documentary news programs I recently watched, both now available on Hulu. One is called, “Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson.” Produced by the New York Times, the same series that did “Framing Britney Spears,” it talks about the 2004 Super Bowl incident. The other doc is called “Alec Baldwin: Unscripted” and is his first speaking out of the “Rust” movie incident. Hear me out and I would love to know your thoughts on both! Let me know your...

#32 - County Politics, State Politics, & National Media

In my 32nd episode, I discuss: the recent Sedgwick County Firearm Discharge Resolution & why I voted no for it my County Advisory Board’s motion to reinstate the “Pave a Mile” program the Government Overreach hearing I attended in Topeka & what’s currently going on with the committee’s proposed bills the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos trial and my predictions (HBO Doc: The Inventor) the HBO “Crime of the Century” documentary / Hulu show “Dopesick” Would love to know your thoughts! Message...


#31 - Interview with Ashley from Abedini Social & ICT Broke Girls

In my 31st episode I sit down with my friend Ashley, who runs one of my favorite Wichita Instagram accounts @ictbrokegirls! She is also the owner of Abedini Social. We talk enneagram (she is a #7), we talk about how we think ICT is a mini ATX, about her time living and working down in Austin, about the Tupac vs Biggie of ICT, what we consider to be "budget friendly" eating, and even some Instagram strategy! Here are her top Wichita restaurant picks: Chaing Mai Usuluteco Manna Wok N&J's


#30 - Interview with Morgan from Joy In Hope Ministry

In my 30th episode, I sit down with my friend Morgan from Joy In Hope Ministry. First, we learn a little about her and the heart behind her ministry. Then, we talk being content creators and budding authors. **Around the 42 minute mark, we talk about Morgan's exposure to pornographic material at a young age that led to an addiction to masturbation. Morgan bravely shares how she was able to come to the Lord God Our Father for reconciliation and healing from this addiction. Please listen to...


#29 - “Never A Dull Moment” with Mark from M&M Sharpening Services

In my 29th episode I sit down with Mark from M&M Sharpening Services. Hear how their business was born out of his oldest son's Entrepreneurship Merit Badge, his tips for starting a business, and keeping our tools sharp! We also talk the "Filter of No" and how being an Enneagram 7 makes him a natural content creator. For more information on M&M Sharpening Services or to work with them check out their brand new website: They are also on Facebook and...

#28 - Interview with Leia LeMaster Horton of Horton Test Prep

In my 28th episode I chat with Leia LeMaster Horton who is a long time educator, homeschool mom, test prep expert and known as the "Scholarship Queen of Florida." Her business is Horton Test Prep where she offers private and group coaching sessions. In our talk she gives me ALL THE TIPS on preparing students for the SAT, getting into college, and winning scholarships. I even got to ask her about that big college admissions debacle. Check it...

#27 - Blog Chat: Filter of No & Being a Multi-passionate

In my 27th episode I discuss the topics of my blog post from January 2021 titled, "The Filter Of No - What It Is & How I Use It." There is also a bonus conversation on an additional piece I wrote called, "The Plight Of A Multi-Passionate." Enjoy! Shout Outs: Neveo Journals & Fabletics (info for both over on my Instagram), also check out my Premium Downloads at!

#26 - True Crime & In The Heights with my sister Rebecca

In my 26th episode I sit down with my sister Rebecca to discuss: In Cold Blood (book and movie) as well as the documentary series "Cold Blooded." We also discuss the HBO True Crime Doc, "I'll Be Gone In The Dark" about the Golden State Killer and the famous author who helped catch him, Michelle McNamara. Lastly, we discuss our thoughts on "In The Heights" including those colorism/white-passing claims. Check it out and let me know your thoughts by messaging me on Instagram @themamamarketer!

#25 - Get Physically & Financially Fit with my friend Corey

In my 25th episode I sit down with my friend Corey to talk all the things! We discussed his entrepreneurial journey, from an MLM to self-publishing two books on poetry. Corey even gives us some tips on how to self publish, build your following, how to develop lasting habits, and we discuss his philosophies around personal/family finances. We close with some thoughts on leadership and fatherhood. Enjoy! You can find Corey at the links below! Website: Facebook:...

#24 - LPNH: A Cautionary Tale

No guest, no blog post, just my thoughts on some currents events happening in my world including my appointment to the Sedgwick County District 5 Citizens Advisory Board, their review of the ICT-1 program, and appearing in front of the Sedgwick County Board of County Commissioners for the first time. I also discuss what's going on with the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, Caryn Ann Harlos, and what I think this means for Kansas. As always, open to your thoughts!

#23 - Meet David from Wichita Podcast

In my 23rd episode, I sit down with David from Wichita Podcast to talk Enneagram, how their podcast got started, his favorite guests and upcoming projects. Check them out at the links below and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Facebook: Instagram: You Tube: [Ad] Get two months free family journals from Neveo using code LOVEMUM.

#22 - Blog Chat | 1 Year Later: What Quarantine Taught Me

In my 22nd episode I discuss with you a recent blog post of mine all about the lessons I learned during the crazy covid/quarantine times of 2020. To sum up my lessons: 1) Entitlement has no place in a pandemic. 2) Christians were issued a challenge. How did we respond? 3) Every home is like a fingerprint, completely unique to you and your family, not any better or any worse than your neighbor's. 4) Some people are worth melting for. 5) If you didn't love me at my 2020, you don't...

#21 - “Master The Mundane” with Tanner from Secrets To Family

In my 21st episode, I sit down with my friend Tanner from Secrets to Family to talk Clubhouse, contentment, doing life together as a family, creating family experiences, bedtime routines, and more! Check out Secrets to Family on Instagram: Also get their free one page report "Present Parenting: Master The Mundane" here:...

#20 - Introducing Manna Coffee Company with my friends Kenna & Matthew

In my 20th episode I sit down with my friends Kenna and Matthew Morrison, who took their family's recent trauma and turned it into the newest small batch specialty coffee company here in Wichita, Kansas! Hear their story, about their process, where to get their coffee, and be sure to follow them on social media to watch as their exciting entrepreneurial journey unfolds! Instagram: Facebook:

#19 - Entrepreneurial Mindset with my mother in law & friend Jodi

In my 19th episode the script is flipped as my mother-in-law and friend Jodi interviews me as part of her "Entrepreneurial Mindset" class. This class is offered by Fab Lab ICC and explores lessons learned by entrepreneurs and how those lessons can help class attendees in their professional and personal lives. For more info on this class check out Also, check out my 6 week digital marketing course here:...

#18 - “Do Something That Fuels You” with my friend Nicole

In my 18th episode, I sit down my friend Nicole to discuss the importance of being creative, Etsy tips, giving God your "First Fruits," being a fellow Enneagram 6, and our thoughts on all the Ennea-drama! Follow Nicole on Instagram @shopnouvellemere and check out her Etsy shop here: Use code "TMMSAVE15" for 15% off at checkout!

#17 - “Do The Scary Thing” with my friend Danielle

In my 17th episode I sit down with my friend Danielle to talk about If:Gathering, homeschool, being a Zyia rep, mindset, Instagram changes, following God's desire for your life, and more! Check out Danielle on Instagram @musclethatmattersforher and join her Zyia Facebook group:

#16 - Fitness, Thrifting, Crafting & More with Angela

In my 16th episode, I sit down with my friend Angela to talk about her journey as a fitness instructor, as well as her thrifting and crafting adventures! Angela gives us some great tips for finding the best outfits at your local thrift stores! Check her out on instagram @elegantly_thrifted and @elegantly_craftedbyangela!

#15 - Homeschool, Family, Adoption & More with Lona

In my 15th episode, I sit down with my friend Lona to talk about homeschool, serving, family life, adoption, and more! Lona and I met through a local homeschool support group called Kansas Home Educators, check them out!